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Ayurveda Hotel Sri Lanka

If you like to be sparse on your expenses during your Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka, plan you your trip during the south-west monsoon (from April to November). You get fairly good weather for an Ayurveda holiday during this time of the year. Choose your Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka from the list, we have carefully crafted this list by considering various factors…

But this tropical island also has some secret ingredients and know-how in order to treat many ailments. Are you overworked & stressed out? Need to re-energize your body and mind? Then you can think of taking an Ayurveda course, Sri Lanka. The all-natural science of health and good living. ” Ayurveda is based on the ancient wisdom of good living. Ayurveda is defined as ‘the science of life’. This is an ancient system of medicine that uses herbs and oils to heal and rejuvenate.

Ayurveda Hotel Sri Lanka, Ayurveda Holiday in Sri Lanka
Taking an Ayurveda package such as 5 days Sri Lanka Ayurveda package is the best way to extract the healing effect of this ancient healing system.

Ayurveda Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is popular as a destination for leisure holidays. Sri Lanka beach tour packages, wildlife tours and cultural tours such as Sri Lanka 4 days tour are some of the popular activities for travellers. Usually, a Sri Lanka road trip includes many places giving experience on the cultural, historical and natural perspective of the island while towards the end of the tour the travellers enjoy the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. But I highly doubt if you are aware of Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. Because Sri Lanka is still an infant in this arena of health tourism.

What is Ayurveda?

First will discuss, what is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine developed in Asia, long before the father of medicine, Hippocrates, was even born. The name Ayurveda is derived from 2 Sanskrit terms ‘Ayuh’ (life) and ‘Veda'(science or knowledge). Once the term Ayurveda is converted into English it means the science of healthy living. The two main objectives of Ayurveda are maintaining a healthy body and mind and work against the diseases.

Ayurveda is based on indigenous healing system, it draws not only on a deep understanding of philosophy but also elements of philosophy, psychology and spirituality. The Ayurveda is so influential that another ancient healing method such as Indian, Tibetan, Chinese medicine and Greek medicine has adopted many of the concepts found in Ayurveda.

Using herbs for Ayurveda medicine

Practitioners employ many of the medical herbs and plants native to Sri Lanka, they combine leaves, bark, berries, roots and flowers to create bespoke potions, oils and unguents tailor-made for the individual. Incidentally, in Ayurveda there is a belief that it’s not just people but also plants that can get sick – so only ‘healthy ’ plants are used.

Almost all presentations used in curing are produced by raw materials found naturally, where no artificial substances are used. These would come from roots, stem, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits & nuts of many a plant. From animals: milk, pearls, musk, shells and from earth iron, gold, silver & copper are used. Ayurvedic drugs do no harm to the organs of the body and do not give rise to any side effects. It has been shown in medical studies that drugs used in Ayurveda act as nutrients.

Principles of Ayurveda

To lead a healthy life one has to follow the Ayurvedic principles. To take care of the sick, the Ayurvedic physician has to get a thorough knowledge so that he could determine whether the invalid is ill mentally or physically or both. Where for each patient, the physician has to diagnose the root of the cause and treat it accordingly. Since when the root of the illness is destroyed, the illness would not rise again.

Ayurveda is a way to a healthy & long life and can complement modern medicine. Ayurveda treats the symptoms of a disease and it helps individuals to strengthen their immune system. According to the fundamentals of Ayurveda the entire human body (mind, body and spirit of a person) should be treated as one unit because the human mind and body are working closely with each other.

Ayurveda Holiday in Sri Lanka

5 Rejuvenating Ayurveda Hotel Sri Lanka for holidays

Ayurveda Hotel Sri Lanka is a popular keyword phrase appears in the Google search, due to the ever-increasing interest among the international travellers on this traditional holistic medicine. Finding an Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka is not a daunting task, but is it good, what you choose? That’s where it is tricky, finding the Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka with the best treatments and facilities. Afterall Ayurveda treatment should provide immense health benefits and it should cure if there is any illness.

Proper medicine is important to have fruitful Ayurveda holidays

Proper medicine and best practices are the key ingredients of successful Ayurveda treatments package. If you don’t have the proper medicine and the treatments are not properly handled you may end up without any health benefits and wasting a lot of money and it may even bring you some ill effects. Therefore you should be very careful when choosing the Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda healing system is well developed on the island over the last millennia, the main reason being the warm climate with high humidity and abundance of herbal plants that useful in producing Ayurveda medicine. A large number of the local population depends on Ayurveda to cure their sicknesses.

Combining Ayurveda treatments with a Sri Lanka beach holiday

Sri Lanka is not only suitable for rejuvenating your body and mind but also you can have an enjoyable vacation at the same time. However different Ayurveda hotels practice different method while treating their customers, that’s why some resorts are much better than others. Below mentioned top Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka are well managed and have a wide range of properly administered Ayurveda treatments. These Ayurveda hotels with well built Ayurveda treatments centres and well-experienced staff are providing Ayurveda treatments for travellers for many decades and proved to be good.

If you like to be sparse on your expenses during your Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka, plan you your trip during the south-west monsoon (from April to November). You get the fairly good weather for an Ayurveda holiday during this time of the year too! The number of Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka exceeds many dozens and they spread throughout the island, but most of them to be found in the west and southern coastal areas. However, if you are suffering from a serious illness, it is best to consider an Ayurveda hospital instead of an Ayurveda hotel.

muthumuni beach resort, Sri Lanka Beach Holiday
Ayurveda resort Bentota

According to the author, here are the top 5 Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka

  • Lanka princess Ayurveda hotel
  • Aida Ayurveda hotel
  • Ulpotha Ayurveda hotel
  • Muthumuni Ayurveda hotel
  • Suriya Ayurveda resort

Lanka princess Ayurveda hotel Sri Lanka

Lanka princess is a popular Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka and serves the local and foreign traveller for many years. It has brought a notable new concept to the tourism industry of Sri Lanka— Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka with luxury. The resort attracts a large number of luxury seekers with the healing touch of Ayurveda every year.

The resorts serve leisure travellers as well as travellers who need Ayurveda treatments, however, most of the customers of Lanka princess are engaged in some form of Ayurveda treatment, they take at least an Ayurveda massage or a spa treatment. It is really impossible for any traveller to ignore Ayurveda completely; even they do not have any idea about Ayurveda, due to the presence of well developed Ayurveda treatment centre.

Lanka princess Ayurveda hotel provides a wide range of Ayurved treatment for its in-house guests

You can choose one or several Ayurveda treatment from a large number of treatments such as body massage, sauna, Shirodhara etc. However, the doctor’s consultation is required if you plan to have a proper Ayurveda course at Lanka princess hotel. The hotel consist of 108 rooms and they are categorized under Economy, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Superior, Superior Plus, Superior Suite and Superior Suite plus, different categories of rooms provide a varied level of comfort and facilities.

Feel like a body massage, head massage or a foot massage by the sea? It’s possible! Of course, this holistic healing method is more than just treatments. You feel the effect of Ayurveda even in food; at the hotel, you can learn how to cook Ayurveda cuisine.

  • Cost: Room rates start from around $200 per night for a double, including breakfast. Different Ayurveda treatment packages can be booked at the hotel for 7 days, 10 days, 14 days etc.

Ulpotha Ayurveda hotel Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka ayurveda hotels, Ayurveda retreat sri lanka

Ulpotha is one of the best nature-friendly eco-hotel with Yoga and Ayurveda in the world. Ulpotha has been able to gather a large number of best user reviews on Tripadvisor, due to its unmatchable quality of service.

The yoga retreat lies far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Therefore Ulpotha can be recommended for a peaceful and relaxing Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka with Ayurveda treatments and Yoga. Ulpotha is a traditional, remote, farming village in the central province of Sri Lanka, which is surrounded by lush green vegetation and a lake with crystal clear water. The hotel is fully open to the surrounding nature and all constructions are done with minimum harm to nature.

The hotel operates from November to April and again August rest of the year they spend time on the paddy field and busy with their farming activities.

  • Cost: Rates start from around $2900 per Ayurveda course (2 weeks) including tax.

Aida Ayurveda hotel

You will see, river and swimming pool at this popular Ayurveda beach hotel in Sri Lanka. The immediate neighbourhood of the hotel is the Bentota river while Bentota beach, the so-called golden mile is just a few minutes away from the resort.

The resort is owned by a popular businessman in the area, who is very enthusiast about holistic medicine such as Ayurveda. The resort is well established Ayurveda resorts on the island and founded many decades ago, Aida Ayurveda resort is one of the oldest in the country that offers Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka based on indigenous healing practices. Aida Ayurveda resort has a well equipped Ayurveda treatment centre providing all forms of Ayurveda treatments, Yoga exercises, and Meditation programs etc.

  • Cost: Rates start from around $150 per person per day with Ayurveda treatments and all meals.

Muthumuni Ayurveda hotel

Usually, most Ayurveda resorts are expensive compared to leisure hotels due to various reasons. But Muthumuni beach resort is one of the most affordable Ayurveda beach resorts on the island, rates are comparatively same with leisure hotels of the same category. The hotel lies in the so-called “golden mile” better known as Bentota.

Bentota is the most popular beach resort in the country and attracts the largest portion of leisure travellers on the island.  Muthumuni has well built Ayurveda treatment centre, Yoga centre, meditation room and all other facilities required for travellers who seek for Ayurveda holiday package with leisure.

Well trained therapists and qualified Ayurveda doctor provide the best care for Ayurveda treatment seekers. All therapies are personalised and customised and combined with Meditation and Yoga to provide deep healing from within and without. Even your food is personalised to meet your individual requirements.

  • Cost: Rates start from around $150 per person per day with Ayurveda treatments and all meals.

Muthumuni Ayurveda beach resort

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