Arugam Bay And The Crocodile Rock In Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay is one of the most popular playgrounds for water sports and loved by the surfing community around the world. When the tourism industry set foot on the island of Sri Lanka in the early part of the 1900s, the beaches around the country had been the main product of the tourism industry. Most tourists anchored in the unspoiled beaches of Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay And The Crocodile Rock In Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, the popular beach holiday and surfing destination on the east coast of Sri Lanka (About Sri Lanka, Ceylon) was a hot topic around the world due to a crocodile attack, in which a British journalist was killed. Paul McClean, who worked at financial times of London, was grabbed by a crocodile near the crocodile rock of Arugam Bay. The body was discovered later and it was identified by the fellow travellers, who travelled with him. McClean was holidaying in the island at the time of the attack. He had gone to the forested area away from the beach and he was targeted by a crocodile. Several tourists who were in the area of profile rock had seen the incident but they were not in a position to help the victim.

Sri Lanka beaches

Beach holiday is one of the most popular branches of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry and the island is surrounded more than 1300km of the pristine coastal belt. The tourists omit the beaches very rarely and most Sri Lanka trip packages such as 5 days Sri Lanka tour, 7 days Sri Lanka tour or 2 weeks Sri Lanka tour package includes beaches as the main tourist attraction.

Beach holiday destination Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is one of the most popular playgrounds for water sports and loved by the surfing community around the world. When the tourism industry set foot on the island of Sri Lanka in the early part of the 1900s, the beaches around the country had been the main product of the tourism industry.

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A large number of tourists anchored in the unspoiled beaches of Hikkaduwa beach, Mount Lavinia, Bentota beach, Unawatuna and Negombo, all are on the southern and western coast of Sri Lanka. By far west coast of Sri Lanka is the most popular for beach tours in Sri Lanka, especially during the main holiday season in Sri Lanka from November to April.

When is the best time to travel to Arugam Bay?

If you are wondering, When is the best time to travel to Arugam Bay? the best time to travel to Arugam Bay is from April to October. During this period the sea off Arugam Bay is on the side of surfers and beach hoiday lovers and during this period it is very safe to swim in the waters, while the conditions of the waves are very suitable for surfing.

The cheapest beach holiday of the season

Most tourists have chosen the beaches on the west coast for holidays in the 1980s. Even today most tourists choose the resorts on the west coast such as Beruwala, Kalutara, and Unawatuna for their beach holidays. The beaches on the east coast such as Arugam bay attracts the travellers when the west coast sea is not suitable for bathing from June to October.

Arugam Bay and surfing are two words bound together because Arugam Bay is the destination for a topnotch surfing experience in Sri Lanka. There are many places around the island for Surfing but none of them has the vibe that surfers are glued to like in Arugambe. If you don’t surf here! at least not try it!!! it is a big mistake.

The wide sandy beaches and shallowness of the beaches on the east coast differ them from the rest of the beaches on the island. In the 1970’s beaches on the east coast such as Nilaveli beach, Pasikuda and Arugam bay became popular among the international travellers. But the beginning of the civil war in 1983 was the main reason for isolating these pristine beaches by the travellers and the downfall of the tourism industry in the region. After ending the civil war in 2009 it is safe for travellers, hence included in most Sri Lanka road trips like 10 days Sri Lanka tour or 2 weeks Sri Lank tour itinerary.

Where are Arugam Bay and crocodile rock located?

Arugam Bay is located about 314 km from Colombo and there are two popular travel routes to reach Arugam Bay. First one is the A4 road via Ratnapura, Pelmadulla, Balangoda, Beragala, Wellawaya, Monaragala, Siyambalanduwa and Pottuwil. The second route is from Colombo to Pelmadulla then via Tibolkatiya, Udawalawe, Tanamalvila, Wellawaya, Monaragala, Siyabalanduwa and Pottuvil.

Crocodile Rock is located a few hundred meters south of Arugam Bay beach. As the name “crocodile rock” suggests, it is a rocky outcrop near the jungle. Due to its closeness to the jungle, crocodiles are occurring here very often and there is a very high chance of spotting crocodiles. Warning signs are also set up in the area to educate the visitors about crocodile attacks.

What are the activities can be done in Arugam Bay?

Arugam Bay is the most popular holiday destination among the adventure holidaymakers on the east coast. Arugam Bay is popular for activities such as surfing, windsurfing, swimming, diving and snorkelling. Arugam Bay has been recognized as one of the best surfing spots in the world and most of the tourists arrive here for surfing. A large number of surfers comes to the beaches of Arugam bay from April to August, due to the favourable weather.

The water temperature measured to be around 28C˚ and air temperature measured to be around 32C˚ during this period. Arugam Bay is the most popular alternative beach resort for west and southern coasts of Sri Lanka, especially during the south-west monsoon (from April to November). During this period, these areas are highly unfavourable for beach holidays, due to the underwater current in the ocean and rough sea. Torrential rain that accompanies heavy wind restricts the travellers to the hotels, during this period.

The population in the area is around 4000 people and the fishing industry is the leading income generator for the people in the area. Agriculture and animal husbandry are the two other important occupations among the people in Arugam Bay. The population in Arugam Bay is mainly consisting of Muslims while Tamils and Sinhalese are also having a sizable contribution.

There is a large number of tourist attraction around Arugam Bay. Kumana and Lahugala national parks are located near Arugam bay and are considered to be some of the best places for bird watching on the island. The historical temples of Muhudu Maha Vihara and Magul Vihara are located near the beaches of Arugambe. The natural beauty of Arugambe is enhanced by the centuries-old natural sand dunes and valuable mangrove forests.

The facilities for tourist in the resort have been considerably improved since the end of civil war in 2009. A large number of new hotels was built in the area in the recent past and many others are still being built. The government of Sri Lanka has launched a five-year action plan to improve the tourism in the country, and Arugam bay is given a prominent place and recognized as a resort with great potential for the tourism industry.

Places for surfing in Arugam Bay

The main point, Peanut farm and the Whiskey point the mail places for Surfing in Arugam bay. The first one, the Main point is located within the demarcated area of Arugam Bay. This is the most popular spot for Surfing in Arugam bay. Every morning, it is a common site here that dozens of surfers balancing themselves on the rolling waves. The surfers should be a bit experienced to play here.

Whiskey Point is the place for beginners of surfing. The waves are much more gentle here than the waves in Arugambe giving the opportunities for learners of this interesting sport. Whiskey point is located about 14km away from Arugambe, towards the northern direction of Arugambe. Peanut farm beach is located toward the south of Arugambe and it takes around 15 minutes to get there by taxi. Peanut farm may not as popular as Arugambe but the surfing experience that travellers can have here is excellent.

Annual Surfing competition

Being an island in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka attracts a large number of surfing enthusiasts, Depending on the time they hit the island these surfers are heading either to south-west coast or east coast. By far Arugam bay is the most popular surfing paradise on the East coast.

Surfing contest is the most popular international surfing contest on the island. A large number of surfers are gathering to surfing in Sri Lanka and Arugam bay surfing contest is one of the popular annual events in the surfing world. The event is participated by a large number of top-ranked surfers from all parts of the world. The annual event well is organized by Sri Lankan Airlines and the event is held in the month of August every year.

Arugam Bay is popular not only among the surfers but also other visitors who make a holiday in Sri Lanka due to bathing, snorkelling, diving, whale watching etc. Arugam Bay is a popular beach holiday destination of east coast due to several best beaches of Sri Lanka

Arugam bay surfing contest is visited by thousands of audience from all around the world. Arugam Bay is predominantly known as the hub of the Sri Lankan Surfing community, with the entire village set up to handle surfing tourists, with a huge range of accommodation and eating options. This annual event is organized covering Arugam bay Bay Point, Potuwil Point, Peanut Farm, Komarik and Panama.

In the event, there are two groups of surfers preparing for two different sides of this historic event. In one contest world’s best male long-boarders preparing for the first of two events that will decide the ASP World Longboard Champion. And on the other side, there are the world’s best female surfers prepping to battle for qualification points at this ASP 6-Star Women’s World Tour event. Nearly a 100 top world surfers from around 20 countries spanning from Argentina, Peru, and the USA across the globe to New Zealand are taking part in the contest.