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Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota

There is a big demand for day trips from Bentota and we receive frequent inquiries from the travellers, who wish to book short trips from Bentota. Therefore we thought of formulating this article with 15 best Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, We think that this article immensely helps the travellers, who look for some ideas for a few interesting trips from Bentota.

What are the 10 most popular Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota?

There is a big demand for day trips from Bentota and we receive frequent inquiries from the travellers, who wish to book short trips from Bentota. Therefore we thought of formulating this article with 15 best Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, We think that this article immensely helps the travellers, who look for some ideas for a few interesting trips from Bentota.

Beruwala Beach, also known as the golden mile, is the capital of Sri Lankan beaches and is the most popular beach holiday destination in Sri Lanka. Bentota beach is full of interesting activities for beach holiday lovers and it also offers tons of important tourist attractions both modern and historical to entice its visitors.

The bustling beach resorts of Bentota offers diving and snorkelling, Yoga centres, fishing tours, boating trips, indoor sports, massage parlours,  clubs, bars, restaurants… And many other water-based activities. There are also many other historical places, bustling markets, numerous temples, and interesting glimpse into the splendid island of Sri Lanka.

There are many interesting Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, Beruwala, Kalutara, Galle, and Colombo to satisfy travellers wishing to make few short trips during their beach holiday in Bentota and other coastal areas of the west coast. From some of Sri Lanka’s most iconic tourist attractions to small local villages, the travellers, who visit Bentota and other places in the west coast, can easily find few short trips to suit their budget and wish.

Here are the 10 best Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota; however these 10 trips can be booked from other beach resort on the west coast such as Beruwala, Kalutara, Galle, as well as Colombo.

How to book Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota

Please check below available Sri Lanka tours and excursion, if you find the perfect match for your requirement, please click more details… go through the detailed itinerary for Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota. If you wish to book a Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, please fill the form and send the details. We are glad to pick you up from your hotel in Bentota or any other nearby place.

Transportation of Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota

All tours are private tours and in a small vehicle means you have the maximum privacy during the trip, without any intruders sitting next to you on a crowded bus. You will be travelling in a luxury, modern and fully air-conditioned car, van or a commuter (depending on the number of the person in your group).

Tour guides for Sri Lanka day trip

You will also be provided with a fully qualified and experienced English speaking tour guide. If you do not speak English and like to have a tour guide that speaks some other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Arabic etc please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are well prepared to arrange your requirement.

How to make payments for Sri Lanka day trips

Partial payment (at least 50%) or full payment should be made at the time of booking the tour. If you make a partial payment the balance payment should be made upon the meeting of our representative at the Colombo airport. The payment can be done in Sri Lankan rupees, or any other international currency or credit card/debit card. However, if you make a partial payment at the airport, it should be done by cash.

1. Sri Lanka day trip from Bentota to Sigiriya

One of the most iconic symbols of Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress can easily be visited on a Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, thanks to the well-maintained countryside roads and southern expressway. Nevertheless, we suggest you to consider visiting this tourist hotspot on a day tour from Bentota, Kalutara, Galle or Colombo, to make sure that you can visit everything, which is worth seeing at the Sigiriya archaeological site.

Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota to Sigiriya can easily be combined with a visit to Dambulla cave temple, without any additional fee for the trip. Dambulla cave temple is another important UNESCO world heritage site in the cultural triangle located near Sigiriya rock fortress.

Unlike some other major tourist monuments in the world, Sigiriya rock fortress does not disappoint you, and most tourists are taken by surprise for its imposing size, marvellous landscaped garden and 5th-century paintings. This 5th-century palace complex attracts thousands of visitors every day, so reaching this archaeological site with a guide helps you cut the line.

The Sigiriya rock fortress, located within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, is a collection of landscaped gardens, granite caves, a gigantic monolithic boulder with a palace on the top, a gallery with 5th-century fresco paintings, swimming pools, fountains, guards rooms, moats and walls. All are featuring the 5th-century building techniques, engineering skills, water management system and artistic capabilities of the ancient civilization.

2. Sri Lanka day trip to Dambulla from Bentota

The city next to the Sigiriya is well worth of visiting on a Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota if you wish to avoid the main tourist draws. Dambulla golden cave temple, which is one of the oldest cave temples in the world, dating back to 1st century BC is another UNESCO world heritage site. The temple has a fine collection of ancient murals depicting scenery from Buddhist stories. Same times the temple has a large collection of Buddha statues, god figures and few statues of kings.

Built by King Walagambahu, the temple is dedicated to Buddhism and provided shelter to the king during the troubled period in 1st century BC, in which the king had lost his kingdom for a short period of time due to a south Indian invasion. Later the King expelled the invaders and regained his throne.

If you plan to visit the temple your own, there are, however, few guides and downloadable mobile apps, which makes it easy to explore the site and nearby areas. Apart from the major tourist attractions, there many other temples, wildlife reserves, rural villages, and culinary experiences for the visitors to enjoy.

3. Sri Lanka day trip from Bentota to Kandy

The capital of the central province of Sri Lanka and one of the most populated cities on the island is also a major tourist hot spot in the country. Kandy is a bit closer to Bentota than other 2 options of Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota that we discussed already. However, there are many organized day trip options to book between Kandy and Bentota.

One can drive and explore the interesting places in Kandy on a day trip from Bentota, and one can choose air transportation between two cities if the budget permits. The tour starts early morning from the hotel in Bentota and arrives at the beach hotel in Bentota on the late evening same day.

Kandy also is known as the cultural centre of Sri Lanka and houses the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island completes Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle alongside with Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Like other cities in the cultural triangle, Kandy has also been able to earn the prestigious emblem “UNESCO world heritage site”, Kandy offers many places to explore such as temples, palaces, museums, lakes and colonial styled building. There is also a central market, which is a large bazaar where the travellers are able to experience an authentic Sri Lankan market experience.

4. Sri Lanka day trip to Kande Vihara from Bentota

The Buddhist temple of Kande Vihara is an important tourist attraction located just outside of Bentota, which is a perfect spot for Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota. It takes only a few minutes of drive from any of the beach resort in Bentota to reach it. The temple has a newly built gigantic Samadhi Buddha statue; however, Kande vihara is a very old Buddhist temple dating back to 1734.

The temple is not only a religious site but also a teaching school for Buddhist monks and actively engages in educating the new generation of monks. The temple has a beautiful image house and few other image houses dedicated to God such as Vishnu, Kataragama, and Pattini.

5. Sri Lanka day trip from Bentota to Colombo

Colombo is a popular tourist attraction with modern city life as well as colonial heritage. Colombo is the commercial hub of the island and 90 per cent of commercial activities take places in and around Colombo. Colombo is a perfect city for Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, due to the newly built southern highway, which has reduced the travelling time between two cities by half.

The city offers something for almost every traveller, archaeological sites, historical monuments, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, bargain shopping, cinemas, food courts, casinos, night clubs and shopping mall, all to be found in the city.

Colombo is a city that is undergoing a rapid change over the last several decades and shaping to a modern 21st-century metropolis. What is interesting about Colombo its dedication to preserving colonial heritage, which reflects in a few dozens of colonial mansions. As the new towers rising to the sky, colonial buildings are majestical stands next to them.

Colombo has an earned a reputation been a city with a large network of wetlands, and the city was named as a Ramsar wetland city in 2019, only wetland city in southern Asia. Therefore a new chapter of the city has begun and it has come under the radar of nature lovers, due to the 20 sq km of wetland network.

6. Sri Lanka day trip from Bentota to Galle

Located just south of Bentota, is an easy to reach tourist hub on southern Sri Lanka, Galle is the most popular tourist hot-spot on southern Sri Lanka with a large number of foreign travellers at any time of the year. Galle is a calm and quiet interesting city and has the best-preserved Dutch fort in southern Asia.

Galle Fort, which stands in the city, bordering the Indian Ocean is a UNESCO world heritage site and still in a very good constitution. The history of Fort goes back to 1505 with the arrival of Portuguese and later it was occupied by Dutch administration stating from 1656, later the Fort was handed over to British colonial rulers in 1796.

The Galle fort is still occupied by foreigners, but today they are travellers and holidaymakers, they bring hard currency to the island and not causing to drain the wealth of the island. Half of the city is modern and well planned and the rest of the city primarily the Dutch Fort that adds colonial presence.

The pollution, traffic level and population are very low compared to Colombo in this peaceful city, making it one of the best places for Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota. The shoppers will love the city, where typical Sri Lankan artefacts, souvenir, batik, silk and Gems and Jewelry to be found.

7. Sri Lanka Bentota one day trip to Udawalawe park

Udawalawe jeep safari is coming under unforgettable Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota as it offers one of the best wildlife experiences for travellers. The wildlife enthusiasts will love the day tour to Udawalawe national park, where they can spot wild elephants, wild buffalo, jackal, monkeys, Crocodiles, as well as a whole host of other animals at their doorstep.

Located neighbouring laid back city of Embilipitiya, Udawalawe national park is within easy reach of Bentota, and a favourite pick for Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota to explore the rich wildlife of Sri Lanka. The journey from Bentota to Udawalawe lasts about 3 hours and it is a destination for either a self-guided or as part of a structured tour.

The travellers can book a jeep safari offered by the tour operators and learn about the native wildlife of Sri Lanka, as well as a modern conservation effort in order to protect the depleting wild elephant population on the island.

8. One day trip from Bentota to Madu river estuary

The Two hour Madu river boat tour takes you all the way up deep into the Madu river estuary; here you will encounter mangrove forests, Cinnamon Island and other small populated islands. This is a perfect opportunity to see a large number of water-based avian Faun species such as the cormorant, kingfisher, herons, as well as many other animals such as water monitor, crocodile, and monkey.

Madu river estuary is a Ramsar wetland and has a large expanse of the water body; the travellers can cruise along with the elegant mansion of water while having a closer look at fisherman and sand miners that are on work in the estuary. Madu River is located just outside of Bentota and a place for easy Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota and required only 4 hours for the entire tour starting from your beach hotel in Bentota.

The Madu River estuary is Sri Lanka’s most diverse wetland, with more than 300 species plants belong to 95 families and 248 of animal species. The travellers cruise through the centre of the wetland while exploring the rich bio-diversity that harbours hundreds of mangrove plants.

9. Day trip from Bentota to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary or Hikkaduwa national park is just a few minutes away from Bentota and a place to experience the rich underwater bio-diversity, and it ranks among the best places for easy Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota.  This is another water-based activity that takes only about 4 hours from the start to end if you based in a hotel in Bentota.

10. Sri Lanka whale watching day trip from Bentota

Sri Lanka Ocean off Mirissa of southern Sri Lanka is ranked among the best places to spot blue whales. This blue whale sanctuary is resided by both migratory whales and residents whales mean you have the year-round opportunity to spot whales here. Whale watching has become a very popular activity among the visitors of Sri Lanka and a large number of travellers set off on a whale watching trips on a daily basis from southern Sri Lankan ports.

These Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota starts early morning, at around 04.30 AM from your resort in Bentota. Usually, most whale watching boats leave the Mirissa harbour at around 06.30 AM on their mission to find blue whales, sperm whales and dolphins. On these whale watching Sri Lanka day trips from Bentota, it is necessary to leave the beach resort early morning in order to reach Mirissa harbour on time.

Usually, the Mirissa whale watching trip can be combined with other important tourist hot spots such as Galle fortress, Sea turtle conservation project, mask museum, Hikkaduwa and other places on southern Sri Lanka.

If you wish to book any of the above-mentioned 1-day tours from Bentota please don’t hesitate to contact us in


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