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Jetawanarama Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

The Jetwanarama Stupa is the the largest of its kind in the ancient world and it was the tallest ancient Buddhist structures in the world, the structural ingenuity and engineering skills employed for the construction are significant. The foundation of the ancient Stupa were 8.5m deep and the size of the structure required bricks which could withstand loads of up to 166 kg. The solid foundation lay on bed-rock and the dome was constructed of full and half bricks and earth fill, the unique shape of a perfect ellipsoid allowed for stress and thus allowed the construction of the large structure.

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Best hiking places in sri lanka, Sri Lanka hiking tours and Trekking tours in Sri Lanka

Most wildlife reserves have a large stock of animals and suitable for wildlife explorations tours, mountains and forests provide suitable grounds for trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and for many other adrenaline-pumping sports. In this article “Hiking in Sri Lanka”, we are talking about some of the best hiking places in Sri Lanka.

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