Namal Uyana the Biggest Pink Quartz Mountain Range in South Asia

Namal Uyana the Biggest Pink Quartz Mountain Range in South Asia

Pink Quartz Mountain Range of Sri Lanka is the largest of its kind in southern Asia. Same times this place holds a very important place in the history of the island. According to the historical notes, The tiles of Taj Mahal were made using materials pink quartz of Namal Uyana. Taj, Mahal the 7th wonder of the world was a creation of emperor Shahjahan and believed to using the finest materials from all around the world in the creation of the palace. According to the historical notes, the Emperor himself visited the animal Uyana pink quartz mountain before using it to make marbles.

Namal Uyana is said to have been used as a monastery during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa 3rd century B.C. During the reign of King Dapulu IV, in the 8th century AD, pink quartz mountain was declared as a sanctuary, where people could flee from percussion and stay without any harm.

Several types of research were undertaken with regards to the quartz in the past, as to find out the formation of the quarts, historical value and other important information about the Namal Uyana Mountains. According to archaeological research findings, this mountain range is having a history of more than 550 millions of years. The major changes to the Pink Quartz Mountain Range occurred in the Prag Crambiya era almost 500 million years back. The quartz deposit spreading over 105 hectares and the stones belong to a superior stone category. During an archaeological investigation, it was revealed that some of the fossils found at Pink quartz mountain are dating back to more than 250 million years.

Pink quartz in the mountains contains the majority of Cylicon di-oxide (chemical name) along with other minerals which makes the colour of the stones. The sand around the Quartz Mountains also shows the high concentration of the same chemical. Quartz mainly made up of silicon dioxide (SIO2). In the middle of the earth, there are hot gases, and liquids and rocks explode out of the ground as magma lava. When this magma lava flows out, sometimes, portions of the liquid are retained in the internal spaces. These are formed into quartz. Quartz is a mixture of magma, lava and silicon dioxide and its cells are rectangular. Mountain range consists of 7 mountains encircling the Namal Uyana Forest and the mountain range is located 1,050 meters above sea level.

There are three beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity of the mountain range. These streams are flowing towards the Namal Uyana Forest and feeding the trees. This water is rich in minerals while it is brushing the mineral all the way to the Forest. This forest contains tree and plants with ayurvedic medicinal values. the villagers around and people from far away land believe that drinking this water will cure various illnesses and give them physical perfection along with mental satisfaction.

Namal Uyana, recently declared a National Heritage site, under the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWLC) has become popular among Sri Lankans in recent years, it has a history filled with legend and romance that dates back to the Mogul period.