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Sri Lanka Family Holiday

Sri Lanka Family Holiday

Enjoy the best of Sri Lanka upcountry, the West and South of Sri Lanka on this eye-opening 7 days family holiday.

A tour to Sri Lanka is like a turning up almost everything in one’s life-the volume with busy roads of Colombo, colourful markets where buyers bargain for various goods, the historical bliss in the cultural cities of Sri Lanka and the brightness with the sight of palm-fringed sandy beaches. This is a perfect opportunity to take your family on an adventure through the west, south and central Sri Lanka, through the national parks, historical monuments, mountains, and then go to the pristine beaches to relax and float all worries on the waters of Indian Ocean.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka within one day
This is a typical scenery that you get at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage every day. A large number of tourist gather here to see the largest herd of tamed elephants in the world.

We believe now it is the time to organize the best Sri Lanka road trip with improved security and peaceful environment. For most travellers, Sri Lanka was out of their map for a long time, due to the political unrest prevailed in northern Sri Lanka. The heat of the civil war was felt in the rest of the island with destructive bomb explosions and shooting incidents. Today after almost 10 years since the end of civil war, Sri Lanka has become one of the most peaceful nations in the world.

“Land like no other”, Sri Lank is truly a heaven for world travellers with a fascinating combination of culture, and history and 3S (sun, sea, sand). Sri Lank is a becoming a heaven for nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts too. For most travellers, Sri Lanka is at the top of their travel bucket list, and the number of foreign travellers in Sri Lanka is considerably increased during the past several years. Now (2017) the number of foreign tourist arrivals exceeds 2 million, which is four times higher than the arrivals reported in 2010. Sri Lanka has become a very popular country in southern Asia for tourism purposes.

Well, it’s back. According to the National Geographic Traveler UK, world-renowned magazine, Sri Lanka is one of the coolest holiday destinations to travel in 2018. Federal Bureau has also identified Sri Lanka as one of the safest destinations to travel. So isn’t it the time to travel to Sri Lanka, buy one of the Best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka.
According to most travellers, the best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka should be essentially included with a beach stay and several sightseeing tours. There are so much to discover in this fascinating holiday destination you can’t forget the countless number of important cultural, historical and natural attractions. On the other hand, you can’t miss the endless pristine beaches around the island too.

Kandyan cultural show

The multicultural society with diverse cultural events, primaeval rain forests, thousands of years old historical cities, cascading waterfalls, colonial remnants the list of attractions is endless. Dip in the vibrant colours of Sri Lankan wildlife, explore the Ceylon tea, check out the fragrant spices and pamper yourself on the palm-fringed pristine coast can be easily added to one of our best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka.

The best tour Packages in Sri Lanka will take a few days out of your life and create the feeling that you are hanging around somewhere incredible, and it should be designed to please. Seerendipity tours design your best tour Packages in Sri Lanka at an affordable rate, all our tour packages can be customized whatever the way you wish. We are a truly Sri Lanka company with head office in Colombo and no involvement of any third party.

Most tour packages offered by seerendipity tours include cultural and natural sites with amazing beach time towards the tail end of the tour. We believe, such a combination would be a perfect mix to explore a unique destination like Sri Lanka. Your best Sri Lanka tour package can be wrapped up in the west coast or southern coast beaches depending on the time of the year you travel.

If you travel to Sri Lanka from November to April western or southern coast is the best option for your beach stay. If you hit the island from April to November heading to the east coast for your beach holiday, because dry-weather prevails in the region.

Due to the monsoon patterns which soak-up the beaches during rainy season travelling to the west coast from April to November can disrupt your holiday. Same times travelling to the east coast from November to April can cause you to stuck in the hotel due to torrential rain. Therefore carefully choosing the beach hotel is very important to make it your best tour Packages in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a heaven for culture-loving travellers and this sun-drenched holiday island offers stunning views of the central-highland of the country. Therefore, all best tour Packages in Sri Lanka should essentially include some time in the mountains.

Is your camcorder ready but don’t forget to keep your eyes ready to capture the beautiful scenery along the way! you can traverse the beautiful countryside, laid-back villages, and tea, rubber, coconut plantations, explore the Yala national park, visit Horton plains to spice up your knowledge of wildlife, and explore the verdant valley and lush green mountains in the Sri Lankan hill country.

Eight things that should be included in your family holiday package

Dash of thrilling adventure

There is so much to do in adventure front in Sri Lanka, the adventure lovers can immerse in an endless number of activities. Rock climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting, trekking, mountain biking the list of adventure activities available in Sri Lanka is endless. Apart from land-based adventure activities, there are endless possibilities with regards to water-based sports such as diving, snorkelling, water skiing, speed boating etc. With the beautiful settings of the Sri Lankan nature, we believe a dash of thrilling adventure activities should be added if it is to be one of the best tour packages in Sri Lanka.

Rejuvenate yourself with some Ayurveda

The best tour packages in Sri Lanka can be easily spice-up with a twist of Ayurveda. Ayurveda massage with sauna adds extra comfort to your holiday while relieving your stress. Add an Ayurveda massage to your tour package that is widely offered in many parts of the island.

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Cultural experience

Best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka should essentially be enriched with experiences alone with scenic beauty and thrilling adventures. After all, Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world that boast to have thousands of years of old unbroken civilization. Sri Lanka is one of the best places for you to experience a new culture. Don’t forget to visit mask folklore museum in Ambalangoda and visit Kandyan cultural show, and catch up on folklore from the locals: the most suitable way to lear Sri Lanka’s culture.

rice and curry

Try typical Sri Lankan food

There is a noteworthy difference between Sri Lanka food and food of other Asian countries such as India, Thailand. One particular difference is the use of spices. In the Sri Lankan context almost every recipe, especially the curry is prepared with many varieties of spices and condiments, which makes a direct impact on the colour and the flavour. Most Sri Lanka curries are very spicy and it is a noteworthy difference compared to dishes from other Asian countries. Authentic Sri Lankan lunch consists of rice and several curries. Sri Lanka is especially popular for fresh seafood, so don’t forget drop into a seafood restaurant on the beach resort and try a spicy crab dish on your visit to Sri Lanka.

sri lanka crocodile, Galoya national park

Wildlife exploration

Sometimes the most unexpected memories are generated in unexpected places. When thinking about wildlife, especially to see the big cats, undoubtedly it is Africa comes into one’s mind. Even though Sri Lanka is not a top-notch wildlife holiday destination, Sri Lanka offers amazing opportunities to spot wildlife, it may be a surprise to you, but it is real. Yala, the wildlife reserve southern Sri Lanka is popular for leopard and offers amazing opportunities to spot these big cats.

Even in Africa, it might not be so easy to spot leopards like in Sri Lanka. In most cases, you have to spend hours in the jeep and travelling all around the reserve to spot a single leopard in Africa. But in Sri Lankan context you will be able to spot leopards, Elephants, crocodiles and many other animals within 3 hours safari at Yala national park. Yala records the highest concentration of leopards (panthera pardus kotiya) in the world and it is estimated to be 17 ½ big cats per 100 square kilometres.

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Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka

Entire cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is an archaeological wonder and it is 5 hours away from Colombo. It is difficult to overlook Cultural triangle if any travellers wish to have one of the Best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka. The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is one of the several places in the world, where Buddhism flourished and experienced its heydey for many centuries. Many cities in the Cultural triangle such as Anuradhapura was a teaching centre for Buddhism and visited by monks from many countries such as Indian, China, Burma. Today Cultural triangle encompasses many UNESCO world heritage sites such as Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla golden cave temple, Tooth relic temple and harbours a large number of ruins of many gigantic dagobas, palaces, image houses, living quarters of monks that existed many many thousand years before.

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Diving and snorkelling in Sri Lanka

The diving and snorkelling spot in Sri Lanka is different based on the season and decide by the monsoon. There are two seasons mainly, each lasts 6 months, western and southern coast and eastern coast. Best time to dive in the west and southern coast is from November to April while six months from April to November is the best time to dive on the east coast.

There are several good dicing spots on the east coast near Trincomalee. The pigeon island marine national park is the best of all dive sites on the east coast. here you have the opportunity to spot a large number of tropical fish species as well as coral reefs. You might even be able to spot blue whales and pods of dolphins.

On the west coast, Hikkaduwa is the best place for a dive and Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary harbours a large number of fish species, coral reefs, sea turtles. If you stay in southern Sri Lanka head on to Unawatuna to find a good dive site. There are many shipwrecks off the coast of Unawatuna where you will be able to spot coral reefs and many fish species.

If you do not wish to get wet but still want to see the fascinating underwater world off Sri Lankan coast, the best place is Hikkaduwa, where you can hire a glass bottom boat and see the corals, fish, sea turtles in the sea. The boat tour lasts about one hour and the cost for the boat is around USD 10 P.P.  Unfortunately, this facility is available only in Hikkaduwa. The coral reef in Hikkaduwa is much larger than in Unawatuna and contains more marine life than other places.

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Beautiful train journey

Undoubtedly the train is one of the most affordable and convenient transport methods in Sri Lanka. There are many + points with the train journey, you can move whenever you wish to, you can buy food, you can interact with locals, listen to music, read and enjoy the breathtaking scenery passing by. There can’t be anymore scenic journey than the train ride between Ella and Kandy.

The sceneries along the Ella-Kandy stretch is incredibly breathtaking, and this is the most popular train ride among the travellers. The train journey lasts around 5 hours. The train tickets can be obtained from the railway stations. Trains in Sri Lanka are very crowded, especially in the morning and afternoon.  If you wish to travels in an un-crowded wagon you need to buy either a 2nd class ticket or a 1st class ticket. The number of seats available in 1st class and 2nd class compartments is limited, therefore advanced booking is highly recommended to guaranteed the availability of seats on those compartments. 1st class observation compartment is most popular among the travellers due to its wide-angle view over of the scenery and usually, it is the last compartment of the train.

The train journey along the coastal belt is also beautiful, stretch from Colombo to Negombo and Colombo to Galle are most popular stretches for train ride among the travellers along the coastal belt.


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