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Top Six Tourist Places Near Colombo

Top Six Tourist Places Near Colombo

The south Asian tropical island, Sri Lanka (about Sri Lanka) has a fascinating blend of natural and man-made holiday attractions. The islands economical centre, Colombo (Colombo city tour) has an interesting mix of colonial splendour and modern bustling city life. Recently the city authorities have embarked on an ambitious program of upgrading Colombo into the so-called “the garden city of Asia” or city with a substantial green cover. The city of Colombo had been recognized as a Ramsar wetland city due to its ext4nsive wetland cover within the borders. This article is about the top six tourist places near Colombo, We have written many articles on Colombo in the past and this is another episode in order to introduce a few places that located outside of Colombo.

A large improvement of the forest cover of Colombo can be witnessed in Colombo today and the city is consisting of parks, walking trails and playgrounds with an extensive green canopy. And the capital of the island, Sri Jayewardenepura is boasted to be a calm, quiet and beautiful green city. Here are the top five tourist places near Colombo.

Colombo is most popular among travellers as a city with rich colonial heritage and modern development. There is a large number of cultural and historical tourist places near Colombo and most travellers visit them. But, virtually none of the travellers who visit Sri Lanka for holiday are aware of the natural tourist places near Colombo. One question most travellers ask us is, are there any natural tourist places near Colombo? The answer is “YES”. Following are the top five tourist places near Colombo.

Labugama reservoir

Perhaps Labugama reservoir is the most useful water resource for the people of Colombo. It is the main water supplier for the city and Labugama is located towards the South-East corner of Colombo. Even though Viharamahadevi Park is the most popular among the travellers as the greenest patch of Colombo, Labugama is far bigger and richer of bio-diversity than Viharamahadevi Park.

It can be described as the most scenic natural forest of Colombo. The beginning of the reservoir is dating back to the English colonial era. It was constructed in 1882 with the participation of a large number of Sri Lankan and English people. Labugama Oya is a perennial water stream that flows through the Labugama forest. A dam was constructed across the Labugama Oya, where the water is collected even today. Since then it has become the leading water supplier of Colombo. Labugama forest has been declared as a forest reserve due to importance, being the catchment area of Labugama reservoir. Labugama reservoir, a mountain range in the background with evergreen forest makes awe-inspiring sceneries for the visitors.

Ranmudu Ella

Ranmudu Ella is one of the leading natural tourist places near Colombo and it is fed by the water stream that flows through the Labugama forest reserve. The sight of this beautiful waterfall is a reward for the visitors of Labugama reservoir. The water flows into a natural pond before falling down the rock. Today the natural pool is dedicated to the requirements of monks of thummodara sumana pirivena.

Kumari Ella

Kumari Ella makes some beautiful natural scenery with the greenish surrounding and it is just outside of Colombo city. The waterfall can be reached after travelling on Colombo-Awissawella main road (A4). You need to travel about 4 km inland after reaching Tummodara junction on the A4 main road. The name “Kumari” derived after a tragic incident in which a beautiful lady called Kumari was drowned here.

Attidiya wetland

Attidiya wetland can be considered as a natural jewel of Colombo. It is located some 10 km south of Colombo and makes a noteworthy contrast to the populated city with high rise buildings and busy roads. The wetland occupies more than 370 hectares in Dehiwala and Attidiya. Being the flood water trapper Attidiya renders a valuable service for the people in the area.  It is inhabited by a large number of freshwater fish species. Attidiya is most popular in Sri Lanka as a bird sanctuary. Attidiya is one of the top-notch bird watching spots in the island. It is a highly attractive bird watching spot during the winter season of the northern hemisphere, due to the gathering of a large number of migrant bird species. Other than the birds it is a place to see many species of butterflies on the island including many endemic butterfly species.

tourist Places Near Colombo

Bolgoda one of the important tourist places near Colombo

Bolgoda can be described as one of the largest natural reservoirs on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Bolgoda is located amidst the populated cities of Boralesgamuwa, Kesbewa, Madaptha, Hirana and Moratuwa. It is one of the most picturesque places near Colombo and popular as a destination for water sports among the people of Colombo. A large number of people are gathering to Boigoda area in the weekend and holidays because it is a tourist place near Colombo and it takes only a few minutes to reach Bolgoda from most places in Colombo.


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