2 Nights 3 Days Package Colombo

Colombo as a Holiday destination

A 2 Nights 3 Days Package Colombooffers the traveller a window to the essence of southern Asia. The magnificent tooth temple of Kandy is unrivalled, and beyond the rich legacy ancient city of Anuradhapura is the fast-developing 21st-century metropolis Colombo, more than 1300 km of pristine beaches with crystal clear water, the mighty Mahaweli river, fascinating culture and some of the friendliest people on in the world. Your 2 nights 3 days package in Colombo is packed with surprises, so pack it up for the adventure.  

When is the best time for 2-night 3 days package in Colombo?

Sri Lanka is a year-round holiday destination. However, due to 6 months of changing monsoon patterns, you should be careful if you are venturing on a beach tour package of Sri Lanka. The monsoon wind makes the rough sea and heavy rain over the regions, where it is the abode. Choose the west and south coast for an unforgettable beach tour from October to April and head on to the east from May to October for a beach tour not interrupted by rain.

2 nights 3 days package Colombo during the peak holiday season

November to April is the peak holiday season in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The greatest number of foreign travellers are attracted to the island during this period. Weather-wise it is very favourable for outdoor activities in Colombo, and humidity and rainfall are relatively low. 

2 nights 3 days package Colombo during the off-peak holiday season

A tour package to Colombo can be costlier from November to April compared to the rest of the year, due to the high demand. During the peak holiday season, hotels are also usually fully packed and it would be a daunting task to get a room without advance reservation.

From May to October, the low-tourist season in Colombo is ideal for bargain hunters. The cost of holiday packages during the offseason may decrease between 25%-50% compared to the cost of the peak holiday season. Travelling off-season is also good for those who are keen to escape the crowd. However, there can be heavy rain without any prior notice during this period, they mostly come in the evening.

Getting around Colombo: 2-night 3 days package Colombo         

Getting around Sri Lanka is relatively easy, except in major cities due to the heavy traffic. Large cities such as Colombo, and Kandy tend to demand more of your time while places outside of cities have relative traffic congestion. Generally, the road network is well maintained in Sri Lanka and roads are largely empty outside of cities. It is recommended to hire a private vehicle with a local driver-guide in order to make your 2-night 3 days package in Colombo a success story.

This 3-day Sri Lanka tour includes important cultural and historical monuments such as Sigiriya rock, Dambulla golden temple, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. The tour also includes wildlife tours, a spice/herbal garden, Peradeniya botanical garden, and many other places.

Using Public transport on 2-night 3 days package in Colombo

Public transport such as bus and train cannot be recommended as it sucks your time. Usually, the public buses are behind the schedule and so are the trains. They take a lot more time than other transport to travel between cities. Since you have only 3 days for your Colombo trip is really necessary to save every time and should avoid time waste all possible means.

Travelling by private vehicle on 2-night 3 days package Colombo

Hiring a private vehicle with a driver is the most common practice among foreign travellers. Travelling by private vehicle allows you to reach the destination you wish within a short period of time. Travelling by a cor van is also safe.

Preparation is very important for planning accommodation, sightseeing and travel routes in advance. If you are planning to visit remote areas on your 2 nights 3 days Colombo package, however, the wet season makes for tough travel.

In this article, we discuss 3 options with regard to the 2 nights 3 days Colombo package. Each Colombo package is packed with sightseeing and activities in order to cater to different tastes.  

  1. 2 nights 3 days package Colombo -south coast, wildlife and gem pit
  2. 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-Kandy, hill country, ancient temple
  3. 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-Kandy with ancient cities

Option 1: south coast, wildlife and gem pit

This 3 days tour of Colombo scratches many important places in southern Sri Lanka. The tour package has a fascinating blend of nature, culture and history and is tossed with beach scenery.

Day1: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-south coast, wildlife and gem pit

The tour starts in Colombo; however, the starting point is flexible as this is a private tour. The Sri Lanka tour can be started from Negombo, Colombo or any other beach resort on the west coast. You will be travelling southward from Colombo and the first stop will be at the Madu estuary for a 2 hours boat tour. After visiting the Madu River estuary head on to the sea turtle conservation project to witness and learn about 5 species of endangered sea turtle species existing on the shoreline of Sri Lanka. Afterwards, visit Hikkaduwa beach. After having done earlier mentioned 3 activities you will be arriving at Hikkaduwa for the lunch break. Later in the day walking tour of Galle Fort and the city to absorb the architectural brilliance of Galle.

Overnight stay in Galle

Sri Lanka 3-day tour with Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden temple Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya

Day 2: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-south coast, wildlife and gem pit

After the leisurely breakfast, leave for Tissamaharama, which is the gateway to Yala wildlife reserve. Check-in at the hotel and leisure. In the afternoon safari at Yala national park.

Overnight stay in Yala

Day 3: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-south coast, wildlife and gem pit

After breakfast hit the road and take the cross-country road trip, that takes you to the Sri Lanka gem city or “Rathnapura”, Make a stop at a gem pit and gem museum. Evening return to Colombo.

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Option 2: Kandy, hill country, ancient temple

2-night 3 days Colombo tour crafted with intention of providing the best experience of Sri Lanka’s hill country. Sri Lanka’s hill country with mountains, peaks, valleys, tea gardens and cascading waterfalls is simply irresistible for nature lovers.

Day 1: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy, hill country, ancient temple

The tour starts in Colombo as usual, however, this day’s tour is also a private tour means you are provided with a private vehicle and a local driver/guide; therefore, the pick timing and the location are very flexible. There can be a supplement charge for transportation if you are based in a faraway destination from Colombo.

On the first day of the trip, you will be heading to Kandy from Colombo. There will be 2 major stops before reaching Kandy, one is at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage and the second stop will be at the spice garden. According to our estimation will be reaching Kandy for lunch.  You will be spending about 4 hours on the road as you journey from Colombo to Kandy and you will spend about an hour at each place you stop on the way.

You can opt for the lunch break on the way if you wish or take the lunch at the hotel after check-in. The program does not include lunch, therefore you are free to decide on it.

The second portion of the day’s program starts at 04.0 PM and the guests relax until then or just jump into the hotel swimming pool and have to swim. Your hotel is located very close to the city and therefore you can even have a stroll in the nearby city. In the afternoon visit Kandyan cultural show and tooth relic temple.    

Overnight stay in Kandy

Day 2: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy, hill country, ancient temple

The tour starts at 8.00 AM after lunch, and you will be heading to the hill country holiday resort, Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya is most popular in Sri Lanka for its healing climate. Nuwara Eliya sits 180 meters above sea level and the drive from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya takes around 1 hour (without stops).  However, today you will be stopping many times on your trip to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy.

The first stop will be at the Peradeniya botanical garden to explore Sri Lanka’s biggest and most visited botanical garden. The second stop will be in Pussellawa, about halfway on the journey to witness a tea factory and sample a cup of CEYLON Tea.

We have planned only two stops on the journey to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy, However, I’m pretty sure that you will be making a few more stops. Because the breathtaking sceneries in Sri Lanka’s hill country are simply irresistible. Well-maintained tea gardens with green-capped mountains in the backdrop, cascading waterfalls, patches of forests, terraced rice fields, shining gigantic reservoirs and religious monuments are some of the things that you can’t simply ignore on this route.

In the afternoon walking tour of Nuwara Eliya to see the gorgeous Gregory lake, Victoria Park, Nuwara Eliya golf course and Theodor-styled mansions built by rich British planters in the 18s.

Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

Day 3: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy, hill country, ancient temple

After breakfast leaves for Colombo via Kitulgala. Rugged terrain, green-capped mountains, waterfalls, rivers and streams make Kitulgala one of the best places on the island for adrenaline-pumping activities. You will cut through the beautifully landscaped tea plantations, mountains and valleys. Your guide might stop at 2 wayside waterfalls, Devon Falls and St. Clair’s waterfalls. After lunch in Kitulgala proceed to Colombo.

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option 3: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo-Kandy with ancient cities

Venturing on this 2-night 3 days Colombo trip allows you to explore the most important ancient cities of Sri Lanka. Cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Kandy, and Dambulla have welcomed travellers from all around the world for many thousand years, these cities are still hot destinations for travellers with cultural and historical buffs. The ancient cities are full of sprawling historical monuments.

Kandy is the last kingdom of the Sri Lankan monarchy. The beautiful city is nestled in the mountains, about 115 km from Colombo. Kandy is a city with the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, The tooth relic temple, which is rubbing its shoulders with the Tooth relic temple.

Visiting tooth relic temple in Sri Lanka 2 nights 3 days package

Sri Lanak Buddhism holds special importance for the tooth relic temple. Sitting majestically on the bank of the man-made lake of Kandy, it is a symbol of purity and devotion. The temple was built during the Kandyan period and holds importance as it features typical Sri Lankan architectural characteristics. The temple has green surroundings, which blend perfectly with the white-washed walls of teh temple. The tooth relic temple is only one among many of the architectural wonders, Sri Lanka is home to ancient ruins and world heritage sites.

Day 1: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy with ancient cities

Rests in the north-central dry zone of Sri Lanka, the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka proudly holds many thousand years old monuments, many of them UNESCO world heritage sites, to testify to its rich historical past. Towns, cities, and villages of this triangular-shaped area were in the hands of Sri Lankan kings from the 3rd century BC to 1815 AD. Many hundred kings ruled the island from ancient cities in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and they have constructed an amazing irrigation system, gigantic Buddhist temple, palaces, gardens, hospitals and many more.

Day 1: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy with ancient cities

This private tour starts in Colombo or any other designated place by you on the west coast of Sri Lanka, after breakfast. Your driver-guide takes you to the most ancient city of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura, which is the first major site that you encounter on this 3-day trip. Hundreds of ancient monuments are sprinkled in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. The ancient city is believed to be more than 40 sq. KM during its heyday. Today many of the ancient monuments are partly damaged due to vandalism, relic hunters, or due to thein the wrath of nature.

The tour of Anuradhapura starts after the lunch break and the tour takes around 3 hours. The city tour will be a Hop-On-Hop-Off type of trip, during the city tours, you will be visiting many interesting historical places such as Ruwanweli stupa, Sri Maha Bodhi, Thuparama, Jetawanrama, Twin pond etc.

Overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 2: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy with ancient cities

After breakfast leave for Sigiriya sightseeing and take the 2 hours trek at Sigiriya rock fortress. Later proceed to the historical city of Polonnaruwa, which is another ancient city, which had its heyday in the 10th and 11th centuries. Polonnaruwa hides a large number of ancient Buddhist, and Hindu temples as well as gardens, palaces, lakes and a countless number of Buddha statues. Afternoon optional wildlife safari at Minneriya national park.

Visiting Sigiriya in Colombo 2 nights 3 days package

Sigiriya rock fortress holds an important place in Sri Lanka tourism. Sitting majestically in the north-central province of Sri Lanka, this iconic tourist attraction is on the bucket list of every traveller in Sri Lanka. It is a symbol of power, arrogance, crime and fear. The Sigiriya rock fortress was built during the reign of renegade King Kashaya in the 5th century. It is significant due to its advanced water management system, ancient well-preserved paintings, and landscaped gardens. According to teh experts, the ancient engineers, who planned the city had very good knowledge of trigonometry, hydraulic principles and geometry. Sigiriya rock fortress was one of the most advanced ancient urban cities in the world.

Overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 2: 2 nights 3 days package Colombo- Kandy with ancient cities

On the last day of the 3 days, the Colombo package proceeds to Kandy after breakfast, enroot makes a stop at Dambulla golden temple and Spice garden. Early afternoon visits tooth relic temple during the Kandy city tour. Later leave for Colombo vial Mawanella.

The golden temple of Dambulla and Tooth relic temple are also important historical monuments in Sri Lanka and both of the temples are UNESCO world heritage sites.  The history of the Dambulla golden temple goes back to the 1st century BC while the tooth relic temple had been built in the 13th century.

The Kandy city tour lasts around 3 hours with visits to the Tooth relic temple, Kandy downtown, Kandy viewpoint, Tea garden, Gem museum and Peradeniya botanical garden.

The last stop on this trip to Colombo is the Pinnawala elephant orphanage, located near Kegalle city.  Afterwards, proceed to the hotel in Colombo.

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