What not to miss in Sri Lanka & what not to do in Sri Lanka

There are so much to do and see in Sri Lanka a traveller cannot grasp all the important places with unfamiliar native names and the amazing choice of attractions. This article is about what not to miss in Sri Lanka & what not to do in Sri Lanka, giving you insight into what is important and what you need to avoid.

Sri Lanka weather is perfect for holidays

Sri Lanka is a bustling holiday destination in Asia with a large number of tourist arrivals every year. The weather of Sri Lanka is perfect for holiday lovers with the dry and sunny weather either on the east coast or west coast at any time of the year.

Sri Lankan weather can be broadly divided into 2 categories, rainy season and dry season. Sri Lanka has a 6-months changing weather pattern, which highly depends on the monsoon wind. November to April is the best time of the year to travel to Sri Lanka’s west and the southern coast. May to October is considered being the best time of the year to travel to east coast.

The local currency (Rupee) has been depreciated against most currencies creating very favourable price tags in hotels, transport and activities for foreign travellers. Other than the bonus received due to the depreciating local currency, prices of goods and services in the tourism sector tumble from April to November, due to the price war creates under the low demand.

Freshers to Sri Lanka will, at first, be impressed by the unique cultural, historical experience in the country. The natural beauty takes most travellers to surprise beaches, wildlife reserves, rainforests make the most part of the natural wealth of the island. There are so much to do and see in Sri Lanka a traveller cannot grasp all the important places with unfamiliar native names and the amazing choice of attractions.

However, there are few factors that every traveller aware of before stepping into the island. We have listed below a few “don’t ” and ” do’s” for travelling in Sri Lanka.

What not to miss in Sri Lanka: Here is a 5 of them

Have a nice Sri Lanka holiday! The shopping, delicious food, nightlife and culture of Colombo is electric. There are several department stores in Colombo to explore but newcomers cannot past the inviting shopping mall; Pettah bazaar, cafes, fabulous restaurants and the great spot for the shopaholic in you.

Sampling delicious seafood

Try Sri Lankan delicious spicy seafood. Other than the ubiquitous Rice, there is a vast array of delicious Sri Lankan foods varieties, one highly recommended is Seafood, they are fresh, delicious and cheap too. Drop into a fruits stall and you will be amazed by the number of a different variety of tropical fruits offered by the shop owner.

Go to Hikkaduwa beach for a sunset dinner. A large number of restaurants dotted along the beach and you can choose various food items from budget to pricey. Grab a table near the beach, let the sea breeze lull you when you gaze at the stunning sunset whilst imbibing in a seafood feast.

Visiting a Buddhist temple

Number of Temples in Sri Lanka is many thousands and all are in the same mould, therefore visit 1 temple and you can figure out how all the other temples are. But some very important temples such as the temple of the tooth relic can be visited on Sri Lanka package trips. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to explore the Sri Lankan culture and religion which is an essential part of Sri Lankan life.

Visiting a temple is not limited to Buddhist pilgrims, it is an important activity for non-Buddhist travellers too. Visiting Buddhist temple allows you to experience the typical Sri Lankan culture and tradition. Most Sri Lanka cultural tours include many temples. Most of the cultural and heritage tours include a visit to important Sri Lanka cultural triangle cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla and Kandy.

Moonlight hike at Adams peak

Make the moonlight hike to Adam’s peak mountain and see the gorgeous sunrise on the horizon; you will create an everlasting breathtaking image, all around the colours of the spectrum. Unfortunately, the sunrise from Adams peak can be experienced only from November to April, due to the adverse weather condition in the region the tour is not offered during the rest of the year.

What not to do in Sri Lanka

Get into a Rikshaw or TUK TUK that has no meter. There is a chance of getting ripped-off big time. Tyr to hire a TUK TUK from a reputable taxi service such as Uber or Pickme. They have trustworthy drivers and they are polite to most of all they use the meters.

Avoid free TUK TUK rides and sightseeing tours (available only in the beach resort areas). Sooner or later you pay for it.

Don’t show up your money in public. The opening of your purse or wallet in an obvious manner can lead you to trouble. Beware of pickpockets and thieves.

Change your money at authorized money changers. Do show up at the money changer your own. When someone accompanies you to the moneychanger they will receive a commission, which supposes to be deducted from you.

No drugs, please! Never take drugs into Sri Lanka. The chances are great that you ended up in jail. Don’t possess drugs while you are holidaying in Sri Lanka. Because the fines are hefty for drug-related offences.

Don’t smoke in public places, you might not see a non-smoking sign sometimes but according to Sri Lanka rules, smoking in public places is prohibited.

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