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Village Tour Sigiriya

If you head to Sigiriya or Habarana in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and like to explore the typical Sri Lankan village life during your stay in Sigiriya, there is no other program like Sigiriya village tour giving you the opportunity to see the rural life of Sri Lanka.

Village Tour Sigiriya

There is no other word comes into once mined other than Sigiriya rock fortress upon hearing the word “Sigiriya”, because Sigiriya is popular in the island due to the iconic tourist attraction, Sigiriya rock fortress. However this article is not about Sigiriya rock fortress, this article is about village tour Sigiriya, which is one of the most interesting activities available for travellers, who make Cultural triangle tour of Sri Lanka. The village tour Sigiriya, allows the visitors to see the breathtaking scenery in the remote village of Habana and experience the traditional village life as well as take part in a cooking class.

Sigiriya is a leading tourist attraction mainly due to the Sigiriya rock fortress, which is an iconic historical attraction of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is located at the centre of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka in the central province of Sri Lanka. This UNESCO world heritage site is included in most Sri Lanka tour packages due to its historical value.

Sigiriya offers a lot more than its historical attraction Sigiriya rock fortress and Pidurangala temple; there are many important natural attractions in Sigiriya. Perhaps you have no idea that Sigiriya offers such a large number of natural attractions like national parks, rivers, lakes, rain forests etc. Sigiriya is popular, off the beaten track tourist attractions and offers many interesting and unique activities for its visitors such as bird watching tours, jungle trekking, boating, cooking class, wildlife safari. Therefore, I think your visit to Sigiriya should not essentially be restricted to see historical places, that’s the main reason that I thought of making this article on Hiriwadunna Village Tour.

You might have read plenty of information on Sigiriya rock fortress and Pidurangala temple because those are tourist hot spots. In this article, we are not going to discuss on these places. In this article, we talk about an interesting experience called “Hiriwadunna Village Tour” that gives you the insight of traditional Sri Lankan life.

Sigiriya is a laid back village and characteristics of urbanization are yet to encroach this region. Perhaps its settings will be different in a few years down the track with more hotels, restaurants, shops and many other buildings, however, Sigiriya still has overwhelming green treasury within its borders.

Hiriwadunna Village Tour gives you the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the countryside of Habarana, here you do the bullock cart ride, boating, cooking class and visit farmland.  These farmlands have supplied fruits and vegetable to the city dwellers for many thousands of years, and still, they are leading producers of farming products in the island.

Taking part in the Hiriwadunna Village Tour is the best way to experience the rich wildlife of Sigiriya. This activity is the best source of information to learn the traditional village life of Sri Lanka. Bullock cart ride, boating in the village lake, cooking class, bird watching, eating Sri Lankan food and see the traditional way of life is included in the program. The tour also includes a visit to a village house, where the visitors take part in a cooking class and ultimately taste what they cook. This village house showcases a large number of kitchen utensils and instruments that were commonly used in the Sri Lankan household, the demonstrators show how to put those instruments into work too.

Large numbers of foreign travellers love this experience and many local tour operators organize it for their customers. This is a fun way of learning the traditional village life that we can’t see in most cities today. We have seen the traditional lifestyle of Sri Lankan was changing in a rapid phase during the last several decades. The traditional way of life on the island was diminishing fast from many parts of the island with the development. Today hardly anyone can see the traditional way of doing household activities as our mothers and grandmothers did in the past.

Therefore this activity can be recommended to the local people too, who live in urban and semi-urban areas of the island. Especially for the local kids, this activity is a novelty experience, because they don’t get a chance to see most instruments available in these village houses. They can see many ancient kitchen utensils such as clay pots, grinding stones, string hopper press and mats, coconut crapper, mortar and pestle, clay water pitcher etc.

Hiriwadunna Village Tour Sigiriya

Bullock cart is the main source of transportation in this tour and tour starts with a bullock cart ride. Usually, these bullock carts are outdated transport method in the island now, however, it had been a very important way of transporting good and people in the past. The bullock cart makes its way on a narrow track through the village, and patches of forests, which is a very interesting experience that allows you to hug nature.

After about 30 minutes bullock cart ride it is time to get on to the board and take a boat tour in the village tank. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the aqua fauna and flora in the area, the visitors able to see a large number of birds, flowering plants and perhaps animal like the elephants that are coming to the lake to drink water. The village tour comes to the end with the visit to a traditional village house, where the visitors learn the traditional way of Sri Lankan cooking.


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