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10 popular family trip places in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka family tours

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of amazing tourist attractions. From ancient cities to stunning landscapes, fascinating wildlife, pristine palm fringed beaches to thousands years old historical site, there is something for travellers of every age. With so many family trip places in Sri Lanka, it will be a daunting task to choose the best places to include in Sri Lanka family tours. Most travelers face a very tough time while choosing the places for their tour package such as Sri Lanka 5 days tour package and Sri Lanka 7 days tour itinerary because all places are very attractive and tempting.

Table of Contents

  1. Sri Lanka family tour to Dambulla, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa
  2. Sri Lanka family tour to Udalawalwe national park
  3. Whale-watching Sri Lanka family tour
  4. Sri Lanka wildlife tour to Yala national park
  5. Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary tour
  6. Sri Lanka family tour to explore Colombo city
  7. Sri Lanka hill country family tour
  8. Sri Lanka family tour to Sinharaja rainforest
  9. One day Kitugala trip from Colombo
  10. Sri Lanka family tour to Galle and southern Sri Lanka

What makes Sri Lanka good for family holidays?

From the green-capped mountains in the central hills to the shimmering coastal belt in southern and western Sri Lanka, and from thousands of years old historical monuments in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka to Gulf or manner in north-west Sri Lanka, the island is home to a countless number of places for a family holiday, that’s why Sri Lanka family holiday packages are a hot topic among the travelers. And of all the major Sri Lanka family holiday spots, these 26 best family holiday places in Sri Lanka are the most striking ones that should be visited within a lifetime. Keep on reading, to get to know these amazing family holiday spots!    

Are you planning a Sri Lanka family holiday package for your loved ones any time soon? Well, these family holiday destinations in Sri Lanka, should in the top of the list! Don’t believe us? Keep on reading and learn why we are telling that!

When is the best time for Sri Lanak family trip?

Weather: Two monsoons (north-east monsoon and south-west monsoon) regulate the weather pattern in Sri Lanka. Each one affects a different part of the island at different times. It means that wherever you go on the island, you can expect a bright atmosphere in some areas of the island. As the south-west monsoon hit the country between May to October, there might be frequent rain fall in south west part of country. However, North and east coast of Sri Lanka remain dry during the same period. From November to April south-west coast remains dry while north-east coast experience heavy rain. However, people who are interested activities other than beach holiday such as exploring history, culture and nature etc do not need to have attention on the monsoon as it does not affect their activities.

  1. Nuwara Eliya – with a very wide and open esplanade at Gregory lake the kids have a lot of rooms to play. same time adults can engage in various activities like boat tours,
  2. Bandarawela – a calm and serene hill country resort mainly ideal for a peaceful holiday.
  3. Ella – Plenty of things to do with nature like trekking, hiking, visiting waterfalls and beautiful countryside
  4. Haputale – Another less populated hill country resort.
  5. Hatton/Dikoya
  6. Bentota beach– One of the most popular beaches on the island and included in a large number of Sri Lanka beach tour packages.
  7. Udawalawe national park– One of the most popular national parks on the island and popular for day outing tours in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe is easy to reach from most beach resorts on the west coast, therefore, it is included in most Sri Lanka beach tour packages with a safari tour.
  8. Yala national park
  9. Kandy– is a popular one-day trip place in Sri Lanka and a large number of local tour operators offer Sri Lanka day trips to Kandy from Colomb.
  10. HikkaduwaOne day trip from Colombo to Hikkaduwa is a very popular short trip in Sri Lanka as it gives easy access to these pristine beaches within 2 hours drive.
  11. Sigiriya
  12. Unawatuna Beach – Ideal for beach hopping and sea bath. Safe for adults as well as kids,
Breathtaking scenery in Sri Lanka tea country

Useful readings

1. Family trip places in Sri Lanka- Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is at the top of the list of family trip places in Sri Lanka. This mountain resort has a healing climate and sits 1800 meters above sea level. Nuwara Eliya is among the most popular Family trip places in Sri Lanka, especially among local families.

The overwhelming natural wealth of Nuwara Eliya makes it a very attractive holiday destination for kids and teenagers and offers many interesting activities for families. Healing climate, rich natural wealth, hospitality, and experiences that blend perfectly with the beautiful holiday vibe in Nuwara Eliya, this laid-back tea country is the best place for a Sri Lanka family holiday package. 

What are the major tourist attractions in Nuwara Eliya?

What are the things to do in Nuwara Eliya?

  • Boat ride in the Gregory Lake
  • Explore the Haggala gardens
  • Trekking through the Horton plains national park
  • visiting a tea factory
  • visiting Ambewela farm
  • visiting the strawberry farm
  • visiting Seetha Kovil.
  • Bird watching in Galway forest

When is the best time to visit Nuwara Eliya?

Nuwara Eliya is a year-round holiday destination, however, the peak holiday season falls from the month of April to June. The hills country resorts like Nuwara Eliya, Ella, and Bandarawela become attractive during this period as the flowering plants produce very beautiful colorful flowers. However, the period from November to April is considered to be very suitable to travel to Nuwara Eliya as the dry weather prevails in the region during this period. The period from April to October is the rainy season in Nuwara Eliya, therefore frequent rain is possible.

How to Get There

Nuwara Eliya is well connected with all major cities of Sri Lanka and plenty of options are available to reach Nuwara Eliya. You can reach Nuwara Eliya by bus, train, or by seaplane. If you prefer to travel by train you can take the train from any of the stations on the upcountry railway track starting from Colombo.

Simply Sri Lanka 8 Days Private Tour with Luxury Accommodation- This eight-day private tour takes you to the most important tourist places on the island such as Sigiriya rock, Dambulla golden temple, and the tooth relic temple of Kandy, the national park of Udawalawe. Towards the end of the trip, you will be anchoring on the empty beaches of Mirissa.

2. Family trip places in Sri Lanka-Bandarawela

Bandarawela is also among the most popular Family trip places in Sri Lanka. Bandarawela served as the alternative holiday destination to Nuwara Eliya, which also has a healing climate similar to Nuwara Eliya.

Bandarawela is the most popular holiday destination in the mountains after Nuwara Eliya and attracts a large number of holiday lovers every year.  Bandarawela also becomes one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the month of April, May and June parallel to the peak holiday season in Nuwara Eliya.

Trekking through the tea plantations, enjoying breathtaking scenery and making a rail journey to Ella are the few best things to do in Bandarawela, which are enjoyed by kids and families alike.   

Major Tourist Attractions in Bandarawela

  • Lipton seat
  • Dova cave temple
  • waterfalls

Best Things to do in bandarawela

  • Trekking through the tea garden to Lipton seat,
  • Explore the Dova cave temple

Best Time to Visit

Can be used as a destination for Sri Lanka family holiday packages at any time of the year.

How to Reach

The train is the best transport mode to reach Bandarawela from Colombo, however only the upcountry train route provides access to Bandarawela by train. If you travel from any other destination you have to use a taxi or the bus. 

3. Trekking in Ella on Sri Lanka family tours

Set amidst the mountains, and tea gardens, Ella is one of the most popular retreats in the hills, which is also a part of many Sri Lanka family tours. Ella is most popular as an eco-holiday destination on the island and provides a large number of places for trekking, mountain climbing, ad hiking. Ella serves as one of the best destinations for Sri Lanka family holidays. With many interesting activities such as rainforest exploration, jungle trekking, exploring waterfalls, and hiking a family trip to this paradise is sure to be a hit.

Major Tourist Attractions in Ella

  • Ella gap
  • Ella rock
  • Ravana waterfall,
  • Mini Adam’s peak,
  • 9 arch bridge.

Best Things to do in Ella

  • Hike to the mini Adams peak
  • Trek to the Ravana waterfalls
  • Visiting the 9 arch bridges
  • Visiting tea factory and garden
  • Walking tour of spice/herbal garden

Best Time to Visit

Ella is a year-round holiday destination, however, from November to April has the best dry weather conditions here.

How to Reach

The most convenient way of reaching Ella is rail transport. The Ella bound can be obtained from Colombo. However, if you start the journey from any other holiday destination other than Colombo road transport is the most suitable option.

4. Drive to Haputale on Sri Lanka family tours

Haputale is another popular destination for family holidays in Sri Lanka and provides stunning scenery across its mountains, tea gardens, valleys and patches of forests. Haputale is one of the least explored holiday destinations in the hills compared to most other places like Nuwara Eliya, Ella and Bandarawela.

Haputale is considered one of the best holiday destinations for kids as much as for nature lovers, families and couples. From the tranquil environs of the Adisham bungalow (today it is converted to a monastery), which has a breathtaking view over the valley nearby to patches of rainforests, one will never run out of fun holiday spots in Haputale.

Major Tourist Attractions Hputale

  • Adisham bungalow
  • Tangamale bird sanctuary
  • Dambetenn tea factory

Best Things to Do in Haputale

  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery in the hill country
  • Trekking to the Lipton seat
  • Explore the Adishan bungalow
  • Bird-watching trek at Tangamale bird sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit Haputale Sri Lanka

Year-round holiday spot, however best weather guaranteed from October to March

How to Reach

Train from Colombo and bus or taxi from other places of Sri Lanka.

This 10-day private Colombo package includes 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Golden Temple of Dambulla, Galle Fort, and Temple of the tooth relic with Sri Lanka mountain resorts, southern national parks, and western and southern beach resorts.

5. Visiting Hatton and Dikoya on Sri Lanka family tours

Be it lush green vegetation or tea garden, perennial waterways, cascading waterfalls, Gothic-style churches, or historical temples there are many dozens of places to visit in Hatton and Dikoya and it offers something for everyone regardless of age group. These off-the-beaten-track tourist places are hardly included in Sri Lanka road trip packages. however, both are perfect places for nature lovers.

Dikoya and Hatton are also hill stations with healing climates and popular destinations for Sri Lanka family holiday packages. Both destinations surely rank among the best places for good family vacation destinations.

Major Tourist Attractions

  • Adams peak,
  • Castlereagh Reservoir
  • Laxapana Falls
  • Rozella tea factory

Best Things to Do

  • Trekking through the tea plantations
  • Hiking at Adam’s peak
  • Trekking to Laxapana Falls

Best Time to Visit

Year-round holiday destination however best weather guaranteed from October to March

How To Reach

Train, as well as road transport, can be used to reach both places. 

6. Including Bentota beach in your Sri Lanka Family Holiday Packages

Sri Lanka is the pearl of the orient and Bentota is the golden mile, it is nicknamed as golden mile due to its wide and golden-colored sandy beaches. Bentota is the most popular beach holiday destination on the island and the ultimate spot for family beach holidays and honeymooners as well as couples.

Even though Bentota is a beach holiday destination, it offers a lot more than sun, sea and sand, making it one of the best places to include in a Sri Lanka family holiday package. While spending time leisurely on the beaches, sampling delicious seafood, engaging in water sports and exploring mangrove forests are considered to be some of the best things to do here.    

Major Tourist Attractions in Bentota

  • Bentota Beach
  • Bentota River
  • Bentota water sports center
  • Sea turtle conservation centers
  • Aluthgama town

Best Things To Do Bentota

  • Boating in the river
  • Engage in water sports
  • Beach hopping
  • City-hopping
  • Learn to cook in Sri Lanka way

Best Time To Visit

November to April

How To Reach Bentota

Colombo International Airport is the nearest airport. It takes less than 2 hours from Colombo airport to Bentota via the southern expressway. Train transport also can be used and can reach this holiday destination on the southern railway route.

Spend five memorable days on a tour of Sri Lanka with a variety of sightseeing activities. Visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla, bicycle around the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, tour Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and see the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) — all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

7. Wildlife tour of Udawalawe on your Sri Lanka family tours

Udawlawe is an off-the-beaten-track holiday destination and it is not counted as one of the places that should be included in most Sri Lanka family holiday packages, however, many families have broken that stereotypical perception by exploring this rugged terrain. Udawalawe is sitting at the foothills of the central mountain range and is covered with thick dry-zone forest.

Major Tourist Attractions in Udawalawe

  • Udawalawe national park,
  • Udawlawe elephant transit camp
  • Madunagala hot wells
  • The newly established open zoo of Ridiyagama is a hotspot in the area.

Best Things To Do in Udawalawe

  •  Jeep safari
  • Exploring hot wells
  • wildlife exploration
  • Camping

Best Time To Visit

All year round holiday destinations, the best time to travel is from November to April

How to Reach

The only available transport mode is road transport and Udawalawe can be reached via Galle, Matara, and Tangalle from southern Sri Lanka and via Rathnapura from western and central Sri Lanka.

8. Visiting Yala and Kataragama on Sri Lanka family tours

An abode of peace and tranquillity at the southern tip of Sri Lanka is hidden in the deep jungle. This hidden gem with rugged terrain attracts a large number of nature lovers and wildlife explorers and it is included in most Sri Lanka family tours. This prime crowd-puller is located near Hambantota in the southern province.

Yala serves as a popular weekend holiday gateway from Colombo and from Kandy. This fully packed wildlife park is one of the best places in the world to spot leopards and harbours many other Asian animals such as jackal, sloth bear, wild buffalo, crocodile and many more. Perhaps Yala is not on the bucket list for families but Kataragama can easily fit into any Sri Lanka family holiday package, where a great shopping experience awaits kids with hundreds of toy shops and various sweetmeats.  

Major Tourist Attractions

  • Kataragama temple
  • Yala national park

Best Things to Do

  • Visit the Kataragama temple
  • Jeep safari at Yala national park

Best Time To Visit

A year-round holiday destination, However, Yala is closed for a few months during drought sometimes.

How to Reach

Yala and Kataragama can be reached by road transport. Kataragama and Yala are connected with all major cities such as Colombo, Kandy and Trincomalee, with direct buses available to most major cities from Kataragama.

This 5 day Sri Lanka tour includes many iconic tourist places such as the Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden temple, and tooth relic temple. This 5 days private tour also takes you to the breathtaking scenery in Sri Lanka’s hill country. The travellers will be able to explore Sri Lanka’s fascinating wildlife on a safari too.

9. Adding Kandy to Sri Lanka Family Holiday Packages

Serving as the home to the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island and attracts a large number of local pilgrims as well as foreign travelers. Kandy is the base camp for many trekkers and adventure enthusiasts and is also home to many trekking sites, national parks, botanical gardens and mountains. Exploring historical monuments, colonial-era buildings and Buddhist temples are popular things to do in Kandy, the city also features botanical gardens, wildlife reserves, pristine lakes, waterfalls and great shopping spots making Kandy one of the best holiday destinations for families.   

Major Tourist Places in Kandy

  • Tooth relic temple
  • Royal botanical gardens
  • Tea plantations
  • Udawattakele sanctuary
  • Kandy Lake
  • Kandy museum

Best Things to Do in Kandy

  • Visit the tooth relic temple
  • Exploring the botanical garden
  • Bird watching at Udawattakele sanctuary
  • Visiting the museum
  • Boating in the Kandy Lake
  • Trekking through the tea plantation

Best Time To Visit

Year-round holiday destination

How to Reach

Kataragama can be reached by road and rail transport. Buses and trains ply regularly between Kandy and Colombo, while buses are available from all major cities to Kandy and ply many times a day.

10. Hikkaduwa beach holiday on your Sri Lanka family tours

Perhaps you are surprised to see this hippie hideout on the list, well; you are not the only one feeling that way. With the kind of perception that Hikkaduwa crafted in the mind of travelers in the past, many people don’t see that it fits in a Sri Lanka family holiday package whereas it’s just the opposite in reality.

Hikkaduwa offers many saltwater activities for kids (after all kids love to hang around beaches) as well as for elders and also many other places such as rivers for boating, Forts, historical monuments, and temples take the visitors by surprise. Most importantly the unlimited seafood options are a reason that entices most travelers to travel to Hikkaduwa over and over again.

Major Tourist Attractions in Hikkaduwa

  • Hikkaduwa Beach
  • Madu River
  • Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary
  • Galle Fort

Best Things to Do in Hikkaduwa

  • Exploring Hikkaduwa estuary
  • Visit the Galle Fort
  • Making a glass-bottom tour to explore the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary

Best Time to Visit Hikkaduwa

November to April

How to Reach

Hikkaduwa can be reached by bus or train on the southern route. Air transport is also available in a sea plan that can be booked in Colombo.  

This nature tour includes rainforest trekking, white water rafting, safari, hiking, and trekking. This adventure tour also includes whale watching based in southern Sri Lanka. If you

11. Exploring Sigiriya on Sri Lanka family tours

If I do not include Sigiriya in the list of family trip places in Sri Lanka, I make a big mistake, because Sigiriya is a multi-faceted holiday destination and suitable for travellers of all ages. Sigiriya is a laid-back city, however, holidays in Sigiriya can be costly affairs due to its popularity as a holiday destination.

Sigiriya rock fortress, the iconic tourist attraction is the star among all attractions in the region, however, it is expensive and is the most expensive historical monument on the island. The travelers can find activities such as exploring historical monuments, wildlife safaris, jungle trekking, bird-watching treks, boating, village tours, cooking classes and rejuvenation in Ayurveda.

Sigiriya rock fortress, the ancient rock fortress dates back to 5th century AD. Sigiriya is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is popular as one of the attractions with oldest landscaped gardens, stunning frescoes, advanced water management system, and breath-taking view from top of the rock. The steep climb at Sigiriya can make it challenging for some but the view from the top is well worth the effort.

Major Tourist Attractions in Sigiriya

Best Things To Do in Sigiriya

Best Time To Visit Sigiriya

A holiday destination for all year round

How to Reach Sigiriya

Travelers can reach Sigiriya by using road transportation such as buses, and taxis. Air transportation is also available on request by seaplane.

12. Beach hopping in Unawatuna

Tucked away 145 km from Colombo, Unawatuna is one of the best places for your family beach holiday due to many reasons. It is easy to reach from Colombo, Unawatuna offers many exciting activities for the entire family and most of all it is safe for saltwater-based activities. Unawatuna can reach within 2 hours from Colombo on the southern expressway. Unawatuna is a bay and it has the shape of a horseshoe. The rock formation between the sea and the bay works as a barrier, which tames the waves and eliminates the underwater current entering the bay, therefore the Unawatuna bay is safe for sea baths. It can be recommended for sea baths even for kids under the supervision of adults.

Major Tourist Attractions in Unawatuna

  • Unawatuna bay
  • Kathaluwa ancient temple
  • Galle fort
  • Madolduwa
  • Martin Wickramasinghe museum
  • Japanese peace Pagoda

Best Time To Visit Unawatuna

This south coast beach is ideal for beach holidays from November to April. In the period from April to November, the weather tends to be wet and the sea can be rough making it inconvenient for waterbased activities

How to Reach Unawatuna

Travelers can reach Sigiriya by using road transportation such as buses, and taxis. Air transportation is also available on request by seaplane.

Best Things To Do in Unawatuna

  • Take part in boat tours
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Diving, snorkeling, boating, etc
  • Visiting museums and ancient Galle Fort
  • Visiting historical temples
  • Trekking through the jungle

With so many places to explore on the island, it will be a daunting task to choose the best places to include in a Sri Lanka family holiday package. Most travelers face a very tough time while choosing the places for their tour package, because all places are very attractive and tempting, therefore we can guarantee that you going to have an amazing time regardless of the destinations you choose. Book your Sri Lanka holiday package with Seerendipity tours, because we know how to do it in style.

Japanese peace Pagoda

Japanese peace pagoda Visiting the Japanese peace pagoda is also recommended on your trip to Galle and south coast. Its unique architecture makes it a popular tourist attraction in Galle. It was constructed under the patronage of Japanese Buddhist order Nipponzan Myohoji in 2004 in order to promote peace and harmony among the people.

What are the top 9 things to add to the Sri Lanka family trip?

  1. Adventure activities
  2. Rejuvenate yourself in Ayurveda
  3. Exploring Sri Lankan culture
  4. Eating Sri Lankan food
  5. Exploring wildlife
  6. Visiting cultural triangle
  7. Upcountry rail journey
  8. Diving and snorkeling
  9. Beach hopping
Trekking through the rainforest

1. Adding a bit of adventure to the Sri Lanka family trip

There is so much to do on the adventure front in Sri Lanka, that adventure lovers can immerse themselves in an endless number of activities. Rock climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting, trekking, and mountain biking are the list of adventure activities available in Sri Lanka is endless. Apart from land-based adventure activities, there are endless possibilities with regard to water-based sports such as diving, snorkeling, water skiing, speed boating, etc. With the beautiful settings of Sri Lankan nature, we believe a dash of thrilling adventure activities should be added if it is to be one of the best tour packages in Sri Lanka.

2. Sri Lanka family trip with Ayurveda

The best tour packages in Sri Lanka can be easily spice-up with a twist of Ayurveda. Ayurveda massage with sauna adds extra comfort to your holiday while relieving your stress. Add an Ayurveda massage to your tour package that is widely offered in many parts of the island.

Kandyan cultural show

3. Experience rich Culture with the Sri Lanka family trip

Best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka should essentially be enriched with experiences along with scenic beauty and thrilling adventures. After all, Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world that boast to have thousands of years of old unbroken civilization. Sri Lanka is one of the best places for you to experience a new culture. Don’t forget to visit the mask folklore museum in Ambalangoda and visit Kandyan cultural show, and catch up on folklore from the locals: the most suitable way to learn Sri Lanka’s culture.

Seafood plate with collection 7 fish species

4. Sampling delicious seafood food is part of the Sri Lanka family trip

There is a noteworthy difference between Sri Lanka’s food and the food of other Asian countries such as India, and Thailand. One particular difference is the use of spices. In the Sri Lankan context almost every recipe, especially the curry is prepared with many varieties of spices and condiments, which makes a direct impact on the color and the flavor.

Most Sri Lanka curries are very spicy and it is a noteworthy difference compared to dishes from other Asian countries. Authentic Sri Lankan lunch consists of rice and several curries. Sri Lanka is especially popular for fresh seafood, so don’t forget to drop into a seafood restaurant on the beach resort and try a spicy crab dish on your visit to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places for elephant safari

5. Exploring rich wildlife on a Sri Lanka family trip

Sometimes the most unexpected memories are generated in unexpected places. When thinking about wildlife, especially seeing the big cats, undoubtedly it is Africa that comes into one’s mind. Even though Sri Lanka is not a top-notch wildlife holiday destination, Sri Lanka offers amazing opportunities to spot wildlife, it may be a surprise to you, but it is real. Yala, the wildlife reserve in southern Sri Lanka is popular for leopards and offers amazing opportunities to spot these big cats.

Sri Lanka family tour offers the best opportunity to Spot leopards

Even in Africa, it might not be so easy to spot leopards as in Sri Lanka. In most cases, you have to spend hours in the jeep and traveling all around the reserve to spot a single leopard in Africa. But in the Sri Lankan context, you will be able to spot leopards, elephants, crocodiles, and many other animals within 3 hours of safari at Yala national park. Yala records the highest concentration of leopards (panthera pardus kotiya) in the world and it is estimated to be 17 ½ big cats per 100 square kilometers.

A network of National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and safe passage between them Known as “Elephant corridors” provides a very safe environment for wildlife that delights animal lovers of all ages. However, it is not that easy to spot animals and birds in the jungle due to their elusive behavior, usually, the children have no patience to find them – unless you have an idea where to look.

Visit elephant transit camp Udawalawe on a Sri Lanka family tour

Udawalawe elephant orphanage and conservation center is a grassroots elephant conservation operation located next to the Udawalawe national park, occupies the land between Udawalawe wildlife reserve and Udawalawe Lake, which is one of the best attractions to include in the Sri Lanka family trip, most importantly it is a place for kids.

The cultural triangle with 6 UNESCO world heritage sites is one of the most visited places in Sri Lanka

6. Tour the cultural triangle on a Sri Lanka family tour

The entire cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is an archaeological wonder and it is 5 hours away from Colombo. It is difficult to overlook the Cultural triangle if any travelers wish to have one of the Sri Lanka family tours.

The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is one of the several places in the world, where Buddhism flourished and experienced its heydey for many centuries. Many cities in the Cultural triangle such as Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa were teaching centers for Buddhism and were visited by monks from many countries such as India, China, and Burma.

Today Cultural triangle encompasses many UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden cave temple, the Kandy Tooth relic temple Polonnaruwa and harbors a large number of ruins of many gigantic dagobas, palaces, image houses, living quarters of monks that existed many many thousand years before.

Visiting Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, What you need to know

All visitors to these sacred places suppose to dress in a particular manner to uphold their religious values. There is a set of rules that every visitor to religious sites observes while visiting sacred places in Sri Lanka. If you are wondering what these rules are? Check this article “13 RULES TO OBSERVE WHILE VISITING SRI LANKA BUDDHIST TEMPLE, SRI LANKA TEMPLE DRESS CODE TEMPLE OF THE TOOTH DRES’ CODE“.

Diving in Sri Lanka

7. Adding diving and snorkeling to the Sri Lanka family tour

The diving and snorkeling spot in Sri Lanka is different based on the season and decide by the monsoon. There are two seasons mainly, each lasting 6 months, the western and southern coast and the eastern coast. The best time to dive on the west and southern coast is from November to April while six months from April to November is the best time to dive on the east coast.

There are several good diving spots on the east coast near Trincomalee. The pigeon island marine national park is the best of all dive sites on the east coast. here you have the opportunity to spot a large number of tropical fish species as well as coral reefs. You might even be able to spot blue whales and pods of dolphins.

On the west coast, Hikkaduwa is the best place for a dive and Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary harbors a large number of fish species, coral reefs, and sea turtles. If you stay in southern Sri Lanka head on to Unawatuna to find a good dive site. There are many shipwrecks off the coast of Unawatuna where you will be able to spot coral reefs and many fish species.

If you do not wish to get wet but still want to see the fascinating underwater world off the Sri Lankan coast, the best place is Hikkaduwa, where you can hire a glass-bottom boat and see the corals, fish, and sea turtles in the sea. The boat tour lasts about one hour and the cost for the boat is around USD 10 P.P.  Unfortunately, this facility is available only in Hikkaduwa. The coral reef in Hikkaduwa is much larger than in Unawatuna and contains more marine life than in other places.

Harbour of Mirissa, the starting point of the Sri Lanka whale-watching trip

8. Sri Lanka family tour with Sun, sea, sand

Being an island Sri Lanka boasts clean and sandy beaches suitable for beach holidays at any given time of the year. Sri Lanka is s the perfect spot for all kinds of water sports; it is a distinct advantage for the island in the race to be a family-friendly holiday destination because kids like to hang around the beaches.

Surfing, windsurfing, boating, and kayaking are some of the lightweight thrilling adventures for older kids. The activities such as snorkeling are offered to kids that are at the aged of five or six years, enabling them to explore the rich underwater world of Sri Lanka.

There are many family-friendly beach resorts along the west and the southern coast of Sri Lanka, which is one of the best-kept secrets for its popularity among travelers as the best family trip place in Sri Lanka.

Bentota is the biggest seaside resort town and most popular among travelers and also known as the golden mile, due to its pristine, palm-fringed beaches. The golden-colored sand and isolated beaches make it one of the best family trip places in Sri Lanka.

The availability of a wide range of activities is another reason for its popularity among the best family trip places in Sri Lanka. It is not only a Sri Lanka family vacation spot with a wide range of activities, but also offers a large number of historical places, adventure sites and natural attractions and a large number of hotels in all budget categories.

The unique location of Bentota beach with salt water on one side and river water on the other side is ideal for most water sports available on earth. Many water sports centers have set up their activity centers along Bentota River giving easy access to the delightful ground for travelers of all ages.

Most resorts are suitable for a family vacation and offer hours of entertainment for in-house kids with their animation team, this ‘animation staff offers many interesting activities for kids like children’s yoga sessions, nature walks, cycling tours, and many other activities suitable for little people. As the day winds up, families can take refuge in a beach cabana or a bungalow that is built in a way to hug the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean, providing perfect settings for a sound sleep of little ones and caretakers.

The train trip to Sri Lanka is one of the most scenic train journeys in the world

9. Adding a beautiful train journey to your Sri Lanka family trip

Undoubtedly the train is one of the most affordable and convenient transport methods in Sri Lanka. There are many + points with the train journey, you can move whenever you wish to, you can buy food, can interact with locals, listen to music, read and enjoy the breathtaking scenery passing by. There can’t be any more scenic journey than the train ride between Ella and Kandy.

The sceneries along the Ella-Kandy stretch are incredibly breathtaking, and this is the most popular train ride among travelers. The train journey lasts around 5 hours. The train tickets can be obtained from the railway stations. Trains in Sri Lanka are very crowded, especially in the morning and afternoon.  If you wish to travel in an un-crowded wagon you need to buy either a 2nd class ticket or a 1st class ticket.

The number of seats available in 1st class and 2nd class compartments is limited, therefore advanced booking is highly recommended to guarantee the availability of seats in those compartments. 1st class observation compartment is most popular among travelers due to its wide-angle view over the scenery and usually, it is the last compartment of the train.

The train journey along the coastal belt is also beautiful, stretch from Colombo to Negombo and Colombo to Galle are the most popular stretches for train rides among travelers along the coastal belt.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sri Lanka Family Holiday packages

Q. What are the places to travel in Sri Lanka with kids?

A. There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka with kids. But in order to make your life easy, I would like to suggest Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Galle and Bentota. All these places have interesting tourist attractions and you can cover all of them in the 7 days Sri Lanka family trip itinerary.

Q. What are the budget holiday destinations for families in Sri Lanka??

A. Anuradhapura, Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Bandarawela, Yala, and Dambulla Buddhist temples are some of the budget holiday destinations not only for families but also for any type of tour. Traveling in Sri Lanka from April to November reduce your travel budget almost by half due to the reduced rates for hotels, transport and activities, however, good weather cannot be guaranteed during this period in most parts of Sri Lanka.  

Q. What are the best places to explore during the monsoon?

A. Monsoon is the rainy season and not many people travel during this period, therefore most hotels and sights are quite empty and hoteliers make attractive offers in order to sell their rooms. During the monsoon some parts of the island some under the rain; however you can avoid the rain by choosing the correct holiday destination. So go through this article and learn what are the best places to travel to in Sri Lanka corresponding to your travel dates.

Visiting archaeological sites, historical places, temples and indoor tourist attractions such as museums are not affected by the rain but all saltwater activities are severely crippled due to the rough sea, however, it is restricted only to the monsoon-affected area.     

On the positive side, the environment shines with fresh leaves and flowers during the monsoon and the ambiance is great for a family holiday. Some of the places to explore during the monsoon are Trincomalee, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and the northern part of Sri Lanka.

Q. is it raining in October in Sri Lanka?

A. October marks the end of monsoon over most parts of Sri Lanka including the south, west and central mountain range; however, you could see some rain towards the end of the day during the month of October.

Q. Which is the best place to visit in September?

A. With the southwest monsoon in full force Southern and western Sri Lanka is not good places to hang around in the month of September, as alternatively east and northern parts of Sri Lanka experience very fair weather in the month of September and most travelers head to the east coast for holidays.  

Q. What are the best places for Sri Lanka Family Holiday Packages?

A. Bentota, Galle and Kandy can be suggested as the best places for family holiday packages in Sri Lanka.

The Official website of the Sri Lanka tourist board to get more information on Sri Lank tourism is

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