Sri Lanka family beach holidays

As per our experience, most families that travel to Sri Lanka look for a wide range of tourist places to travel such as wildlife parks, cultural monuments, museums, water sports centres and places for beach holidays in Sri Lanka. However, most families insist on a beach stay during their family holiday in Sri Lanka. Most families opt to have a leisurely and easy-going Sri Lanka trip with plenty of fun under the sun.

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Family Fun and Plenty of Joy in the Sun, Sea, Sand

Encountering fascinating wildlife, plenty of joy in the Sun, Sea, and sand and action-packed adventure activities, make Sri Lanka an affordable and safe Asian holiday destination perfect for kids.

Sri Lankan beaches are considered as best places for family vacations as they offer activities for all members of the family. The best beach holiday destination such as Bentota and Hikkaduwa located on the west coast of Sri Lanka while a few other popular beaches are located on the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia fulfils all requirements to be a top-notch family-friendly destination in Asia. Most importantly Sri Lankan beaches attract a large number of leisure seekers as well as many families among them. Sri Lanka beaches have all the ingredients required for an enjoyable family holiday: it is cheap compared to most other Asian holiday destinations and therefore family beach holidays in Sri Lanka is quite popular in the traveller’s world.

Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka are a hot topic and we receive a large number of bookings for our Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka. But there are many important reasons for Sri Lanka’s popularity as a family holiday destination, such as palm-fringed sandy beaches, fascinating wildlife encounters, and action-packed Family Adventure Holidays Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is already a popular family holiday destination. As a local travel company, Seerendipity tours organize a large number of Family beach tours to Sri Lanka.

We receive overwhelming email inquiries from our customers asking “what are the best Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka”, “what type of Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka are suitable for us” etc.  As per our experience most families travel to the island look for Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka, most families opt to have leisurely and easy-going holiday packages with plenty of fun in the sun, and most of them are based in nice beach hotels and make several short excursion to visit interesting places.

Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka and Animal encounters

Sri Lanka inherits a vast network of wildlife sanctuaries, which is comprised of 22 national parks and sanctuaries, providing a safe haven for wild animals that delights wildlife explorers of all ages. However it is difficult to spot animals and birds in the jungle and patience and endurance are very important to spot wild animals, unfortunately, kids are not good at maintaining patience.

Visiting Udawalawe national park on Sri Lanka family beach holidays

The Udawalawe elephant orphanage is a grassroots conservation project that occupies a part of Udawalawe national park, adjoining the village of Udawalawe. The entire project is under the purviews of the wildlife conservation department and animals are not been used for any kind of commercial purpose. The orphanage was started in 1995, the rehabilitation of orphaned elephant calves and release to the jungle is the main objective of the orphanage.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places for whale watching and beach holidays. Therefore mirissa is a popular tourist place in Sri Lanka part of popular trips like 5 days Sri Lanka tour and 7 days Sri Lanka tour.

Visiting Elephant transit camp on Sri Lanka family beach holidays

Large numbers of orphan babies gather at the orphanage, daily 5 times a day, during feeding hours. Feeding hours are the best time to visit the elephant orphanage, as mischievous babies are gathering for milk feeding. It is worth visiting the elephant orphanage only during the feeding hours and the orphanage is quite empty during the rest of the day as the babies move to the jungle.

Udawalawe national park is one of the best places to observe wild animals in Sri Lanka, and the national park is only a few minutes away from the orphanage. Many wild animals can be observed here, such as elephants, deer, monkeys, crocodiles, leopards, bears, jaguars, wild buffalo, and many other animals, birds, and vertebrates. The kids can have a close look at wild elephants and a large gathering of wild elephants are a very common sight here.

Adding action to Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka

Travellers visit Sri Lanka to explore ancient ruins, lush green vegetation, and deep, dark caves. This does not sound like a family holiday, but actually, it is the kids who like adventure activities most. The activities on offer in Sri Lankan tour packages are quite easy to do and suitable for adults as well as for kids and teenagers, though they are not suitable for babies and toddlers.

The travellers can have easy access to rainforests, ancient ruins, temples, rivers, lakes, water sports centres and diving sites during the Family beach holidays in Sri Lanka. The visitors can go elephant riding, boating, water rafting, trekking, cave tubing, river kayaking, snorkelling and diving; experienced instructors and guides are provided in order to make sure it is safe for travellers and engaging for travellers of all ages.

Sri Lanka family beach holidays on the west and south

Sri Lanka has more than 1300km of coastline and Sri Lanka is a perfect island to pursue all kinds of saltwater activities, most of these activities very engaging and thrill the children. Windsurfing, surfing, kayaking and water rafting are activities that best suit older kids and teenagers while snorkelling, boating, visiting sea turtle conservation projects and go snorkelling and spying on the fascinating underwater world.

There are many places suitable for family beach holidays along the southern, western and eastern sea border; however, choosing the best holiday season on the particular beach is very important as the monsoon rain could dampen your holiday. Usually From November to April is the best season for a beach holiday on the south and west coast of Sri Lanka while the east coast is suitable for a beach holiday from May to October.

Sri Lanka family beach holidays in Bentota

Bentota beach, by far the most popular beach on the island for holidays, also known as Golden mile, lies 80km south of Colombo. Bentota is the island’s biggest seaside resort town and provides easy access to all activities mentioned earlier.

The golden mile is planned for travellers of all ages and all beach resorts l are fully prepared to accommodate children and teens. Usually all resorts provide kids swimming pools, kids’ play areas, kids’ entertainment, kids’ yoga classes, nature walks, and many other activities specifically for little people and some resorts even provide free daycare service. As the sun disappears over the horizon, families can retire to a beach restaurant, with a cosy loft space and indulge in a delicious seafood dish.

Sri Lanka family beach holidays in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa sits on the Galle-Colombo main highway, about 20 km south of Bentota, and is the most popular seafood beach resort town as well as the home of the marine sanctuary. Hikkaduwa is also a fishing settlement; it is laid out between sandy beaches and beautiful countryside.  

Perhaps Hikkaduwa is not as popular as Bentota; However, Hikkaduwa is a great destination for a refreshingly family beach holiday in Sri Lanka. The sea off Hikkaduwa is suitable for swimming in shallow water while hotels also provide kids’ pools for children, who are not yet familiar with the waves.

Galle fort is just south of Hikkaduwa and is one of the most visited tourist places in Sri Lanka, usually every trip to the south coast includes Galle fort.

For families, a glass-bottom boat tour to explore the coral reef of Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary is a very popular family activity or there are many other saltwater activities on offer, including surfing, boating, snorkelling and diving. Off the beach there are village tours, trekking through the forest, walking, bird watching, cooking in a native way at the nearby village or you can find the bliss in the Ayurveda spa.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia to snorkel, dive and boat. With a large number of interesting activities bundled into the Sri Lankan coast with sparse beaches, luxury beach resorts to stay in, heavenly seafood and you have all the ingredients to make a relaxed family beach holiday in Sri Lanka. If you feel bored with the beach and wish to retire from the beach for a day or two, there is plenty of ancient archaeology to immerse yourself in.