Beruwala beach

Beruwala for Top Notch Beach Holiday Experience in Sri Lanka

Beruwala for Top Notch Beach Holiday Experience in Sri Lanka

Beruwala is a well-known fishing town and a popular place for beach holidays in Sri Lanka and it has a cosmopolitan history. This coastal town is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, 65 km from Colombo. Beruwala is a popular beach holiday destination among the foreign and local travellers, especially Beruwala is very popular among the travellers from western countries. The surrounding sea of Beruwala is very tempting and inviting for a saltwater bath. The best time of the year for sea bath and diving here are the months from November to April. Rest of the year, it is not safe for bathing due to the influence of Monsoon, which generates giant waves and underwater current.

Beruwala is one of the best-developed cities for the tourism industry in the country. It harbours a large number of Restaurant, Hotels, Ayurveda spas and recreation facilities for holidaymakers. The possibility to find lodging here is immense, which varied from start class comfortable hotels to basic amenities at a very low price.

Beruwala city provides almost all the facilities what tourists need during the holiday such as Banks, Post office, Tourists police, handicraft shops, tea shops, textile shops and restaurants. Beruwala pola (market) provides the opportunity for buying fresh vegetable, fruits, fish and meat items at an affordable price.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are several Buddhist temples with historical importance to visit. Sapugoda Temple, Galapatha Temple and Kande Vihara in the neighbouring city of Aluthgama are few needed to be mentioned here.

Beruwala beach

Beruwala hotels

How to travel to Beruwala

The city is conveniently located on one of the major highways of Sri Lanka, which is known as Colombo-Galle highway. The travellers can use all possible transportation option to travel to Beriueawa. If the budget permits travelling by taxi is the best option for you. Travelling by taxi saves time and gives you more comfort that you deserve. Public buses and trains also can be used to travel to Beruwala. Beruwala is connected with most major cities, and direct buses can be found from places such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura. If you start your journey from Colombo or southern Sri Lanka, the train is the best option for you. Because it is cheap, convenient and faster than many other options for getting around Sri Lanka.

History of Beruwala

According to the historical information the name Beruwala id derived from two Sinhala words, be (‘lower’) and ruwala (‘sail’), literally means the place, where the Arab merchants lowered the sails of their vessels. However, some people see a strong relationship of the name with famous North African traveller Abu Yusuf a-Barbari, who introduced the Islam to Maldives Island.

The Arab sailors called the city Berberyn. Legend says, that when the Arab sailors who were on a catamaran and approaching the island, cried out “Berr! Berr!” to the oarsmen, upon seeing an island. Berr means “stop” or “pause”. The historical name Berberyn is still in existence among the local population.

The port of Beruwala is located on the East-West ancient sea route and it had been a popular port of call in the region. It is believed that the first Arab ship arrived here in 6th century AD, even before the advent of Islam in the world.  In subsequent centuries, Beruwala became the gateway to the arriving Islamic tradition and culture in the island, making strong ties between the Islamic world and Sri Lankan kings.

The Unani medicine, one significant contribution from Muslims, was introduced by Moors.  This healing method was first introduced in 10th century by Prince Jamal-ud-din, the son of the Sultan of Konya. There are many attractions that worth visit within the borders of the city. Several of those places are Kachimalai mosque, Beruwala harbour, lighthouse and Barberyn Island.

Kachimalai mosque

Today the mosque resides in the exact place, where the Arab merchants landed in 1024 AD and made their most important and historical settlement. Kachimalai is the oldest Mosque while Bruwala being the first Islamic settlement on the island.  The mosque is built on a rock with a beautiful view over the Indian Ocean. Beautifully decorated pillars add a majestic appearance to the historical mosque. Large numbers of devotees are gathering to the mosques at the annual religious feast at the end of Ramadan.

Fishing harbour

It had been the most vital part of the historical city in the past. It had attracted traders from all over the world and facilitated international trading.  Today it is still important but not as a trading point, as a fishing harbour. Best time to visit the harbour is the early morning when the fishing boats are emptied. Kachimalai mosque and the fishing harbour are located in the walking distance from each other.

Barberyn Island

The seclusion and beauty offered by the island can be hardly experienced in somewhere else in the country. It is clearly visible from the city. The island is overgrown with beautiful vegetation, mainly Coconut, Mango, Frangipani, cashew trees. An island is an ideal place for a picnic, it is inhabited by a large number of bird species and it is your duty to leave them unharmed.

Beruwala lighthouse

Lighthouse is built on the Barberyn Island and it is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. The structure is 38 meters in height, built by British in 1928. It is divided into five stories, each of them provided with 2 windows. But visitors are not allowed to enter the lighthouse.


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