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Ayurveda Bentota Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Bentota Sri Lanka

Have you been able to keep your travel-related resolutions that came into your mind during the recent festive season? if not, here is an idea to think about, how about combining holiday and Ayurveda Bentota to turn it memorable wellness experience? or (shudder)? turn your holiday healthy? Sri Lanka is one of the best places without any arguments to restore your perception of health and wellness.

Wellness holidays in Bentota

With deeply rooted adherence to Buddhism and meditation, this south Asian island has been able to attract travellers from all corners of the world that are looking for spiritual comfort and reflection. Some people have not ascertained the importance of Sri Lanka as a destination to attain spiritual comfort. With so much of options available as a holiday destination, SriLanka is fast turning to a full-pledged Ayurveda wellness destination and offers a whole new scope of Ayurveda holiday experiences.

Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are three components that deeply rooted in the Sri Lankan life. Spirituality and physical fitness with the well functioning mind are vital aspects of everyday life of average. This tropical nation is one of the perfect spots in the world to feel the power of these ancient practices. It can be a comprehensive Ayurveda treatment package with Yoga or relaxing moments of quiet amongst Sri Lanka’s peaceful beach. Here is some vital information for travellers, who are fascinated by Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka, to help get the creative (and carrot) juices flowing!

With so much of options and facilities in Ayurveda, tours to Sri Lanka can be easily combined with Ayurveda treatment package, adventure sport, characterful and comfortable accommodation, with an intention of good health and organic food, perfected with Ayurveda treatment centre and in-house yoga trainer.

beach view at muthumuni beach resort

Ayurveda Bentota with Muthumuni beach resort

We have chosen Muthumuni Ayurveda beach resort as the featured Sri Lanka Ayurveda resort in this article. This beautiful Ayurveda resort offers some fabulous body cleanse detox programs for their customers. It can be 9 nights, with a ten days comprehensive Ayurveda package or tailor-made Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda holidays at Muthumuni Ayurveda resort are based on Ayurveda healing method, meditation, and Yoga. Correct dieting is also very important to rejuvenate the body and mind. This medium-sized cosy wellness resort is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city hugging the beautiful Bentota beach.

Kande vihara

Kande Vihara Buddhist temple is located near Bentota beach and one of the most visited Buddhist temple in Bentota. Majestically rising remotely on the opposite side of the beach, a short walk or a tuck tuck ride of 5-10 minutes away from your wellness resort is the Kande vihara, One of the most historic temples in the island. The temple attracts a large number of devotees every day, the temple is a perfect spot for some R&R. If detoxing turn to be a bit heavy and you have a desire to experience Sri Lanka with a touch of wellness, you can go for a customized holiday package.

Climbing Sri Lanka’s third-highest mountain, which is considered to be one of the most important religious sites that draw the attention of a lot of travellers, is a heroic way to get moving. The nightly hike takes around 4-5 hours and from the foothills of Sri Pada or Adam’s peak. The mountain is 2243 meters high and watching the sunrise from the pinnacles will be an unforgettable experience. Thereafter, retreat to Horton plains national park to enjoy the company of an untamed wilderness of a cloud forest, turn back, you can see the Sri Pada mountain from here, pat yourself for accomplishing the heroic climb up to the summit!

Muthumuni beach resort offers daily Ayurveda courses, yoga, meditation classes and many other wellness practices. All are aimed to calm your body, mind and rejuvenate the energy. with daily Ayurveda treatments and yoga sessions with a twist of Meditation, beautiful sea view, and plenty of eco-friendly practices, this is the perfect spot to encounter the ‘real’ Sri Lanka.

What are the treatments available in Sri Lanka Ayurveda resort?

Muthumuni Ayurveda resort in Bentota is fantastic for wellness (and relaxation). They have packaged Ayurveda programs with healthy food, massage treatments, oil treatments, Yoga classes, meditation sessions, consulting and free time to relax on the beach. Or you can make a tailor-made wellness Ayurveda treatments package as you wish.
With calm and serene settings of the warm Indian ocean and the rustle of the swaying palms as your company, it will be difficult to resist the centred and energised. Allocate sometime of your Sri Lanka holiday for sun-bath, exploring the fascinating underwater world in the ocean, whale watching trip off southern Sri Lanka, or pampered in the spa centre.

Exploring the natural wealth of Sri Lanka

Madu riverboat tour is one of the very popular activity among the tourists who stay in Bentota during their Sri Lanka tour. It allows you to see mangrove forests and various types of fauna and flora.

Knock on an evergreen rainforest-like Sinharaja rainforest and hiking is the flawless contrast to sightseeing in Bentota beach and low-land beach area. Local nature experts await your arrival at the entrance of the rainforest and assists you to go through the jungle on a premeditated trek. They assist you to on the way while giving you the insight into the dense forest, faun and Flora variety here is amazing. Taking a leisurely boat ride along the Bentota river or Madu river is a ‘norm’ for travellers who hit Bentota beach and experience the rich bio-diversity of the avian fauna and flora.

Maybe Sri Lanka is not well-known for wellness in some parts of the world and if you are going all that way, you can enjoy some of the worlds most historical sites such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa while relaxing on white sandy beaches and dip into the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian ocean.

Your Sri Lank holiday will be more than just a wellness program; it will be a totally unique experience into a tropical island filled with friendly and welcoming people. With plenty of options for accommodation, transportation, dining, you can find a way to the heart of Sri Lank culture while peacefully experiencing the typical Sri Lanka Ayurveda, Yoga, relaxation and meditation every step of the way. From spending some time with the local community in the remote area to enjoying the beautiful sunset boat tour and basking in the sun and enjoying Ayurveda treatment, you can make a very special journey in Sri Lanka.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is known to be the oldest natural healing system introduced about 5000 years back. The dynamic balance of body, soul and mind is defined as the best way to have a healthy life, and prevent diseases. if the holistic balance between body, mind and soul fails diseases come into fore and take control of our system. according to Ayurveda, every individual has his or her own ideal state of composition and balance. Consultant identifies the holistic imbalance and brings it to the corrected state again using diet, herbs, massage treatments Yoga, meditation aromatherapy, thereby making the person healthy.

Sri Lanka Holidays with Ayurveda

Anatomy of Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda human being is a part of nature and three doshas or subtle energies namely Vata (air), Kapha (water) and Pita (fire) are controlling the appearance and behaviour of the human being. There is a diverse proportion of doshas in each body causing each individual to be unique. Imbalance of doshas is the reason for depression, stress, premature ageing, fatigue and many other psychological issues and diseases. Collection of toxins and waste in the body is the reason for premature ageing. Therefore understanding the three doshas is very important to maintain longevity and youthfulness.


Body motion and the open mind is governed by Vata Dosha. Eliminating waste, breathing and blood circulation is also controlled by Vata. Vat has an important influence on the nervous system and emotional wellbeing. Therefore not having the proper composition of Vata definitely a cause for a disease.


Digestion process, metabolism, and control of body energy are governed by Pitta Dosha. the main responsibility of pita is transformation. The unnecessary amount of Pita in the body causing to overheat the mind and body.


The structure of the body is governed by Kapha. formation of muscles, bones and fat by holding cells is the primary function of Kapha. Another main objective of Kapha is the protection against the foreign element such as germs.

Sri Lanka Holiday & Ayurveda Treatments

Below massages are practised during the Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda massage helps you to relieve the stress and enables the absorption of oil into the body. Ayurveda massage is an important part of all holiday packages in Sri Lanka. Oil is applied and massaged to sooth the largest organ of the body, the skin, various types of herbal oil is used in Ayurveda massage. Ayurveda massage is one of the best-kept secrets. It can be used as part of a complete Ayurveda treatments package or merely as a massage only for relaxing and pleasant, as an indulgent body massage.

Ayurveda massage is in practice since the invention of this holistic healing system. Ayurveda massage is well developed into a sublime art after many researchers during the last 5000 years, still, some may not aware of its existence. With the expertise on Ayurveda massage and correct herbal oil can make a difference by creating well balance vat, pita Kapha that governs the health of the body and mind.

Massage is one of the most important treatment methods used in most Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. The most suitable message is identified by the doctor and recommended to the patients. One of many Ayurveda massage methods can be recommended by the doctors depending on the ailment.

(a)Head Ayurveda Massage – To eliminate stress, stops hair fall and help for relaxation.
(b)Facial Ayurveda Massage – rejuvenate and relax the facial muscles
(c) Synchronal Ayurveda Body Massage – Various types of scented and herbal oil varieties are used to enhance the muscle tone.
(d) Foot Ayurveda Massage – relive the stress by applying the pressure to identify spots on the foot.

(e) Shirovasthi – a mixture of herbal oil is retained on the head as per the prescription of the doctor. it is a mixture of medicated oil produced by using sandalwood, milk, curd, and many other herbs.
(f)Pichu – This is a massage with hot herbal oil. Pichu will eliminate the friction in stiff muscles and joints. The heated oil is continuously applied throughout the massage and the duration of the massage is determined by the consultant.
(g)Katevasthi – Another hot oil masses on the backside of the body.
(h)Akshithapara – Muscle toning is the main objective of this massage.

Herbal Baths

According to Ayurveda, the bathing has a therapeutic when it is correctly done with mixture water and herbs. Therefore bath in the early morning is given an important value in Ayurvedaroutine. Having a leisurely bath in the morning helps to soften the tense muscles, opens blocked pores, renew the skin tissues by restoring moisture, and add curative dimension throughout the day.

(a)Herbal Bath – several varieties of local herbs such as saffron, venivel geta, sandalwood, the bark of belly tree is are the main compositions of the herbal bath.

(b)Flower Bath – Rejuvenate your mind by using scented herbs.

Is Yoga included in the Ayurveda holiday package?

Daily yoga classes are conducted by the in-house Yoga trainer and guests are recommended to take part in yoga sessions during their Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. Classes are conducted on a daily basis at the yoga centre with the daybreak. Two-level of yoga classes are available, beginner and advanced. Yoga is a very important method practised in Ayurveda to treat various types of ailments. Yoga and Ayurveda treatments are combined in Ayurveda in order to get the healing process more effective.

Ayurveda treatments


Meditation helps you to calm the body and mind, several meditation arts are practised on the island but it is “Anapansatrhu Bhawana” is the system practised during most Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka.


Acupuncture or better known as needle therapy is the main form of treatment for the stiffness of joints and muscles. It is strongly recommended for patients with Arthritis and Obesity. Very thin needles are inserted into the body of a person in order to balance the body energy. It is believed that acupuncture boosts health and helps to cure various illnesses. In this medical practice, needles are inserted into the body on selected spots in varying depths, thereby simulating the selected spots on the body.

Special Food Charts

Every individual guest is given a tailor-made food chart during their Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka. It is recommended to stick to the food chart recommended by the doctor even after the wellness program at the resort.

Herbal Teas

Below herbal tea varieties are served in many Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka

(a)Watha Tea – This is a mixture of dried belly leaves and adathida.
(b)Kapa Tea – A strong variety of tea comprised of Green chillies, pipplaee, lemon, Gotukal leaves and Ginger.
(c)Pitha Tea – The tea is moderately flavoured and made of Aatha wai, Iramusu and Gotu Kola.

Gynaecology – Related Issues

There are readily available treatments for guests with gynaecological problems. Ayurveda consultants recommend various types of Ayurveda treatments after consulting with the guests.


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