Day Trip From Bentota To Kandy, 5 beautiful places to visit in Kandy for couples

Four Must – Visit Stops On A Day Trip From Bentota To Kandy

Bentota is by far the most popular beach holiday destination on the island and day trip from Bentota to Kandy is a hot topic among the most travellers. This day tour involves the most popular beach holiday destination (Bentota beach) and the most visited historical monument on the island (the tooth relic temple). Bentota to Kandy distance is 180 km and this one day tour of Sri Lanka lasts about 10 hours.

Four Must-Visit Stops On A Day Trip From Bentota To Kandy

Sri Lanka tour packages are available in many flavours, but most popular Sri Lanka tour itineraries (the best formula for your road trip in Sri Lanka) are consisting of two distinct parts (a). Sri Lanka round tour (b).Sri Lanka beach holiday, in this system, as the name denotes the travellers do sightseeing tours to important tourist attractions and visit important places.

In the second phase (beach stay) they do dedicate their time for relaxing on the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka (22 idyllic beach resorts in Sri Lanka). Usually, the beach holiday will be done towards the end of the tour and sightseeing is done at the beginning of the holiday. But there are instances that tourist opt for sightseeing in the latter part of the tour as well. This article is about a day trip from Bentota to Kandy, which is one of the most popular day trips offered by Sri Lankan tour operators.

Popular tours that include Kandy

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Kandy One day tour from Colombo and Bentota

Kandy One Day Tour

Just the beach holidays is the another most common holiday pattern booked by travellers in Sri Lanka, with this method, travellers opt for only a beach holiday package but then they undertake excursions to visit important cultural, historical, natural and other important tourist attractions.

Staying at a beach resort for many days and basking in the tropical sun could be a tedious and boring task making you resort to some sort of outing to break the monotonous life in the beach resort. Almost all the hotels provide optional excursions through their travel desks. Or the excursions can be booked through the travel agents too.

Since the Bentota is the most popular beach resort in the island a large number of beach holiday lovers choose Bentota as their beach holiday resort. This article discusses the one day tour to Kandy from Bentota, while describing some of the places and attraction encountered on the way.

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This is the tooth relic temple of Kandy, the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island.

What is the best route to reach Kandy from Bentota?

  • Route No 1: Bentota-Welipenna-Kadawatha-Kandy…
  • Route No 2: Bentota-Colombo-Kadawatha-Kandy…
  • Route No 3: Bentota-Horana-Pasyala-Kandy…

Route No 1: (Bentota-Welipenna-Kadawatha-Kandy) the route via southern expressway is the most convenient route to go to Kandy from Bentota, and the drive takes around 4 hours, however, the stops in between Kandy and Bentota is not calculated. The distance to cover on this route is 180 km. The timing of the trip is calculated based on road transport by a private vehicle.

Route No 2: (Bentota-Colombo-Kadawatha-Kandy) the first leg of the journey from Bentota to Colombo on Galle-Colombo highway and the second part of the journey on Colombo-Kandy main road. The distance to cover is similar to the route no1, however, the journey takes around 5 hours due to the heavy traffic on the road. The timing of the trip is calculated based on road transport by a private vehicle.

Route No 3: This route had been the most convenient way of travelling to Kandy form Bentota before the construction of the southern expressway. You do not need to cross Colombo if you use this route and avoid heavy traffic in the city. However, you can reduce the time spent on the drive using this route. You will not encounter much traffic on this route and it goes through the beautiful countryside.

What are the major tourist attractions to stop from Bentota to Kandy?

  • Pinnawala elephant orphanage
  • Tea factory
  • Peradeniya botanical garden
  • Tooth relic temple
sri dalada maligawa
A large concentration of foreign travellers can be seen during the ceremony at the Kandy tooth relic temple, especially during the evening ceremony.

Important places you encounter as you travel from Bentota to Kandy

Sri Lank is a small island but there is a great deal of travel if you wish to explore this fascinating holiday destination. If it is to be adventurous and exiting it should be a private tour dedicated to you rather than a train or a bus trip.  A private tour allows you to make an itinerary at your own pace and comfort.  There are many places to do and see when you drive from Bentota to the mountainous region of Kandy. From Kelaniya to Kegalle, Mawanella, Peradeniya, the numerous Multi-colored towns and cities, dramatic rugged mountains, tea plantations, isolated patches of forests; this road trip really a fascinated one. The cities are vivid in culture, history, ad beauty making them have their own identity. There are 4 visits that every tourist must make while they cruise through this rugged terrain.

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The Elephants of Piinawala orphanage is heading to the nearby River for bathing 2 times every day, they are bathing, playing while some animals just lay down in the water. Bathing hours for elephnats at pinnawala from 10.00-12.00 hrs and 14.00 to 16.00 hrs

Pinnawala, the first stop on the trip from Bentota to Kandy

Pinnawala elephant orphanage is undoubtedly the most popular attraction where elephants are in plenty. The place is ruled by several dozens of tames elephants. And they are looked after by mahouts and the whole project is funded by the zoological department of Sri Lanka. All elephants have to follow a routine here and it includes time for feeding, bath, and relaxation. If you wish to feed an orphan baby elephant make sure you arrive well ahead of the bottle feeding to grab a ticket. There is a big demand for bottle feeding in which the outsiders allow to feed an orphan baby elephant with a bottle of milk. After the bottle feeding, the next interesting highlight of the elephant orphanage is the elephant bath. The herd is directed to the nearby river, where they have plenty of water, space and time to bath and play. You will find how difficult it is to control these mischievous jumbos even for the mahouts, who have years of experience working with elephants.

Visiting Tea factory on the trip from Bentota to Kandy

Ceylon Tea is the most known product comes from Sri Lanka, which is still as popular as Ceylon tea. There are several tea factories where you are able to see the production process of this world-renowned beverage. Most factories demand you nothing to show around and they also serve you a cup of un-blended freshly brewed Ceylon tea. Perhaps you will be able to see the colourfully dressed tea puckers, who vigorously remove the tender leaves of the tea bush. If you are a tea drinker and like to buy tea at an affordable price ask someone where the tea centre is. The tea centres offer you a wide range of tea verities such as black tea, white tea, green tea and many other flavoured varieties as well.

This is the view of Kandy city from the upper lake

Kandy the last stop on the trip from Bentota to Kandy

This could very well be the highlight of the mountains of Sri Lanka with its charming neighbourhood and old-world feel. The ancient city of Kandy is another world heritage site visited by hundreds of thousands of travellers every year. Downtown, Kandy is always busy with markets, shops, banks, supermarkets and local restaurants. At the southern tip of the town is the temple known as “Tooth relic temple”, where your Kandy day trip winds up.  Next to the Dalada Maligawa is the Kandy Lake. Both temple and the Lake reside at the foothills of Udawattekele, which is a rainforest with many species of fauna and flora.

Kandy one day tour, botanical garden peradeniya
Royal botanical garden of Peradeniya

Peradeniya Royal botanical garden

This charming small town cannot be forgotten due to its fascinating green cover. This is a narrow strip of land set in between the Mahaweli River and a mountain. The main contributor to the popularity of Peradeniya is the Royal botanical garden. A visit to the Royal botanical garden is a must to complete the tour to Kandy. You need at least 1 hour to explore the interesting places of the garden even at a rapid phase. Don’t forget to grab a map of the garden as you buy the entrance ticket. It gives you a clear idea to find the best track to see the most with minimum time.

There are many dozens of interesting places in Kandy and the surrounding area, but due to limited time, you may find it difficult to cover them all in a day. If you wish to take this Kandy day tour and see some of the interesting places in the mountains we are ready to assist you to organise this tour. Please write to us on


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