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Sri Lanka Beach Tour Packages

Sri Lanka Beach Tour Packages

Beautiful tropical island Sri Lanka is a charming county to visit at all time. Sri Lanka Beach tour Packages are an excellent choice for any travellers because they can avail nice sandy beaches of the country for a pleasant holiday. Usually, for most tourists, Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday go hand-in-hand and most guests make several sightseeing tours to interesting attractions before heading to the idyllic beach resorts. Being an island Sri Lanka is most popular as a beach holiday destination among the travellers around the world, but Sri Lanka offers much much more.

Affordable Sri Lanka Beach Holiday Package

Seerendipity tours is a premier tour operator in Sri Lanka and provide unique and interesting Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday packages. The service of Seerendipity tours can be availed for any type of Sri Lanka holiday package. Their expertise in inbound tourism and experienced local staff can make the most suitable and enjoyable Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package for you.

Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package are offered by a large number of tour operators in Sri Lanka and it can span from several days to several weeks, depending on the budget and time. Most travellers who would like to explore this fascinating island usually like to have a Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday in a one-holiday package. Most of our customers usually ask for Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday packages, because they like to relax several days on the beach and also like to explore the rich historical, natural and cultural places of Sri Lanka.

Travel companies such as Seerendipity tours organize Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday packages allowing travellers to fully immerse themselves in Sri Lankan culture, history and natural wealth through programs involving volunteering, art, cultural, education, rainforest exploration, Sri Lanka adventure, etc. Sri Lank is the right holiday destination for people who love beach holidays with plenty of other things to do.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka has everything that tourists look for: tropical terrain, pristine palm-fringed beaches, and delicious coastal cuisine, thousands of years old historical monuments. But most travellers are not aware of the diversity of the country’s landscape, the richness of the fauna and flora, the richness of the country’s culture and history. Therefore most travellers do not spend their entire holiday in a beach resort without visiting the cultural, historical and natural attractions.

While it is true that until 2009, it was not very safe to have a Sri Lanka road trip, due to the terrorist attacks. But since the end of war country’s security is considerably improved enabling tourists to travel freely around the country. Earlier travellers from most countries around the world could not legally travel to the North and eastern parts of the island. But now those countries have removed the travel advisories and allowing their citizens to travel any part of the country.

What is the best time for Sri Lanka beach tour packages?

By far Bentota beach is the major highlight in the west coast while Hikkaduwa comes into fore due to the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, which accommodates beautiful coral reefs. The period from November to April is the best period of the year to have a beach holiday in the west and southern coast of Sri Lanka, rest of the year is not very suitable for a beach holiday in these areas due to rough sea and underwater current.

You might be wondering if Sri Lanka is not suitable for a beach holiday for the rest of the year? the simple answer is NO! The best period to experience the pleasure with calm and clear water in the East coat starts in April and end in November, while west coast gives you best conditions for a beach holiday from November to May. Therefore Sri Lanka can be used as a beach holiday destination all year round but you should be hading to either west coast, southern coast or east coast depending on the time you arrive in the country.

With so much of inland water resources and the surrounding Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka provides the best platform for water sports enthusiasts to perform various types of water sports. Diving, surfing, kite surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkelling, boogie boarding are only a few of the many interesting water sports activities you can enjoy on the island.

If you are fascinated by learning foreign cultures and histories, Sri Lanka’s rich historical past furnish some excellent opportunities. Sri Lank’s coastal belt and various commodities such as spices, ivory, gems led to the formation of trading emporiums over the centuries. When the Portuguese merchants and explorers such as Lorenzo de Almeida arrive on the island in the 15th century, Sri Lanka had already seen countless other guests. The Arabian, Chinese, Indian and Greek among others, had all paid a visit lured by gems, spices, ivory, cinnamon, pearl, pepper, and other valuable commodities.

Sri Lanka was occupied by British and Sri Lanka was supporting the allies during the WW2, therefore the island became a target of Japanese forces and the island became a scene of a fierce battle. Many areas were bombed causing huge destruction to the country and killing a large number of people.

The strategic location of Sri Lanka with immensely resourceful natural wealth, this tiny island is destined to play an important role in the events of South Asia. Rich historical past and cultural heritage based on agricultural civilization backed by Buddhism make this island an engrossing culture with an age-old and interesting history.

Apart from the cultural and historical attractions, Sri Lanka is endowed with a large number of natural attractions that attract a large number of wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Depending on the requirement the travellers are free to add adventure activities and eco-holiday activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, bird watching, rainforest exploration etc to their Sri Lanka tour itinerary. Travellers need to inform the local travel company about their expectation at the time of planning of the Sri Lanka tour package.

What are the beaches that we can explore on a Beach Holiday?

Beautiful beaches are one of the most striking natural attractions of the tropical island of Sri Lanka, therefore beaches are one essential part of every Sri Lanka holiday package. With over 1330km coast, Sri Lanka is an ideal location for beach holidays in the region. Sri Lankan beaches attract a large number of tourists every year, especially during the winter season of the northern hemisphere. Same times the coastal belt offers many activities for travellers such as sunbathing, windsurfing, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, diving, snorkelling, scuba-diving and banana-boating. Prime beach holiday destinations are located in Negombo region on the west coast, Wadduwa, Kalutara, and Bentota on the south-western coast, and Beruwala, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Unawatuna, Koggala, Tangalle and Hambantota on the southern and south-eastern coasts.

The travellers can include either east coast beaches or west coast beaches to their Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package depending on the time they travel. The best time of the year to travel on the west coast is from November to April while April to November is the ideal time to show up on the east coast.

East coast of Sri Lanka has been emerged as a holiday hot-spot in the Asian regions, since the end of civil war. Beautiful, pristine beaches off Trincomalee such as Nilaveli, Pasikudah and Kalkudah are attracting hundreds of thousands of sun-worshippers every year. The best period for Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday in the eastern coastal belt is the summer-monsoon (April to November) while rest of the year is the best period to travel along the coastal belt of western and southern Sri Lanka.

With the opening of Southern Expressway, the travel time between Airport and southern Sri Lanka is considerably shortened. Therefore, the southern coastal belt also has emerged as an attractive beach holiday destination for foreign travellers. Most of the beautiful beaches on the southern coast were not visited by travellers due to the time-consuming transfer from the international airport. Today large numbers of hotels are being built in order to cater to the increasing demand for accommodation facilities in the region.

Some of the beaches in Sri Lanka are ranked among the places for beach holidays in the region. The ambience on the island is very suitable for an enjoyable beach holiday. All year round summer climate makes the island is a perfect destination for sun worshippers. Warm seawater with a temperature of 27C˚, snow-white, clean and very happening beaches of Sri Lanka are simply irresistible for any beach holiday enthusiast.

What are the best beaches for Sri Lanka beach tour packages?

If anybody would like to know the most popular places beach holiday in Sri Lanka, simply the answer is West coast. Starting from Negombo Mt.Lavinia, Kalutara, Bentota, Ambalangoda, and Hikkaduwa all the way up to Unawatuna is ranked among the top-notch destination for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka.  With a large number of attractions to visit and activities for young and old, the west coast is the ideal destination for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka, for travellers of any age. Since there are plenty of activities for a kind, a parent can have a pleasurable sea bath in peace.

Even travellers can have the opportunity to engage in various water sports such as surfing, diving, snorkelling, boating along the rivers and fishing etc. You also can have a bit of nature now and then by taking short drives to the inland from the coastal area. Rainforests such as Kanneliya and Sinharaja are just a few minutes away from the places on the west coast for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka. Seerendipity tours help you to organize your short trips to any part of the island and you have the option to join their regular excursions to explore the fascination corners of the west coast. For more information about tours and excursion, you can contact Seerendipity tours via email or phone.

To enhance the attractiveness of the west coast for holidays, the west coast endowed with many other attractions apart from the breathtaking beaches. Coral reefs, Lagoons, islands, rivers, mountains, forests, temples, turtle hatcheries, and splendid colonial heritage all are within the easy reach of the west coast beach resorts. Glass bottom boat ride in Hikkaduwa will be a highlight of your beach holiday in Sri Lanka. This is a great opportunity to see the fascinating underwater world without dipping into the water. Various species of corals, fascinating exotic fish species, sea plants and sea turtle can be spotted easily due to the clear water. The fascinating diving sites off the shores of Sri Lanka provides very important playgrounds for divers, where they can see a large number of exotic fish species, plant species, coral reefs as well as, shipwrecks.

Opportunities for divers on Sri Lanka beach tour packages

West coast of Sri Lanka harbours many interesting diving spots where you find many shipwrecks that sank in the early days of sea navigation. Most diving spots are located in south-west Sri Lanka due to the close proximity to the world sea route. Some of the dicing sights are declared as protected areas due to the looting of valuable from those sites. Therefore, taking the prior permission for diving in such area is necessary.

Wine and dine during Sri Lanka beach tour packages

On the west coast of Sri Lanka, you have plenty of opportunities to satisfy your taste bud with various foodie items. Even you can take part in a Sri Lanka food tour during your Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday. In Colombo, you have the best variation of restaurants and hotels that offer theme nights. Sri Lankan, Chinese, Arabian, Indian, and western dishes are readily available in most restaurants.

The number of travellers especially foreign travellers is getting more interested in doing a holiday in Sri Lanka. Considerably improved security, after the civil war, is the main reason for the upward trend of the tourist arrival. But are you choosing a proper period and the best location for your holiday?

Does Sri Lanka have a Rich collection of Flora?

Even though beaches are the most prominent natural attraction of the island it will be monotonous if you stick only to the beaches. Therefore having the dash Flora and fauna in the Sri Lanka Tour and Beach Holiday package make it interesting and experience-rich holiday for the travellers.

The interior of the island is very rich in natural attractions such as wildlife, rivers and waterfalls and forests. Sri Lanka is a tropical country and has a very warm climate. The humidity of the island is also very high and it goes up to 85% often. These facts make the island is very suitable for trees and plants. Sri Lanka has been able to maintain a healthy forest cover so far, which measured to be around 24%. Some of the interesting forests that popular for forest exploration are Sinharaja rainforest, Knuckles, KDN, Horton Plains, and Sripada.

What are the animals we see in wildlife Reserves?

Sri Lanka may not be the best place for wildlife holidays but this small island is very rich in wildlife. Sri Lanka has more than a dozen wildlife reserves and animals are well protected under the Sri Lankan law. Most wildlife reserves are open to the public and of course, you need to pay the authorities for the entrance.  Unlike most wildlife reserves in the world, here you don’t have to drive hours after spotting an animal to see the next one. Travellers can spot a large number of wild animals within a short period of time compared to most national parks. Elephant, leopard, bear, wild boar, crocodile, buffalo, deer are some of the most occurring animals here.

What can we see in Sri Lanka Mountains?

Sri Lanka has a large number of mountains in the interior of the country that originated due to the geological upheavals. These mountains numbering more than hundreds are surpassed the 1000 meters mark. Peaks of the mountains are covered with forests and they are protected areas. These mountains function as catchments areas and help to guarantee enough rainfall that needed for cultivation.

The streams that begin in the mountains creates beautiful waterfalls as it flows down to the sea. These streams and rivers are being used for many recreational activities such as boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, etc. Therefore adding the mountain to a Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday package is very important because it allows you to enjoy awe-inspiring scenery across the mountains and valley in the central highland. There are a large number of places for adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting in the mountains, and therefore especially the travellers who love adventure activities might find it is very interesting here.

Sri Lanka mountains is a place to see the breathtaking mountainous scenery, Here you get green-capped mountains, tea plantations, patches of forests, cascading waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams. Health resorts like Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela and Haputale are a very popular holiday destination on the island not only because it has a very pleasant healing climate but also due to its scenic beauty. So, don’t forget to include Sri Lanka mountains in your Sri Lanka Tour and Beach Holiday holiday package.

Accommodation facilities

The accommodation of Sri Lanka beach tour packages can be luxury boutique hotels to affordable guest house type accommodation or middle-class hotels such as 4-star and 3-star, it all depends on your budget. Usually, all cities that included in Sri Lanka beach tour packages have a well-developed tourism infrastructure with many options with regards to accommodation and dining.

Duration of the tour package

A complete Sri Lanka tour and one of the best Sri Lanka beach tour packages may span over a 2 weeks and short version of this tour spans around 7 days. The 14 days Sri Lanka beach tour packages with sightseeing give you the opportunity to explore completely different sides of Sri Lanka. Usually, on this tour, travellers are able to visit many well-known regions on the island, such as the central cultural triangle, upcountry Sri Lanka, the southern coast and west coast. All these places have their own distinct cultural, historical and natural importance. The tour takes you to important tourist attractions such as Kandy, Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Yala, Sigiriya, Bentota and Colombo.

How to book Sri Lanka beach tour packages?

If you are planning to have your next holiday on a tropical beach? Then! Why not consider Sri Lanka beach tour packages, which enables you to come across some of the finest beaches in Asia. This tiny tropical island is known to every traveller in the world and no need to have a lengthy introduction on it. The beaches of Sri Lanka had been the main reason for Sri Lanka’s popularity as a holiday destination among the travellers and Sri Lanak beach tour packages is a hot topic in the traveller’s world. Apart from the beaches, Sri Lanka is packed with cultural, historical and many natural attractions.

Seerendipity tours organize sightseeing tours and combine it with one of the Sri Lanka beach tour packages. The customers are able to decide on the time frame of the tour and duration of the Sri Lanka beach tour packages. It mainly depends on the availability of time and the budget of the customer. The tour package and beach stay can be curtailed to a few days to 2 weeks or more. If you wish to contact us and discuss one of our Sri Lanka beach tour packages, please get back to us on


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