Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool

Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool

Spend your holiday in comfort and style in one of Sri Lanka’s bungalow resorts

Whether it is a tour to enjoy sun, sea and on leisure or just a hectic visit to teardrop-shaped, fascinating and often frenetic Sri Lanka, Reveling few days on the languid luxury of Sri Lanka’s west coast sunny beach or mountains is on the bucket list of most holidaymaker of the island.

Presence of international hotel brands in Sri Lanka

Many internationally known luxury brands such as Taj Bentota, which is under the umbrella of Taj resorts and palaces, RIU, Anantara, and Hyatt, have made their mark on Sri Lanka’s most diminutive coastal belt ( characterized by superb service, opulent surroundings and calm, sandy, palm-fringed beaches), of western Sri Lanka many years ago. Despite the presence of mammoth swimming pools, gigantic resort-bedrooms in well-acclaimed resorts, there is much charm to be had by forsaking the facilities and amenities provided by those hospitality-giants by choosing a stay at the most evocative, charismatic Sri Lanka bungalow resorts, some of these properties even have the presence of colonial charm.

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Western province beach resorts

Western province beaches accommodate many dozens of large scale resorts that are readily available in package tours and provide the perfect atmosphere for party-friendly guests. Beach Vendors are selling many items such as clothing, handicrafts, antiques, drinks and food for the gusts and offer a wide range of atmospheric delights, for travellers that look for a slice of Sri Lankan authentic lifestyle.

Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool

Op to stay in one of the luxury holiday bungalows in Sri Lanka with a swimming pool; if you look for a luxury resort in Bentota there are many possibilities to consider. Opt to stay slightly inland from the coastal belt, a sleepy, greenery village popular for its bevvy of palaçios (manor houses) sits along the bank of a branch of Bentota River. The travellers can find a large number of newly built bungalow resorts with easy access to the Bentota beach; dine in at a resort with à la carte menu, instead of pre-cooked meals at a buffet. Most hotels provide massage facilities with experienced in-house masseur so avail you of an Ayurveda full body massage with a sauna or take a dip in the garden pool.

Choosing Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool Hikkaduwa and Galle

In order to experience something different head down to Hikkaduwa or Galle in the southern province, Hikkaduwa is a popular hideout for hippies and is the cradle of mass tourism on the island, not far from Bentota. Hikkaduwa provides many dozens of bungalow resorts, just a few minutes away from the beach, towards the interior of the country.  

Most properties are specially designed to be luxury holiday homes with swimming pools, a fully equipped kitchen, 24-hour security and easy access to the beach. Most Sri Lanka bungalow resorts come with the self-cooking option while guest can opt to have the meals prepared in-house by the cook.

Sri Lanka Bungalow Resorts

What is unique about Galle is its colonial heritage, which is visible across the entire city, if history, culture, architecture and of course the beach a thing you fascinated by, there is no better place for you than Galle. A large number of bungalows built by colonial rulers are scattered across the entire region. A large number of those constructions is still in good condition as they undergo regular renovations. Most properties are still occupied by Sri Lankan families while few dozens of colonial mansions are converted to bungalow resorts.

In Galle, you can spend a night at Galle Fort, 15th century Fort teetering on a hillock overlooking the Indian Ocean. Every building in Galle Fort is connected to Dutch architecture and the presence of Dutch heritage is crucial to maintain its UNESCO world heritage status. In fact, Galle Fort is the best-preserved Dutch fort in Asia and feels like going to a medieval time as you enter the Fort.

Dutch colonial mansions of Galle are converted to holiday bungalows

Most mansions and bungalows that were built to accommodate Dutch East Indian company offices are today converted to Sri Lanka top-notch bungalow resorts, while some of them shelter restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, shops and many other recreation centres.

Most bungalow resorts in the fort do not provide a swimming pool, because bungalows were not with a pool, especially due to the limitation of space. Same times the bungalow resort at the Fort does not come with spacious gardens, but most bungalow resorts at Galle Fort have the stunning seaside vistas.

Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool

Exploring Dutch fort

After spicy Sri Lankan rice and curry lunch, or an arrack cocktail, served in a restaurant overlooking the ocean, look in on the Wolvendaal Church, which is one of the oldest churches on the island built by Dutch, then take a stroll on the labyrinthine narrow cobblestoned alleys flanked by building with fascinating Dutch architecture. Now it is time to dip your toes in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean just outside the rampart.

Exploring Beaches in Galle

Alternatively, if barefoot luxury is more the order of the day, head down to one of the beautiful beaches in the south such as Unawatuna, Koggala, Weligama or Mirissa. Here you can find a large collection of luxurious colonial mansions that are converted to luxury hotels. Most bungalow resorts on this stretch of beach are still as it was seen in the past, and most of them owned private beach, perfect for a leisurely stroll undisturbed with only gulls and ghosts of Dutch past for company.

galle fort, Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool
Galle Fort

Holiday bungalows in Nuwara Eliya

In the central province of Sri Lanka lazy lakeside resort, Nuwara Eliya also is known by the nickname ”Little England” sits in secluded nearby lake Gregory, once the most popular health resort on the island and frequented by wealthy British planters.

A large number of holiday bungalows sprang up in order to meet the high demand for luxurious accommodation during the British colonial period. Today all these luxurious Theodor style mansions are converted to Sri Lanka bungalow resorts, some of the bungalows were expended to large scale tourist hotels, the lake Gregory one of the most striking attraction of the city is surrounded by a large number of bungalow resorts and tourist hotels. Most bungalow resorts include antique British furniture open verandahs.

Kandy, the upcountry capital of Sri Lanka lays claim to the home of best tea grown area of the island, a slower pace of development and life, and a heady mix of tea plantations and verdant valleys, and cascading waterfalls. The rustic beach is not something you like then many secluded bungalows in Kandy, which considered as one of the best places to discover top-notch Sri Lanka bungalow resorts.

Holiday bungalows in Sri Lanka with a swimming pool can be found in many areas. However, most of these holiday bungalows are concentrated in the beach resort areas such as Beruwala, Weligama and Bentota. A large number of holiday bungalows in Sri Lanka with swimming pool scattered on the west coaches beach of Sri Lanka because west coast beaches are the most popular beach holiday destination on the island. A large number of luxury holiday bungalows with a swimming pool can be found beaches resorts such as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Kalutara, and Galle.

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