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Sri Lanka – A place to Escape From Winter Snow

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If you want to swap the winter snow and zero-temperature for several days of a warm tropical climate, then you must consider Sri Lanka as your destination.  Rainforest camping, wildlife exploration, play golf in a lightweight dress and get suntan under the warm sun rays on the sandy beaches, all in one place. Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination in Asia and attracts hundreds of thousands of travellers from all around the world. Taking a holiday at Tropical Island Sri Lanka not only gives you the opportunity to have a beach holiday but also it offers many other things to do.

The tourism industry in Sri Lanka is well developed and Sri Lanka is a destination for beach holidays, wildlife holidays, adventure holidays, camping, rain forest exploration, bird watching tours, and Ayurveda holiday packages as well. This extraordinary island is only 65,610 square kilometres in extent. It shows the highest diversity of landscape, weather conditions, fauna and flora across any given country of its size in the world. The highest point of Sri Lanka is called Pidurutalagala, which is 2524 meters above the sea level. The temperature variation between coastal areas and the cities in the mountains are great.

Usually, the temperature in the coastal area is about 30C˚ while the temperature in the mountains drops nearly to 0C˚. What is interesting in the case of Sri Lanka is it is just a matter of four-hour drive to reach the places with the highest temperature from the areas with the lowest temperature.  As the temperature varies so are the fauna, flora, landscape and scenery. Sri Lanka mountainous area gives you the most scenic views of the mountains, valley, tea plantations and patches of forests. If you love to do mountaineering during the holiday, then drive to the inland from the coastal areas.  You get plenty of places to go hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and camping here.

Here in the 65,610 Square kilometres island, about 24% of the surface is covered by the natural green canopy. The diversity of plants, palms, trees, bushes, mangroves and all other floral elements are immense on the island, therefore Sri Lanka is rank among the countries with top Bio-diversities in the world. The primaeval rainforests such as Sinharaja are on par with Amazon and Congo with regards to the bio-diversity.  Sinharaja is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO due to its contribution to the country’s environment.

The elephant can be described as the most common animal you would see, during a wildlife tour in Sri Lanka. Numbering more than a dozen, Sri Lanka national parks and reserves harbours many species of animals, amphibians, bird, vertebrates, insects and many other creatures. Unlike many other national parks in the region, here you get a chance to spot many species of animals within a short period of time.

This tropical island has a large number of rivers and other perennial water resources. These rivers make beautiful waterfalls in the mountains before they drop into the ocean. The number of beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka exceeds many dozens.  Waterslide, water rafting, kayaking, canopying, boating, fishing, are some of the activities that can be done in the inland water resources of Sri Lanka. These water resources are very clean and free of water worms or piranha. Therefore these warm waters at 27C˚ are suitable for any type of water-based activity.

Every city in Sri Lanka is a shopping boulevard and giving you access to souvenir, cloth, gems and jewellery, restaurants and bars. Well developed tourism infrastructure can accommodate any type of traveller, who spend a holiday in Sri Lanka. Whether you are high-speed travellers looking for luxurious facilities or budget conscious holidaymaker, Sri Lanka has something for you. So, if you have any interest in doing a holiday in Sri Lanka, Seerendipity tours are always prepared to help you.

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