Sri Lanka West Coast Tour

Sri Lanka west coast tour

Sri Lanka west coast tour, encompasses many interesting places of Sri Lanka, from pristine beaches to primaeval rain forests, to thousands of years old historical monuments and national parks teemed with wildlife. Perhaps there is no tour package that comes close to Sri Lanka west coast tour in terms of its charisma and fascinating blend of interesting experiences. West coast tour comes in many favours such as 5 days Sri Lanka tour, 3 days west coast trip, however, the duration of the west coast can be adjusted to meet individual need.

Sri Lanka west coast tour: exploring the beaches

It is a shame to miss the pristine beaches if you plan a Sri Lanka west coast tour. For most travellers, Sri Lanka west coast tour means a peaceful relaxing trip with sea breeze because beaches are the most inviting geographical feature of the west coast Sri Lanka. West coast Sri Lanka encompasses the best beaches of Sri Lanka such as Bentota beach, Beruwala beach and Hikkaduwa beach.

However, there is a saying that too much is too much. If you spend your entire holiday on the beach, it will definitely be too much for you and you will be bored on your beach tour. Therefore, we suggest you take a few sightseeing tours to break the routineness of your beach stay and visit interesting tourist sites such as wildlife reserves, archaeological sites and rainforests, during your tour.

Sri Lanka west coast tour is planned with a lengthy beach stay, invariable it is a beach tour package with more than 50% of your time in a beach resort, with access to pristine west coast beaches. The guests are checked-into one of the best beach resorts on the west coast and they can decide on the length of the beach stay. The tour can be a 2 days Sri Lanka trip to 2 weeks or longer than that. Sightseeing tours are planned by Seerendipity tours with private vehicles and with local driver-guide, however, you need to notify us well in advance on the day trips you opt to have.

How to access Sri Lanka west coast

Accessing the west coast of Sri Lanka is very easy and straight forward. If you are foreigner, you will be landing at the Colombo international airport, which is only 30km from the city centre.  If you are on a cruise line, your ship will dock at Colombo international harbour, means you are only walking distance away from the city centre. 

Getting around within the west coast

Generally, Sri Lanka has a well maintained and well-connected road network. All cities are easily accessible overland using a private car. Western Sri Lanka is the hub of Sri Lanka’s economy and around 75% of all economic activities of Sri Lanka is based on the western province. 

With a large tract of pristine palm-fringed beaches, thousands square kilometres of jungles, riparian lowlands, mountain peaks, wetlands and ancient monuments that seems not to be unspoiled by human and technology.

What includes in Sri Lanka west coast tour

Sri Lanka west coast tour, encompasses many interesting places of Sri Lanka, from pristine beaches to primaeval rain forests, to thousands of years old historical monuments and national parks teemed with wildlife. Perhaps there is no tour package that comes close to Sri Lanka west coast tour in terms of its charisma and fascinating blend of interesting experiences.

Sri Lanka west coast tour includes Sinharaja rain forest and Udawalawe national park, which are 2 of the most valuable natural habitats on the island. The natural beauty of these places is well worth exploring for any travellers regardless of it is local or foreign. 

Climbing Adams peak, visiting Galle fort, exploring Madu estuary, Diving in Hikkaduwa are also interesting activities that can be easily added to the Sri Lanka west coast tour.

What are the 6 best activities for Sri Lanka west coast tour?

There are many dozens of activities that you can undertake during the Sri Lanka west coast tour. Here is a list of 7 interesting Sri Lanka tours that enables you to visit many dozens of important tourist places in Sri Lanka.   

Visiting Udawalawe national park

Udawalawe national park is one of the best places in Sri Lanka for wild elephant watching. The national park has one of the highest population of elephants in Sri Lanka, therefore, a large number of travellers undertake the wildlife tour to Udawalawe national park every day.

Travelling to Udawalawe national park along west coast beach

The journey to Udawalawe national park from most places on the west coast is about 3 hours, the time calculation is based on the southern expressway. The newly opened southern expressway has curtailed the travelling time between the west coast and Udawalawe national park considerably. The journey had cost about 5 hours along the west in the past.

Travelling to Udawalawe national park via Rathnapura

The 2nd most important route to reach Udawalawe national from West coast cities such as Bentota and Colombo is the travel runs via Rathnapura, cutting through the part of Sri Lanka’s upcountry. However, this route is now largely neglected by most travellers on this trip as it takes more times on this route than on the other route.

Yala Vs Udawalawe national park

Udawalawe national park is smaller than Yala national park, which is the most popular wildlife reserve for safari tours in Sri Lanka. Despite its small size, Udawalawe national park provides an excellent wildlife experience to its visitors. Udawalawe national park tour is a good alternative to Yala national park tour. In fact, a large number of travellers now prefer visiting Udawalawe national park over Yala national park because Yala wildlife reserve is overcrowded now.

Elephant transit camp is located next to the Udawalawe national park, which adds extra value to your Udawalawe national park tour. Elephant transit camp is a conservation project, which is maintained concurrently as the Udawalawe national park under the purview of the wildlife conservation department.

The primary objective of the elephant transit camp is to protect the orphan and sick animals found in the jungle. Every year, a large number of elephant babies that are found abandoned in other wildlife reserves on the island are rescued, rehabilitated and then reintroduced to the Udawalawe national park, All the good works are done here.

The visitors of Elephant transit camp can witness a large number of mischievous elephant babies during the bottle feeding. During the feeding hours, a large number of bottle-fed little jumbos that are in varying ages marches to the elephant transit camp from their jungle hideout. All are marching from the nearby jungle in view of claim their milk bottle.     

Sri Lanka west coast tour: exploring Sinharaja rain forest

Sinharaja rainforest tour is an interesting activity and a large number of traveller’s venture on this one-day trip. The trip is very appealing to the nature lover as this day trip revolve mainly on the last remaining rain forest of Sri Lanka, Sinharaja.

The tour starts around 07.00 AM from your beach hotel or city hotel. The journey takes around 2 hours to reach the rain forest from your hotel. You will meet our nature guide upon reaching the Rain forest and he will escort you on the rain forest trek and explains you every bits and piece of the rainforest, its Fauna and Flora.

About Sinharaja rain forest

Sinharaja is largely a primary rain forest, the secondary forest cover of Sinharaja rain forest is very small and confined only to few places along the outermost circle.  Sinharaja rain forest spreads over 118425 acres on the western, and Sabaragamuwa province. Sinharaja rain forest is a heaven for ornithologist, which has the largest concentration of birds on the island.

What to see in Sinharaja rain forest

The rain forest is resided by a large number of indigenous bird species as well as migrant avian fauna species. The rain forest not only excite the most hard-bitten ornithologist, but it also accommodates many large animals’ species such as leopards, fishing cat, elephants, monkey, wild boar etc. However, do not expect lots of wildlife because the forest is untouched and there is a lot of space for animals to hide, except few animal species such as monkeys, fishing cat, wild boar etc. wild animals are concentrated in the thick jungle, which is not included in the rain forest trek.

You will touch a part of the outer forest cover, where you find many thousands of interesting Flora and many species of bird as well as few animals species. Unlike in national parks, where you embark on a jeep safari, it is difficult to spot wild creatures in the rain forest. However, you will encounter monkeys that swing through the trees, camouflage chameleons that are clinging on to the tree trunks, monitor lizards that are digging the anthills, parades of ants, pair of mungo in a swift move, frogs, harmless green snakes as well as spiders in the middle of the huge spider webs.

Apart from spotting interesting Fauna and Flora, Sinharaja is one of the best places to explore the typical Sri Lankan village life. The forest is surrounded by many remote villages that are not spoiled by modern city life. Our guide will be happy to organize a walking trip to the village, which enables you to get to know the village folk their temple, schools, farmlands and many more.  

Sri Lanka west coast tour: visit Galle fortress

One day trip to Galle Fort from your beach resort or city hotel on the west coast is a fairly easy adventure, compared to activities mentioned above. The distance from Bentota beach on the west coast to Galle is just 70 km and would take just 1 hour to reach Galle form from the most west coast cities. However, this day trip can last between 5 hours to 8 hours depending on the number of places you visit and time is taken to explore the places.

What are the important places included in Galle trip

Sri Lanka west coast tour: visiting Sigiriya rock

The Sigiriya rock fortress tour is a one-day trip from west coast cities such as Colombo and Bentota. It is recommended to start the trip early morning, in order to make sure that you reach the rock before the sun unleashes its burning heat on you. The Sigiriya rock fortress tour also includes visits to Dambulla cave temple, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site with more than 150 buddha statues and a large number of paintings. The origin of Dambulla golden temple goes back to 1st century BC.

Important places to visit on Sigiriya trip

Standing like a giant in the heart of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, the ancient Sigiriya rock fortress was the abode of might King Kashyapa in 4th century AD. The rock fortress is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world and important historical monument with the emblem of UNESCO world heritage site.

Sigiriya rock fortress under the leadership of King Kashyapa blossomed into one of the biggest engineering feats in the ancient world, with parks, gardens, palaces, swimming pools and advanced irrigation system.

The king lived in the fortress for 18 years until his demise on a decisive battle against his half brother Moggalana.

The ancient rock fortress has welcomed thousands of visitors and travellers from all around the island as well as many foreign travellers. As pilgrims, ambassadors and scholars came and gone many left their thought about beautiful damsels that resides in the fresco pockets.

Natural beauty and sophistication of the technology of Sigiriya frescoes are adorned by many thousands of visitors, they have left their valuable thoughts of the paintings on the mirrors in the form of beautiful verses.

Without the right heir, the Sigiriya rock fortress suffered in the wrath of nature. Most parts of the rock fortress were severely damaged and it was reclaimed by the jungle.

Under the British colonial rulers, in early 18s, an archaeological site was unearthed and partly restored. Today Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the most popular historical monuments on the island and one of the biggest draws in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka west coast tour: Exploring Kandy

Kandy tour from the west coast cities starts early morning like Sigiriya one day tour. The trip includes visits to many important tourist places such as,

The tour starts around 05.00 AM and you will come to the hotel on the west coast at around 06.PM

Kandy, the last kingdom of Sri Lankan monarchy

Kandy, the last stronghold of Sri Lankans kings was surrendered to the British crown in 1815. The British administrators had been able to make a rift between the king and his ministers by a secret coupe. Many ministers of the Kandyan kingdom helped the British governor and its army to take the control of the kingdom and the king was sent to Goa, where he died in captivity. It was the end of many thousand years old Sri Lankan monarchy.

Still, Kandy is regarded as the cultural and religious hub of Sri Lanka. The tooth relic temple, which is the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island occupies the centre stage in this UNESCO world heritage site.

Kandy lake, Udawattakele sanctuary, Royal botanical gardens, downtown Kandy, Cascading waterfalls, beautiful mountain peaks, Landscaped tea gardens and colonial styled building are some of the things that contribute to the fascinating blend off Kandy.

Sri Lanka west coast tour: Exploring Madu River estuary

If you wish to have a half-day trip from your west coast resort, this is the best bet for you. Madu Riverboat tour is a cheaper option compared to the trips mentioned above that technically show you the way to enjoy nature outside of the parks system. Madu River estuary is just a few minutes away from most west coast cities such as Bentota and Hikkaduwa.

On this trip, you spend a very short time on the vehicle and dedicate much of your time exploring many interesting places. The important places to visit on Sri Lanka one day tour to Madu river are,

  • Madu River estuary
  • Mask museum
  • Spice garden
  • Sea turtle conservation centre
  • Moonstone mines

The 2 hours boat trip on the Madu River wetland is the most memorable part of the nature tour. This is a perfect opportunity for travellers, who value the natural beauty trees, Pants, avian fauna species, and animals.  The heavy wildlife concentration along the river includes monitor lizards, monkeys, chameleon, crocodile, snakes and a large number of birds. The trip has a fascinating blend of nature, culture, history and wildlife.

Why you should book Sri Lanka west coast tour with Seerendipity

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