Sunrise from Adams peak, Sri Lanka

Adams peak hike, Sri Lanka

If you would like to experience one of the most beautiful off the beaten track natural spectacle don’t think twice to include Adams peak hike to your Sri Lanka tour package. Upward climb is a tiring task but very well rewarded with breathtaking scenery. For foreigners, Adams peak is a place to enjoy the natural wealth of Sri Lanka but for Sri Lanka, it is a place with religious as well as historical importance.

Adams peak hike is a very difficult adventure, which makes you rest for several days for sure. Still, for locals, it is a must-do task due to religious beliefs. For travellers who take this arduous Adams peak hike due to non-religious reasons, a glimpse of the mighty sunrise is a reward for your endeavour. Usually, the Adams peak hike starts at midnight and you are well-positioned to see the sunrise at dawn. The upward hike takes around 5 hours and it may take longer if you make it during the pilgrimage season (from November to April), due to the congestion.

Adams peak hike -most rewarding climb in Sri Lanka

Adams peak is the fifth highest mountain in Sri Lanka and the mountain with religious importance. The people who make the Adams peak hike are rewarded in many ways, it is a merit-making act for devotees, place to have breathtaking scenery, opportunity to see the gorgeous sunrise and the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka.

Adams peak rising up to 2243 m. This mountain would have attracted climbers from the time it would have been seen by man, and it certainly had seen a man going up to its summit from the time it had been seen in the 19th century. There is perhaps nothing more attractive to the traveller who visits central mountain range than a walk to the summit of Adams Peak, the holy mountain of Sri Lanka. The ascent is easy, and the reward great.

From no other mountaintop in the world, you can literally see over a whole island of such extent and beauty as you can from this. From shore to shore lie outstretched in every direction forests and plains, mountain ranges interlaced confusion, masses of verdant Patana lands, interspersed with glittering streams; while the stillness of the profound solitude is only broken by the sounds from mountain torrent in their wild rush over the huge boulders in the rocky ravines. It is here, with the accumulated impressions of the journey from the coast to one of the highest points of the highland fresh in his mind, that the traveller confers on Ceylon the title of “the showplace of the universe.”

The journey to the top is about seven kilometres, and a very good five and a half hours walk. There is also a choice between covering the whole distance on foot and being carried on the shoulders of four coolies in a chair supposed on two bamboo poles; the latter method, however, although frequently adopted by ladies, is not too comfortable, especially when the coolies are of unequal height. The glorious exhilaration of the pure and bracing air and spiritual guidance encourage the people of Sri Lanka to make frequent excursions to the little shrine on the summit. The prospect varies so much under different atmospheric conditions that every fresh trip is amply rewarded by the ever-changing scenes.

But the grandest of all is that beautiful scene which heralds the approach of day. To stand upon one of the highest points of this sea-girt land, with the shadow sky above and brooding darkness below, there to which the rosy-fingered dawn cast her first rays upon the thousand peaks that begin to peep through the snowy mists which yet enshroud the low-lying valleys, is an experience well worth the surrender of a few hours of sleep and an occasional fright at midnight forest sounds betokening the proximity of some denizens of the jungle. As the sun rises the nearer slopes become more distinct, and the distant ranges clearly visible right away to low elevated areas in the west and southern coastal belt.

The creatures of the mountain being nocturnal in their habit, there are no outward signs of life by day, deep silence taking the place of the noise that proceeds from the thickets of the low country plains. The elephants are seldom seen or heard but remain hidden in the deepest recesses. A couple of large monkeys may sometimes be seen quarrelling like angry schoolboys; but as a rule, the only sounds are the occasional deep note of the jungle cock, and even he is so modest in hiding his brilliant plumage from the eye of man.

Apart from the pilgrims, Adams peak is also a hunting ground for adventure holiday lovers, botanist and Zoologist. The mountain is visited by millions of people every year, mainly during the pilgrims’ season (December to May). If you wish to take this trip and need the assistance from local trustworthy company please write seerendipity tours on


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