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Many wellness retreats of Sri Lanka are providing valuable service to travellers around the world, who look for the effect of traditional healing methods. Ayurveda wellness retreat, Sri Lanka, is a hot topic and many of them are dotted along the beaches of Sri Lanka while several other top-notch Ayurveda wellness retreats Sri Lanka is located in the interior of the island. A large number of Ayurveda retreats popped up along the coastal belt of Bentota during the last decades, due to the ever-increasing tourist traffic that looks for Ayurveda courses.

Wellness Retreat, Sri Lanka,

For many thousands of years, the people of Sri Lanka (about Sri Lanka) have embraced the traditional, holistic, healing system of Ayurveda to cure diseases and relaxation. Ayurveda is believed to be one of the oldest healing systems in the world, today Ayurveda is a part of the tourism industry and a large number of travellers around the world are flock into the Ayurveda wellness retreat in Sri Lanka to experience a blissful journey.

Wellness retreat on the coast

A large number of wellness retreats of Sri Lanka are providing valuable service to travellers around the world. If you look for an Ayurveda wellness retreat in Sri Lanka your best bet is on the western and southern coast, where there are many wellness retreats dotted along the beaches while. However several other top-notch Ayurveda wellness retreats are located in the interior of the island. A large number of Ayurveda wellness retreats popped up along the coastal belt of Bentota during the last decades, due to the ever-increasing tourist traffic that looks for Ayurveda courses.

Using Ayurveda in Wellness

Ayurveda helps the people to keep the full-body balance and well being, using herbal medicine in the form of the herbal bath, oil treatments, massage and custom-made meals. The beginning of Ayurveda goes back to many thousands of years and essentially attributed to India. Later the valuable knowledge of Ayurveda was transferred to the island of Sri Lanka and had developed into a fully-fledged healing system while embracing the local know-how.

The Ayurveda tourism sector of the island has travelled miles over the last several centuries. Today there are several dozens of Ayurveda retreats across the island. The Future of Sri Lanka Ayurveda tourism sector is very bright, more and more people rally around the Ayurveda as it is more human-friendly and consist of only natural elements. Maybe the mindset of most foreigners are still not prepared to embrace the healing effect of Ayurveda but more and more foreigners rally around the healing effect of Ayurveda, we can see it with the increasing number of foreign visitors to Ayurveda retreats in the island.

Ayurveda sector has been growing rapidly on par with leisure travel sector on the island, during the last several years. Today several dozens of Ayurveda retreats are catering to thousands of Ayurveda treatment seekers gathering to the island from all around the world. Some of them are looking at pure Ayurveda treatments as well as Ayurveda-inspired experience, while some others would like to taste the know-how of Ayurveda with leisure holidays.

Sri Lanka wellness package with Ayurveda

If you also love to explore the historical, natural and culturally important places while enjoying the healing effect of Ayurveda, you can easily combine a road trip of Sri Lanka with an Ayurveda treatment package.  It is also possible to do sightseeing tours to interesting tourist attractions from the Ayurveda retreat, during your leisure time. There are plenty of options to make one day tours to interesting places from the Ayurveda retreat.

In order to introduce the Sri Lanka holiday with a healing touch, I would like to begin this article with Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka: nestled on the pristine beaches of Bentota Sri Lanka, 52kilometres from Colombo is one of the oldest Ayurveda retreats in Sri Lanka. Spread across the wide expanse of golden coloured beaches, Bentota prides in Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat as a gateway destination for travellers who are looking for a peaceful, calm and quite Ayurveda treat in Sri Lanka. The captivating beauty of Bentota beach and rich flora of the area is a valuable asset of the Ayurveda retreat. The Coconut palms are swaying to the melody of sea breeze while the Bentota River flows in style alongside the beach complete the scenery at Ayurveda retreat.

Sri Lanka wellness retreat Bentota

Started its operation as an Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka in 1978, Muthumuni Ayurveda resort has emerged as a leading Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka to encourage the international travellers to seek the healing effects of Ayurveda with Yoga and meditation. Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka is a frontrunner in encouraging travellers to embrace the Sri Lanka Ayurveda holidays. The serenity of Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat by the Indian Ocean, the perfection of traditional Ayurveda treatments and healthy Ayurveda food routine help the travellers unwind at this Ayurveda retreat.

Serious illnesses such as irregular blood pleasure, paralysis, high-cholesterol, and arthritis as well as the breathing problems are first checked by the doctors of the Ayurveda retreat.  Once the nature of the health irregularities are examined the doctors of the Ayurveda retreat formulate a series of corresponding healing practices such as meditation, yoga, Ayurveda treatments, dieting in order to improve the health conditions of the patient.

If beaches and nightlife are also on your bucket list with Ayurveda holistic effect you should seriously consider Ayurveda retreat in Bentota. Bentota is a beach holiday destination and a party destination. Aluthgama is the nearest city of the Ayurveda retreat, which has the essential ingredients that appreciate beach life, art, and holistic living. When considering holistic living, the city has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations on the map of Ayurveda tourism in Sri Lanka.

Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka

Beaches, palms, the soothing music of the wind, The Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat Sri Lanka is one of the most popular Ayurveda wellness retreat on the beaches of west coast Sri Lanka. The Ayurveda retreat centre, meditation quarter, yoga room, massage corner all are located in the shades of the beautiful garden. The garden is full of green to from the start to the end of the land, which occupies the Ayurveda retreat. The garden is specially planned to contribute to the maturing of a relaxed body and mind.

Mr Muthumuni, the resort manager, says, “The customer base of Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat has grown from foreign Ayurveda treatment seekers to both foreign and local guests, who look for Ayurveda treatment as well as leisure holidays.” From hot oil massage, facial treatments, Meditation and Yoga, The Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat also features individual Yoga studio for guests. On the note of cost factor, Mr Muthumuni says “Ayurveda is not a rich man’s pastime activity, there is a wide range of packages at the Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat allowing to guests enjoy the essence of Ayurveda at the price convenience to them”.

There is a belief that Ayurveda is an expensive affair and takes a long time to see the result, is it true? We asked Mr Muthumuni “It is true up to a certain level but it can also be cheaper compared with most other modern healing methods too, all depends on the ailment. However, Ayurveda is a natural healing system and therefore it takes time to feel the effect of Ayurveda.  But if one can risk the life on bypass surgery why not spend part of the money you spend for the surgery on a natural therapy that removes all the causes of your disease”.

According to Mr Muthumuni, there is no superficial about the effect of Ayurveda healing system, it is a very effective way of curing many ailments and the result is permanent. Ayurveda proved to be a very effective alternative method to allopathic medicine, allopathic medicine has caused the dissatisfaction of many people due to the side-effects of drugs. Healing system such as Ayurveda is preferred due to the extensive use of natural elements to make medicine.  At Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat they offer a free consultation. All remedies at Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat made of herbal plants, a tradition dating back to a couple of centuries.

Massage treatments: The massage treatments at Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat serves not only as short-term treatments but also is being used for long-term purposes as well. Ayurveda session may last from 1 hour to a few days. There are several massage treatments being practised at Muthumuni resort and most appropriate massage treatments will be recommended after the consultation. Variety of herbal is used in every massage treatment and has been very effective in curing diseases like nervous disorders and paralysis. Herbal oil and massage is a very effective way of treating many other skin diseases, leukaemia and sports injuries.

The yoga centre of this Ayurveda retreat is capable of accommodating more than 50 persons at a time. It is very spacious and has very peaceful settings making it suitable for a relaxing workout. Yoga classes and boat tours on the Madu river is also included in the Ayurveda treatments package.

If you wish to reserve an Ayurveda treatment package at Muthumuni Ayurveda retreat you can reach them on http://muthumuniayurvedabeach.com/

Treatment methods at Ayurveda wellness retreat

Ayurveda massage helps you to relieve the stress and enables the absorption of oil into the body. Ayurveda massage is an important part of all holiday packages in Sri Lanka. Oil is applied and massaged to sooth the largest organ of the body, the skin, various types of herbal oil is used in Ayurveda massage. Ayurveda massage is one of the best-kept secrets. It can be used as part of a complete Ayurveda treatments package or merely as a massage only for relaxing and pleasant, as an indulgent body massage.

Ayurveda massage is in practice since the invention of this holistic healing system. Ayurveda massage is well developed into a sublime art after many researchers during the last 5000 years, still, some may not aware of its existence. With the expertise on Ayurveda massage and correct herbal oil can make a difference by creating well balance vat, pita Kapha that governs the health of the body and mind.

Massage is one of the most important treatment methods used in most Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. The most suitable message is identified by the doctor and recommended to the patients. One of many Ayurveda massage methods can be recommended by the doctors depending on the ailment.

(a)Head Ayurveda Massage – To eliminate stress, stops hair fall and help for relaxation.
(b)Facial Ayurveda Massage – rejuvenate and relax the facial muscles
(c) Synchronal Ayurveda Body Massage – Various types of scented and herbal oil varieties are used to enhance the muscle tone.
(d) Foot Ayurveda Massage – relive the stress by applying the pressure to identify spots on the foot.

(e) Shirovasthi – a mixture of herbal oil is retained on the head as per the prescription of the doctor. it is a mixture of medicated oil produced by using sandalwood, milk, curd, and many other herbs.
(f)Pichu – This is a massage with hot herbal oil. Pichu will eliminate the friction in stiff muscles and joints. The heated oil is continuously applied throughout the massage and the duration of the massage is determined by the consultant.
(g)Katevasthi – Another hot oil masses on the backside of the body.
(h)Akshithapara – Muscle toning is the main objective of this massage.

Herbal Baths

According to Ayurveda, the bathing has a therapeutic when it is correctly done with mixture water and herbs. Therefore bath in the early morning is given an important value in Ayurvedaroutine. Having a leisurely bath in the morning helps to soften the tense muscles, opens blocked pores, renew the skin tissues by restoring moisture, and add curative dimension throughout the day.

(a)Herbal Bath – several varieties of local herbs such as saffron, venivel geta, sandalwood, the bark of belly tree is are the main compositions of the herbal bath.

(b)Flower Bath – Rejuvenate your mind by using scented herbs.

Practising Yoga at wellness retreat

Daily yoga classes are conducted by the in-house Yoga trainer and guests are recommended to take part in yoga sessions during their Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka. Classes are conducted on a daily basis at the yoga centre with the daybreak. Two-level of yoga classes are available, beginner and advanced. Yoga is a very important method practised in Ayurveda to treat various types of ailments. Yoga and Ayurveda treatments are combined in Ayurveda in order to get the healing process more effective.

Calm your mind and body with Meditation

Meditation helps you to calm the body and mind, several meditation arts are practised on the island but it is “Anapansatrhu Bhawana” is the system practised during most Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka.

Healing effect from Acupuncture

Acupuncture or better known as needle therapy is the main form of treatment for the stiffness of joints and muscles. It is strongly recommended for patients with Arthritis and Obesity. Very thin needles are inserted into the body of a person in order to balance the body energy. It is believed that acupuncture boosts health and helps to cure various illnesses. In this medical practice, needles are inserted into the body on selected spots in varying depths, thereby simulating the selected spots on the body.

Special food charts at wellness retreat

Every individual guest is given a tailor-made food chart during their Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka. It is recommended to stick to the food chart recommended by the doctor even after the wellness program at the resort.

Herbal Teas at wellness retreat

Below herbal tea varieties are served in many Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka

(a)Watha Tea – This is a mixture of dried belly leaves and adathida.
(b)Kapa Tea – A strong variety of tea comprised of Green chillies, pipplaee, lemon, Gotukal leaves and Ginger.
(c)Pitha Tea – The tea is moderately flavoured and made of Aatha wai, Iramusu and Gotu Kola.

There are readily available treatments for guests with gynaecological problems. Ayurveda consultants recommend various types of Ayurveda treatments after consulting with the guests.