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The tropical island of Sri Lanka has everything that tourists look for: Tropical terrain, pristine palm-fringed beaches, and delicious coastal cuisine, thousands of years old historical monuments. If you are wondering, what the best time and best places for Sri Lanka Beach tour packages are, you have stumbled upon the right blog post. This blog post revolves around Sri Lanka 7 days tour package with a beach stay.

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With more than 1300 km stretch of a coastal belt to explore and plenty of things to do, Sri Lanka—located in the south of India in the Indian Ocean—is pretty close to paradise on earth. Days are best spent lazing on palm-lined beaches, snorkelling or diving with sea turtles, and hundreds of exotic fish species, and hiking to hidden waterfalls. Travellers tend to go island-hopping to experience the laid-back way of life or splurge for the ultimate luxury island holiday. Particularly in July/August, the islands come alive during the Esala festival, when Sri Lankans showcase their culture with dance performances, music and religious activities, and more.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka has everything that tourists look for: Tropical terrain, pristine palm-fringed beaches, and delicious coastal cuisine, thousands of years old historical monuments. If you are wondering, what the best time and best places for Sri Lanka Beach tours are, you have stumbled upon the right blog post. This blog post revolves around Sri Lanka’s 7-day tour package with some leisure on the beach.


The beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka is a charming county to visit at all times. Sri Lanka Beach tour Packages are an excellent choice for any travellers because they can avail of the nice sandy beaches of the country for a pleasant holiday. Usually, for most tourists, Sri Lanka tours and beach holidays go hand-in-hand and most guests make several sightseeing tours to interesting tourist places such as historical monuments, wildlife parks, and hill country resorts before heading to the idyllic beach resorts for leisure. Being an island Sri Lanka is most popular as a beach holiday destination among travellers around the world, but Sri Lanka offers much much more.


According to the online travel community platform WorldPackers.com, Sri Lanka has been ranked as the 12th safest holiday destination in the world in 2022. In another survey carried out by Condé Nast travellers in 2022, Sri Lanka has been chosen as the 9th friendliest country in the world.

“Is it really safe to travel to Sri Lanka now?”, “Is it ok to have a Sri Lanka 7 days tour package?”, “Is it a good idea to have a Sri Lanka trip now?”; These are some of the questions that we get from our readers. I must say that it is totally safe to venture on a Sri Lanka tour package. Emails with this type of question are largely increased in the second half of 2022. It is mainly due to the political unrest that prevailed on the island in the early part of 2022. People took to the street in the month of April 2022 against the ruling party and the president. This is mainly due to the economic hardships they faced and the increasing cost of living. The people of Sri Lanka have ousted the president and managed to change the government.

By June 2022 Sri Lanka is under the control of a new president and a prime minister. The situation of the country is calm and quiet, however, many of the problems such as the cost of living, and the high jobless rate still make an impact on the lives of people. The present government with the help of other foreign countries are taking various measure to stabilize the country’s economy and control the cost of living. The present government has managed to control the situation as this paragraph is written in October 2022.

The number of tourists in the country plummeted almost to Zero in the month of April, May, and June due to people’s agitation. However, as of October 2022, more and more tourists are arriving in Sri Lanka to spend their holidays. A large number of travellers booked Sri Lanka tour packages in the month of August and September. The government expects the current trend to remain for the rest of the year to 2023.


Visa is a mandatory requirement in Sri Lanka. All travellers must have a visa before arriving in Sri Lanka. Only three countries are exempted from visas Singapore, Maldives and seashells. The travellers can apply for a tourist visa online using the websites of emigration and immigration eta.gov.lk. Getting a visa is easy in Sri Lanka and travellers can have it within 2 days. The visa fee is increased from December 2022 and the new rates are as below,

  • Visa for tourists from south Asian countries (SAARC) online US$ 20 and on arrival visa US$ 25
  • Visa for tourists from other countries online is US$ 50 and on arrival, the visa is US$ 60


When is the best time for Sri Lanka beach tours? well, Sri Lanka is an all-year-round beach holiday destination, therefore you can plan your Sri Lanka 7 days tour package at any time of the year. But considering the influence of the monsoon, you have to choose either the east coast or the west coast for the beach stay, depending on the time you travel. If you plan your 7 days tour package in the winter season (from November to April) choose the southwest coast for the beach stay. If you plan the Sri Lanka trip from April to November east coast beaches are the best for a beach stay due to the dry weather.

The best time for the Sri Lanka Beach holiday packages on the east coast of Sri Lanka is from May to November. The best places for a beach tour of Sri Lanka on the west coast are from November to April. The best time of the year for Sri Lanka beach holiday packages in southern Sri Lanka is from November to April.


Sri Lanka beach tour packages are very popular among travellers, perhaps it is the most popular trip among travellers, especially among foreign travellers. If you book only the Sri Lanka beach tour package through a local company, it does not include much travelling during your trip. The travel company drops you at your chosen beach resort on the day of your arrival and picks you up on the day of the departure. However, so-called “resident guides” appointed by the travel company are in contact with you whenever you need their support. The travellers on the resort are given an emergency number to contact their resident guide, who lives close to the resort and is able to visit the travellers in a short period of time.


The chart shows the average sea water temperature variation in Sri Lanka for the cities of Colombo, Jaffna, Galle, Mirissa and Tangalle.


If you have planned only a beach holiday package, a few Sightseeing tours are strongly recommended for you. Otherwise, your Sri Lanka beach tour becomes monotonous. Many travellers that plan a Sri Lanka beach holiday choose to visit popular tourist attractions during their beach stay, therefore, they would book a few one-day or 2 days trips from their beach resort.

Most beach tours are included with a multi-day Sri Lanka tour or a few excursions from the beach hotel eg. 10 day Sri Lanka tour package includes a beach stay towards the tail end of the tour package. In the first part of the 10 days, Sri Lanka tour package the travellers visit places like temples, historical monuments, Sri Lanka hill country, and wildlife parks and towards the tail end, they spend some time on the beach.


Sri Lanka Pristine beaches around the island are spread over 1500km and they are part of almost every trip organized by tour operators in Sri Lanka. E.g most trip that lasts more than 5 days includes at least 1 overnight stay in a beach resort. Sri Lanka beaches provide all suitable conditions for a beach stay at any given time of the year, however, the best beaches for a beach holiday are largely varied depending on the weather pattern in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is very important to consider the weather pattern before deciding the best beach for the Sri Lanka beach tour.


There are many options when it comes to travelling in Sri Lanka such as public buses, trains, domestic plain and taxis. However, as an experienced tour operator, we recommend travelling by taxi with an experienced local tour guide/driver. Buses and trains are cheap options, however, they will suck your time therefore you may not be able to complete the tour successfully. Travelling by domestic plains can save time but it is very expensive. The private taxi is the best option for a Sri Lanka tour package.

When you book a Sri Lanka tour package, it includes transport, accommodation, sightseeing tours, meals, guide and entrance fees as well as activity costs. So if you have booked a Sri Lanka package tour, you do not need to worry about the transport, because your tour operators arrange the tour with a comfortable vehicle and an experienced driver/guide.


Seerendipity tours is a premier tour operator in Sri Lanka and provide unique and interesting Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday packages. The service of Seerendipity tours can be availed for any type of Sri Lanka holiday package. They are experts in inbound tourism and experienced local staff can make the most suitable and enjoyable Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package for you. Here are 5 popular Sri Lanka tour packages.

Simply Sri Lanka 8 Days Private Tour with Luxury Accommodation- This eight-day private tour takes you to the most important tourist places on the island such as Sigiriya rock, Dambulla golden temple, and the tooth relic temple of Kandy, the national park of Udawalawe. Towards the end of the trip, you will be anchoring on the empty beaches of Mirissa.


Travel companies such as Seerendipity tours organize Sri Lanka tours and beach holiday packages allowing travellers to fully immerse themselves in Sri Lankan culture, history, and natural wealth through programs involving volunteering, art, culture, education, rain forest exploration, Sri Lanka adventure, etc. Sri Lank is the right holiday destination for people who love beach holidays with plenty of other things to do.

Sri Lanka sightseeing tours and beach holiday packages are going hand-in-hand. A large number of tour operators in Sri Lanka offer Sri Lanka sightseeing tours with beach stays. These tours and beach holidays together can span from several days to several weeks, depending on the budget and availability of time. Eg. you can book 4 days Sri Lanka trip with a beach holiday. If you have time and money you can also book a one-week sightseeing tour to visit important tourist attractions in Sri Lanka such as the cultural triangle, Sri Lanka hill country, and wildlife parks with another 7 days on the beach.

Most travellers who would like to explore this fascinating island opt for sightseeing tours, thereby having some time to visit important tourist places such as historical monuments, scenic places, etc. Most travellers embark on a Sri Lanka sightseeing tour to visit important tourist attractions and afterwards go to the beach for leisure. Most of our customers usually ask for a Sri Lanka sightseeing tour and beach holiday packages.


Sri Lanka 7 days tour that we discuss hereunder is very popular among foreign travellers. And this 7-day Sri Lanka tour follows the beaten tourist path on the island, which starts from Colombo and ends in Colombo.


This 7 day Sri Lanka tour includes the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.YOu will be able to visit all important historical places in the cultural triangle: Anuradhapura historical city, Polonnaruwa historical city, Dambulla golden temple, Sigiriya rock fortress, and Kandy tooth relic temple. These 5 places are considered the most important historical places on the island and they are declared UNESCO world heritage sites. You will stay 3 days in the cultural triangle during the 7 days tour.


After visiting the historical places you will drive into Sri Lanka’s central province, where you see a lot of mountains and picturesque scenery. Sri Lanka’s hill country (Sri Lanka tea country) is undeniably captivating with cascading waterfalls, tea plantations, green-capped mountains, and valleys. It comes in such contrast to the picturesque coconut tree-lined beaches, and the bustling cities of Colombo and Negombo. Captivating scenery is abundant in the hill country and you are exposed to it as you drive from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.


From the hill country, you drive further in a southward direction to Yala national park, which is the most popular wildlife reserve in Sri Lanka with a wide range of animals such as elephants, bears, leopards, buffaloes, crocodiles, and many more. After the wildlife tour, you will drive to the west coast beach for a relaxing and peaceful stay. This Sri Lanka 7 days tour includes a 2-night stay in the beach resort before heading to the airport.


The best time for the above-mentioned Sri Lanka 7 days tour is from November to April. The six months from November to April is the best time to plan a tour on the southern route. The cities that you encounter on this route have warm and sunny weather during these 6 months. Especially the beaches on the south and west coast have very suitable weather for outdoor activities during this period. The Ocean also has a very suitable setting for saltwater activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving, surfing, etc.


  1. Colombo > Anuradhapura > Sigiriya [1 night]
  2. Sigiriya > Polonnaruwa > Sigiriya [1 nght]
  3. Sigiriya > Dambulla > Kandy [1 nights]
  4. Kandy > train > Nuwara Eliya [1 nights]
  5. Nuwara Eliya > Yala [1 nights]
  6. Yala > Bentota [1 night]
  7. Bentota > Colombo


Your Sri Lanka 7 days tour starts with a visit to Sri Lanka cultural triangle. Sri Lanka cultural triangle remains one of the most popular tourist hot spots in Sri Lanka and it is one of the most beloved and important tourist attractions due to a large number of historical monuments, temples, palaces, gardens and many other ancient structures. Dotted with ancient monuments the cultural triangle is consisting of many UNESCO world heritage sites and it offers in terms of sightseeing and experiential travel.

Anuradhapura city tour

Anuradhapura is one of the most popular cities in the cultural triangle and all tourists head to this fascinating ancient city. Anuradhapura was built in the 3rd century BC and is billed as one of the world’s first well-planned urban cities with temples, palaces, gardens, parks, shopping areas, roads and many more. A major landmark of Anuradhapura, the Jetawanrama stupa or dagoba, which was built in the 2nd century at 400 feet of height was the tall Buddhist structure in the world at that time. The hundreds of Buddhist temples, stupas, dagobas, palaces and many other ancient structures showcase reminiscent of one of the most advanced cultures that existed in the world.

The city tour of Anuradhapura is the first activity on your cultural triangle tour and the Polonnaruwa city tour, Sigiriya rock tour, Dambulla temple tour and Tooth relic temple tour follow. Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka and dates back to the 3rd century BC. This historical city is an archaeological zoo and spreads over 40 hectares. Anuradhapura is home to a large number of ancient Buddhist temples, stupas, Dagobas, gardens, places, museums, and many more. Anuradhapura is the most significant city for Buddhists in Sri Lanka due to the eight sacred places better known as “Atamasthana”. These eight sacred places are significant as they relate to an important event that is closely connected to Buddhism in Sri Lanka.


  • Ruwanwelisaya-It is a “stupa” that is built by King Dutugamunu and is one of the biggest completed ones to date.
  • Thuparamaya-It is the oldest ‘dagoba’ in Sri Lanka, and possibly the oldest visible one in the world.
  • Lovamahapaya-The significance of this building is that the roof was once covered in bronze tiles.
  • Abhayagiri-It is one of the biggest viharas in Anuradhapura. It was a monastery of 5000 monks.
  • Jethavanaramaya-It is a sacred world heritage site and accommodated some 3000 monks at the time. It is also quite similar to Abhayagiri.
  • Mirisavetiya-This stupa was built by King Dutugamunu after defeating King Elara.
  • Lankaramaya-This is also built by a king called King Valagamba in the Anuradhapura Kingdom times and is one of the eight sacred places in the city.
  • Sri Maha Bodhi- The sapling of the sacred Bo tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment.


A cultural triangle tour would be not quite complete without a Polonaryuwa city tour. The importance of Polonnaruwa ancient city was very high in the medieval period. A dozen of Kings ruled the country from Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka after Anuradhapura. Polonnaruwa hists museums, temples, gardens, palaces, and ruins of many ancient structures. The Polonnaruwa city tour is a part of a Sri Lanka 7 days tour package. On day two of the 7 days Sri Lanka trip there are 2 important sites you visit namely Sigiriya ancient rock and the Polonnaruwa ancient city. Depending on the availability of time the duration of the Polonnaruwa city tour varies. However, every Polonnaruwa city tour includes the below-mentioned sites,

• The palace of King Paralkramabahu
• Nissankamulla Palace
• Gal Viharaya
• Thuparama & Lankathilaka Image Houses
• Vatadage
• Stupa of Rankoth Vehera
• Parakramabahu Statue



More architectural, artistic and engineering splendour is found in the Sigiriya rock fortress. The largest ancient fortified city in Sri Lanka, and proposed to be the 8th world wonder, this fortified city is consisting of moats, water ditches, swimming pools, fountains, landscaped gardens, palaces and frescoes. The base of the fortified city is the monolithic granite rock, this extravagant granite rock was turned into a royal palace and well-planned urban area by ancient engineers and artisans.


More artistic and religious splendour is found in the cave temple of Dambulla. The largest cave temple in Sri Lanka, and one of the largest cave temples in the world, this Buddist temple remains a place of veneration for more than 2000 years and it is consisting of 5 spacious natural caves. The granite caves are adorned with 150 Buddha statues and thousands of paintings.


Braving the crowds, about 90 km from Sigiriya rock fortress is the city of Kandy with the world-renowned temple of the tooth relic. A short walk away from the Kandy city centre is the ancient part of the city designated as the UNESCO world heritage site. In the centre of the ancient city is the tooth relic temple which is considered one of the most sacred and important Buddhist temples in the world. Known as the ‘Temple of the tooth relic’, the ancient temple at present hosts the left eye tooth of Buddha.

The Sri Lanka beach tour package can be combined with any other sightseeing tour of Sri Lanka and make a unique and interesting activity. E.g here is 5 Sri Lanka beach holidays combined with a cultural triangle tour, a Sri Lanka wildlife tour, a Sri Lanka Adventure tour, a Sri Lanka nature tour, and Southern Sri Lanka. Some travellers book only the Sri Lanka beach tour e.g Sri Lanka 14 days beach tour and plan a few short trips such as a 1-day trip or 2 days trip to nearby tourist attractions (wildlife parks, forts, and temples) during their beach stay.


The tropical island of Sri Lanka has everything that tourists look for: tropical terrain, pristine palm-fringed beaches, and delicious coastal cuisine, thousands of years old historical monuments. But most travellers are not aware of the diversity of the country’s landscape, the richness of the fauna and flora, and the richness of the country’s culture and history. Therefore most travellers do not spend their entire holiday in a beach resort without visiting the cultural, historical, and natural attractions.

While it is true that until 2009, it was not very safe to have a Sri Lanka road trip, due to the terrorist attacks. But since the end of the war country’s security is considerably improved enabling tourists to travel freely around the country. Earlier travellers from most countries around the world could not legally travel to the North and eastern parts of the island. But now those countries have removed the travel advisories and allow their citizens to travel to any part of the country.

The blue line on the image represents the west coast beaches and the southern coast of Sri Lanka, which harbours the best beach resort on the island.


With so many inland water resources and the surrounding Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka provides the best platform for water sports enthusiasts to perform various types of water sports. Diving, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkelling, and boogie boarding are only a few of the many interesting water sports activities you can enjoy on the island.


If you are fascinated by learning foreign cultures and histories, Sri Lanka’s rich historical past furnishes some excellent opportunities. Sri Lanka’s coastal belt and various commodities such as spices, ivory, and gems led to the formation of trading emporiums over the centuries. When Portuguese merchants and explorers such as Lorenzo de Almeida arrive on the island in the 15th century, Sri Lanka had already seen countless other guests. The Arabian, Chinese, Indian, and Greek among others, had all paid a visit lured by gems, spices, ivory, cinnamon, pearl, pepper, and other valuable commodities.

Sri Lanka was occupied by the British and Sri Lanka was supporting the allies during WW2, therefore the island became a target of Japanese forces and the island became a scene of a fierce battle. Many areas were bombed causing huge destruction to the country and killing a large number of people.

The strategic location of Sri Lanka with immensely resourceful natural wealth, this tiny island is destined to play an important role in the events of South Asia. Rich historical past and cultural heritage based on agricultural civilization backed by Buddhism make this island an engrossing culture with an age-old and interesting history.


Apart from the cultural and historical attractions, Sri Lanka is endowed with a large number of natural attractions that attract a large number of wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Depending on the requirement the travellers are free to add adventure activities and Eco-holiday activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, Whitewater rafting, bird watching, rain forest exploration, etc to their Sri Lanka tour itinerary. Travellers need to inform the local travel company about their expectations at the time of planning the Sri Lanka tour package.


Sri Lanka is a year-round beach holiday destination, however, it is a must requirement to choose the best beaches that match the time you plan to visit the island. E.g the beaches that have the best conditions for a beach holiday in May do not suitable for a beach holiday in November.

The best time for a beach holiday on the east coast of Sri Lanka is from May to November

The best place for a beach tour of Sri Lanka on the west coast is From November to April

The best time of the year for a beach holiday package in southern Sri Lanka is From November to April

By far Bentota beach is the major highlight on the west coast while Hikkaduwa comes to the fore due to the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, which accommodates beautiful coral reefs. The period from November to April is the best period of the year to have a beach holiday on the west and southern coast of Sri Lanka, rest of the year is not very suitable for a beach holiday in these areas due to the rough sea and underwater currents.

You might be wondering if Sri Lanka is not suitable for a beach holiday for the rest of the year. the simple answer is NO! The best period to experience the pleasure of calm and clear water in the East coat starts in April and ends in November, while the west coast gives you the best conditions for a beach holiday from November to May. Therefore Sri Lanka can be used as a beach holiday destination all year round but you should be having to either the west coast, southern coast or east coast depending on the time you arrive in the country.


Beautiful beaches are one of the most striking natural attractions of the tropical island of Sri Lanka, therefore beaches are one essential part of every Sri Lanka holiday package. With over 1330km coast, Sri Lanka is an ideal location for beach holidays in the region. Sri Lankan beaches attract a large number of tourists every year, especially during the winter season of the northern hemisphere.

This 10-day private Colombo package includes 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Golden Temple of Dambulla, Galle Fort, and Temple of the tooth relic with Sri Lanka mountain resorts, southern national parks, and western and southern beach resorts.


“How to find the best beach for the Sri Lanka beach holiday?”, “where to find the best beach for my Sri Lanka beach holiday package?”, “When is the best time for the Sri Lanka beach tour?” These are very common questions among travellers. We receive many emails every day with this type of question from our readers. I must say the answer to all these questions heavily relies on the weather pattern in Sri Lanka. The monsoon is an important part of the Sri Lankan weather pattern.

The rainfall, temperature, and wind, are under the control of the monsoon wind. Monsoon wind essentially means rain because the monsoon wind comes from the Ocean and carries a lot of moisture, which turns into a rainy cloud resulting in heavy rain on the island. Monsoon wind invades the country from 2 directions, from west and east. However, when the monsoon wind has an influence on one region the rest of the country is largely intact from it. During the monsoon, particular regions get a lot of rain, not only the sea of that particular region gets rough and is not suitable for swimming, diving, snorkelling, or any other sea-based activities. That’s how it affects your Sri Lanka beach holiday. It can keep you stuck on the beach holiday for many days due to the torrential rain. You may not be able to go out and engage in any activities due to the rain.

Even though the Monsoon wind makes your Sri Lanka beach tour so gloomy, when it is absent Sri Lankan beaches offer top-notch beaches for a fun-filled, leisurely beach stay. Therefore it is very important and careful to select a suitable time and place for the beach stay. Travellers must avoid the Sri Lankan beaches with the monsoon when they arrive in Sri Lanka.

Below are some of the beaches in Sri Lanka that you can consider for your Sri Lanka beach holiday. I here mentioned the best time to hit each beach place.


1. Bentota Beach resort- located on the west coast of Sri Lanka: best time for a beach tour is from November to April

2. Hikkaduwa Beach resort-West coast: best time for a beach holiday is from November to April

3. Kalutara and Wadduwa Beach-West coast: best time for a beach holiday is from November to April

4. Arugam Bay beach-East coast: best time for a beach stay is from April to November

5. Negombo Beach-West coast: best time for a beach stay is from November to April

6. Koggala and Galle-South coast: best time for a beach tour is from November to April

7. Unawatuna beach-South coast: best time for a beach tour is from November to April

8. Mirissa Beach-South coast: best time for a beach tour is from November to April

9. Tangalle and Hambantota Beach-South coast: best time for a beach tour is from November to April

10. Kalkudah and Pasikudah Beach-East coast: best time for a beach tour is from April to November

Same time the coastal belt offers many activities for travellers such as sunbathing, windsurfing, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, and banana boating. Prime beach holiday destinations are located in the Negombo region on the west coast, Wadduwa, Kalutara, and Bentota on the south-western coast, and Beruwala, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Unawatuna, Koggala, Tangalle, and Hambantota on the southern and south-eastern coasts.

The travellers can include either east coast beaches or west coast beaches in their Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package depending on the time they travel. The best time of the year to travel on the west coast is from November to April while April to November is the ideal time to show up on the east coast.


The jet-setters have been visiting Bentota for the last few decades since it was developed as a beach resort in the 1980s. A wide beach, gold-coloured sand, and a lake-like sea with torque-coloured water make it a paradise for beach holiday lovers. Bentota beach is the most popular beach resort on the island, which is connected to the mainland only from one side. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Bentota River in 3 directions. Travellers need to take a ferry to reach their hotels on the Bentota holiday island.


Little further south of Bentota is another popular beach resort, Hikkaduwa, which has a totally different contrast compared to Bentota. With its eclectic mix of high-end, affordable, and mid-range accommodation facilities, and a variety of delicious Sri Lankan seafood, Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary is surely a good choice for families.

Hikkaduwa is most popular for its pristine beaches, interesting underwater world, snorkelling, diving, and sun-drenched beaches. Honeymoon couples can relax in candle-lit spas while young and young at heart will admire the electrifying nightlife on the beach ranging from tented discos to live band bars.

Sun, Sea, and Sand lovers can lie on the beach and enjoy the unceasing Ocean breeze while enjoying the vista of the nearby mountain. The trekkers can venture on a village tour while boating on the Madu estuary would be also an interesting activity for nature lovers.


Possibly one of the best beaches of Sri Lanka’s west coast-Kalutara and Wadduwa beaches bewitches: fine, white sand lapped by the Indian Ocean and fringed with coconut palms. This is a true paradise for beach holiday lovers. The wide-sandy beaches are rarely full, therefore, you get plenty of opportunities to have a peaceful relaxation.

A few hour’s drives from the beach are the popular Udawalawe national park, which is a fantastic showpiece for wildlife lovers. There is a rare opportunity to spot large herds of Asian elephants in the park at sunrise or sunset. Another interesting activity is the whale watching trip., from the beach resort. The whale-watching trip is a perfect opportunity to have a closer look at gigantic blue whales.

A tour to the nearby spice garden, where you learn about the indigenous healing system, popularly known as Ayurveda, is an interesting short trip from the hotel. Learn about different spices that grow on this tropical island, most of them ended up in countries around the world as raw materials or ready-to-used powder.

  • Arugam Bay
  • Kalkudah Beach
  • Pasikudah Beach
  • Nilaveli Beach

The East Coast of Sri Lanka has emerged as a holiday hot spot in the Asian regions, since the end of the civil war. With its eclectic mix of Sri Lankan, friendly and warm hospitality and quite isolated beaches can work as a family beach holiday. The east coast of Sri Lanka is best for all kinds of saltwater activities from May to October. Snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, boating, diving, and whale watching are some of the popular activities here. Places like Aru Gam Bay are loved by the young crowd as it offers plenty of opportunities for spa therapies, nightlife ranging from tented discos to live band bars

Beautiful, pristine beaches off Trincomalee such as Nilaveli, Pasikudah, and Kalkudah are attracting hundreds of thousands of sun-worshippers every year. The best time for Sri Lanka tours and beach holidays in the eastern coastal belt is the summer monsoon (April to November) while the rest of the year is the best period to travel along the coastal belt of western and southern Sri Lanka.

With the opening of the Southern Expressway, the travel time between Airport and southern Sri Lanka is considerably shortened. Therefore, the southern coastal belt also has emerged as an attractive beach holiday destination for foreign travellers. Most of the beautiful beaches on the southern coast were not visited by travellers due to the time-consuming transfer from the international airport. Today large numbers of hotels are being built in order to cater to the increasing demand for accommodation facilities in the region.


You have to look to Negombo for the best beach near the airport. Negombo is the closest beachfront holiday spot to the airport. If you are on a short trip to Sri Lanka or set foot in Sri Lanka before continuing your journey to another destination, Negombo is a perfect place to relax. It is just 10 minutes away from the Airport. Negombo is not only a beach resort but also offers many other interesting activities such as boating, village tours, shopping, visiting temples, and churches, fishing, trekking, hiking, etc.


Shark beach or popularly known as Morawala beach is another pristine beach located near the Katunayake international airport. It is just a few minutes away from the international airport. Morawala beach is just about 7 km south of Negombo beach. Due to its close proximity to the airport, one can consider adding it to the Sri Lanka tour packages such as 7 days Sri Lanak trip. This isolated and less crowded beach is ideal for a Sri Lanak beach holiday.

Morawala beach has a natural rock formation, which is a unique geographical feature that is not visible in Negombo beach. The rock formation has a flat surface, spread parallel to the beach and it mitigates the waves. The rock is about 25 meters wide in some places. The natural beauty of Morawala beach is very high, it is wide and clean. However, it is visited by only very few travellers every day compared to its next-door counterpart Negombo beach.  Due to its low popularity Morawala beach has become one of the best places for a peaceful sea bath and sunbath. Early morning and evening is the best time to visit the beach.

On this 7-day Sri Lanka private trip you will be visiting ancient monuments in the cultural triangle, tea country, Spice and herbal garden, wildlife reserve, botanic gardens, Idyllic west coast beaches, plus enjoy a breath-taking view on the hill country rail journey from Peradeniya to Nanuoya, learn to cook a Sri Lanka meal and many more. Towards the end of the trip, you will have time to relax on the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka’s west coast.


Koggal and Galle are exceptional beach resorts in the south with a rich historical past, mainly colonial history. Lorenzo De Almeida and his crew that was sailing in a Portuguese merchant ship discovered Galle in 1505. After many weeks of sailing in the sea without any distinct direction, they accidentally landed on the shores of Galle. They must have thought they were hallucinating at the surreal beauty. The tranquil small beachfront land, lined by bending coconut palms to the ocean fulfils even the wildest of tropical island dreams. Bring a bottle of Sri Lankan-made arrack and a picnic blanket, for this is the perfect place to make love.


Hiriketiya Beach in the south of Sri Lanka is a surfer’s dream. With golden sand and a palm tree-fringed horseshoe bay, this beach is where the jungle meets the sea. It creates a beautiful clash of greens and blues. It is a hidden paradise growing in popularity. Many surfers are drawn by its iconic waves and holidaymakers enjoy the excellent cafes and soak up the Sri Lankan sun.

Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka, also known as Hiriketiya Bay, is located a few km south of Galle. Hiriketiy beach sandwich between Tangalle and Matara, two popular beach holiday destinations on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Hiriketiya beach is special due to many reasons. The most striking feature of Hiriketiya beach is that is suitable for a sea bath at any time of the year. Usually, the beaches along the south coast can be dangerous for swimmers during the southwest monsoon. But Hiriketioya remains safe for a swim throughout the year as the underwater current is prevented from entering the bay by a naturally formed granite wall between the bay and the sea.


Some of the beaches in Sri Lanka are ranked among the places for beach holidays in the region. The ambience on the island is very suitable for an enjoyable beach holiday. All-year-round summer climate makes the island a perfect destination for sun worshippers. Warm seawater with a temperature of 27C˚, snow-white, clean, and very happening beaches of Sri Lanka are simply irresistible for any beach holiday enthusiast.


If anybody would like to know the most popular places for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka, simply the answer is the West coast. Starting from Negombo Mt.Lavinia, Kalutara, Bentota, Ambalangoda, and Hikkaduwa all the way up to Unawatuna is ranked among the top-notch destination for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka.  With a large number of attractions to visit and activities for young and old, the west coast is the ideal destination for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka, for travellers of any age. Since there are plenty of activities for a kind, a parent can have a pleasurable sea bath in peace.


Even travellers can have the opportunity to engage in various water sports such as surfing, diving, snorkelling, boating along the rivers and fishing, etc. You also can have a bit of nature now and then by taking short drives inland from the coastal area.

Rain forests such as Kanneliya and Sinharaja are just a few minutes away from the places on the west coast for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka. Seerendipity tours help you to organize your short trips to any part of the island and you have the option to join their regular excursions to explore the fascinating corners of the west coast. For more information about tours and excursions, you can contact Seerendipity tours via email or phone.

To enhance the attractiveness of the west coast for holidays, the west coast is endowed with many other attractions apart from the breathtaking beaches. Coral reefs, Lagoons, islands, rivers, mountains, forests, temples, turtle hatcheries, and splendid colonial heritage all are within easy reach of the west coast beach resorts.


A glass-bottom boat ride in Hikkaduwa will be a highlight of your beach holiday in Sri Lanka. This is a great opportunity to see the fascinating underwater world without dipping into the water. Various species of corals, fascinating exotic fish species, sea plants, and sea turtles can be spotted easily due to the clear water. The fascinating diving sites off the shores of Sri Lanka provide very important playgrounds for divers, where they can see a large number of exotic fish species, plant species, coral reefs as well as, and shipwrecks.

Sri Lanka 7 days tour with a fascinating blend of history, culture, nature, wildlife, and leisure


The West Coast of Sri Lanka harbours many interesting diving spots where you find many shipwrecks that sank in the early days of sea navigation. Most diving spots are located in southwest Sri Lanka due to the close proximity to the world sea route. Some of the dicing sights are declared as protected areas due to the looting of valuables from those sites. Therefore, taking prior permission for diving in such an area is necessary.


On the west coast of Sri Lanka, you have plenty of opportunities to satisfy your taste bud with various foodie items. Even you can take part in a Sri Lanka food tour during your Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday. In Colombo, you have the best variety of restaurants and hotels that offer theme nights. Sri Lankan, Chinese, Arabian, Indian, and western dishes are readily available in most restaurants.

The number of travellers especially foreign travellers is getting more interested in doing a holiday in Sri Lanka. Considerably improved security, after the civil war, is the main reason for the upward trend of tourist arrival. But are you choosing a proper period and the best location for your holiday?


Even though beaches are the most prominent natural attraction of the island it will be monotonous if you stick only to the beaches. Therefore having the dash of flora and fauna in the Sri Lanka Tour and Beach Holiday package makes it an interesting and experience-rich holiday for travellers.

The interior of the island is very rich in natural attractions such as wildlife, rivers and waterfalls, and forests. Sri Lanka is a tropical country and has a very warm climate. The humidity of the island is also very high and it goes up to 85% often. These facts make the island very suitable for trees and plants. Sri Lanka has been able to maintain a healthy forest cover so far, which is measured to be around 24%. Some of the interesting forests that are popular for forest exploration are the Sinharaja rainforest, Knuckles, KDN, Horton Plains, and Sripada.

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination in Asia. Sri Lanka offers a wide range of activities for travellers and wildlife observation is one of the most fascinating activities, travellers are able to witness many animal species like elephants, leopards, crocodiles, bears, etc.


Sri Lanka may not be the best place for wildlife holidays but this small island is very rich in wildlife. Sri Lanka has more than a dozen wildlife reserves and animals are well protected under Sri Lankan law. Most wildlife reserves are open to the public and of course, you need to pay the authorities for the entrance.  Unlike most wildlife reserves in the world, here you don’t have to drive hours after spotting an animal to see the next one. Travellers can spot a large number of wild animals within a short period of time compared to most national parks. Elephants, leopards, bears, wild boars, crocodiles, buffalo, and deer are some of the most occurring animals here.


Sri Lanka has a large number of mountains in the interior of the country that originated due to geological upheavals. These mountains numbering more than hundreds surpassed the 1000 meters mark. The peaks of the mountains are covered with forests and they are protected areas. These mountains function as catchment areas and help to guarantee enough rainfall that is needed for cultivation.

The streams that begin in the mountains create beautiful waterfalls as it flows down to the sea. These streams and rivers are being used for many recreational activities such as boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, etc. Therefore adding the mountain to a Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package is very important because it allows you to enjoy awe-inspiring scenery across the mountains and valley in the central highland. There are a large number of places for adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, and white water rafting in the mountains, and therefore especially travellers who love adventure activities might find it very interesting here.

Sri Lanka mountains are a place to see the breathtaking mountainous scenery, Here you get green-capped mountains, tea plantations, patches of forests, cascading waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and streams. Health resorts like Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, and Haputale are very popular holiday destination on the island not only because it has a very pleasant healing climate but also due to their scenic beauty. So, don’t forget to include the Sri Lanka mountains in your Sri Lanka Tour and Beach Holiday holiday package.


  • Day 1: Arrival in Colombo and check in at the hotel in Negombo
  • Day 2: Negombo / Dambulla / Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Sigiriya / Kandy
  • Day 4: Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy / Galle
  • Day 6: Galle / Mirissa / Galle
  • Day 7: Galle / Colombo airport


The accommodation of Sri Lanka beach tour packages can be luxury boutique hotels to affordable guest house type accommodations or middle-class hotels such as 4-star and 3-star, it all depends on your budget. There are many thousands of accommodation facilities from cheap dormitories to luxury villas along the coast. The largest number of resorts available along the coastal belt especially on the south coast and west coast. Usually, all cities included in Sri Lanka beach tour packages have a well-developed tourism infrastructure with many options with regard to accommodation and dining. Even though there is an abundance of accommodation facilities along the beach you may still encounter difficulty in finding accommodation on the beach during the peak holiday season from November to April, therefore it is recommended to book your beach resort in advance if you plan your Sri Lanka beach tour from November to April.

Venture on a Southern Sri Lanka tour to see the important tourist attraction on Sri Lanka’s south coast such as Wildlife parks, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and town


The duration of the beach tour package largely depends on the availability of time and the budget. If you have time and money you can even spend months in a beach resort. A complete Sri Lanka tour with one of the best Sri Lanka beach tour packages may span over 2 weeks and a short version of this tour is the popular Sri Lanka 7 days tour package. However, there are guests who spend fewer days on the beach resort-like 2 days 3 days while some others spend only 1 night in the beach resort.

The 14 days Sri Lanka beach tour package is also very popular among the travellers like Sri Lanka 7 days tour package, both tours include sightseeing tours and give you the opportunity to explore completely different sides of Sri Lanka. Usually, on this tour, travellers are able to visit many well-known regions on the island, such as the central cultural triangle, upcountry Sri Lanka, the southern coast, and the west coast. All these places have their own distinct cultural, historical, and natural importance. The tour takes you to important tourist attractions such as Kandy, Anuradhapura, Dambulla ancient temple, Yala, Sigiriya, Bentota, and Colombo.


If you are planning to have your next holiday on a tropical beach? Then! Why not consider Sri Lanka beach tour packages, which enable you to come across some of the finest beaches in Asia? This tiny tropical island is known to every traveller in the world and no need to have a lengthy introduction to it. Seerendipity tours organize sightseeing tours of Sri Lanka and these sightseeing tours can be combined with one of the Sri Lanka beach holiday packages. The customers are able to decide on the time frame of the tour and the duration of the Sri Lanka beach holiday packages. It mainly depends on the availability of time and the budget of the customer. The tour package and beach stay can be curtailed to a few days to 2 weeks or more. How to Pick the Perfect Sri Lanka 7 days Tour Package.

Planning a Sri Lanka 7 days tour package can be a daunting task as for most other beach vacations around the world. Almost everyone prefers to spend some time with the ocean and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Sri Lanka is largely a beach holiday destination with millions of travellers seeking refuge in Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches. Most people think that they are beach experts. Unfortunately, some of them have failed miserably! That’s why you need local experts to plan your Sei Lanka beach tour. Seerendipity tours is a local tour operator with a head office in Colombo. We are ready to book your customize beach tour package please write us at admin@seerendipitytours.com for more information.

Here is a list of important tips when you plan your next beach holiday:

1. Season

A lot of people love to travel to Sri Lanka, especially during the winter of the northern hemisphere, which is the best period of the year (November to April) to travel to Sri Lanka. The temperature in Sri Lanka is pretty similar throughout the year, but, with regard to the rainfall, there are differences between summer (April to November) and winter (November to April). Frequent rainfall can be expected from April to November, covering most parts of the island. Another biggest difference is the condition of the sea over most parts of the sea from northwest to southern Sri Lanka. The waves are bigger from April to October, which makes some parts of the island, especially the southwest coast, good for surfing but not so good for a leisurely beach holiday with calm water.

2. Region

Sri Lankan beaches are suitable for a beach holiday at any given time of the year, therefore Sri Lanka receives beach holiday lovers throughout the year. Sri Lankan beaches are categorized mainly into 2, namely, north-eastern beaches and south-west beaches.

These two beaches have totally different climate conditions due to the influence of monsoon wind. For E.g. southwest beaches receive a lot of rain from April to November due to the effect of the southwest monsoon making them not suitable for a beach stay. However, during the same period, beaches of the northeast receive no rain and therefore, beach holiday lovers are heading to east coast beaches for a beach holiday.    

During the north-east monsoon, north-east Sri Lanka is soaked with torrential rain, and beaches in the area are also not suitable for holidays during this period. During the north-east monsoon, from November to April, south and west coast beaches remain dry making them suitable for outdoor activities.

During the monsoon the sea gets rough and the underwater currents make it not suitable for swimming, diving, snorkelling, and all other saltwater-based activities.

3. Bugs

Sri Lanka is a tropical island and some part of the country is overrun by mosquitos. During the rainy season, there is a tendency of spreading mosquito born diseases like dengue fever. However, during the dry season from November to April, most part of the country is mosquito free. Usually, you do not get many mosquitoes throughout the year in the beach areas due to the constant wind. Most hotels in Sri Lanka provide mosquito repellents and mosquito nets to their customers on demand. Usually, the hotels in Sri Lanka are built in such a way that they are bug proofed in terms of good bug screens and the lack of giant cracks is important to enjoying your holiday.

Other than the mosquito there are no other noteworthy mosquitoes to mention here. But keep your doors and windows closed during the night, especially y when you stay in the cultural triangle. Animals like monkeys can creep into your room and steal food and other valuables.  

4. Deals

With careful planning and keeping a close eye on the holiday deals rather than going for the first thing, you land on. Travellers can save a considerable amount of money. Most deals show up in Sri Lanka mainly during the off-season or low-season from April to November. During this period from airline tickets to hotels to transport and the cost of most other things takes a downward trend. Sri Lanka tour packages can also help you to save your trip to Sri Lanka. Most of these offers show up from time to time on social media.

5. Travel companions

If planning a trip with friends, be sure you want to travel with them. Consider things like how boozy they are. If travelling with family, you don’t want to travel with people who don’t like the sun (yeah who can believe this, but I’ve got family members who like cloudy weather), or people who complain endlessly about sand getting everywhere.

6. Air-conditioning

Sri Lanka is a tropical country near the equator. The island has a similar temperature throughout the year, hovering between 28-35 degrees Celsius. February to July are the hottest months in Sri Lanka, during this period the temperature may climb up to 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is advisable to get a hotel room with air-conditioning in order to escape from the oppressive heat.

7. Food

Most beach destinations have really great food outlets, and food is supposed to be a highlight of any holiday to Sri Lankan beaches. Fresh seafood with rice, noodles, bread, or other native food varieties such as hoppers with a cup of tea is very popular among the local people. Research where to go for great food before you leave, some beaches especially on the west coast as Hikkaduwa, and Bentota are particularly popular for delicious seafood. Bigger cities like Colombo and Kandy offer more cosmopolitan food options, such as food courts with a large number of restaurants in one place, giving you more options with regard to price and food varieties.

8. Sea urchin sting in Sri Lanka

Sea urchin occurs in a few areas of Sri Lanka, especially where there is a rock formation. Sri Lankan beaches such as Trincomalee, Tangalle, Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, and Galle have big rock formations along the beach. These rock formations are living habitats for long-spine sea urchin (which has long spines with mild poison). Even though it is not much poisonous the sea urchin sting can be painful. If you ever see a black patch on a rock and creatures that are about three to four cm in diameter, avoid approaching that area. It is necessary to seek medical advice in case you have been wounded by a sea urchin spine. The first aid for a sting is lukewarm natural water. Pour it over the area you were stung, thereby you can stop the spreading of poison. Afterwards, put some ice on the wounded area to reduce the pain.


Seerendipity tour is an entirely locally owned travel company with a head office in Colombo. The highly experienced local staff is a key strength of Seerendipity tours and they can plan your dream holiday to Sri Lanka.

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