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6 Days In Sri Lanka

6 Days In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the smallest countries in the world, measuring only 65610 sq km, however, what Sri Lanka lacks in size, it makes up for in grandeur. The beautiful rural villages, rolling hills, snow-white sandy beaches and picturesque tea gardens with the green-capped mountain in the backdrop make these 6 days in Sri Lanka unforgettable.

Sri Lanka is one of the smallest countries in the world, measuring only 65610 sq km, however, what Sri Lanka lacks in size, it makes up for in grandeur. The beautiful rural villages, rolling hills, snow-white sandy beaches and picturesque tea gardens with the green-capped mountain in the backdrop make these 6 days in Sri Lanka unforgettable.

Sri Lanka is where land and sea collide on your dining table in culinary delight. The island is full of fertile farmland and produces a wide range of agricultural products such as rice, vegetable, fruits, tea, coffee and many more.  These farmlands and catch from the sea provide a palate-pleasing experience. The rich culinary experience is only a part Sri Lanka holiday experience, for some, it takes the centre stage, there is so much more to experience within 6 days in Sri Lanka, in this blog about 6 days in Sri Lanka, I will discuss a number of important facts for you to consider.

Air transportation is the main source of travel for most foreign travellers and 90 per cent of visitors of Sri Lanka enter the island through the international airport of Colombo. The airport of Colombo is located in the western province of Sri Lanka near Colombo city. Only a few travellers arrive the island by cruise ships, the travellers, who arrive the island by cruise ships lands either west coast (Colombo port) or Galle port of southern Sri Lanka, which are the widely used ports of Sri Lanka today.

If you are coming from far away countries like the UK, Germany and have a long flight, no doubt you having a rest is the most important thing just after landing. The beach town of Negombo is just around the corner, which is just 30-minute drive from Airport to Negombo and it could be the best bet for you. A large number of hotels that are categorized under many different categories sits along with the Lewis place, which is a narrow road, runs parallel to the beach. Here you can grab something to eat and drink, it is also very suitable for an overnight stay.  

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Day 1 of 6 Days in Sri LankaColombo to Sigiriya

From the airport and Negombo, head east, toward cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Along the way stop by:

Cashew nut village- (as the name suggest the small hamlet is popular for cashew nuts and here you can buy fresh cashew nuts at any time of the year, in the month of April, May, June the prices reduces due to the main harvesting season).

Pinnawala elephant orphanage-this safe house for elephant keep you busy for many hours. It is a safe house for elderly, wounded and orphan elephants found in the jungle. This is a place with a number of elephants that need the support of human to survive, here you can have a closer look into these jumbos but they are always under the supervision of caretakers and visitors are not allowed to have any form of contact with the animals.

From Pinnawala elephant orphanage head to further inland on Colombo-Trincomalee main road, passing Kurunegala and Dambulla to Sigiriya, where you have the first overnight stay on these 6 days in Sri Lanka trip.

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Day 2 of 6 Days in Sri LankaSightseeing Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa

If the previous night was your first overnight stay, it could have been the rest you wanted to have after the long flight. Sigiriya had been a laid-back city in the past; however, it had turned into a touristy locality with the opening of many hotels, guest house, restaurants and many shops selling textiles, souvenir, and artefacts. Today it is a popular hideout for foreign travellers and you will encounter hordes of tourist throughout the year, especially from November to April.  

Sigiriya rock fortress is the most important tourist attraction in Sigiriya and almost every traveller that head on to cultural triangle of Sri Lanka visits the rock.  Perhaps travellers can miss the historical places like Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura but they never fail to visit Sigiriya and Dambulla. Some travellers make long trips from destinations like Bentota beach and Galle in order to witness this 5th-century palace complex.   

After hiking the rick fortress make a rest in a nearby restaurant before heading to Dambulla golden cave temple, which is the next activity for the day and the trip takes around 30 minutes.  The hike at Dambulla is not as strenuous as the hike at Sigiriya, the hike at Dambulla lasts only about 30 minutes, depending on your age and fitness. Later proceed to hotel in Sigiriya.

Making a jeep safari in the Minneriya national park is also on today’s program and you will set off on the jeep tour after the lunch. The safari tour lasts around 3 hours and you will be able to see a large number of wild animals including Elephnats, Jackal, crocodile, deer, wild buffaloe and bear.

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Day 3 of 6 Days in Sri LankaSigiriya to Kandy

As you have visited Sigiriya rock and Dambulla golden cave temple, which are the most popular tourist attraction in the area, today you are heading to Kandy. However, it is highly recommended to visit Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa historical cities if you can find some additional time for your 6 days trip. Because Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are important UNESCO world heritage sites and dates back to 3rd century BC.  

Kandy is the cultural hub of the island and one of the most visited cities on the island. This picturesque city is surrounded by a ring of mountains and it sits in flat terrain. The city is surrounded by dozens of tourist attractions; however, due to the time constraints, we talk about only a few places in this article.

Tooth relic temple-Most sacred Buddhist temple on the island, which is dedicated to Buddhism.

Royal Botanical garden-Most popular and most visited botanical garden on the island with more than 4000 of trees and plants well maintained and picturesquely located along the Mahaweli River is a major tourist attraction in Kandy.  

Udawattekele sanctuary- Udawattekele sanctuary sits behind the tooth relic temple and harbours a large number of trees and plants. This tropical forest is a popular sanctuary, where you can observe many native avian fauna species.

Kandy Lake- A few hundred meters away from tooth relic temple and Udawattekele sanctuary is the lake, better known as Kirimuhuda (Milk Sea), which is another popular attraction in the city. Take a walk on the bank of the lake; it gives you the opportunity to see many animals such as turtles, water monitors, ducks, kingfisher, cormorants and many other animals and bird species.

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Day 4 of 6 Days in Sri LankaKandy to Nuwara Eliya

Today the journey continues deep into the interior of the island and you will visit the beautiful city of Nuwara Eliya that wits 1800 meters above sea level. Nuwara Eliya is the most popular health resort on the island which is the most visited city in the mountains.

Nuwara Eliya is also known as the tea country, where the tea is a most dominating agricultural product, and the tea industry keeps millions of people busy every day. Visiting a tea factory and plantation is a unique experience for most travellers. Green capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, a large tract of tea gardens, perennial waterways, isolated forests are main ingredients of breathtaking scenery in the mountains.

If you make an overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya you may consider doing a horse ride or pony ride, young people are providing horses and ponies for riding and you can get and a horse for an hour or two, and it is a perfect way to explore the fantastic city of Nuwara Eliya.

Make horse ride along the Gregory Lake and take a glimpse of the picturesque tea plantations and vegetable plots. The view of the Pidurutalagala Mountain, which is the highest mountains of Sri Lanka, is simply fantastic.

There are many other parks such as Victoria park to explore around the city and often festival and farmers market to explore and the best way to do it on foot.

You can also do kayaking, paddle-boating, motor-boating, house-boating, angling in the Gregory Lake, which occupies a plot of land the city overlooking the gorgeous Victorian-styled mansions built by wealthy British planters in early 18s.  

After exploring Nuwara Eliya it is time to take a ride downhills to Nanuoya, where you take the train to make the rest of the journey. The train ride from Nanu Oya to Ella lasts around 1 hour and is considered being one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. This fascinating train journey takes you between mountains, valleys, patches of forests, tea plantations while circling around the jagged mountains.    

Ella is a popular holiday destination, however less touristy compared to Kandy, Sigiriya and Nuwara Eliya. Ella is an eco-holiday destination, where the visitors can enjoy many thrilling adventures like mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, waterfall abseiling and many other adrenaline-pumping activities.

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Day 5 of 6 Days in Sri LankaNuwara Eliya to the west coast beach

Today you are going further down the hills, leaving the chilly mountains and ended up in the warm, tropical coastline. You will encounter a few beautiful waterfalls on the trip, while tea plantations and mountain forests make the beautiful scenery.

If there is one thing you have to do on the trip today, it is the whitewater rafting in Kitulgala. There are many other activities to do in Kitulgala such as rainforest trekking, kayaking, bird watching, waterfall abseiling, mountain climbing, and mountain climbing. You will be enamoured by this area and will want to spend half a day here, so if you like to engage in few other thrilling adventures, plan an overnight stay in Kitulgala and head to the beach next day.

However, we have planned to drive to Beach on the 5th day of this 6 days tour and enable you to explore the fabulous beaches in the south, in the beaches, you will want to not rush. The beauty is so awe-inspiring, and the setting, so peaceful.

Day 6 of the 6 days in Sri Lanka Bentota to Colombo

Usually, the travellers are allowed to stay in the rooms until noon, and if you stay a few more hours the guests need to pay and supplement room charges. So plan your day accordingly, if you have time you can have a calm and quiet rest on the beach.  You can spend many days on the beach still not bored because there are many interesting activities on the beach that can keep you entertained. Water sports, boating, snorkelling, diving, whale watching, are some of the popular activities here.  


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