Mirissa beach sri lanka

Mirissa Sri Lanka

Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka is a budget holiday destination in Sri Lanka similar to Hikkaduwa and attracts a large number of solo and backpackers. Most of the travellers you encounter here are repeaters. They are very familiar with the settings here.

Where is Mirissa Sri Lanka?

Mirissa Sri Lanka the popular beach resort in the south is about 170 km from Colombo, and it takes about 2 hours to reach the destination from the Airport (via highway).  It is boasted to have one of the most beautiful, secluded beaches of Sri Lanka and provide affordable Mirissa hotels. Due to the low popularity as a beach holiday destination, despite the splendid sandy beaches, the Mirissa beach does not attract as many tourists like most other beach resorts in Sri Lanka such as Bentota and Negombo. But Mirissa beach includes in many Sri Lanka road trips because whale watching Marissa is one of the most sought-after activities in southern Sri Lanka.

prisitne beaches of mirissa

Mirissa as a budget holiday destination

Mirissa beach is a budget holiday destination in Sri Lanka similar to Hikkaduwa and attracts a large number of solo and backpackers. Most of the travellers you encounter here are repeaters. They are very familiar with the settings here.

More than 90 per cent of the travellers, who come to these beaches, are repeated travellers and most of them have been here many times. Most of the travellers attracted to these beaches are individual travellers and organise their accommodation through the internet or private contacts.

Mirissa harbour
Mirissa harbour

Mirissa where to eat

Secluded beaches of Mirissa give the holidaymakers a very tranquil atmosphere for an enjoyable holiday. As I mentioned already Mirissa is a leading beach holiday spot among the budget travellers. Mirissa attracts mainly the young crowd, who travel independently. Mirissa is well developed to accommodate this type of travellers, who are highly concerned about the travel budget. Therefore most facilities and amenities available in Mirissa well adopted to provide their services at an affordable rate.

If you concern about where to eat in Mirissa, the opportunities are endless. A large number of restaurants and eateries can be found on the beaches of Mirissa and many dozens other restaurant are lineup along the main road. Mirissa is a popular fishing village and fresh seafood is one of the most popular products of Mirissa. Therefore, many seafood restaurants around Mirissa giving the choice for tasty seafood.

Mirissa to Galle

The nearby city of Galle is just 15 minutes away from Mirissa beach, which is a popular tourist attraction and UNESCO world heritage site on the island. Galle is a beautiful city by the Indian Ocean; and has a very rich and vibrant history and culture. Galle had been the centre of the spice trade during the Portuguese and Dutch colonial era. Galle still plays a big role in the economy of Sri Lanka.

Mirissa Sri Lanka hotels and other accommodation

The tourism infrastructure is yet to be developed in many ways in Mirissa, especially for luxury seekers. You are not able to see big hotels in Mirissa beach, there are no large-scale accommodation providers, which is an acute shortcoming of Mirissa as a beach holiday destination, and a large number of small guesthouses and rest houses are the accommodation options for holidaymakers.

Due to the sluggish development of infrastructure, the natural environment of Mirissa is still largely intact, especially the beach. Other than the beach bars, beach restaurants and nearby guest houses and rest houses there are no noteworthy constructions to disturb the holidaymakers.

There are no large-scale Mirissa hotels and most Mirissa hotels are small and can accommodate around 20-30 guests at a time. Most Mirissa hotels are categorised under the guest house, rest houses, dormitories, home-stays. The number of star class hotels in Mirissa are very few. Mirissa hotels provide very comfortable and safe accommodation facilities for travellers, who choose Mirissa beach for their beach holidays. Due to the competition among the owners of Mirissa hotels, the services and facilities are of very high quality compared to the prices demanded by them.

accommodation facilities in mirissa

Most Mirissa hotels are just a few meters away from the Mirissa beach because Mirissa beach is the main attraction here and almost every traveller demanding easy access to the Mirissa beach. In the recent past, several new luxurious boutique hotels were constructed due to the increasing demand from high-end travellers. Most of the boutique hotels have a limited number of rooms and can accommodate only a few customers at a time.

Paradise beach club is one of the very few middle-class Mirissa hotels. This Mirissa hotel is located just on the beach giving you the pleasure of sea breeze all day long. It offers a lovely setting for your beach holiday you can have a sea view room and step into the beach whenever you need. All rooms at Paradise beach club has Air conditioning, Minibar and TV. WIFI is available for in-house guests at no extra fee. All rooms are spacious and located around the pool. If you wish to stay at Mirissa beach club please write to us on admin@seerendipitytours.com to get to know about the rates and availability.

Is it easy to find a place to live here?

There is a large number of family hotels with few rooms and most of these properties provide an attached bathroom for each room. Therefore you can expect the safety and privacy you required. A single room cost around $15 per night. If you can afford to pay slightly more than that (  about $ 5) you can go for an air-conditioned room without any trouble. Most travellers prepare food for them while some others depend on nearby beach restaurants for their meals.

What are the top 11 places to visit in Mirissa Sri Lanka?

1. Secret Beach, Mirissa: As the name suggests it is s a secret beach in Mirissa and visited by very few travellers. Since it is largely isolated this is a place to have a calm and quiet time and witness a gorgeous sunset.

2. Parrot rock: this is a rock formation to be found on the beach of Mirissa. You can climb the rock and have a look around the area.

3. Coconut palm view: 15 minutes away from the Mirissa beach resort, quite easy to get there and sunset is breathtaking.

4. Whale watching: Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in Mirissa and Mirissa is the starting point of most whale watching trips. A large number of travellers gathering here every day to start their whale watching adventure.

5. Visiting Unawatuna: Unawatuna is one of the best beaches on the southern coast which is about 15 minutes away from Mirissa. Unawatuna is most popular as a place for beach holidays with activities such as surfing, snorkelling, diving.

6. Visiting Galle Fortress: Galle is the best-preserved Dutch Fort in Asia and dates back to early 15s. Dutch Fort of Galle is a UNESCO world heritage site with hundreds of structures built after old Dutch architecture.

7. Visiting stilt fisherman: You can find stilt fisherman along with the west coast fo Sri Lanka, and most of them are concentrated into Koggala, Weligama, and Ahangama. You will most probably be stopping at Koggala to watch Stilt fisherman. Stilt fishing is a unique way of fishing using a fishing rod, but it differs many ways from the usual fishing.

8. Visiting Koggala lagoon: Koggala lagoon is one of the main tourist attractions in the southern coast of Sri Lanka, which is only a few kilometres away from Mirissa beach. The lagoon and the surrounding area is very rich in Fauna and Flora, where you see a large number of avian Fauna species and most importantly it is one of the best places to endangered mangrove species.

9. Sinharaja Rain forest: This primaeval rain forest is just 2 hours away from Mirissa beach.  Another world popular natural world heritage site known as Sinharaja rain forest is also located near Mirissa beach. It is one of the oldest rain forests in the world and provides awe-inspiring natural scenery within its borders. Sinharaja rainforest is one of the leading tourist attractions, in fact, Sinharaja is the most popular wildlife reserve for trekking, hiking and nature explorations. Sinharaja rainforest is a super biodiversity hot spot in the global contest and one of the best places to spot a large number of avian Fauna species as well as Flora species.

10. Visiting Udawalawe wildlife reserve: One of the leading national parks of Sri Lanka on the west coast, which is only 2 hours away from the Mirssa beach.

The local tour operators of Sri Lanka such as seerendipity tours organize many interesting tours and excursions various tourist attractions from Mirissa. You can join one of their tours to visit Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura Kandy and all other important historical, manmade and natural attractions.

11. Visiting Hadungoda tea plantation: Beach areas of Sri Lanka is most popular for agricultural products such as coconut, cinnamon and many other spices and beaches areas are not popular for Tea. The tea plantations are mostly found on the interior of the country towards the central highland of Sri Lanka. However, you have the opportunity to visit a tea plantation and visit a tea factory your hotel in Mirissa.

Hadungoda tea plantation is not far from Mirissa beach and it takes around 40 minutes to reach Hadungoda tea plantation for your hotel.

What are the most popular activities in Mirissa?

  • Whale watching
  • Dolphin watching
  • Swimming with sea turtle
  • Diving
  • Sun-bathe
  • Surfing
Whale watching Mirissa

Whale watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka

This beaches holiday destination has a reputation for being the starting point of whale watching tours in Sri Lanka. Most groups, who are on whale watching tours are starting their tour in Mirissa and you have the opportunity to see whales within a 2 hours boat from the beach. Dewundara, further south of Mirissa is the emerging whale watching spot in Sri Lanka and it is starting to become a popular place for whale watching tours.

Mirissa tour with whale watching -2 days

This 2 days Sri Lanka trip begins in Colombo, however, the guests can join the trip from other beach resorts on the west coast. The two days trip cover many important tourist attractions on the west coast and south coast. The culmination of the 2 days trip is the whale watching trip off Mirissa.

Mirissa tour with whale watching in a nutshell

Day 1 Mirissa tour 07.00 AM: Meet and greet by serendipity tour representative after the breakfast.

Day 1 Mirissa tour 09.00 AM: Visit sea turtle conservation project

Day 1 Mirissa tour 10.00 AM: Boat tour to explore the cinnamon island and mangrove forest in Madu river estuary

Day 1 Mirissa tour 12.00 PM: Visit mask museum Ambalangoda

Day 1 Mirissa tour 01.00 PM: Visiting Moonstone mines and Lunch

Day 1 Mirissa tour 03.00 PM: Walking tour of Galle fortress

Day 1 Mirissa tour 05.00 PM: Check in the hotel and leisure

Day 2 Mirissa tour 06.00 AM: Start the whale watching boat tour

Day 2 Mirissa tour 12.00 AM: DStart return journey to Hotel in Colombo, en-route stop in Hikkaduwa for lunch

Map of Mirissa tour with whale watching
Map of Mirissa tour with whale watching

Surfing in Mirissa Sri Lanka

Mirissa is an ideal place for surfing enthusiasts, in fact, surfing is one of the most popular activities here, perhaps the most popular water sport in Mirissa. The waves are suitable for newcomers to the sport as well as for the well-experienced players.

Snorkelling In Sri Lanka
Swimming with a sea turtle in Mirissa

Swimming with sea turtles in Mirissa

The beautiful coastal village is blessed with a large number of sea creatures. Dolphins are the most popular sea creature that you encounter in Mirissa and due to the popularity of whale watching all other creatures are almost neglected. One of the very rare and endangered sea creatures that you encounter in mirissa is sea turtles. A large number of sea turtles are living in the water around Mirissa because it is full of food (seagrass) that these creatures love to eat. And the isolated beaches around Mirissa are perfect nesting spots for sea turtles.

You can rent all the equipment required for snorkelling and a boat. The experienced local boater helps you to find the best places where the sea turtles are hanging around. After about 20 meters from the shore, you can spot a sea turtle, usually, you are able to spot many sea turtles numbering dozens in some instances. The chances are very high to spot sea turtles here.

Mirissa is one of the best places to see a sea turtle on their natural habitat, you can swim with them in the water. You have to drive about 10 minutes from the main beach resort to the beach known as “secret beach”, where a large number of travellers gather to swim with sea turtles. The sea around the secret beach is very clear and is best for snorkelling and swimming from November to April. Rest of the year the water might not be clear and it can be dangerous to go to the water due to the monsoon.

Surfing in Mirissa

Best time for beach holidays in Mirissa Sri Lanka

Make a research to find out the best time to show up yourself here, otherwise, it could be a reason to be a disappointment. As a rule, the rain season in Mirissa starts in May and lasts till October. It is a good idea to keep away from these beaches during the rainy season. Because the sea is not suitable for a sea bath due to the underwater current. Surfers also do not make a visit here and they are heading to other popular surfing destinations such as Aru gam bay.

The 6 months from November to April is considered as the best time of the year to go to Mirissa (North-East monsoon). During the North-East monsoon, the sea is calm and it is safe to go to the sea. Mostly the dry weather prevails in the region during this time, tempting you to engage in many outdoor activities.

Mirissa is one of the best places in the south for swimming & watching the sunset

The beaches in Mirissa Sri Lanka is simply gorgeous, travellers can swim throughout the day and watch the sunset from the beach as the day wind-up. It is a quiet and nice clean sandy beach beside the local village, if you opt to stay in the village (away from the beach) there are many opportunities to find affordable accommodation facilities. Still, most of these properties are just a few minutes away from the beach. If you stay in a hotel near the beach and have a sea view from the room your accommodation cost is higher.

Sunset in Mirissa sri lanka

Getting to Mirissa Sri Lanka

It is very easy to go to Mirissa from any part of Sri Lanka. Because of Mirissa is just 13 kilometres from Matara, which is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka. Matara is connected to all corners of the island by land and air transport. Therefore travellers can find direct buses from all major cities in Sri Lanka to Matara.

Mirissa is also getting popularity among the international travellers in parallel to other holiday destinations in southern Sri Lanka such as Hambantota and Weligama. The main reason for this trend is the opening of the expressway in southern Sri Lanka, which had been able to curtail the time spend on travelling from Colombo to Mirissa. Very long transfer (6 hours) was the major reason that kept travellers away from these beaches in the past. With the newly constructed highway, it will be reduced to just 2 hours from the airport.

Same times there is a busy schedule of trains between Colombo and Matara. I presume Train is the most convenient way to travel to Matara, but only the trains of the coastal railway line can take you to Matara and Matara is the end of the coastal railway line. If need to travel to Matara hop into the “Galukumari” or “Samudradevi” train, you can reach Matara with many conveniences and it is cheap, fast and safe too.

From all major cities like Colombo, Kandy, Trincomalee, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura you can reach Matara by public or private transport. Then head to Mirissa by TUK TUK or by taxi.

Why you should choose Seerendiopity tours for your Mirissa tour

Seerendipity tour is a fully locally owned travel company with the head office in Colombo. The highly experienced local staff is a key strength of Seerendipity tours and they can plan your dream holiday to Sri Lanka.

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