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5 Adventure Places in Sri Lanka

5 Adventure Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka adventure tour” does it sound awkward to you! You might be wondering if Sri Lanka can fulfil the requirement to be an adventure holiday destination. The answer is YES, Sri Lanka has all the requirements to be a good adventure holiday destination though I might not say Sri Lanka is a top-notch adventure holiday destination.

There are plenty of opportunities with a large number of adventure places in Sri Lanka, for adventure enthusiasts on the island, to perform mountain climbing, trekking, caving, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting and so much more. Sri Lanka is heaven for divers due to the fascinating underwater world around the island. Coral reefs, shipwrecks, a large number of exotic fish species keep the divers tempted to love to Sri Lanka’s waters. This article is about 5 adventure places in Sri Lanka that are suitable for adrenaline-pumping Adventure Activities.

Sri Lanka is an island situated in the Indian sub-continent neighbouring India. Sri Lanka is just 65610 sq km in size and small country compared to India, yet Sri Lanka is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. The capital of Sri Lanka in Colombo. Sri Lanka is the ethnic melting point, where you find many different cultures, religions and ethnic groups.

whitwwater rafting kitulgala

Opportunities for Adventure activities in Sri Lanka

Even though Sri Lanka is a small country it is very rich in natural attractions such as rainforests, wildlife parks, pristine beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and many many more. Most of these places can be used for adventure activities and therefore they have turned to popular adventure places in Sri Lanka.

You will feel the adrenaline rush with whitewater rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, waterfall abseiling, caving, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hot-air ballooning ride especially towards the interior of the country. Due to the geographical upheavals in the past number of mountains came to be in the centre of the country. The most number of adventure places in Sri Lanka to be found in the mountains places like Kitulgala, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Bandarawela and Haputale are well known for various adventure activities.

Today these mountainous areas are very popular adventure places in Sri Lanka for most travellers, Nuwara Eliya, Kitulagala, Bandarawela, Haputale, Sinharaja rainforest, knuckles, Ella are several popular destinations that make possibilities for adventure holidays in Sri Lanka.

Tips to enjoy Sri Lanka with adventure and serenity

Firstly, it is a good idea to plan the trip well in advance. This would be the first step for most travellers, who undertake foreign trips. Because planning helps you to have a hassle-free experience amidst the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful and peaceful island. Due to the ever-increasing foreign travellers in Sri Lanka all the services, facilities and amenities ranging from flights to hotels and transport gets flooded and so don’t expect to make a booking instantly you will find it a vague possibility.

Prepare your holiday in Sri Lanka with help of travel guide and tour operators would be the most suitable option because they can help you to grab a hotel room and a seat on the flight at an affordable rate. When you pursue your holiday in Sri Lanka by pre-booking all the necessities there will be no hindrances during the trip.

Such measures are very important during the peak holiday season in Sri Lanka, which occurs from November to April. Especially during the festival dates such as Christmas and new year, when tens of thousands of tourists flood entire Sri Lanka to enjoy invigorating moments, even it might be difficult to get a chance to do some holiday activities such as elephant back ride, safari.

1. Sinharaja Rain Forest among the popular Adventure Places in Sri Lanka

Sinharaja rainforest is the last remaining primaeval rain forest, that definitely be very handy for your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka and it is one of the must-visited places if you like to have a heavenly experience amidst the beautiful nature of the primaeval rainforest. Sinharaja can be visited at any time of the year and you will be lavishly rewarded with sites of millions of years old trees, many species of birds, vertebrates, amphibians, several species of other animals. The Sinharaja trek takes you through the dense foliage of tropical trees and plants, streams, waterfalls, mountains and valleys.

horton plains national park

2. Horton Plains National Park

Including Horton plains national park in your venture of adventure holidays in Sri Lanka is very important, the highest elevated forest in Sri Lanka takes you through an unbeatable experience of mountaineering through a cloud forest and an opportunity to embrace the one of its kind beauty of an untamed wilderness.

The best time to visit the Horton plains national park is in the early morning while afternoon makes it difficult to walk through the forest due to the concentration of mist. The park is consist of the huge open area with grass, streams, and isolated trees where you find a large number of sambar deer. Horton plains national park is situated at an altitude of 2100-1300 meters above sea level making it the highest adventure trek on the island, The distance from Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plainsplains is around 30km.

Ella gap sri lanka

3. Don’t forget to include Ella to the list of adventure places in Sri Lanka

Ella is a remote and isolated small beautiful hamlet with a scenic array of mountains, valleys, tea plantations, waterfalls, patches of forests and it is home to a large number of tourists in the island. Ella is situated overlooking the Ella gap therefore breathtaking views of Ella Gap and the nearby mountainous area can be seen from Ella. There is a large number of trekking sites here such as mini Adam’s peak, Ella gap, Ella forest. The views from the city over the Ella gap are worth beholding, a trek here is dotted with many such sightings and the best highlights remains in the beautiful valley at the Ella gap that would delight one and all.

An array of Trekking Trails
Being the hill stations in the mountains, Ella is synonymous with a large number of good trekking trails. Being one of the highest elevated hill stations of Sri Lanka, Ella is home to some of the highest peaks in the island, most of these peaks lie well above 1500 meters from the sea level.

knuckles trek

4. Trek to the Knuckles Forest

A high altitude trekking in central Sri Lanka near Kandy provides the trekkers with a breathtaking view and an adventurous trekking opportunity, therefore knuckles forest is highly recommended for your adventure holidays in Sri Lanka. The best time to visit the knuckles forest is from November to April. Due to the difficulty of this trek, it is strongly advisable to have several members in the group. Having the help of trekking guide is definitely very useful to have an enjoyable and safe trek in knuckles forest. Knuckles forest is one of the biggest forest reserves in the country also known as “Dumbara valley”. There are several treks in the forest and difficulty and the duration in the forest is largely varied depending on the trek. Consult your travel agent to find out the best trek for your activity.

adams peak trek, Adventure Places in Sri Lanka

5. Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak Trek

Adams peak is the 3rd highest mountain in Sri Lanka and its pinnacle is located 2234 meters above sea level. Sri pada trek begins either in Rathnapura or Hatton. The trek from Ratnapura to Sri pada is believed to be more difficult and time-consuming compared to the route starts from Hatton. Most pilgrims in Sri Lanka use the trek that starts from Hatton and it will take about 5 hours to reach the pinnacle on this route. Usually, the pilgrims start their upward march in the mid-night hence they can reach the summit before the sun-rise and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the day-break. At the summit, you can see a Buddhist temple where you find the footprint of Buddha and some believe it to be the footprint of Adam, that’s why it is called Adam’s peak. It is said this trek is in use for many centuries and dating back to 2nd century BC.

Adam’s peak is most popular as a destination for pilgrimage tours among the Buddhists, Muslims, Catholic and Tamil peoples. All these religious groups have some important reasons to conquer Adam’s peak. But for most foreign travellers this is an adventure trek with exposure to untamed wilderness. The trekking route lies under the green canopy of peak wilderness, which is one of the most valuable patches of rainforests in the island.

Adam’s peak is a popular pilgrimage site among the Sri Lankan’s and attracts hundreds of thousands of people especially during the pilgrimage season that occurs parallel to the dry season in south-west Sri Lanka, from November to April. Rest of the year the trek is deserted and there is hardly anyone on the way due to the torrential rain in the region, triggered by the south-west monsoon, which could cause life hazard for the trekkers. During the rainy season, the path is not maintained due to the absent of pilgrims,  therefore the most parts of the trek are hidden in the jungle making it difficult to find the way up. Furthermore, the presence of wild animals is more frequent than the rest of the year. Furthermore, there is a high possibility of encountering wild animals such as leopard, elephnats, wild boar and many other wild animals.


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