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Wilpattu National Park Records Tourist Influx

Wilpattu national park records tourist influx

Wilpattu national park has been visited by a recorded number of visitors from January to March 2012. Wilpattu national park has earned around five million rupees during the three months period. With the ending of 30 years of civil war in the country, security in the region has significantly increased. “Now it does not need to be worried to visit a national park,” one jeep driver said.  The highly peaceful atmosphere and is one of the biggest national parks, Wilpattu has been able to attract a large number of foreign and local tourists. Last year Wilpattu national park recorded 8 million rupees profit.

Department of wildlife has allocated 600 million rupees for the improvements in the national park. The national park was not visited for the last 30 years by tourist as it was not safe, and most of the facilities such as lodgings, campsites, transport facilities, are in the dilapidated condition. All measures are taken to upgrade the fasciitis and they are closely monitored by the department of wildlife.

The newly constructed road network is improved in parallel to the Deyata Kirula – 2012 exhibition in Oyamaduwa. Yala national park can be accessed very easily owing to the good road network in the region, and it has immensely helped to reduce the travelling time to the national park. Now it is very easy to reach the Wilpattu national park along the Colombo Anuradhapura main road via Puttalam. The improved road network is one reason for the increasing number of visitors to the national park.

According to the information, the existing road network will be widened within the park enabling to explore a wider area in the reserve. Four new holiday bungalows will be constructed in addition to the existing four resorts. Existing resorts will be improved to facilitate a better experience for tourists. The new entrance to the park from Tanthirimale has helped to ease the traffic congestion to the park.

Wilpattu national park is one of the best places to witness leopards on the island. The national park is consisting of 140,000 hectares of mostly dry zone evergreen forest cover. The landscape of Wilpattu is very attractive owing to its thick jungle, dozens of tanks and42 shallow lakes. Yala is located in the district of Puttalam bordering Anuradhapura and Mannar districts. Weerakkulichola, Eluwankulama forest reserves and the Thabbowa Park are also located within the borders of Wilpattu national park.

Wilpattu national park was visited by 140 foreigners in January 2011 and the number is increased to 500 by January 2012. There had been a sharp increase in visitors to the park in March 2012 and was 2000.


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