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8 Days In Sri Lanka And 15 Best Places To Visit

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8 Days in Sri Lanka and 15 best Places to visit

“What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days ?”, “What is the best itinerary for 8 days in Sri Lanka ?”, “What are the best places to see in Sri Lanka in 8 days ?”, these are some of the common questions we receive from our readers. Sri Lanka 8 days tour is very popular among the foreign travellers, and Seerendipity tours organize a dozen of Sri Lanka 8 days tour every month. Almost every traveller, who book these Sri Lanka 8 days tour are foreign travellers.

There are 2 reasons why I decided to write this blog post under the heading “best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days”. One reason being, the emails that I receive from customers inquiring about the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days. And the second reason is Sri Lanka 8 days tour itinerary that we recently launched featuring below mentioned 15 places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days.  

The whole idea of launching this Sri Lanka 8 days tour is to serve the increasing number of travellers, who plan to invest their time on a trip to see important places on the island. This Sri Lanka tour takes the travellers through cultural sites, historical monuments, Buddhist temples, Forts, Beautiful countryside, Tea gardens and many other interesting places. However, in this article, I’m highlighting only 15 places, that I feel that you should not miss.

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Transport on Sri Lanka trip

This Sri Lanka trip is a private tour like most of the other tour packages of Sri Lanka, offered by Seerendipity. Entire ground transportation and sightseeing tours are on private with local drover-guide.

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Sri Lanka breathtaking mountian scenery

What are the 15 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days

1. Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days-Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the main tourist attraction in Sri Lanka 8 days tour. Sigiriya is a UNESCO world heritage and one of the most important historical sites on the island. This is the first stop in the trip on the first day of the 8 days Sri Lanka tour.

2. Dambulla Golden Cave Temple

One of the most historical Buddhist temples in the world, dating back to 1st century BC. Dambulla golden cave temple is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Dambulla golden cave temple hides more than 150 statues and a large number of ancient paintings. Dambulla golden cave temple is included in most Sri Lanka trips package tours as well as day outing trips to Sri Lanka cultural triangle.

3. Sri Lanka 8 days trip: visiting Tooth Relic Temple

The tooth relic temple of Kandy is the most sacred Buddhist temple of Sri Lanka. The temple is not only a popular religious site in Sri Lanka but also for the entire Buddhist world. The temple is visited by thousands of Buddhist devotees every day.

Kandyan cultural show

4. Kandyan Cultural Show

Cultural show that showcases typical Sri Lankan dancing and music performances. The cultural show can be witnessed in a few places in Kandy and lasts about 1 hour.

5. Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days-Botanical Garden

The Royal botanical garden of Peradeniya is the most popular and one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of Sri Lanka. The botanical garden of Peradeniya is located neat Kandy and it is part of every trip to Kandy.

6. Downtown Kandy

The tourists are visiting the busy downtown Kandy during the Kandy sightseeing tour. The city tour takes you through the busy quarter of the city, which lasts around 2 hour and guests can visit shops, cafeteria, souvenir shops, jewellery shops, clothing shops and many more.

7. Tea plantations/factory

Visiting a Tea factory and a Tea plantation is an essential part of every trip to Sri Lanka Tea country. There are many Tea plantations from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, where you can make a stop and witness the typical tea manufacturing process.

Tea is one of the most important export products of Sri Lanka that earns many millions of US$ for the island. Sri Lanka is a Tea drinking country and the island produces “CEYLON TEA”, which is the best brand of tea in the world.

Sri Lanka 6 days tour
Ramboda waterfall

7. Ramboda waterfall

One of the most scenic waterfalls in the island, which cascade through the Ramdoa plateau. The waterfall is 90 meters in height and visited by hundreds of visitors every day. The visitors need to take a downhill walk in order to to have a close look into the waterfalls. The waterfalls are most spectacular during the rainy season in the mountains from May to November, as it fed by the torrential rain.

8. Nuwara Eliya City

The healing climate of Nuwara Eliya is the most striking fact of this mountain resort. It has a striking contrast against the lowland beach resorts such as Colombo and Bentota, with green-capped mountains, tea gardens, waterfalls, rivers and patches of forests.

9. Sri Lanka trip Itinerary: visiting Gregory Lake

The lake of Gregory is fed by perennial waterways that begin in Pidurutalagala mountains. Gregory lake and the surrounding area is very well maintained and designed to serve picnic lovers that come to Nuwara Eliya. The surrounding area of Gregory lake has, kids playgrounds, walking paths and large empty areas for social gatherings. Boating, speed boating, horse riding, fishing are some of the popular activities here.

10. Seetha Amman Temple

Seetha Amman Temple is a Hindu temple and dedicated to Seetha, the wife of God Rama. The temple attracts a large number of Hindu devotees not only from Sri Lanka but also from all parts of the world, particularly from India.

11. Victoria Park

The origin of the beautiful garden is going back to early 18s, British colonial era. The garden is relatively small but very spectacular due to its large collection of flowering plants and trees. The garden is very beautiful during the flowering season in the mountains from April to June.

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Wild elephant at Udawalwe national park

12. Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawee national is in the radar of most travellers due to the wildlife-rich national park and the elephant transit camp. Udawalawe national park is one of the best places for elephant safari on the island and large gathering of wild elephants are common sights here. The elephant transit camp is located bordering the Udawalawe National park and act as a foster home for orphan elephants that found abandoned in the jungles elsewhere in the island.

13. Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days-Galle Fort

Galle Fort is the most popular tourist attraction in southern Sri Lanka and attracts a large number of foreign travellers every day. Galle Fort is the best-preserved Dutch fort in Asia, which dates back to 16s. It had been the living quarter of Dutch administrators with all facilities and amenities during the Ditch rule in Sri Lanka (from 1656 AD to 1796 AD).

The entire Fort is still in very good shape, the building that originated more than 200 years ago are still being used as hotels, cafes, museums, shops, galleries and religious places. A trip to southern Sri Lanka is not complete without a walking tour in the Fort. A walk-on the labyrinthine cobbled streets would make it feels like being to a 16th-century old European city.

14. Madu River Estuary

Madu River estuary is a Ramsar wetland and it is one of the best places to see the rich riverine Fauna and Flora of Sri Lanka. Things are to be seen during the boat trip are crocodile, monkey, monitors, many avian fauna species, mangrove forest and Buddhist temple.

15. Bentota Beach

Bentota is one of the most attractive beaches on the island and a large number of beach holiday lovers take refuge here. Bentota beach is not only suitable for sun-worshipping but also for many other interesting activities such as snorkelling, diving, surfing, kayaking, boating and any other interesting watersports activities.

Overview of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days

This  Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days is a unique opportunity to experience the rich historical past of the island by visiting many UNESCO world heritage sites that features rich architectural buildings, giant Stupas, beautiful painting, stone carvings and wood carvings.

You will spend 3 days in the cultural triangle and will be awestruck by the amazing historical monuments in Sigiriya, Dambulla and Kandy, You have plenty of opportunities to meet ordinary folk, get a glimpse into the rural life, and take part in a village cooking class in order to learn Sri Lankan cooking.

Map of Sri Lanka 8 Days Tour

Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days, Sri Lanka 8 days tour, sri lanka itinerary 8 days
Map of Sri Lanka 8 Days Tour

Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days in a nutshell

  • Day 1: Explore Dambulla golden cave temple. …
  • Day 2: Visiting Sigiriya rock, and Polonnaruwa, Village tour and cooking class. …
  • Day 3: Kandy, tooth relic temple, cultural show. …
  • Day 4: Nuwara Eliya, Tea gardens, trek to Ramboda waterfall. …
  • Day 5: Udawalawe jeep safari, Mirissa beach. …
  • Day 6: Whale watching and leisure
  • Day 7: Galle and Bentota
  • Day 8: Departure

Travel in Sri Lanka opens a new world to you; you will see a beautiful country dominated by extensive green cover and experience wonder in a new way in this enchanting island. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka (The route Kandy-Polonnaruwa-Anuradhapura) is popular due to the historical monuments while mountains of Sri Lanka showcase cascading waterfalls and great vistas. Towards the end of the tour offers a unique perspective with its pristine beaches. Apart from encountering all these historical monuments, Buddhist temple, mountains and beaches, you will visit local communities and an elephant rescue centre in Udawalawe.

This is a private tour package and the tour can be booked throughout the year. Even though Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days is a pre-planned tour package, it can be customized to meet specific requirements of the participants. Making it a private tour enables us to make whatever the changes required by our customers.

The tour can also be combined with any other tour packages such as Yala safari tour, Udawalawe wildlife tour, whitewater rafting Kitulgala or beach holiday packages. The tour is primarily conducted in English language and tour guides speaking other languages can be provided upon request.

Sri Lanka Tour Holidays, What is the best program for Sri Lanka itinerary 5 days

What are the highlights of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days?

  • Visiting Sigiriya rock fortress
  • Visiting Dambulla golden cave temple
  • Exploring the ancient city of Polonnaruwa
  • Participate in the evening ceremony of Kandy tooth relic temple
  • Witness the acrobatic performance of Sri Lanka dancers
  • 4 wheel jeep safari tour in the Udawalawe wildlife reserve
  • See the milk feeding of little, orphan elephants t Udawalawe elephant transit camp
  • Make stroll in the afternoon to enjoy the sea breeze
  • Learn the way of Sri Lankan cooking by participating in a village cooking class

Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days in details

rock cave temple Dambulla, Sri Lanka itinerary 5 days

Day 1 of Sri Lanka 8 days tour: Explore Dambulla golden cave temple

You will be met and greet by seerendipity tours representative and proceed to hotel in Sigiriya, you can start this Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days either at the airport or in a hotel of your choice. En-route you will make the first stop of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days at Dambulla golden cave temple.

Golden temple Dambulla

Dambulla golden cave temple is one of the biggest and most ancient Buddhist temples in the world, dates back to 1st century BC.

The temple sits in the city of Dambulla, which is one of the vibrant cities in the central province and is certainly a city of contrasts. Rapid development is seen in the city during the recent past and today it had become one of the biggest and one of the busiest cities in the region.

Trek to the Cave Temple Dambulla

After the lunch, you take a hike to the cave temple of Dambulla with your guide; you will be guided through the five caves that featured more than 150 Buddha statues, god figures and statues of the kings. Same times take a look at thousands of wall paintings and ceiling paintings that are dating back to many centuries, however, some of the paintings have been destroyed over last several decades due to the humidity in the caves.

Later in the day check-in, the hotel and have leisure or take a leisurely walk to see the natural beauty of Sigiriya and the surrounding area. This dry-zone locality has a large extent of green cover and many lakes, while the rocky outcrop is turned to rice paddies which have jagged mountains in the backdrop. This dry zone forested area is a popular bird-watching spot on the island and the visitors can spot many indigenous avian fauna species without any difficulty.

Our educated guide will help you to explore the traditions, monuments, flavours, and history of this neighbourhood, which has a delicate mix of old and new, modern houses, and ancient monuments. Most foreign travellers flock into Sigiriya or Habarana as they make a tour to Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya/Habarana is centrally located in the cultural triangle and provides easy access to most attraction in the cultural triangle.

Remarks: please take the temple rules and regulation into consideration and dress suitable to visit a temple.

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Day 2 of Sri Lanka 8 days tour: Morning visiting Sigiriya rock fortress

Today you have 2nd hike of this Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days, at Sigiriya rock fortress. The hike at Dambulla cave temple was a rehearsal for the adventurous hike at Sigiriya rock fortress, which is much more strenuous than the hike at Dambulla. The guide will arrange the puck-up little bit early today and you wills set off at around 7.00 AM.

The Sigiriya hike should be started as early as possible in order to avoid the scorching heat in the area.  High humidity in the areas resulting in high sweating as you make the upward journey, making you take a large amount of fluid into the system.

Sigiriya one of the most popular tourist icon in the island and attracts many thousands of travellers every day, perhaps this is the most important tourist attraction in the cultural triangle. Sigiriya rock fortress is dating back to 5th century AD and futures well planned and landscaped garden, highly developed water management system, through knowledge on building techniques, and mastered artistic capabilities.

Remarks: The upward journey and the downward journey last around 3 hours. A pair of shoes that suitable for a hike is very advisable, and attire can be a cotton t-shirt and cotton short. It is best to take a bottle of water with you as you climb the rock. Please take into consideration that there are no toilettes in the site.

Remarks: The 2 hours hike in Sigiriya can last between 2-3 hours. not recommended for pregnant ladies and people with knee and back problems. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended to climb on 2000 narrow steps.

Afternoon Visiting Polonnaruwa ancient city:

The journey from Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa historical city takes around 1 hour. The half-day trip to Polonnaruwa culminates with a visit to Polonnaruwa historical city. The city tour in the ancient city takes around 2 hours. During the Polonnaruwa city tour, the guests are visiting many interesting places such as palaces, temples, audience hall, pleasure gardens, lakes and many other historical structures.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days, Sri Lanka 8 days tour, sri lanka itinerary 8 days

Sigiriya Village tour:

Village tour in this Sri Lanka itinerary 5 days is a highlight for most travellers and it is an unforgettable, unique experience that you encounter only in Sigiriya. You can take part in cooking classes in many places on the island; however, this Hiriwadunna cooking class stands out from the crowd, because it gives you the typical local experience.

Hiriwadunna village tour lasts around 1 hour and features a boat tour, Bullock cart ride and cooking class.  You will be escorted to a village house and farmlands, where you encounter a village family. You will be learning to cook with the female cook and ultimately taste what you cooked. As you return to the hotel in Sigiriya visit a village temple.

Day 3 of Sri Lanka 8 days tour: Morning visit Spice garden

After the breakfast leave for the hotel in Kandy, en-route visit spice garden. A walking tour of Spice garden is an interesting activity that allows the guests to see a large number of trees and plant that produces various spices, condiments and herbs. The 2 hours walking trip in the open garden also give you the opportunity to learn the indigenous healing system of Ayurveda.

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Day 3 Afternoon: Tooth relic temple, Kandy city tour and Kandyan cultural show

After the breakfast leave for the hotel in Kandy, en-route makes stop at spice garden in Matale. Matale is just a few minutes away from Sigiriya and Dambulla, however Matale if belong to the wet zone of Sri Lanka where a very high rainfall reported every year. Matale is a city with a large Tamil community and you will be able to see a number of Hindu temples as you pass Matale.

Matale is most popular for its spice gardens that are open to visitors to take a closer look at various spices and herbs.  Matale is the main spice grown area of Sri Lanka where a large number of farmers actively engage in cultivating spices. The spices are one of the main foreign exchange earners of Sri Lanka. After learning about the various spices their economical usage, which grows on the island, you proceed to a hotel in Kandy.

Before the noon you will check-in the hotel in Kandy and enjoy a brief interval before proceeding with the Kandy city tour. On the city tour, you will visit downtown Kandy, silk garden, a gem museum and gem lapidary. After the city tour, witness the Kandyan cultural show.

After the city tour proceeds to the Kandyan lake club to witness the Kandyan cultural show, where the troupes of dancers and to the tune drummers and flautists. The Kandyan cultural show is attended by a large number of spectators and lasts 1 hour.  The Kandyan cultural show is a perfect opportunity to witness traditional Sri Lankan dance performances and traditional music.

The beginning of the evening ceremony of tooth relic temple coincides with the end of Kandyan cultural show. As soon as the Kandyan cultural show ends the visitors leave for the tooth relic temple that sits next to Lake Club, the visitors take a walk that takes about 3 minutes from the lake club.

Tooth relic temple is the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island and visited by thousands of devotees as well as foreign travellers every day. The evening ceremony which starts at 06.30 lasts about 1 hour and the best time to visit the temple. The beautiful temple is occupied Sri Lankan kings in the past and today it is proudly giving shelter to the left eyetooth of Buddha.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days, Sri Lanka 8 days tour, sri lanka itinerary 8 days
A scene captured in Ramboda

Day 4 morning: Kandy and Nuwara Eliya

After the leisurely breakfast leave for the hotel in Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya is just 100km from Kandy and the journey with our any stops takes around 2 hours. However, the journey today will take around 5 hours due to the 2 stops at Ranboda waterfall and tea factory.

In the afternoon sightseeing tour of Nuwara Eliya and visit downtown Nuwareliya, Gregory lake, victoria park, Golf course and racecourse.

Visiting Tea factory

The first stop of the day will be a Tea factory in Ramboda, where you can check on the manufacturing process of Tea. The mountains of Sri Lanka are dominated by this valuable crop and large extent of land covered by Tea. The visitors are able to try a freshly brewed a teacup in tea party hosted by the tea factory and ultimately you have the opportunity to buy a sample of best Ceylon tea.

Visiting Ramboda waterfall

The Ramboda waterfalls followed by the Tea factory visit, you make a trek to the Ramboda fall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the mountains of Sri Lanka. You will encounter Sita Amman temple and Gregory lake after the Ramboda falls where your guide makes a stop, in order to have a closer look into those tourist attractions.

In the evening visit elephant transit camp of Udawalawe, where you see a large herd of the baby that was struggling to survive in the jungle. Now they are healthy and safe in the hands of caretakers. The small jumbos visit the elephant transit camp every day during the feeding hours while the rest of the day they are learning to live in the natural habitat. When the babies are grownup they are free from the park administration and carry their own life in the jungle.

Day 5 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days: Visiting Udawalawe and beaches

After the breakfast leaves for Mirissa beach via Udawalawe and Ella. The journey takes around 2 hours, check-in the hotel and leisure. Afterwards safari at udawalwe national park and later visit elephant transit camp.

Sri Lanka Safari and Beach holiday, Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 8 days, 8 days in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka 8 days tour
Elephant feed

Day 6 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days: whale watching tour

The day starts early (at 06.00 am) from your beach hotel in Mirissa, as you drive to Mirissa harbour with your chauffeur guide. You will board the specially designed whale watching boat and set sail with an experienced crew and the nature guide on board. The whale watching tour lasts between 2-5 hours, however, in some cases it can be a bit longer than that.

Due to the uncertainty of the duration of the whale watching boat tour, we do not plan any other important activity for today’s programs. Therefore, the guests are free to have leisure on the beach after the whale watching trip.

Day 7 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days: Mirissa-Bentota

After the breakfast leave for a sightseeing tour of Galle and later proceed to beach hotel in Bentota. En-route walking tour of Galle Fort, and make a visit to sea turtle conservation project. In the afternoon leisure in the beach resort.

Day 8 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days: Bentota-Colombo

After the breakfast leave for Colombo airport

End of the Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days

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