Polonnaruwa city discovered evidence of a civilization that predates the Polonnaruwa period chronicled in history

Archaeologists excavating in the historic Polonnaruwa city discovered evidence of a civilization that predates the Polonnaruwa period chronicled in history.

According to Prof. Prishantha Gunawardene of Kelaniya University’s Archaeological Studies Division, Kelaniya and Jaffna Universities recently collaborated with La Trobe University in Australia and the Central Cultural Fund on a research project that uncovered evidence of that prehistoric civilization.

He stated that the researchers employed radar scanners to penetrate the earth’s crust further into the inner strata, revealing archaeological evidence from the old civilization.

“We initiated the excavation project to investigate the urban civilization that flourished during the Polonnaruwa period. A team of archaeologists from Kelaniya University, Jaffna University, La Trobe University in Australia, the Department of Archaeology, and the Central Cultural Fund conducted a study at the archaeological site of King Parakramabahu’s royal palace and surroundings. They conducted their investigation using current technology. The project is scheduled to be completed by February 26.

“The primary goal of the excavation effort is to discover archaeological relics of the urban life that existed in ancient Polonnaruwa. The researchers employ current equipment, such as radar scanners, to analyze the ruins of an ancient society. This resulted in thorough research on over 80% of the Polonnaruwa inner city. It is significant that the researchers have progressed past the historical remnants of King Parakramabahu’s royal palace, conference hall, and ponds, discovering archeological evidence of a medieval civilization buried around three metres beneath the ground.

“The discoveries included the archaeological remains of ponds and several buildings, indicating a sophisticated society in the Polonnaruwa area dating back much further than the Polonnaruwa period recorded in history.” Archaeologists are doing additional excavations based on the findings. This would pave the way for a greater understanding of the historic Polonnaruwa city, and we would take steps to allow tourists to witness the magnificence of the historic city in bygone days,” Prof. Prishantha Gunawardene added.