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Sri Lanka workation package 21 days

Sri Lanka workation (a vacation that blends leisure and remote working) is a comparatively new concept for most travellers around the world. Because Sri Lanak is most popular as a beach holiday or leisure holiday destination around the world. Sri Lanka has been chosen as one of the best countries for Workation in the world for 2022. KAYAK is a popular search engine among travellers and it has revealed the best countries for workation for 2022. This is a very important accolade for the island to woo more travellers in the coming years, especially when the island experience a balance of payment issue.

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Workation (a vacation that blends leisure and remote working) is a comparatively new concept in the travel world. With digitalization, people around the world have been able to enjoy flexible working environments. Many companies in the world now allow their staff to work from home and more and more companies embracing the trend as it benefits the company as well as the staff. workation gives more flexibility to the staff while it reduces the maintenance cost for the company.

More and more people around the world are in search of a flexible working environment over the last few years. Workation existed in the world for a long time but the trend of workation has taken a new twist with the advent of COVID-19. As the pandemic spreads across the countries most companies started to allow their staff to work remotely. It was a very sensible approach to get their work done while guaranteeing the safety of the staff, as they do not mingle with other people.

Sri Lanka was closed to foreign travellers from time to time and movement of the people within the country was restricted in order to control the spread of CO VID-19. During this period a large number of government and non-government organizations resorted to “work from home”. In fact, some companies closed their offices and allowed the staff to work only from home. After the pandemic, now the COVID-19 restrictions are totally removed on the island, however, some people are permanently working from home while others report to the office only a few days a week.

Sri Lanka as a destination for Workation

Sri Lanka’s workation is a comparatively new concept for most travellers around the world. Because Sri Lanka is most popular as a beach holiday or leisure holiday destination around the world. Sri Lanka has been chosen as one of the best countries for Workation in the world for 2022. KAYAK is a popular search engine among travellers and it has revealed the best countries for workation for 2022. This is a very important accolade for the island to woo more travellers in the coming years, especially when the island experience a balance of payment issue.

Sri Lanka fulfils all the requirements to be one of the best workation destinations in the world. Sri Lanka offers a summer climate throughout the year and the living cost of Sri Lanka is also comparatively very low. Whoever, want to work remotely can set up an office in Sri Labak at a very low cost and they can also enjoy all the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, telephone, satellite connection, and speed internet connection without any hindrance.

The government of sri Lanka now allows travellers to stay up to 1 year with a tourist visa. This is a clear sign that the government of sri Lanka is intend to encourage travellers to workation in Sri Lanka.

Ranking of countries for a workation

KAYAK’s first Work from Wherever Index is the ultimate source for travellers looking for a place to set up a remote office either for a short period of time or a longer period of time. The KAYAK had considered 111 countries when they choose the best countries for workation in the world and ranked each against 22 factors across six categories: travel costs and accessibility; local prices; health & safety; remote working capabilities; social life; and weather. Ultimately, the index reveals the countries that are easiest to work from while having a lot of fun in your off hours. According to KAYAK Portugal is the best country to work remotely and Sri Lanka has been able to secure 2nd place in the Asia-Pacific ranking and 13th globally.

The top 10 best countries worldwide and in Asia-Pacific for combining productive working conditions and opportunities for travel adventures according to KAYAK are:

Top 10 countries for a workation

Worldwide Ranking Asia-Pacific Ranking
RankCountry / Region RankCountry / Region
1Portugal 1Japan
2Spain 2Sri Lanka
3Romania 3Taiwan
4Mauritius 4Thailand
5Japan 5Indonesia
6Malta 6Australia
7Costa Rica 7Malaysia
8Panama 8Singapore
9Czech Republic 9The Philippines
10Germany 10New Zealand
Data Source: KAYAK Work from Wherever Index

Portugal became the best country for workation in the world with the most number of points across all areas including good weather, high abundance of places for going out, low-crime rates, and relatively low cost of living. Travellers can get a digital nomad visa in Portugal and the people of Portugal have a high English literacy rate, which is something that attracts many ex-pats.

Why is Sri Lanka ideal for a workation?

Sri Lanka is already a popular long-haul holiday destination in the world and a large number of western travellers arrive on the island every year. Sri Lanka has been able to rank 2nd place in the Asia-Pacific region and came 13th worldwide among the best countries for a workation and many other popular holiday destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore are outrun by Sri Lanka.

The availability of a wide range of accommodation facilities such as hotels, and apartments at an affordable price and affordable living cost makes Sri Lanka an ideal country to set up a remote office. Digital nomads will definitely appreciate the good weather conditions all year round. Summer-like warm weather is another key attraction on the island, which tempts travellers to choose Sri Lanka for their holidays. Recently introduced long-term tourist visa is another important reason for Sri Lanka to become one of the best countries for a workation in the world.

In addition to the Work from Wherever Index, KAYAK features a new time zone ranking to help users quickly and easily find out the time differences for their trip – ideal for those looking to swerve 2 am conference calls whilst working abroad. The time zone-focused rankings take key factors and categories from the Work from Wherever Index into account but display them according to your work country of origin – so the countries that have time zones closest to your own work time zone will be featured higher up on the list of country destinations. The tool also provides information on the latest travel restrictions and local vaccination rates per country.

Ideal location for a workation package Sri Lanka

Having a suitable place is essential to have a perfect workation. Cosy places on the Sri Lanka beach or in a Sri Lanka hill country resort such as Ella are can be a perfect place. Internet is available throughout the island, however, the fibre internet connection is restricted only to a few areas. It is highly recommended to make sure that you have internet before setting up the workplace. Your workation can be unsuccessful without a good internet connection, however, an internet connection is available through the island and it is very easy to set up a WIFI zone.

Plan out the Sri Lanka workation

In order avoid a boring workation, it is important to plan your workation properly in Sri Lanka. You have to use time sparingly for work as well as recreational activities. Your Sri Lanka workation is best when you don’t spend the whole time working. You must take out time off from your work to engage in some interesting activities. Sri allows you to engage in many interesting activities such as beach hopping, exploring wildlife, visiting ancient monuments, trekking, hiking, camping, shopping and music nights. De-stress activities are important for the perfect workation.

Plan your Sri Lanka trip

The best Sri Lanka workation should be a minimum of 3 weeks. If your workation is short, you will not be having enough time to explore the interesting places in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, it is important not to stay in one place for the entire stay, if you spend more than 10 days at a place, you may feel bored. Moreover, staying in one place for too long can lead to fatigue and complacency with work. You should know how much time you want to spend at the location.

Make a budget for your Sri Lanka workation

Making a proper budget is important, whenever you plan a holiday package, and it is valid for workation as well. Because you can’t spend your entire salary on a workation. Make a proper budget for your Sri Lanka workation at the planning stage. Thereby you will be worry-free about money during your workation and you can fully concentrate on your work. Hence, making a budget is very important.

Be in touch with your colleagues

If you plan a Sri Lanka workation by yourself, you need to look into the time difference between Sri Lanka and your country. And you need to inform your colleagues when you are available for discussion. If you are coming from European or North American countries, the time difference is about 5 hours. You may have to work late at night in order to be online as your friends work.

Sri Lanka workation 21 days

This 21-day Sri Lanka workation package starts from the airport and ends at the airport with your departure. The first few days of your workation package you will spend on a beach resort on the west coast. During the first few days, you have the opportunity to engage in your job while enjoying a leisurely beach stay. A few short trips from your beach resort allows you to engage in many interesting activities such as visiting ancient temples, visiting forts, venturing on boat tours and taking part in wildlife safaris. In the latter part of your Sri Lanka workation, you will have the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle cities such as Sigiriya, Dambulla and Kandy. These 21 days of Sri Lanka workation are a perfect opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the country and its many natural resources, including waterfalls, rainforests, rice paddies, mountains, and tea plantations.

This 21 days tour is carefully planned to allow you to use the maximum time for occupational and leisure activities. The below-mentioned itinerary is ideal for travellers from European countries. We have taken into the consideration, the Sri Lanka time zone and European time zone while planning this trip. Due to the time zone difference, travellers from European countries stay around 5 hours ahead of time of their home country. It means that travellers from Europe are able to use the morning hours every day for leisure and various recreational activities while starting with their regular office work in the afternoon.

The 21-day workation package is fully customizable depending on your requirements, please enquire about changes.


Day 1 – Meet and greet by Seerendipity tour representative and transfer to your beach resort on the west coast. Check-in and leisure.

Day 2 – You will spend 7 days in the beach resort in Bentota, which is also known as the golden mile due to its gold colour beaches. here we have set up a workstation environment for you. The hotel is equipped with outdoor swimming pools, spa services, and wide access to the beach. Enjoy your meals in the restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Day 3 – every room in the resort is equipped with a private terrace or balcony, overlooking the Indian Ocean, ideal for working in peace and enjoying the sunshine. The spa centre Spa offers soothing massages, yoga, and aerobics classes. You could also play a game of water polo or join the aqua aerobics class at the pool.

Day 4 – Take advantage of this new day for your combination of relaxation and productivity. Sri Lanka is only four and a half hours ahead of Europe, so you can attend your work meetings.

Day 5 – Take your mind off from the work a little bit, we have planned a wildlife safari based on one of the most popular national parks in sri Lanka, Udawalaw national park. You will engage in an afternoon safari. Udawalawe is the most popular for wild elephants and here you can witness many other wild animals such as wild buffaloes, crocodiles, deer and monitor lizards; maybe even a leopard if you are lucky!

Day 6 – Enjoy your day in the new workstation! Plan your day with a few breaks to enjoy the beautiful surrounding and sip a delicious, fresh fruit juice at the pool bar, and maybe play a little badminton, squash or table tennis session?

Day 7 – Today is the last of your beach stay and you will be heading to the cultural triangle tomorrow.

Day 8 – Your cultural triangle tour starts today. After breakfast leave for the hotel in Sigiriya. Your journey lasts around 5 hours with few stops on the way. The journey will be interesting as your pass quant villages, coconut plantation, rice paddies and beautiful countryside. We have arranged your remote office already in the hotel and it will be your remote office for the next 7 days.

Day 9 – Your hotel has a perfect setting for a peaceful working environment, you will hear only the bird sounds here. The well-maintained hotel garden is dominated by various types of trees, plants, veins and grass. The large outdoor pool is a perfect opportunity to unwind after work. Enjoy the hotel’s quality service at the poolside, when you order room service, at the bar and in the restaurant.

Day 10 – What would you like to do after work today? You could take advantage of the spa services or relax by the pool.

Day 11 – Minneriy and Kaudull are 2 popular national parks in the cultural triangle and we have planned an evening safari for you today. our drive from Hotel to the national park lasts about 30 minutes. Your driver/guide show you the jeep allocated for your wildlife tour at Minneriya. With a very healthy wild elephant population, Minneriya/Kaudulla are popular national parks in Sri Lanka for wildlife tours, especially to see wild elephants. Apart from the wild elephants, the visitors can witness many other wild animals like crocodiles, buffaloes, deer, monitor lizards, cormorants, pelicans and a multitude of other birds. The park boasts picture-perfect landscapes too, with mountains rising on the horizon, behind grasslands and lakes.

Day 12 – A trip to the cultural triangle of sri Lanka is never be complete if you miss this iconic tourist attraction, Sigiriya rock fortress. Therefore, allocate 4 hours in the early morning of your day to explore the Sigiriya rock fortress. The monolithic rock rises up to 300 meters from the ground, making it difficult to anyone to reach the summit. King Kashyap built his palace on top of the rock, thereby no enemy could reach him. sigiriya is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world, it is comprised of landscaped gardens, swimming pools, fountains, and natural caves decorated with beautiful paintings. Your guide takes you on a walking tour of the fort, from the sprawling gardens to the natural granite caves; from 5th-century paintings to the ruins of the palace of the King. Sigiriya is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its historical, and artistic value. This historical site show advanced knowledge of ancient engineers who used hydraulic principles, trigonometry and water management.

Day 13 – Today, you will be visiting the Polonnaruwa ancient city on a half-day tour from your hotel. Polonnaruwa was the 2nd most ancient capital of Sri Lanka. Later the city was abandoned due to foreign invasions. Polonnaruwa is home to a large number of temples, dagobas, stupas, gardens, palaces, and many other ancient structures. You will stop at many places on a hop-on-hop-of city tour that lasts about 2 hours. after the city tour head on to your hotel in Sigiriya and start with work.

Day 14 – Spend this beautiful day in Sigiriya at your leisure to focus on your work or to relax.

Day 15 – After breakfast head on to Kandy, which is the last capital of sri Lanka and one of the most important cities on the island. Kandy is a Buddhist city and is considered the cultural hub of Sri Lanka. On your way to Kandy, your driver will stop at Dambulla golden temple to explore other UNESCO world heritage sites in the cultural triangle. The cave temple is dating back to the 1st century AD and houses more than 150 ancient statues. The inner wall of the caves is decorated with ancient paintings. You will check into the hotel before noon. The rest of the day spend leisurely or with your work.

Day 16 – After breakfast explore the city of Kandy with your guide on a hop-on hop-off car tour. You will be visiting the tooth relic temple, the Royal botanical garden, a handicraft centre, a museum and many other tourist attractions in the city.

Day 17 – After breakfast drive to the hill country resort of Ella. Check-in and leisure or work.

Day 18 – After breakfast make a hop-on hop-off tour to explore the scenic hill country, tea plantation and Nuwara Eliya city on a TUK TUK. The journey on a TUK TUK will definitely be very interesting as it passes small villages, waterfalls, green-capped mountains and valleys. Later visit a tea factory to see the tea manufacturing.

Day 19 – Ella is a popular hill country resort in sri Lanka due to its healing climate and trekking and hiking trails amidst green foliage. We have planned a few places for you to explore today. You will make a hike at mini Adam’s peak and Ella rock, and a few other places. Later in the day your office work.

Day 20 – After breakfast leave for the beach hotel in Negombo, check in and leisure. en route to Colombo sightseeing and shopping tour.

Day 21 – Leave for Colombo international airport after breakfast.

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