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From Bentota to Galle and Colombo to Galle

If you wish to find some of the best things to include in your trip either from Bentota to Galle or from Colombo to Galle, you are on the right track. Keep reading on our article “Top 6 relaxing and romantic ideas in a trip from Bentota to Galle and Colombo to Galle“, this article mainly evolve around the west coast of Sri Lanka, which is easy to reach and can easily be covered in a Sri Lanka one day trip.

What are the activities available on a trip from Bentota to Galle and Colombo to Galle?

  • Exploring Madu River estuary
  • Exploring Beaches in Bentota
  • Exploring Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary
  • Visiting sea turtle conservation project
  • Visiting Galle fortress
  • Indulge in Ayurveda herbal Massage
  • Visiting Kande Vihara Buddhist temple

You can count on this tropical island to lock away fond memories of a memorable holiday. Most travellers love the charm of Sri Lanka, the slow pace and the other reason why Sri Lanka so attractive is, the island is not overdeveloped. The hectic, chaos, stress, hustle and bustle that you find in most developed countries are yet to fully implemented on the island, therefore, majority of the people are still enjoying the easy-going lifestyle.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Sri Lanka Within One Day

Whether you have a short vacation or a long holiday, there are plenty of chances to explore the island’s rich historical past, devotion to Buddhism, panoramic mountains, wildlife reserves, fascinating plant life, pristine beaches and bustling city life. However, this article is meant for travellers, who stay on the beaches of Bentota on the west coast and can allocate only 1 day for a sightseeing trip.

There are many interesting places in Sri Lanka, that can be explored within a day such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Sigiriya, Dambulla Unesco world heritage site, southern Sri Lanka… the list goes on. In this article, we talk about a Sri Lanka one day tour that features the attraction on the west coast and southern coast of Sri Lanka. Here are a few ideas I can put forward as a local traveller to maximize the relaxation and the romance of your Sri Lanka holiday package.

muthumuni beach resort

Exploring Beaches in Bentota

Beach Resort- Our featured beach tucked away from Commercial centre of Sri Lanka, Colombo, also popular as a golden mile or better known as Bentota beach. I believe this is one of the best places to spend your holiday. By far Bentota is the most popular beach on the island home to a wide range of accommodation facilities from cheap dormitory accommodation to high-end luxury beach resorts.

A large number of a beach resort are to be found here and they are just a few meters away from clean sandy beaches of Bentota and provides easy access to most important tourist attractions in the west and southern Sri Lanka. The resort is ideal for a relaxing beach stay for a couple, single person or for a family holiday.

Among the dozens of beach resorts in Bentota, we are always recommending our customers the Mutumuni beach resort, which offers 16 cottages, each cottage consist of 2 bedrooms. The middle-class hotel provides peace and serenity for its in-house guests. It also has a well equipped Ayurveda centre offering a wide range of Ayurveda treatments, Yoga session and Meditation programs.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned and also provides VC, fan, hot/cold water and balcony. All rooms are built with sea view and only a few yards away from the white sandy beaches and its plethora of shells. The hotel provides all meals for the in-house guests in the restaurant on request, but there are many other beach restaurants within easy reach of the hotel allowing the guests to have more options with regards to meals.

Indulge in the Ayurveda massage

Rejuvenate you with Ayurveda- Ayurveda is one of the most ancient healing systems in the country and it is being practised in the country for more than 2000 years. Our featured resort has a well equipped Ayurveda treatment centre and provides wide range of Ayurveda healing packages that can be differentiated to rejuvenation package, body purification packages, slimming package, Body Immunization Package, Stress Management Package and Beauty Care Package. If the guests do not wish to have a comprehensive Ayurveda package they can choose a small Ayurveda treatment such as 30 minutes head massage or full body massage or else they are also free to refrain from using Ayurveda at all.

Sri Lank is a country with a well developed Ayurveda healing system and very popular among the local people. Maybe it is not very popular among foreign travellers, however, Sri Lank attracts a large number of foreign travellers, who are enthusiasts about Ayurveda treatments. There is a large number of hotels that are particularly targeting those Ayurveda treatment seekers. Most of such Ayurveda health retreats are to be found in beach areas such as Bentota beach, Beruwal and Kalutara.

Madu ganga river safari

Boat trip on Madu River estuary

Sri Lanka one day trip to explore the Ramsar wetland of Madu-A highlight for most tourists who spend beach holidays in Bentota is a boat tour in a tributary of Bentota River. Having the boat tour is the best way to experience the rich aqua Fauna and Flora of Sri Lanka. Usually, the boat tour lasts about 1 hour and tourists make visits to an island, Buddhist temples and mangrove forests during the Sri Lanka trip.

Having a boat tour, the visitors are able to see the rich mangrove forests and Fauna and flora species in the marshland. A large number of bird species, water monitors, land monitors, monkeys, crocodiles and a large number of freshwater fish species occurring in this environment. Mangroves are a type of forest that diminishing rapidly from the island. Several decades ago mangroves named as a protected ecosystem in order to preserve them for the future generations.

The tourists can borrow a motorboat with an experienced person to controls the boat. Therefore the passengers are able to admire the beautiful scenery during the boat tour and learn about the fauna and flora of Sri Lanka. There is a high possibility of encountering many other people intermittently on boats, who are also roaming on the water body, because boating on rivers and canals is a very popular activity in the beach areas of Sri Lanka, especially in the western province.

It is highly recommended to make a stop at the cinnamon island during the boat trip, this island is a cinnamon plantation, and here you are able to witness the process of making cinnamon as a condiment or as a spice. The visitors are able to see many other plants and trees such as coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya, banana, manioc etc. Most travellers who come to this isolated island admire the overwhelming calmness and quietness of the island. Because the island is a few km away from the mainland, and it can be reached only by boat.

Visiting sea turtle conservation project on a trip from Colombo to Galle

visit sea turtle conservation centre on a Sri Lanka one day trip to Gallevisiting a sea turtle conservation centre is another popular pastime activity for holidaymakers, who show up on the west coast of Sri Lanka. There are many sea turtle conservation centres along the west coast of Sri Lanka and all of them are under the purview of the wildlife conservation department while they are managed by private institutions.

It might be difficult to spot sea turtle in their natural environment, but here you can see 5 sea turtle species, that occurring in Sri Lankan waters without any hardships. Sea turtle is a protected animal and it another animal listed under the red list of IUCN. It is believed that sea turtle conservation centres are helping the growth of the number of sea turtles in the Sri Lankan water.

Rekawa beach of Sri Lanka in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is considered as the best beach on the island to spot sea turtles. Unlike in sea turtle conservation centres, where turtles are taken care of the human, at Rekawa there is no interference so human. Sea turtles are coming to the beach in the night make a nest and lay eggs, afterwar few days hatchlings come out of the nest and make their way to the sea.

Sri Lanka One Day, Bentota to Galle, galle tour from bentota
Galle Fort is a popular tourist in the southern coast and included in most Sri Lanka trips such as 5 days Sri Lanka southern coats trip.

Visiting Galle Fort on Bentota to Galle and Colombo to Galle

Sri Lanka one day trip and visiting Galle fort-technically Galle fort is located towards the southern tip of Sri Lanka and it is about 30 minutes drive from Bentota. Galler Fort is one of the most attractive tourist places in Sri Lanka and which has hundreds of ancient monuments that showcases the amalgamation 3 generations of the colonial inheritance of Sri Lanka.

Galle Fort is a well developed living quarter for travellers. Basically, it offers all the essential ingredients to make your holiday a memorable one. There is a large number of hotels, guest houses, dormitories, galleries, museums, bars, pubs, shopping areas, restaurants, recreation centres within the borders of this old-world town. The laid-back settings of Galle fort give you the perfect environment to have a peaceful relaxation.

The walls of fort whisper the ancient mysteries of the city. Galle Fort is the most ancient part of the city harbours a maze of narrow, cobbled streets dotted with limestone buildings. A sight that is difficult to miss Wovendaal church and the lighthouse, both among the most historically important places within the Fort.

Exploring maritime museum

If you enjoy the cultural buff of the foreign soil don’t forget to visit the Maritime Museum of Galle, which has a large collection of artefacts derived from the pre-Christian era to modern days. It also provides a large number of sources that help to learn the maritime activities around Sri Lanka in the past. There is a large number of Artifacts ranging from shipwrecks, fossils of sea creatures as well as fishing gears of common people to be seen in the museum.

Visiting Wovebdaal church

Wovendaal church another important landmark in the Futch Fort and one of the oldest churches on the island. The church still showcases a large number of antique chairs, tables, altar and piano. There are a large number of tombstones in the church in vies of remembering the Dutch government offices died in Ceylon.

diving in hikkaduwa, Bentota to Galle, galle tour from bentota

Exploring coral reef on a trip from Bentota to Galle

Sri Lanka one day trip to Studying the underwater world of Hikkaduwa- a Large number of visitors in Hikkaduwa chooses to go on a glass-bottom boat tour in order to have a different perspective of the island. Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, one of the few underwater conservation centres of Sri Lanka is reflecting the rich underwater world of Sri Lanka.

A few minutes ride in a 20 feet motorboat from the shore takes you to the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary. These boats are specially designed to examine the sea bed through its galls bottom. This is the most convenient way to see the sea bed because you do not need to jump into the water to see the corals, exotic fish species and sea turtle that reside in the water. The glass-bottom boat tour lasts around 1 hour; it is fun and convenient and demands no extra preparation to do.

There are many other activities to do in Hikkaduwa on a day trip from Colombo to Galle along with glass-bottom boat rides, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, boating, and surfing.

Indulge your taste buds on seafood on a day trip from Colombo to Galle

Hikkaduwa is one of the important places to visit in Sri Lanka and to feast on seafood. Hikkaduwa has one of the biggest fishing harbours on the island, therefore fresh seafood is freely available here. Seafood is a big scene here and hundreds of seafood restaurants lineup along the beach.

In seafood outlets, there are a plethora of fish species on offer but for me, the best seafood dish is the mix seafood plate, which comprised of dozens of fish varieties such as tuna fish, calamari, shrimps, barracuda, cuttlefish etc. For non-seafood lovers, there are items like meat items, salads, potatoes, pasta, pizza, spaghetti etc

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, boutiques, money changers, Sri Lanka tour operators, guest houses, rest houses, diving centres are lined up along the main road due to the large concentration of foreign travellers in Hikkaduwa. Usually, all accommodation facilities are fully packed during the peak holiday season (November to April).

Therefore do not expect to find a place for an overnight stay in Hikkaduwa at the last moment during this period. During the off-season (from April to November) you will not find crowded streets, beaches, restaurants and hotels due to the lowered number of foreign travellers.

However, November to April is the best season to encounter Hikkaduwa beach due to the nice and clear waters of the Indian Ocean with no alarm of underwater current. November to April marks the dry season in the west coast of Sri Lanka resulting very low rainfall dominated by warm sunny weather.

Visiting Kande Vihara on Colombo to Galle tour

Visiting Kande Vihara is part of most Sri Lanka one day tours from Colombo to Galle because it is one of the most ancient temples on the west coast. Kande Vihara Buddhist temple is located near Bentota beach and one of the most visited Buddhist temples on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Undoubtedly Kande vihara is one of the most visited and most sacred temples in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

Kande Vihara Temple is visited by a large number of devotees from all parts of the country. Being situated very close to the popular holiday resorts of Bentota, Beruwala, Alutgama and Kalutara, it is visited by a large number of tourists, during their holiday in the country. Especially well-maintained temple has been able to convince the foreigner about the commitment of Buddhist to their religion. The temple is being able to create a good Impression among the foreigners about Buddhism.

This beautiful temple is located some half a kilometres from the Kaluwamodara Junction on the ColomboGalle main road. The temple is picturesquely located on a mountain and surrounded by lush green vegetation.

History of Kande Vihara

The history of the temple goes back to the reign of King Rajadhi Rajasinghe. The temple was started with a small dagoba during the Kandyan period and later developed to the present size. The temple had been started as a branch of the renowned Bentota Galapata Vihara, which was resided by Velivita Saranankara Thera.

The relic house of Kande Vihara is built to deposit the sacred relics same times it houses very valuable religious paintings that dating back to several centuries. The relic deposited here enhances the importance of this holy place. Another important part of the temple is the sacred Bo-tree (Ficus religiosa). It is planted in a house or Bodhigara, which is built in the octagonal shape; it believed to be an architectural invention of ancient Sri Lankan architect.

See the biggest seated Buddha statue on the west coast

Recently added gigantic meditation Buddha statue is measured 107 meters, it is located near the entrance of the temple and adds grandeur to the temple. A beautiful image house is built below the statue. The entrance of the Image house is adorned by a rare type of Makara Thorana. Main doors of the image house are constructed with cement while figures of animals such as lions and floral decoration are carved on the doors. The image house shows a close relationship between the typical Dutch architecture.

The temple is conducting many religious programs for the visitors; daily Gilanpasa Pooja, Deva Pooja, annual Kiripidu Pooja and Muruten Pooja are some of the important events. Vishnu Devala of Kande Vihara considered being one of the most important places in the temple. It houses a beautifully decorated statue of God Vishnu.

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