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Summer In Sri Lanka- The Best Time To Go To Sri Lanka

Summer In Sri Lanka

For many people around the world, Sri Lanka is still an unknown country.  Because most of them do not know that same country, which was known as Ceylon is called Sri Lanak today . Therefore recalling the tiny Indian Ocean Island “Ceylon” might give you a clear picture of this tropical holiday destination known as Sri Lanka today. Sri Lanka holidays is a popular search term on Google because Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination in Asia but the tourism industry in the island was going through a lot of hardships due to the devastating civil war. As the war was ended in 2009, Sri Lanka is back on the track and has become an important destination for travellers around the world. Today Sri Lanka is visited by nearly 2 million tourists a year.

Due to the unfavourable political climate in several holiday destinations around the world such as Egypt and Syria the island of Sri Lanka has been able to heighten its importance among traveller’s. Sri Lanka is a good alternative holiday spot for travellers, who are eying on a tropical holiday destination. And there are many reasons for the travellers to consider Sri Lanka as an alternative for those holiday destinations, due to its superb architecture, pristine beaches, ancient culture, wildlife reserves, rainforests, delicious sea-food, friendly population and mostly with its peaceful life. Travelling to Sri Lanka will not be necessarily an expensive job if you make a proper plan on your Sri Lanka trip.

You might be wondering what is the Best Time To Go To Sri Lanka, that’s why you have landed on this page. Most people would say the winter season in Europe (November – April) is the best time to go to Sri Lanka. But I would like to say it is not the winter season in Europe, the best time to go to Sri Lanka. It is the summer season in Europe the best time to go to Sri Lanka, keep on reading you will understand why I’m saying that.

Sri Lanka is a popular long-haul holiday destination in the world and attracts nearly 2 million visitors a year. Sri Lanka winter holiday is more popular than Sri Lanka summer holiday, hence the majority of tourist traffic head into Sri Lanka during the winter season. But I feel Sri Lanka Summer is the best time to go to Sri Lanka. There are several reasons to say that and I have discussed them in this post.

Most numbers of tourist arrived from European countries to Sri Lanka until the 2015 but as the number of tourists arriving from Europe dropped during the last several years and the number of Chinese travellers increased, China has replaced Europe as the most important tourist generating country for Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an Asian country that full of wide-open skies. It is very attractive and looks like a desert. You will see huge farmlands and tea plantations as far as the eye can see. Vast Tea, cinnamon and rubber plantations fill extensive gaps in the remote areas of the island. if you are on a camping holiday, you have plenty of campsites around the island. Sitting in the middle of a field, you will feel that you are the only person in the world.


Sri Lanka is a fast-developing nation in the region. The country’s infrastructures show a vast development within the last several years while cities are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. The government has launched an ambitious plant to make Colombo an international city to attract more tourists in the future. Colombo is the commercial centre and most populated city while the beautiful city of Jayewardenepura functions as the capital of the island. Colombo has an interesting blend of past and present with colonial buildings dating back to 18s and modern constructions that rises several dozens of floors. Colombo is well on its way to making a name for itself on the traveller’s world.


Sri Lanka is made up of four main religions; Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. In most cities, you can find the religious symbols representing all these religions. But, Buddhist temples are the most common of all religious institutions in the country and it is the most people (69%) believe in the teaching of Buddha.


Monuments are very common on the island. Sri Lanka boasts to have one of the oldest cultures in the world, which is known as Singhalese-Buddhist culture. Island is one of the very few countries that are continuously inhabited since the Pre-Christian ear.  The country has a fascinating collection of historical monuments dating back to several thousand years. Most of these ancient constructions are to be found in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

bentota beach areal view

The busiest period for Sri Lanka tourism sector is the winter season (from November to April), the European tourist traffic head into the island during this period. Same times there is a large number of arrivals into the country from America and Asia during this period. Due to the large influx of tourists in the country during the winter, it creates an unnecessary rush, especially for the accommodation and creates a bubble in price.

When the winter season is approaching, travellers set off for Sri Lanka. But, the island is visited by very few tourists during the Sri Lanka summer holiday (From April to November). For the travellers, who travel to Sri Lanka during the winter season, the holiday costs nearly two times as the cost of the Sri Lanka summer holiday. Due to the high demand, during the winter the rates for air tickets, hotels, transportation and for most other services are higher compared to the rates during summer.

Travelling in Sri Lanka during the summer is the most rewarding for your pocket. During this period the rates are at the rock bottom for flights and accommodation. Tourist resorts are with only a few tourists mean you have the peace of mind during the holiday. Following are some of the good reasons to plan your Sri Lanka tour between April and November.

  • Bargains

The travellers can enjoy bargain prices with regards to the facilities during the summer holiday in Sri Lanka.  Airfares drop nearly to half the price of regular peak season (from November to April).  Try to avoid the school holidays; there are increases in airfares during the summer school holidays. In some instances, the airfares increase even higher than the peak season airfares.  But generally, November to April during the summer is the best period to fly from and to Colombo for a bargain price. However, due to the low demand, there will be very few charter flights operating to Sri Lanka during this period.

While saving on airfares, this is also the best period to save on accommodation in Sri Lanka. Hotels are rarely half-filled during the period and most hotels are maintaining very special bargain rates, in order to encourage people to stay in their properties.

  • The weather in the Summer in Sri Lanka

The climate is greatly varied across the island of Sri Lanka. West coast of Sri Lanka experiences the most number of rainy days from April to November. This is the monsoon period of West coast means more rain and less sunshine. But, East coast is having a sunny and warm climate during the same period. The sea on the east coast is very calm and clear while the sea is very shallow. This is the best time to travel to the east coast, for sun worshippers. The sea is at its best for sea bath, diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Climate is dry, warm and sunny, this is the best time for outdoor activities on the east coast.

  • Fewer travellers

Another reward for your choice to travel during the off-season is the freedom of the sights and attractions. These places have hordes of the crowd during the peak-season and making you contend with other travellers. Even though there are fewer visitors during this period, all the sights and activities are operating as usual.

  • More exposure to the local culture

Fewer foreigners mean the more opportunities to interact with the local people and their culture. Sri Lanka is a country with one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Try to understand the way the local community think and act. They are also a very helpful and friendly community and love sharing their experiences with you.

  • Beautiful Scenery

April and may are considered to be the most beautiful months of the year. Most of the trees and plants are shining with the tender leaves, flowers and fruits. Most seasonal fruits are producing their fruits during this period. April is the festival month of Sri Lanka and the whole country is filled with the festival spirit. Local customs, traditions, foods, sports and sweetmeats appear in April when the Sinhalese New Year is celebrated.

  • Accommodation

Below is a rough calculation of expenses with three budget categories for 2 persons. Sri Lanka has a well-developed tourism infrastructure with ample accommodation facilities for any type of budget. According to our experience, Majority travellers in Sri Lanka choose either 4 star or 3-star accommodation facilities during the holiday.

1. Comfort. 4* Hotels

In all major cities such as Colombo, Kandy, Sigiriya accommodation facilities available in all comfort level. In most places, 4-star accommodation cost around 85 USD P.P in a double/twin shared a room with breakfast.  Dining in an outside restaurant with the international menu would cost around USD 20 P.P per day.   The other expenses such as transport, guiding, entrance ticket etc cost around 50 USD P.P. Therefore according to this rough calculation, 1 day budget for a comfortable stay is around 135 USD P.P.

2. Budget. 3* Hotels

After 4-star accommodation facilities, this is the most demanding category of accommodation among the travellers, who visit Sri Lanka.  Therefore 3-star accommodation facilities can be found in all major places, where tourists occur. This type of accommodation with daily breakfast cost around 70 USD p/p in a shared double/twin room.  In order to have a good meal in a local restaurant, it cost around 10 USD a day P.P (lunch and dinner). And with all extra spending, 1-day budgets will be around 100 USD P.P.

3. Economic. Guesthouse, B&B, 2* hotels

For travellers, who are looking for budget holidays, can find good clean accommodation with good security in Guesthouse type of places. Dormitories, homestays are also handy options for budget travellers.  Rent homes and rooms are also available in many parts of the island, mostly in beach areas, where travellers stay for a much longer period of time.

Most of these places are family-run businesses and tourists will get a more homely feeling. It offers a very local hospitable welcome and approach. This type of accommodation cost around USD 45 P.P and it includes daily breakfast, private rooms, private bathrooms, fan or air-conditioning. Eating in a small tea house cost around 5 USD P.P per meal. Total expenses for a day with this type of accommodation will be around 75 USD P.P.

Above calculation shows you that holiday in Sri Lanka will not rip-off your wallet. It can be 75 USD P.P or 135 USD P.P depending on your affordability. If you need to plan a good Sri Lanka tour package at an affordable rate please get in touch with one of our Local experts on


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