Affordable Holiday in Sri Lanka with Homestay Accommodation

Affordable Holiday in Sri Lanka with Homestay Accommodation

Most people love the idea of travel to far distant places. There’s so much to see, do and learn, and everything feels new and is interesting. As everyone knows, foreign travel, especially to an exotic location like Sri Lanka, can be an expensive business for some, but it needn’t be.

One way to cut down on costs and increase the pleasure of being in a foreign land is to simply try a homestay holiday. Homestay accommodation is the cheapest form of accommodation on in Sri Lanka.

Homestay holidays involve going abroad to stay with a family in their home for a short period and living among the members of the family as one of them. Use a travel comparison site to find cheap flight deals to Sri Lanka, and then we can arrange your low-priced homestay accommodation during your holiday in Sri Lanka. There are available in plenty.

But for those who are a bit timid about staying with a local family and would prefer enjoying their holidays in a comfortably furnished holiday home or apartment in Sri Lanka, you may check the accommodation options available from our Sri Lanka Hotels page or just drop us a mail with a brief description of your requirement.

The whole idea of the homestay is a cultural exchange. This is a generally new idea of holidays but is fast gaining notice among those who wish to immerse themselves in local culture and customs. Your host family in Sri Lanka will be more than happy to share their day-to-day lives with you and introduce you to their culture and lifestyle.

In exchange, they want to know about you and your country, and if English is not their native language, they’ll be hoping to improve it by speaking with you. It’s a great way to make friends and get an understanding of the country you’re visiting. A homestay will give you a much deeper understanding of a country than any tourist could ever hope for and forms a deeper bond between you and your adoptive family…

Usually, homestays in Sri Lanka cost a very modest contribution to cover food expenses, and some do it for profit. Try to avoid those that do it purely for profit. If you’re paying hotel rates for a homestay, you may as well stay in a real hotel, as you’ll get none or few of the benefits of a genuine homestay.

If your host is offering homestay purely as a business, then they won’t be spending much time with you. You’ll just be another tourist. While its fine for your host to expect payment to cover expenses or even to make a little extra money, doing it purely for profit goes against the spirit of homestay holidays.

Homestays can be arranged in a variety of ways. College and university students often have homestay holidays arranged through their college life. Anyone else can find lots of homestay opportunities on many online sites, such as ‘Seerendipity tours’. If nobody is offering any homestay in a part of the island that you want to visit, you can always place an inquiry with us and we are happy to help you.

There’s really no better way to know Sri Lanka and its people than by staying with a typical local family. Not only will you have a fantastic time and make genuine friends, but you’ll also be doing your bit for international relations. Homestay holidays in Sri Lanka are definitely worth considering.

Homestay accommodation facilities on the rise

Boutique hotels, holiday bungalows and homestay accommodation facilities on rising in the wake of high demand for accommodation facilities in Sri Lanka. The number of tourists to the island is sharply increased during the last several years.

The increase of Boutique hotels and homestay accommodation estimated to be serving around 30% inbound tourists. It has increased from 143 units in 2011 to 500 units in 2012. The trend is expected to be continued in the future as well. Homestay units comprised of boutique hotels, boutique villas, homestays units, guest houses and heritage homes.

Homestay accommodation is one of the popular accommodation facilities, which is mainly used by individual travellers. Homestay accommodation was not popular on the island due to the lack of demand.

It is considered to be one of the best alternatives to expensive hotel accommodations. Somehow, the prices of homestay accommodation are largely varied depending on the facility. There are homestay accommodation facilities that provide luxurious accommodation for high-end travellers. Same times, homestay accommodation with very basic facilities cost only a few dollars a day.

Sri Lank tropical holiday destination recorded a healthy growth in the tourism industry since the end of civil war. Lack of tourism infrastructure is a big challenge for the country to entertain the increasing number of inbound tourists. Particularly increasing the accommodation facilities have been identified as a top priority to meet future demand as a holiday destination.

The government of Sri Lanka has launched a five years ambitious program to improve the industry. Private sector participation is highly expected in the plan. Many large-scale hospitality projects were launched by private investors during the last several years and many tourism projects are yet to be started. There are several mega hotel projects such as Shangri-La are already started and expected to be in operation soon.