What are the 6 best places to visit on a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka?

Some of Sri Lanka’s most alluring, charismatic and most popular tourist attractions are just a short hop away from Colombo international airport, including the Sigiriya rock fortress, the Bentota beach and the primaeval rain forest, Sinharaja. This unique agenda is crafted after long research. The 5 day trip to Sri Lanka ties together 6 classic locations that focus on Sri Lanka’s history, culture, wildlife, mountain scenery and the beach.  

Exploring Tropical Island of Sri Lanka on 5 day trip

The people around the world are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to travel around the world as soon as the pandemic comes to the end. Some of the travelers have already started to plan their trips for the coming months as the more and more countries are opening its border to the visitors. If those plans are involved with travelling to a tropical island, Sri Lanka would be a great choice.

This 5 day Sri Lanka tour includes many iconic tourist places such as the Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden temple, and tooth relic temple. This 5 days private tour also takes you to the breathtaking scenery in Sri Lanka’s hill country. The travellers will be able to explore Sri Lanka’s fascinating wildlife on a safari too.

Access to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. However, one might think that is difficult to reach Sri Lanka, due to the remoteness from countries in the northern hemisphere. But reaching Sri Lanka is far easier than you think. Travellers can reach Sri Lanka by air and cruise ships. Sri Lanka is connected with all corners of the world and the most popular airline carriers make regular visits to Sri Lankan airports.  

What to see in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island but it offers plenty of interesting places and activities for travellers. Especially the beach goers are aptly rewarded with its 1300 km of pristine beaches. Sri Lanka is a perfect spot for relaxation and a beach holiday is a part of almost every trip based on Sri Lanka. The tropical nation should not be essentially restricted for a beach holiday and it offers a whole lot more for travellers such as ancient monuments (UNESCO world heritage site), hill country, adventure sites, rainforests, theme parks, museums, rivers and lakes for water sports, and many many more.

5 places to visit on a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka

Some of Sri Lanka’s most alluring, charismatic and most popular tourist attractions are just a short hop away from Colombo international airport, including the Sigiriya rock fortress, the Bentota beach and the primaeval rain forest, Sinharaja. So, if you are not in the mood to go clubbing or discos, take a break and venture on 5 days Sri Lanka trip to visit some of the most exciting places outside of Colombo.

This Sri Lanka 5 days trip starts at the Colombo airport, where most travellers enter the island. However, this is a private tour, which means that the pickup location can be adjusted to suit the individual need of the travellers.

Sri Lanka 7 days tour with a fascinating blend of history, culture, nature, wildlife, and leisure

Why this 5 days Sri Lanka trip stand out from the crowd?

This Sri Lanka tour package has a fascinating blend of culture, history, nature and leisure. The interested parties can extend their beach stay on the west coast or the southern coast of Sri Lanka. While some adrenaline-pumping activities such as Whitewater rafting, hiking, trekking or rainforest trekking can be mixed with the existing tour program with a slight adjustment. This 5-day trip is crafted mainly to serve the luxury seekers and includes luxury accommodation in 5-star hotels while transport in one of our luxury vehicles on a private basis.  

Why is this a private tour package?

This Sri Lanka trip package is meant mainly for the luxury seekers that wish to have a Sri Lanka trip at their own pace. The tour is equipped with a dedicated vehicle and a driver/guide, having a private trip means the participant of the trip package have the maximum privacy and the flexibility to do the activities as they wish.

What are the 6 best places to visit on a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka?

What are the 10 best things to do on this 5 days Sri Lanka trip?

5 optional activities available on Sri Lanka 5 day tour

Sri Lanka 5 days tour in a nutshell

  • Day 1: Arrive at Colombo airport, meet and greet by Seerendipity tours representative and proceed to the hotel in Sigiriya, En-route visit Dambulla golden temple.
  • Day 2: In the morning-visit Sigiriya rock fortress and in the afternoon-visit Polonnaruwa ancient city and in the evening safari at Minneriya national park.
  • Day 3: Leave for Kandy after the breakfast, en-route visit spice garden. In the afternoon Kandy city tour with visits to Kandyan cultural show, Kandy Lake, Kandy viewpoint and tooth relic temple.
  • Day 4: Leave for Nuwara Eliya after breakfast, visit a tea plantation and factory En-route. In the afternoon walking tour of Nuwara Eliya.
  • Day 5: After the leisurely breakfast proceeds to the beach on the west coast while taking a glimpse into the picture-perfect mountain scenery backed by small hamlets, tiny towns, green-capped mountains, waterfalls, and tea gardens.

The map of Sri Lanka 5 days trip

The map of Sri Lanka 5 days trip

Exploring Dambulla golden temple: 5 day trip to Sri Lanka

The first stop of the trip is Dambulla golden temple, which is one of the oldest Buddhist temples on the island, dating back to 1st century BC. Dambulla golden temple sits in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and serves as a Sri Lanka one day trip place. However, Sigiriya and Dambulla one day trip is a very popular activity among the local and foreign travellers. Seerendipity tours offer daily one day trip to Sigiriya and Dambulla from Colombo. More information on this Sri Lanka day trip you can contact them on admin@seerendipitytours.com.

This ancient Buddhist temple is a UNESCO world heritage site and hides many hundreds of Buddha statues within its 5 natural caves. A large extent of the inner wall of the caves is hidden by religious paintings.

After visiting Dambulla cave temple head to Sigiriya via the A9 main road that plays an important role in Sri Lanka’s economy even today, which is the main link between the northernmost city of Sri Lanka and the rest of the island. Sigiriya is one of the most popular tourist sites in Sri Lanka and one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. The first 2 nights of Sri Lanka 5 days tour you will be staying either in Sigiriya or Habarana.

Where to stay in the cultural triangle

Most tourists choose either Sigiriya or Habarana as their base during the trip to Cultural triangle Sri Lanka because both cities are centrally located within cultural triangle, means all important monuments are located within easy reach of these cities. Therefore, Sigiriya and Habarana are the 2 best places to study local history and share insight into the surrounding ancient cities with fellow travellers.  

From the moment the travellers step into the cultural triangle, Sigiriya, Dambulla golden temple and Polonnaruwa are in the bucket list of every traveller, due to its historical importance. All crumbling cities represent some of the most dominant pieces of the island’s history.

Exploring Sigiriya rock

The glory days of the Sigiriya rock fortress goes back to the 5th century AD, which had been the capital of the king of Kashyapa. This glorious 5th century landscaped garden with a fortified city is where a glimpse of the 5th-century engineering skills of ancient people showcased. Fountains constructed following modern hydraulic principles, landscaped garden with protruding principles of trigonometry, Sigiriya paintings that forecast in-depth knowledge of arts by then predecessors of Michael Angelo are few main reasons why hordes of tourists are heading to Sigiriya rock fortress.

Sigiriya believed to be like the hanging city of Babylon, where there had been building and gardens on different layers. However, it has been very difficult to ascertain the exact picture of this ancient fortified royal residence due to its dilapidated condition. A large number of ancient constructions are strewn in a large boulder rich area while in the middle a huge granite monolith rock rises up to 300m meters from the surrounding area. The palace of the king was at the top of the rock and the entire complex was surrounded by moats and a water ditch to concrete the safety of the king. Today the visitors can climb the rock on a rock-hewn stair and enjoy the 360° picture-perfect scenery that the king enjoyed from the top of the rock.  

This nature tour includes rainforest trekking, white water rafting, safari, hiking, and trekking. This adventure tour also includes whale watching based in southern Sri Lanka. If you

The nature of Sigiriya hike

The visitors enter the ancient complex from its western main gate and need to take a walkabout 500 meters until the man-made stairs show up. There are many ancient structures to study as you walk in the garden such as the parts of the landscaped garden, fountains, swimming pools, caves with ancient paintings etc.

The visitors come to the steep part of the climb passing the landscaped garden, which starts with man-made granite steps. Now the climb gets steeper and steeper as you go up, it elevates you up to 500 meters above sea-level at the end of the climb. Fresco pocket, lion’s paw, the foundation of king’s palace and the mirror wall are 4 major points that visitors encounter on the climb. One distinct characteristic of the steps at Sigiriya is its size, which is about half of the size of modern steps. There are 1200 steps from top to bottom.

When is the best time to climb Sigiriya?

Sigiriya rock is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, where the temperature hovering around 35°C while humidity measured to be around 90%. Scorching heat backed by high-humidity can cause you to have extensive sweating and cause you to dehydrate.

Taking the Sigiriya climb early morning, around 07.00 am, before the sun blast in its full force and taking enough fluid during the trek is the best way to have a trouble-free and enjoyable sightseeing trip to Sigiriya. Having comfortable shoes is also highly recommended and Walking stick can be handy too, for elder travellers. Sigiriya rock climb cannot be recommended for travellers with heart diseases, walking abnormalities and spinal disorders. The Sigiriya rock climb may last between 2 hours 3 hours depending on your physical fitness.    

Sigiriya rock fortress is a 5th-century palace complex with landscaped gardens, moats, swimming pools, fountains, paintings, and a palace. At the top of the monolithic rock, at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, King Kashyapa built his royal palace. The frescoes are to be found halfway down the track on the upward journey.

Polonnaruwa ancient city

The glory day of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa starts in the 10th century AD and it was the capital of Sri Lanka for about a century of years subsequently. Polonnaruwa is an ancient city where a glimpse of the ancient temples, palaces and many other ancient structures are practically an everyday occurrence.

From the 10th century palace of King Parakramabahu to priceless pieces of sculptures such as Galviharaya, the visitors at Polonnaruwa ancient city are surrounded by history, myths and legends, making Polonnaruwa, the 2nd capital of Sri Lanka, is one of the most coveted archaeological sites for local as well as foreign travellers.

Visiting Polonnaruwa museum on Sri Lanka 5 day trip

Separated into 6 spacious compartments, Polonnaruwa museum showcases some of the priceless artefacts found at the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. The museum is located next to the great irrigation work of Parakrama Samudra and commands a beautiful view over the lake. “The museum is visited by a large number of travellers. Most visitors are from European countries such as England, France and Germany but now there is a rise in the number of travellers from countries like India and China,” said Nissanka, a freelance guide working at Polonnaruwa.

Wildlife safari amidst crumbling historical monuments

The wealth of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle is not limited to its cultural and historical assets but for pristine forests and untamed wildlife. Minneriya national park, eco-park, Kaudulla wildlife reserve, are 3 major spots for wildlife safari on the island. These places are some of the best national parks on the island to see wild elephants due to the high concentration of the jumbos. Fortunately, all these places are located only a dozen kilometres from Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa and it means the tourist can venture on a wildlife safari based on one of these national parks during this Sri Lanka 5 days trip.

As per the tour itinerary, you will be visiting the national park after the Polonnaruwa ancient city. Most probably you will be starting the jeep safari at around 3 pm and drive through the park for about 3 hours while exploring fascinating Fauna and flora.  

Spend five memorable days on a tour of Sri Lanka with a variety of sightseeing activities. Visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla, bicycle around the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, tour Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and see the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) — all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Visiting Kandy on Sri Lanka 5 days tour itinerary

After scratching few most important historical monuments in the cultural triangle (Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa), the tour proceeds toward the interior of the country via Matale. Kandy is one of the most visited cities in Sri Lanka with a large influx of foreign travellers. Tooth relic temple, Royal botanical garden and Kandyan cultural shows feature the main activities in Kandy on the 5 days Sri Lanka trip. There will be a brief stop as you drive to Kandy from Sigiriya to Kandy in Matale to visit a spice garden.

Sri Lanka upcountry on 5 days Sri Lank trip

On the 4th day of Sri Lanka 5 days tour, after visiting tourist places in Kandy, you will be leaving to Nuwara Eliya, which will be one of the most scenic road trips in Sri Lanka. The steep climb accompanied by sharp bends demands more time on this route than usual. However, the time lost is duly compensated with picture-perfect scenery at every minute you pass.

There will be a few stops during the 90 KM journey, which lasts around 2 hours, at Ramboda waterfalls, Tea plantations, tea factory and a few other places to enjoy the beautify scenery. In the afternoon leisure stroll passing Gregory lake, Victoria Park and Nuwara Eliya city.

Drive to the beach from the mountains

Last day of the 5 days trip to Sri Lanka takes you to the west coast beach or Colombo airport depending on your choice. However, this 5-day trip is planned with a beach tour package towards the tail end of the 5 days’ vacation. The participants can decide on the duration of the beach stay; however, it is not compulsory to book the Sri Lanka beach tour package.

When is the best time for a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka?

This 5 days Sri Lanka trip is based on the southern route and you mainly touch the west coast of Sri Lanka and the central province of the island, therefore November to April is the best time to venture on this Sri Lanka trip. Based on the weather pattern, these regions experience the best weather conditions for outdoor activities from November to April, parallel to the north-east monsoon.

November to April considered being the best time of the year to travel to Sri Lanka due to the dry weather prevailing in most part of the island except north and east. If you plan a beach holiday on the southern and western coast, November to April is the best time for your beach tour package.

How to travel on a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka?

There are many possibilities with regards to transportation on Sri Lanka 5 days trip such as air transport, travelling by public transport (bus and train) as well as a private vehicle. Travelling by air transport is a viable option on the Sri Lanka trip, however, it cost a lot of money, moreover, it might be difficult to visit tourist places as the inland airports are located far from some tourist attractions.

Private transport on Sri Lank five days trip

Most widely used transport mode on Sri Lanka trips is private transport with a local driver/guide. It enables you to visit all major tourist places along the way. Travelling by private vehicle is comfortable, saves time, safe and gives you the maximum value for money.

Using public transport in Sri Lanka on 5 days trip

Travelling by public transport also can be considered as a viable option to travelling in Sri Lanka but it is not recommended to this Sri Lanka 5 days Sri Lanka trip, which has a limited time to explore a large number of tourist places. Travelling by public transport in Sri Lanka definitely save a lot of money for you but on the other hand, you tend to lose a lot of time on the road. Usually, the public buses and trains are behind the schedule and suck your time.  

Why you should book 5 days Sri Lanka trip with Seerendipity

Seerendipity tour is an entirely locally owned travel company with a head office in Colombo. The highly experienced local staff is a key strength of Seerendipity tours and they can plan your dream holiday to Sri Lanka.

Best price for your Sri Lanka vacation packages

When you book a tour with us, you directly book the tour with the local company, which means there are no middlemen and therefore you can guarantee the best price. Simply get in touch with us and let us know when you travel and what you like to see.

Plan your best Sri Lanka vacation packages with experts

Our staff makes a personalized program for you, which you can change until you find the best package for you. You can also browse our existing tour packages for inspiration; all our ready-made tour packages are customizable and can be tailored to meet all your expectations. Write to us at admin@seerendipitytours.com, Tel 0094-77-440977, WhatsApp 0094-77-4440977

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