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Places To Visit In Sri Lanka In 6 Days and Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days

This Sri Lanka 5 nights itinerary is not purely a leisure holiday package or an adventure tour package. We recently crafted this 6 days in Sri Lanka itinerary for a group from the UK, who wanted to have a Sri Lanka trip with a twist of adventure. This 6-day Sri Lanka itinerary includes many leisure activities such as visiting Pinnawala orphanage, Kandy, visiting botanical gardens, making sightseeing tours in Nuwara Eliya etc. I purposefully include many adventure activities for this Sri Lanka 6 days itinerary. This tour package is also ideal for travellers that look for a Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka in 6 days couple tour package

This blog post is about 6 days of Sri Lanka itinerary with a twist of adventure. I have decided to write a blog post about a Sri Lanka adventure tour package for many days because we get a large number of inquiries for adventure tours in Sri Lanka. Some times a large number of travellers send us emails with a question like “can you suggest to us an itinerary for Sri Lanka for 6 days“, “what is the 6 days in Sri Lanka itinerary “, “Can you suggest 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary for us“.

Simply Sri Lanka 8 Days Private Tour with Luxury Accommodation- This eight-day private tour takes you to the most important tourist places on the island such as Sigiriya rock, Dambulla golden temple, and the tooth relic temple of Kandy, the national park of Udawalawe. Towards the end of the trip, you will be anchoring on the empty beaches of Mirissa.

Adding a bit of adventure to your Sri Lanka itinerary for couples

A large number of our readers are interested in a bit of adventure on their Sri Lanka trip. There are many queries for adventure tours as well. Therefore I thought of writing a blog post on Sri Lanka’s 5 Nights 6 Days Package with the twist of adventure. Therefore this blog post is on Sri Lanka 6 days tour with a twist of adventure and is going to serve adventure lovers as well as people, who look for a Sri Lanka tour of little less than 7 days. Towards the latter part of the article, you can read the complete day-wise tour program of Sri Lanka’s 5 Nights 6 Days Package.

This Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package is not purely an adventure tour package it includes many leisure activities such as visiting Pinnawala orphanage, Kandy, visiting botanical gardens, making sightseeing tours in Nuwara Eliya etc. I purposefully include many adventure activities for this Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package in order to give it a sense of adventure.

The map of the Sri Lanka itinerary for couples

The map of the 5-night 6 days Sri Lanka travel itinerary. this tour package includes these places Pinnawala elephant orphanage, Kitulgala, Sinharaja forest, Udawalawe, Mirissa, Bentota, Galle

What is the best Sri Lanka itinerary for couples?

  • Day 1: Colombo to Kandy…
  • Day 2: Kandy to Kitulagala
  • Day 3: Kitulgala to Sinharaja
  • Day 4: Sinharaja to Udawalawe
  • Dat 5: Udawalawe to Mirissa
  • Day 6: Mirissa to Colombo

What are the places to visit on the Sri Lanka itinerary for couples?

What are the activities included in the Sri Lanka itinerary for couples?

This 10-day private Colombo package includes 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Golden Temple of Dambulla, Galle Fort, and Temple of the tooth relic with Sri Lanka mountain resorts, southern national parks, and western and southern beach resorts.

The places to encounter in the 6 days tour are Beaches, Wildlife, Culture, History, Rain forests and much much more…

Sri Lanka is not a big player in adventure or nature tourism. But Sri Lanka has the capacity to be an important holiday destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Sri Lanka offers a large number of spots for trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, Whitewater rafting, kayaking, boating, mountain biking etc. Same time the sea around the island, rivers and other inland water resources awaits water sports lovers with year-round warm water and the fascinating underwater world.

Sri Lanka is a holiday destination that comes in many flavours. Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island that offers historical places, and ancient cities some of them are UNESCO world heritage sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rainforests, pristine beaches and places for adventure activities. As far as my experience is concerned, most travellers who hit the island never forget to get engaged in some of the activities that keep them busy during their Sri Lanka tour. It can be to visit a beach holiday, visit historical sites, rainforest exploration trip, do whale watching or engage in water rafting etc, however, most tourists take at least a few excursions to explore several important attractions in Sri Lanka from their base in Colombo or beach resort.

Being a very popular beach holiday destination, most travellers on the island don’t forget their share of beach hopping and stay several days on the beach. Some others do the sightseeing tours in Sri Lanka and allocate very limited time for their beach stay, while a limited portion of travellers in Sri Lanka just stay on the beach, and unfortunately forget the wealth of attractions this island offers. However, most travellers keep things well balanced and enjoy beautiful Sri Lanka with sightseeing tours such as 7 day Sri Lanka tour while allocating time to relax on the beach.

The small town of Katunayake is the home of Sri Lanka’s main international airport, known as Bandaranayake international airport and the Sri Lanka tour of most foreign travellers starts here. Katunayake International airport is located about 35 km north of Colombo, near the beach resort of Negombo.

If you have only very limited time in Sri Lanka and wish to have leisure in style the best option for you is Negombo. A large number of hotels, guest houses, rest houses, restaurants, pubs and shops are scattered along the coastal belt. It has a real holiday-type atmosphere, so head on to Negombo for your brief stay in Sri Lanka.

  • Highlights- pinnawala elephant orphanage, Spice garden, Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Dambulla Cave Temple, Tooth Relic Temple, Kandyan cultural show, Sri Lanka Tea Country, Waterfalls, Colombo, Temples and other monuments, City Tours, Gregory Lake
  • Duration-5 Days
  • Places- Sigiriya, Kandy, Bentota, Colombo
  • Start/End-Colombo
  • Transport-Private vehicle
  • Accommodation 4-star hotel
  • Meals-Breakfast and Dinner

Special Price US$ 455, save $135, Regular Price US$590

The best 6 days Sri Lanka tour to experience culture, history, wildlife and adventure

Below is the Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package suitable for travellers of all ages, who like to try some mild-adventure activities with a touch of wildlife and rainforest. Someone feels like this tour package is lack cultural and historical places, and it is not true because it includes many cultural places, however, there is room to accommodate many other natural attractions and adventure activities. You can spice it up with some more interesting places like Horton plains national park, and Adams peak or add cultural attractions such as the Temple of the tooth relic, and Embekke Devala if you can find the time to accommodate it.

Transportation on Sri Lanka itinerary for couples

Travellers cover around 1000 km of ground travelling in this Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days trip. You may feel that it is a bit too much travelling due to the time taken between sites, especially due to the traffic conditions. In this tour package, only the best sites are suggested for sightseeing and activities even though it takes extra time to travel, therefore the program will remain more spirited for the travellers.

There is plenty of options to travel around the island but the time you spend travelling is considerably higher compared to many other holiday destinations. Traffic congestion, mainly in the cities is the main reason that you need more time for travelling in Sri Lanka. Public transport such as buses, and trains is the cheapest method to travel in Sri Lanka but they consume more time than other forms of transport.

Alternative transport modes for Sri Lanka road trip

Tuk-tuk, motorbikes, a taxis can also be considered as better alternatives for public transport. Tuk Tuk or trishaw can be hired at all corners of the country and they are small in size but they can accommodate 2 persons without any trouble. Tuk Tuk or trishaw is very cheap and the cost per kilometre is around 50 LKR. However, the cost of the journey should be discussed and agreed, upon with the driver, before commencing the journey, otherwise, the cost of the hire could be many times higher than the usual rate. Tuk-Tuk is a good alternative for taxis but cannot be recommended for a long journey.

Journeying a helicopter or a sea place for your Sri Lanka tour but the availability is limited and therefore pre-booking is essential. Furthermore, some locations cannot be reached by helicopter and you have to combine it with land transport such as a taxi. But it is advisable to have private transport for this type of holiday package because time is a crucial factor since many sites should be covered within 6 days.

An experienced guide helps you to have memorable 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka tour

It is very important to have plenty of time while you travel during the day because there are many sudden stops to make during the tour. It could be a rare species of bird that you can have a look into or a wild elephant by the side of the main road that you don’t want to miss and make some photos of.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Eat and drink

Maybe you like to make a stop and try some tasty Sri Lankan fresh fruit. Have time for a toilet stop or a refreshment, tea, or coffee. It can be something else that compels you to stop on the way, like visiting a village school. So it is better to be prepared for it.

Having an experienced driver/Guide immensely helps you to cope-up with any kind of situation on the way.  Knowledgeable drivers/Guides know where the wayside important attractions are and they can spot animals and birds easily as they are familiar with it. Therefore try to organize your Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package with an experienced driver/guide.

DAY 1 of 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary: Exploring The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Most foreign travellers start their Sri Lanka tour at the international airport of Katunayake. Depending on the landing time in Sri Lanka, one can set off with the tour immediately or have a leisurely station in a hotel nearby. If the flight lands in the evening or at night, it is advisable to stay in a hotel nearby and start the tour on the day after. Otherwise, you miss the sightseeing and picturesque countryside on the way to the hotel in Kitulgala.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala

The first stop on the way to the hotel in Kitulgala on Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package is the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. This is one of the most loved attractions and it is part of most Sri Lanka trips available in Sri Lanka.

The journey from the airport to Pinnawala takes around three hours and you drive through the scenic countryside. It might take only two hours to the Pinnawala elephant orphanage if no busy cities with traffic congestion on the way to Pinnawala from the airport. There is heavy traffic congestion, especially in Colombo and the suburb.

Usually, the average traveller takes about one hour to explore this unusual sanctuary for elephants. Here you can have a closer look at the Asian giants, you can learn about their lifestyle, their daily routine and how they are taken care of.

The largest herd of tamed elephants in the world

The elephant orphanage is the place to see the largest herd of tamed elephants of different ages. They are gathered here from various parts of the country because they are sick, wounded or have become an orphan, therefore, not capable of surviving on their own. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was started in 1979 with 5 orphan elephants, since then a large number of elephants were treated here and a large number of babies were born at the site.

None of the elephants being brought to the Orphanage is released to the jungle again because they get familiar with different lifestyles at the orphanage. Even those healthy babies that are born at the orphanage are not released to the jungle since they are not familiar with the lifestyle in the jungle, this phenomenon has been identified as a serious disadvantage of the Pinnawala elephant orphanage.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: the journey from Pinnawala to Kitulgala

The journey on this 5-night 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary continues in the direction of Kitulgala after the Pinnawala elephant orphanage and reaches the hotel after about 2 hours journey. There are many options in Kitulgala with regard to accommodation. Plenty of opportunities are available from luxury boutique hotels to affordable guest houses and rest houses. Kitulgala is not a major base for most travellers and therefore has no risk of finding difficulties with accommodation.

There is so much to do at Kitulgala it is necessary to have at least two nights stay. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, rainforest trekking, caving, bird watching, waterfall abseiling and many many more. Kiutlgala is ranked as the best spot for white water rafting in Sri Lanka.  But in this sample Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package, we have included only a 5 km long white water rafting session and a bird-watching tour parallel to the jungle trek.

On this 7-day Sri Lanka private trip you will be visiting ancient monuments in the cultural triangle, tea country, Spice and herbal garden, wildlife reserve, botanic gardens, Idyllic west coast beaches, plus enjoy a breath-taking view on the hill country rail journey from Peradeniya to Nanuoya, learn to cook a Sri Lanka meal and many more. Towards the end of the trip, you will have time to relax on the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka’s west coast.

DAY 2 of 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary: white water rafting and bird watching

Travellers can venture into this brave task to explore the pulsing mass of water that rushed along the banks of the Kelaniya rivers, it definitely is a fantastic experience to feel the power of the river. The river of Kelaniya creates beautiful scenery along its way to the sea from the mountains. In Kitulgala the river turns to be much rougher as it flows through rough terrain.

It changes its colour to white and descends more quickly creating the best conditions for white water rafting. Kelaniya rive features three mini-falls and five smaller falls where white water rafting is undertaken.

Whitewater rafting Kitulgala

Since this Sri Lanka, 5 Nights 6 Days Package suggests only two nights in Kitulgala only a limited number of activities are included in the program. There is hardly any travelling on the second day of the program because all activities are to be done around Kitulgala. Usually, Whitewater rafting is an adventurous activity that consumes your energy.

Therefore you might need a rest after Whitewater rafting because you need to boost your energy. The rafting can be done in the morning or in the afternoon if the water level is suitable. Most of the time the water level in the river is ideal for Whitewater rafting and there is hardly any situation reported in which the water level is life-threatening for rafters.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: accommodation in Kitulgala

Whitewater rafting session lasts about 2 hours and can start after breakfast or in the afternoon. Most accommodation providers have their hotels in and around Kitulgala, therefore travellers can find accommodation within easy reach of the white water rafting starting point.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Rainforest Trek and Bird Watching

This 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary is not a bird watching tour but there is a golden opportunity for the traveller, who takes this 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary to encounter a large number of indigenous avian fauna species as they travel through Kitulgala.

Bird watching is one of the most popular activities to be done in Kitulagal and Kitulgala has all the necessary ingredients to be a full-blown bird-watching hot spot. Most bird-watching groups hit Kitulaga during their bird-watching tour in Sri Lanka.

The extensive forest cover and availability of water in the nearby Kelaniya river make Kitulgala one of the best residential quarters for many bird species in Sri Lanka. Kitulgala is one of the best places to watch rare endemic bird species such as the Sri Lanka Orange-billed babbler and chestnut-backed owlet with many other resident bird species.

Venture on a Southern Sri Lanka tour to see the important tourist attraction on Sri Lanka’s south coast such as Wildlife parks, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and town

DAY 3 of 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary: Kitulgala – Sinharaja Rainforest

On the 3rd day of this 5 night 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary, the distance to cover is about 100 km and you drive through the beautiful countryside, In this 5 night 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary, we keep the daily travelling distance below 200 km per day, in order to not to exhaust the travellers. You encounter beautiful countryside, paddy fields, tea plantations, rubber plantations, coconut plantations and patches of forests. It takes around two hours to reach the Sinharaja entrance at Kalawana from Kitulgala by private transport.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Trip to Sinharaja from Kitulgala

Kalawana is the nearest entrance for travellers, who start the journey from Kitulagala. You have to ask the chauffeur specifically to go to the Kalawana entrance of the Sinharaja forest reserve, the distance to the Deniyaya entrance is much greater and takes twice as much as the time taken to the Kalawana entrance from Kitulgala.

The entire day should be reserved for the rainforest trek and for the journey from Kitulgala to Sinharaja. The journey from Kitulgala to Sinharaja lasts about 2 hours and the subsequent rainforest trek lasts around 5 hours. Therefore it is advisable to leave Kitulgala without much delay (at least by 8 AM) so that you have time to check in to the hotel before heading to the rainforest. There is a large number of quality guest houses close to the rainforest entrance and most of them are on par with 3* standard accommodation.

Sinharaja Rainforest on 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary

There are no trails in Sri Lanka such as “Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail”, which is often listed as the best long-distance hike in the world. But the trail in Singaraja is quite adventurous, interesting and enjoyable even though it is just about 10 kilometres in length. Mainly there are two entrances to the forest reserve, the Kalawana entrance and the Deniyaya entrance.

Travellers who arrive from Kitulgala to Sinharaja should use the Kalawana entrance, which is much much easy for them to reach and take far less time to reach than the other entrance. Travellers can hire a trained trekking guide at the entrance at a cost of around $7 per trek, they are well trained well known about the fauna and flora of the forest reserve.

The trek starts at the main entrance and takes you towards the interior of the forest gradually. Depending on the physical fitness it can take between 3-5 hours to return to the starting point. Only a limited number of people trek the trail every year, so you may don’t see anyone while you are trekking through the forest with your trekking guide. Here you can trek at any time of the year but is strongly advisable to carry a raincoat due to the sudden, unexpected torrential rain in the forest.

Sri Lanka 7 days tour with a fascinating blend of history, culture, nature, wildlife, and leisure

Day 4 of 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary: Udawalawe National Park

The 5th day of the 5-night 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary is reserved to explore the wildlife of Sri Lanka, the best time to visit the Udawlawe national park, like most other national parks, is in the evening or early morning. Distance from Sinharaja to Udawalawe is about 76 km and it takes around two hours to reach Udawalawe. One can easily reach the hotel in Udawalawe from Sinharaja for lunch and visit the park in the evening.

Usually, most animals wander in the park in the afternoon or before noon searching for food and water. Water resources such as tanks, and waterholes are good places to spot wild animals in the park. Jeep drivers are well aware of the places where animal gather and they take you to those places swiftly. Even though they don’t use the GPRS system to track the animal gathering inter-communication using mobile phones between jeep drivers helps them to know about the best places to take the guests to.

It is advisable to start the safari at around 2.00 pm, therefore you have plenty of time to reach the spots where animals hang around. A jeep can be hired at the entrance and it would cost around $30 per safari regardless of the number of passengers. Usually, one jeep can accommodate about eight adults. Jeep drivers try their best to show as many animals as possible to the passengers and therefore safari may last more than two hours on average.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Accommodation in Udawalawe

There are ample accommodation facilities in Udawalawe. There are several big properties and many small hotels and guest houses. One can find suitable accommodation depending on the budget. The Udawalawe national park is one of the best places to spot Sri Lanka’s wild elephants due to the large concentration of wild elephants.

As Udawalawe national park was established in the 1950’s large number of wild animals residing in the surrounding area were caged into the national park. Therefore the park has the highest concentration of wild elephants compared to most other national parks in the region.

Visiting Elephant transit camp Udawalawe on the 5 nights 6 days of the Sri Lanka itinerary

Udawalawe elephant orphanage is to be found near the national park and visitors can have access to the orphanage by paying the entrance fee. Usually, the orphan elephants can be witnessed at the elephant orphanage only during feeding hours. Everyday orphan baby elephants are concentrated in the elephant orphanage for feeding, which is organized by the park administration.

All orphan babies are fed by the workers and each baby gets five litres of milk at a time. Every day there are five feeding occasions and orphan elephants reach the orphanage only during feeding hours. Rest of the day they live in the jungle and mingle with the rest of the herd.

Therefore these orphan elephant babies gradually get used to their natural habitat. The Udawalawe national park is established to accommodate the elephants who lost their habitats due to the expansion of the farmland in the Udawalawe region.

DAY 5 of 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary: Mirissa

Mirissa is a laid-back beach resort in deep-south Sri Lanka, which is not as popular as many other beach holiday destinations such as Bentota or Negombo. Despite its pristine beaches, it has not come under the purview of beach tour lovers, perhaps due to its remoteness from Colombo.

If you leave the hotel in Udawalawe after breakfast, at around 9.00 am, you are well on your way to Mirissa before lunch, and the rest of the day can be dedicated to beach hopping. One can enjoy the palm-fringed sandy beaches of Mirissa with casual dips in the ocean.

Mirissa is included in the tour, in order to make room for a whale-watching tour. Being a secluded beach holiday resort in the deep south, you are able to have a well-deserved peaceful and relaxing time on the beach away from the crowd.

Sri Lanka itinerary for couples for 6 days: Accommodation in Mirissa

In Mirissa, you have much greater options for accommodation than anywhere else you encounter on this tour. It is very easy to find suitable accommodation for any type of budget. Whether it is affordable accommodation or luxury accommodation one can find something here.

This 5 day Sri Lanka tour includes many iconic tourist places such as the Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden temple, and tooth relic temple. This 5 days private tour also takes you to the breathtaking scenery in Sri Lanka’s hill country. The travellers will be able to explore Sri Lanka’s fascinating wildlife on a safari too.

DAY 6 of Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package: Whale Watching, Madu River Boat Tour, Sea Turtle Farm, Mask Museum

Early morning leave for Mirissa harbour, where you take the yacht or boat for the whale watching trip. Usually, most boats leave the harbour between 6.00 – 6.30 AM, because during the early hours you can spot more blue whales than during the day.

After travelling for about 10 minutes on the boat you are able to spot these giants, sometimes dolphins as well. Every day a large number of tourists gather to the Mirissa harbour in order to take part in whale-watching tours. Whale watching tour cost USD 70 per person with breakfast onboard.

A large concentration of whales was reported in the sea off Mirissa. Most of the whales seen here are resident whales while some other whales move to Mirissa from the Arabian sea, with the phenomenon called whale migration, but the migrated whales occur here only from November to April and the rest of the year they move to their residence in the Arabian sea.

Today Sri Lanka is a top-notch whale-watching destination in the world and Sri Lanka is one of the best few spots to see giant blue whales. But find out the best time to travel to the west coast of Sri Lanka and whale watching season.

We have included Galle fort in this 5 nights 6 day Sri Lanka itinerary

Galle is one of the biggest cities in terms of population and economic activities in southern Sri Lanka. Galle is a picturesque city, located bordering the Indian ocean. Today the city is most popular due to its historically important landmark known as Galle Fort, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The fort was built during the Portuguese administration on the island and used as the administrative centre of the Portuguese administration in Sri Lanka. Later it was occupied by the Dutch civilians who lived here when the Dutch administration prevailed in the country. Today this fortified beautiful city is occupied by a large number of mansions, houses, motels, guest houses and residential places built after the typical Dutch architecture.

Madu River Boat Tour on Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package

After the sightseeing tour in Galle, the next important activity of the day is the boat tour at river Madu. This is a two hours boat tour or so-called river safari on the Ramsar wetland of Madu River.

Visiting Mask at Museum on 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary

This could be an important highlight for tourists, who is fond of handicrafts and artefacts. Ariyapala mask museum is located near the city of Ambalangoda and showcases a large collection of rare and old masks, costumes, puppets and many other important historical artefacts. The museum little bit unpopular and mostly visited by travellers that spend their holiday on the west coast and south coast beaches.

A large number of masks are manufactured at the workshop of the museum, here you can witness how the masks are been carved and painted. If you are hoping to do some shopping in Sri Lanka, you will love this place because they offer a large collection of wooden products and souvenirs at an affordable rate.

This 2 day southern Sri Lanka tour includes a whale-watching cruise off Mirissa, southern Sri Lanka. The tour also includes a walking tour of Galle Fort, Hikkaduwa beach, River Safari of Madu river statuary, the sea turtle conservation project, and the mask museum.

Encountering Sea Turtle on the 5 nights 6 days Sri Lanka itinerary

Sea turtle is an endangered animal species in the world and it is included in the IUCN red list. Sea turtle is a protected animal in Sri Lanka and a large number of private institutions are trying to increase their population on the island. It seems these organizations have been able to achieve their target up to a certain level, but still, there is a long way to go.

Visiting a sea turtle conservation centre is a common activity among travellers that come across the west coast of Sri Lanka. As this Sri Lanka, 5 Nights 6 Days Package includes southern Sri Lanka you can easily visit one of the sea turtle conservation centres. Therefore I have included a sea turtle farm in this Sri Lanka 5 Nights 6 Days Package. If you are interested in seeing sea turtles in the natural environment, you better head on to Rekawa in southern Sri Lanka.

They occur mostly on the western and southern coast of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka beach is one of the few places in the world, where five species of sea turtles can be spotted. Green turtles, leatherback sea turtles, olive Ridley turtles, Hawksbills and Loggerheads are the five species found on the island. Sea turtles come to the beaches of Sri Lanka for nesting. Usually, sea turtles come to the shore after sunset and lay eggs. After about two months of incubation, period hatchling emerges from the nest and goes to the sea.

There are many sea turtle conservation centres established along the west and southern coasts of Sri Lanka. These centres suppose to provide protection for the wounded sea turtles found in the sea. They also claim to salvage sea turtle eggs that are been sold for consumption by individuals, which suppose to be against the law. Those eggs are bought and incubated on the farm and later babies are released to the sea. Most of these properties are privately owned and visitors are allowed to see the turtles without paying an entrance fee.

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Official tourism site of Sri Lanka https://www.srilanka.travel/

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