What are the 20 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December?

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination in Asia and attracts a large number of travellers every year. Most travellers visit Sri Lanka during the northeast monsoon from November to December. This article is about the best places to visit Sri Lanka in December. However, all places mentioned in this article are very suitable for fun-filled activities not only for your trip in December but also anytime from November to April.

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December is one of the best months to visit Sri Lanka due to the country’s friendly climate. The weather in December is very stable and suitable for the holidays. December is one of the best months to travel in Sri Lanka. Especially the west coast and southern coastal belt have the best settings for holidays. The seawater is incredibly clear, the rainfall is at its lowest ebb and the daily magical sunrise is guaranteed. It is about the beach but what are the other best places for sightseeing tours in Sri Lanka in December? You might be wondering! I’m about to unearth the 20 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December, covering tourist hotspots like the cultural triangle, Sri Lanka’s upcountry, the southern coast and west coast beaches.

Sri Lanka is a holiday destination to travel to in December

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination among travellers around the world. Sri Lanka receives a large number of foreign travellers every year. Usually, the local travellers stop moving around the island in the month of December due to the high influx of foreign travellers, which creates an unnecessary rush for accommodation. December is one of the loveliest months of travel in Sri Lanka and therefore it marks the costliest month for travellers.

Low season and high season in Sri Lanka

The peak tourism season in Sri Lanka starts in November. During this period, a large influx of foreign travellers happens and most of them are anchored on the south and west coast of Sri Lanka. The peak holiday season remains until April. During this period, the monsoon wind, which controls the weather pattern in Sri Lanka, moves to the east coast and north coast. Therefore, a large part of the island remains dry, especially Sri Lanka’s hill country, south coast and west coast. From November to April, the north and east coast get a heavy downpour.

Sri Lanka’s low season starts in April and remains until October every year. During this period the number of foreign travellers reduces drastically and most beach resorts especially on the south and west coast tend to be empty. It is mainly due to the rainy weather and rough sea. However, during this period, the east coast of Sri Lanka has dry and sunny weather. The sea off the east coast provides the best setting for a beach holiday.

Weather in Sri Lanka in December

As the south-west monsoon fades into memory, rainfall in Sri Lanka’s western and southern shores is decreasing. Peak beach conditions (average temperature of 30°C) are predicted to return as the recent unruly weather clears out and is replaced by plenty of sunlight and dry days. If you want to spend Christmas vacationing on the beach in Sri Lanka, your best options are the west and south beaches.

Even if it’s still rainy and cool in the nights, the amount of rainfall also gradually decreases up in the hills. The Adam’s Peak pilgrimage season begins in December and lasts through May during the dry season.

Even though the previous month’s peak rainfall totals should have significantly decreased by the end of the month (average temperature: 27 °C), rainfall is still high in the Cultural Triangle. As the north-east monsoon blows, there is still a lot of rainfall in the north and along the east coast of the island.

As the large part of the island see the sunrise in December, some places of Sri Lanka may see the frequent rainfall, such as east coast and north coast. The beaches along the east and south coast see a increased rainfall in the month of decmeber, making it not suitable for beach holiday.

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Cost of travel in Sri Lanka in December

From accommodation to food and transport, everything that travellers need goes up due to the high demand. But, the number of travellers is on an ever-increasing trend over the last many years, in the month of December despite the high cost.

Perhaps you are also planning a trip to Sri Lanka in December, That’s why you landed on this page! If you plan to go to Sri Lanka in December, you might be wondering what the best places to visit in Sri Lanka are in December. This blog post is all about the 10 best tourists to visit in Sri Lanka in December.

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December?

“What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December?”, “Where to go to Sri Lanka in December?” are 2 popular questions among travellers. In fact, we receive many emails every year with the questions like “What are the places to see in Sri Lanka in December?”, “What to do in Sri Lanka in December?”. That’s the main why thought of making this article under the heading “20 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December.”

What are the 20 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December?

  1. Colombo
  2. Anuradhapura
  3. Kandy
  4. Sigiriya rock fortress
  5. Dambulla cave temple
  6. Polonnaruwa
  7. Sinharaja rainforest
  8. Udawattekele forest
  9. Nuwara Eliya
  10. West coast Sri Lanka
  11. The southern coast of Sri Lanka
  12. Sinharaja rainforest
  13. Yala national park
  14. Udawalawe national park
  15. Galle
  16. Mirissa beach
  17. Ella
  18. Kitulgala
  19. Minneriya national park
  20. Wilpattu national park

Sri Lanka travels from November to April

Unlike most other exotic places, Sri Lanka is a year-round holiday destination. However, the peak period of tourist arrivals on the island is from November to April, due to the upbeat of foreign travellers from European countries, parallel to the winter season of the northern hemisphere.

Sri Lanka travels from November to April are very popular mainly due to the winter season, parallel to the winter season A large part of Sri Lanka is soaked up with sunshine. However, during the same period, some areas on the east coast may experience torrential rain.

Sri Lanka travels from April to November are not as popular as Sri Lanka travels from November to April. There is a large vacuum in tourist arrival from April to November. This is the best time of the year to explore the east coast of Sri Lanka. During the same period, the western and southern coasts experience heavy rain.

Important countries for the Sri Lanka tourism industry

The number of travellers from China and India increased by more than 50% over the last few years. But, still, half of the foreign travellers of Sri Lanka begin their journey from a European country. Therefore, western countries are still at the forefront when it comes to generating hard currency for the island through tourism.

A large number of travellers from European countries choose the island to escape from the cold winter. That’s the reason why Sri Lanka is packed with travellers in the month of December.

What are the 13 best Activities for travellers in Sri Lanka in December?

  1. Sun and sea bath
  2. Diving, Snorkeling
  3. Surfing, boating and saltwater-based sports
  4. Visiting historical monuments
  5. Visiting Galle fort
  6. Whale watching
  7. Wildlife safari
  8. Kayaking and River rafting
  9. Rain forest exploration
  10. Bird watching
  11. Visiting botanical gardens
  12. Trek to Adams Peak
  13. Trekking, hiking and other land-based adventures

The tourism industry in Sri Lanka is well developed and Sri Lanka is a destination for beach holidays, wildlife holidays, adventure holidays, camping, rainforest exploration, bird watching tours, and Ayurveda holiday packages as well.

Activities like wildlife exploration, adventure activities, visiting historical monuments, and rainforest exploration are optional activities for most travellers and they invest only a few days in them. But, saltwater activities are mandatory for almost every traveller that visits Sri Lanka. Therefore every traveller asks for a few days of beach stay in the program.

Best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December for a beach hopping

If you fancy a leisurely beach holiday with stunning warm Weather head on to the south and west coast of Sri Lanka. Stunning beaches of the south and west coast are soaked up in warm sunshine every day. Most importantly the endless Ocean has crystal clear water with maximum visibility. The ocean is on the side of the swimmers and surfers and free of the underwater current.

If you are a traveller that visits Sri Lanka in search of warm tropical weather and wondering where to go in Sri Lanka in December, I would recommend you west, and southern coast beaches right away as the base for the Sri Lanka tour.

What are the places to visit in Sri Lanka in December for beach hopping?

If you plan your Sri Lanka trip in the month of December, I must say that you are lucky because you have a large number of pristine beaches that you can choose from for your beach stay. Hundreds of beaches along the west and south coast are ready to receive beach holiday lovers in the month of December. These beaches provide the best setting for a beach stay with calm and clear waters. The ocean around the west and south coasts is best for saltwater activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, boating, and surfing from November to April. Beaches starting from Kalppitiya (northwest Sri Lanka) to Hambantota can be used for beach holidays. Some of the popular beaches are,

  1. Kalpitiya Beach
  2. Waikkal Beach
  3. Negombo Beach
  4. Mount Lavinia Beach
  5. Wadduwa Beach
  6. Kalutara Beach
  7. Bentota Beach
  8. Beruwala Beach
  9. Ambalangoda Beach
  10. Hikkaduwa beach
  11. Unawatuna Beach
  12. Mirissa Beach
  13. Polhena Beach
  14. Tangalle Beach
  15. Hambantota Beach

What are the beaches suitable for a beach holiday in December?

Sri Lanka’s climate in December

Weather patterns play a vital role when planning a Sri Lanka trip package with beach tour. If you choose the wrong beach, you may end up with a soaked-up beach stay.

This extraordinary island is only 65,610 square kilometres in extent but it shows the highest diversity of landscape, weather conditions, fauna and flora across any given country of its size in the world. The highest point of Sri Lanka is called Pidurutalagala, which is 2524 meters above sea level. The temperature variation between coastal areas and the cities in the mountains is great.

Usually, the temperature in the month of December over the coastal area is about 32C˚ while the temperature in the mountains drops nearly to 0C˚. What is interesting in the case of December is, that it is just a matter of a four-hour drive to reach the lowest temperature places like Nuwara Eliya from the pristine beaches of the west coast or from Colombo, where the temperature hovers around 32C. December is the coldest month in the mountains, where the temperature drops to minus occasionally.

December is one of the best months to visit Sri Lanka due to the traveller’s friendly climate, the weather in the month of December is very suitable for outdoor activities, especially since the west coast and southern coastal belt have dry weather during this period. Usually, most travellers engaged in outdoor activities during their holidays and therefore having dry weather enables them to visit many interesting places and explore the tourist hotspots while engaging in interesting activities.

Sri Lanka weather patter

As I have mentioned earlier Sri Lanka is a leading beach holiday destination in the tropics and engaging in saltwater activities such as snorkelling, diving, swimming, fishing, boating, and sunbath is on the bucket list of every traveller. Therefore choosing a beach with the best weather conditions is key to the success of the holiday for most travellers. In fact, there is a large number of traveller who spends their entire holiday on the beach and does a few occasional Sri Lanka day tours to break the boredom.

West Coast and the southern coastal belt is the best holiday destination in the month of December while the east coast and north coast beaches are coming under torrential rain during this period. The lack of rain and the absence of monsoon wind make the sea off the west and the southern coast very calm and risk-free for swimmers. Even the water is crystal clear allowing the travellers to see through without any trouble, which means that December is very suitable for diving and snorkelling in west and southern Sri Lanka.

North and East coast of Sri Lanka in the month of December

However, the sea off the East and north coasts of Sri Lak is very rough and not suitable for activities during the month of December due to the underwater current and influence of the North-East monsoon. Therefore travellers, who choose December to travel to Sri Lanka should choose the west or southern coast of Sri Lanka as their base for a beach stay.

Best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December for activities?

As the temperature varies so are the fauna, flora, landscape and scenery. Sri Lanka’s mountainous area gives you the most scenic views of the mountains, valley, tea plantations and patches of forests. Many travellers love to do mountaineering during the holiday and drive inland from the coastal areas to engage in interesting activities such as rainforest exploration, making safari jeep tours, water rafting, hiking, trekking, visiting historical monuments, mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping and many other activities.

The month of December is very suitable for all activities mentioned above and it is very easy to reach those places from Colombo and beach resorts and it takes only a few hours of driving to reach them. Most importantly the weather in December is very favourable for outdoor activities, where those places are concentrated too.

Historical monuments are among the best places to visit in Sri Lank in December

Sri Lanka is not only rich in natural resources but also in historically important places. Sri Lanka is the home of 7 world heritage sites with historical importance. Ancient cities such as Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa testify to the grandeur of the bygone era of this tiny island.  Sigiriya and its water garden is another noteworthy attraction built in the 5th century AD by a Sinhalese king.  It testifies to the remarkable knowledge of hydraulic principles possessed by ancient engineers.

If you love to explore the historical monument of Sri Lanka, December is one of the best months to visit the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, which harbours 90% of important historical hotspots such as Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temple, Pidurangla temple, Polonnaruwa and tooth relic temple. 5 of the 7 UNESCO world heritage sites of Sri Lanka are to be found in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and are one of the places you need to consider if you are wondering where to go in Sri Lanka in December.

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December to explore the culture?

  • Anuradhapura
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Sigiriya rock fortress
  • Dambulla Cave temple
  • Tooth relic temple
  • Galle Fort
  • Adams peak

Best places to travel in Sri Lanka in December for fauna and flora

Here in the 65,610 Square kilometres island, about 24% of the surface is covered by the natural green canopy. The diversity of plants, palms, trees, bushes, mangroves and all other floral elements is immense on the island, therefore Sri Lanka is ranked among the countries with top Bio-diversities in the world. The primaeval rainforests such as Sinharaja are on par with Amazon and Congo with regards to biodiversity. Sinharaja is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO due to its contribution to the country’s environment.

The elephant can be described as the most common animal you would see, during a wildlife tour in Sri Lanka. Numbering more than a dozen, Sri Lanka national parks and reserves harbour many species of animals, amphibians, birds, vertebrates, insects and many other creatures. Unlike many other national parks in the region, here you get a chance to spot many species of animals within a short period of time.

Visiting Sri Lanka hill country in December

Sri Lanka’s hill country better known as Sri Lanka tea country is undeniably captivating and therefore on the tour plan of almost every traveller. The Sri Lanka hill country rises up to 2524 meters above sea level. These high-altitude areas have different temperatures, rainfall, and vegetation. The hill country comes in a totally different contrast to the picturesque beaches and the busting low country cities.

When it comes to weather Sri Lanka’s hill country is influenced by the southwest monsoon like the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. Therefore, hill country also sees very sunny and warm days in the month of December. However, there can be casual rain in the cities like Nuwara Eliya, and Ella in December but mostly the hill country remains suitable for outdoor activities in December.

  1. Nuwara Eliya
  2. Ella
  3. Bandarawela
  4. Kandy
  5. Haputale
  6. Horton plains national park
  7. Hatton and Dikoya

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in December to explore wildlife?

  • Sinharaja rainforest
  • Minneriya National park
  • Udawalawe national park
  • Yala national park
  • Wilpattu national park
  • Rainforest Kithulgala

best places in Sri Lanka in December for adventure activities

This tropical island has a large number of rivers and other perennial water resources. These rivers make beautiful waterfalls in the mountains before they drop into the ocean. The number of beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka exceeds many dozens. Waterslide, water rafting, kayaking, canopying, boating, and fishing, are some of the activities that can be done in the inland water resources of Sri Lanka. These water resources are very clean and free of water worms or piranhas. Therefore, these warm waters at 27 °C are suitable for any type of water-based activity.

Every city in Sri Lanka is a shopping boulevard that gives you access to souvenirs, clothing, gems jewelry, restaurants and bars. Well-developed tourism infrastructure can accommodate any type of traveler who spend a holiday in Sri Lanka. Whether you are a high-speed traveller looking for luxurious facilities or a budget-conscious holidaymaker, Sri Lanka has something for you. So, if you have any interest in doing a holiday in Sri Lanka, Seerendipity Tours is always prepared to help you.

Where can we do adventure activities in Sri Lanka in December?

Sampling delicious Sri Lankan food

Sri Lankan cuisine has been chosen No.1 trending cuisine by the BBC Good Food team in their list of 15 cuisines to experience in 2019. They make a very attractive description of Sri Lankan cuisine in this manner;  “Restaurants such as London’s Hoppers, mini chain The Coconut Tree and the success of the M&S Taste Asia range have put Sri Lankan food on the brink of a breakthrough. Think hoppers (bowl-shaped rice flour pancakes), kottu roti (fried vegetables, eggs, shredded roti and curry, as sold by street stall Kottu Lanka) and pol Sambol coconut relish.

‘Before Sri Lankan was lumped in with Indian cuisine but now, we’re not having an “Indian” anymore. It’s recognised in its own right,’ says Emma Weinbren, food trends editor at The Grocer’s retail magazine.”

Sampling some delicious Sri Lankan food should be on the bucket list of Sri Lanka tour holidays because Sri Lankan food is very delicious, and it has been recently endorsed by BBC Good Food. They have chosen Sri Lankan cuisine as the “No1 trending cuisine in the world”. Sri Lanka is a country with a hot kitchen. Sri Lankan cuisine is as prepared with a lot of spices and chilli, and Sri Lankans eat spicier than the people in Europe and America.

Sri Lankans consume more chilli, pepper and many other spices such as cardamom, cumin seeds, cinnamon etc. Not only the dishes of Sri Lanka are spicy but also full of aroma arousing your taste buds. Sri Lanka offers you a wide range of choices for seafood. Apart from the vividness, they are fresh and tasty and it definitely gives you a new experience with seafood.  

Tropical fruits in December

Sri Lanka is home to thousands of varieties of tropical fruits. Some of them are seasonal while others are available around the years. Sri Lanka offers you many varieties of unpopular tropical fruits such as durian, passion fruits, jackfruit, red banana, mangosteen etc. Fruits are always good for health and they are freely available around the country.

Tasting Ceylon Tea

One of the most popular tea brands, perhaps the most popular tea brand in the world “CEYLON TEA” is produced here. Mountains in the higher elevated areas in the country are covered by tea bushes and look like the ground is covered by a green blanket. If you feel weary and wish to taste a cup of un-blended freshly brewed Ceylon tea, head on to a tea factory, and you will get it free of charge. So don’t forget to drop into a restaurant and have a wholesome spicy meal when you visit the island next time.

Seasonal tourist hotspots in December

Many seasonal tourist hotspots like Adams Peak that are located in the western and southern part of Sri Lanka attracts the attention of foreign and local travellers, it is mainly due to the improved weather condition in the region, with the end of the rainy season, those sites become safe to explore and no need to worry about sudden landslides, floods and lightning.

The hiking trail of Adams Peak is one of the most popular places to travel among nature lovers and it opens its door from November to April for visitors this 5 hours trek culminates with reaching the pinnacle of the third highest mountain of Sri Lanka.