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Sri Lanka: Honeymoon Packages in Colombo

Honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka

Normally it is a common question for every couple to find a suitable place for the honeymoon holiday before the boxing day. Where to travel on honeymoon, how long should it be and they also consider the cost factor of the honeymoon trip? Honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka or Honeymoon Packages in Colombo can definitely give an answer to 2 of these questions by providing a beautiful exotic destination to travel and providing opportunities to have an affordable honeymoon trip.

You do not need to think much and struggle to find where to start with. If you would like to enjoy your honeymoon trip somewhere in a special place with calm a peaceful, one of the honeymoon packages in Colombo is the perfect option for you. With pristine beaches, isolated boutique hotels and picturesque mountains, honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka are definitely one of the best options for the honeymooners.

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Southern Asia has a unique culture, history and natural attractions that entice the travellers around the world to consider southern Asia as their holiday destination at some time of the lifetime. Sri Lanka is the southernmost country in the world map, before the expanse of an endless ocean.

This tropical island is a leading holiday destination in southern Asia. Sri Lanka is a small but beautiful holiday destination in Asia, due to its natural wealth for a honeymoon couple, Sri Lanka is an ideal holiday destination with full of surprises and romance. Sri Lanka is branded as a beach holiday destination but people who know about the island think of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, primaeval rains forest, wildlife and romantic beaches.

Whatever the way you wish to spend your honeymoon, Sri Lanka honeymoon package can meet your dream. Simply a beach holiday or a relaxing holiday package with some adventure activities, culture or city life? perhaps you are thinking of a road trip or to have a pure relax? this remote island can be the perfect destination for you.

Activities on Honeymoon packages in Colombo

This tropical island may seem more suitable for family holidays and fun-filled activities rather than for a romantic honeymoon vacation. Beyond the fun-filled activities and beaches, however, honeymooners will quickly find this tropical island offers more than its fair share of romance.

Take a stroll on the beach as the days wind up or spend a lazy afternoon sunbathing on the palm-fringed sandy beaches or drop into a local restaurant and try one of the fresh seafood delicacies. As the most beach resorts in Sri Lanka are built adjoining the shore, the beach resorts offer much-needed rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

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A day excursion on a luxury yacht to see the giant humpback whales or deep-sea fishing also gives you relaxation – spend the day snorkelling around Hikkaduwa, the seabed with large coral reefs and exotic fish species or enjoy a gourmet picnic for two.  If you have a taste for an adventure type of activity, take a cycling village tour and nature trail or test your skills in various water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, tube riding, banana boating, windsurfing, boating, jet skiing or much lesser adventures river cruising.

Places to visit on your honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka

The most couples who plan Sri Lanka honeymoon packages are contemplating on honeymoon places in Sri Lanka. Beaches, mountains, cultural sites and there are many other places that can be considered as honeymoon places in Sri Lanka. But if you look for relaxation (like most couples) beaches are a perfect gateway for your Sri Lanka honeymoon package. Beach time give you the relaxation that you wish to have.

But only the beach stay might be boring and you crave for something more, so you can embark of few popular activities such as boating, exploring cultural sites and making a safari tour in a national park etc. On the other hand, most honeymoon couples don’t want to spend the whole time sightseeing either. Sri Lanka honeymoon package can give you a fascinating blend of all these things and much much more such as exploring cities, exploring rainforests, travelling to remote villages etc.

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If you wish to have a beach resort as the base of your Sri Lanka honeymoon package you need to have an idea about the Sri Lanka weather pattern. Because the beach holiday destination should be either east or west coast depending on the time you travel. Sri Lanka’s weather makes a huge shift every six months and monsoon wind is the game-changer. So, make the best move after studying the monsoon pattern. Check my article on When is the Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka? it helps you to decide on the beach you should choose for your Sri Lanka honeymoon package.

If your travel between November and April the best place for your beach holiday is either west or southern Sri Lanka choose east coast if you plan your Sri Lanka honeymoon package at any time between April and November. There is a large number of resorts tucked away in the mountains and remote areas and let you evade the crowd.

If you travel to the interior of the country the time of the year is largely immaterial. But basically, a large part of the country including the interior of the country comes under heavy shower during the south-west monsoon (April to November). Therefore the tourist resorts in the west and southern coast are largely abandoned during this period. Perhaps you will be the only one in the resort if you travel during this period, so making perfect settings for a private tour. Even in the important tourist sites, you will not encounter many tourists.

Hotels for honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka

Usually, the honeymooners like luxury and find special places. If you look for a presidential suite room in a luxury hotel, a less travelled boutique hotel on the beach or at a romantic gateway tucked in a location surrounded by virgin forest, for your Sri Lanka honeymoon package, this tropical island is well prepared to meet your requirement. Maybe it is a romantic villa or a cottage dotting the island’s coastal belt, some with private pool that your dream of for your memorable Sri Lanka Lanka honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka, honeymoon tour packages in sri lanka

Make a research on the accommodation facilities available on the island. There are endless possibilities with regards to the accommodation in Sri Lanka. You can find accommodation facilities from cheap bunk bed accommodation (definitely you don’t want to have it) to luxurious boutique hotels. the prices are also varying depending on the type of accommodation.

If you favour a more eco-friendly hideaway for your trip; many ideal places await you in the interior of the island. You will find many exclusive eco-friendly hotels amidst the lush green vegetation towards the interior of the country. You are rewarded with awe-inspiring views as you step into the central highland, waterfalls, mountains, patches of forest are more frequent here than other parts of the country.

Ella is one of the perfect romantic holiday stations in the mountains; unlike cities like Bentota or Kandy, you will not see the mass tourism here. It is an isolated small hamlet but ideal for a peaceful holiday, head up to the lookout at Ella gap- you might find it hard to forget this geological wonder.  Equally impressive is the Ravana waterfall, the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon pics!

Cost of the honeymoon tour packages in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka honeymoon package price undoubtedly a great concern for you, as to most travellers who book tours packages with us. With careful planning, you will be able to have a nice Sri Lanka honeymoon package at an affordable rate.

Whether you plan your Sri Lanka honeymoon package through a tour operator or is it organize your own, whatever it is planning and researching is essential to get the maximum what you pay for. But making the Sri Lanka holiday package through a tour operator allows you to save the most hassle-free tour. If you opt to organize it your own there will be a lot of work for you. since you are on a honeymoon tour and need the peace of mind choose tour operator and let them take care of the planning of your tour.

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka is from November to April and most travellers choose to travel to Sri Lanka during this period. November to April is the peak holiday season of the island with a large number of foreign travellers occurring in the island.

Due to the upbeat of travellers during this period the accommodation, transport and prices for all other services are skyrocketed making it difficult to meet for a budget traveller. It will not be possible to get a room in a good hotel with last moment room reservation during this period. Therefore advance planning and booking rooms in advance for your Sri Lanka honeymoon package is extremely important, if you are hoping to travel to Sri Lanka from November to April.

During the off-season from April to November, you will not encounter many tourists in Sri Lanka and prices are also very low for accommodation, transportation, activities and for all other services. If you are budget conscious this is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka and avoid the crowd.

You can have a luxurious holiday at a very affordable rate if you plan your Sri Lanka honeymoon package during this period. However don’t let online booking portals to rip your wallet, because they charge huge commissions even during the low demand period. Try to make your tour arrangements with a local tour operator or make it directly with the supplier. Nowadays it is very easy to find tour operators and suppliers from all holiday destination around the world. The supplier like seerendipity tours even allows you to make the payment on arrival, you just need to make the booking through an email and pay later once you met your guide at the airport.

A wedding celebration in Sri Lanka

The Magul Bera (wedding drum) creates a festival atmosphere in the hall. The beautifully dressed male is escorted by a group of traditional dancers and drummers to the Poruwa (specially prepared platform of wood for weddings).  Beautifully decorated wedding hall and the audience waits the most fantastic moment of the ceremony which is known as Poruwa ceremony. Everything is followed by the auspicious time determined by the astrologer. 

Poruwa is decorated with the fertility of nature moon and sun, milk, flowers, leaves of trees that produce sap such as betel, mango, jackfruit, banyan, and margosa. Small fingers of the pair are tightening and water poured on to the fingers. Pouring water is accompanied by reciting religious verses, which is done by a respected old person from the village.

After the religious and traditional ritual on the Poruwa, a group of young girls sings the Jayamangala gatha , traditional poems which are sung in Pali language that invokes the blessing for the newly married couple. The celebration is followed by all these activities and invitees and the couple enjoy the happy moment.

This narration is pertaining to a typical Sri Lanka wedding. Kandyan chieftain of ancient Sri Lanka used to married in this way. The bridegroom wears a dress like a king which is gold- embroidered; the bride wears a valuable sari which is decorated with gemstones. Still, the average upcountry Sinhalese followed the same pattern when it comes to marriage.

Sri Lankan wedding ceremonies are full of spiritual sense and adorned by the pageantry. The services may perform in Sinhala (native language) but it is not difficult to understand, what happens with the each of the rites. Some of the familiar elements of most of the marriage ceremonies of other nationals such as exchanging rings, speaking the vows, exchanging gifts are also seen in the traditional event.

Today it is not only Sri Lankans do their marriage as described here but also foreigners from all around the world. Getting married according to the deep-rooted ancient convention that is influenced by Buddhism is loved by many Europeans. Sri Lanka has been used as a destination for honeymoon holidays from hundreds of thousands of foreigners mostly from the western countries such as England, German, France, USA etc. Lot of foreigners, who marry in Sri Lanka, like to have full traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony. Due to the high demand, most of the hotels on the island are ready to help with it. In fact, the hotels and tour operators offer a complete honeymoon holiday package with the wedding ceremony, covering all the activities of the wedding ceremony.


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