Nature-based tourism in Sri Lanka

Dynamic and contemporary wildlife and nature-based tourism are rapidly becoming popular among travellers around the world, and so is Sri Lanka. Wildlife reserves, beaches, wetlands, and hill country resorts of Sri Lanka are rapidly gaining momentum and attracting a large number of foreign and local travellers.

Nature-based tourism is on the rise in Sri Lanka over the last few years, this is a radical shift from its earlier status as a relaxing beach holiday destination in the world. However, Sri Lanka is still a popular holiday destination for beach holidays in the world and annually a large number of sunseekers arrive on the island to bask in the sun. The peak holiday season in Sri Lanka starts in November, parallel to the northeast monsoon and remains suitable for holidays with travellers-friendly weather through April following year. The period from Novemebr to april considered toi be the best time to tarvel in Sri Lanka.

As travellers around the world venture more and more onto nature-based tourism such as wildlife holidays, bird-watching tours, trekking and hiking tours, Sri Lanka has big potential in this arena. As a tropical island, Sri Lanka has all opportunities to harness this branch of tourism. The island has endless opportunities to tap into nature-based tourism with its dozens of wildlife reserves, rainforests, wetlands and a large stretch of beaches. Sri Lanka already has been able to attract a large number of travellers to its wildlife reserves such as Yala, Wilpattu, Kumana and Udawalawe. Destinations such as Kitulgala, Nuwareliya and Ella are heaven for nature lovers. These hill country resorts offer endless opportunities to mingle with nature with its patches of forests, waterfalls, rivers, caves, green capped mountaisn, tea plantations and trekking and hiking trails.

With regards to the wildlife tours in Sri Lanka, Southern Sri Lanka’s national parks including Yala, Bundala Lunugamavehera, Kumana and Udawalawe are at the forefront. A large number of travellers choose south coast wildlife reserves for their wildlife tours. National parks such as Yala harbours a large number of wild animals from elusive leopards to giant elephants. National parks such as Yala will not disappoint their visitors and offers many possibilities to profit from their time and money.

Southern Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination among travellers and it has a very interesting blend of tourist attractions, however, beaches and wildlife reserves are the most popular tourist places in southern Sri Lanka. These natural resources on the south coast create new economic opportunities closely tied to natural environments.

Sri Lanka is not popular for camping tours but many tour operators have started to offer camping holidays to travellers. Most of the already established camping sites are located in southern Sri Lanka. Yala camping tours, based on luxury camp accommodations are already been offered through agents. Several camping sites have been established giving easy access to Udawalawe wildlife reserves and camping holidays can be also booked in Withpattu in northwest Sri Lanka. Venturing on a Camping tour is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the nature of Sri Lanka and it will become a popular activity among travellers in the time to come. Camping accommodation is still very expensive in Sri Lanka compared to other forms of accommodation as the demand is high and the supply is very limited. Camping holidays are a very popular activity among travellers who drive to Yala national park and it is a popular recreational activity for them.

The campsites loacted in such a way that it eliminates the disturbances from the outside world. Therefore, camping holidays are one of the best ways to escape the high intensity of city lights and the worrisome noise of activities such as the tooting of vehicle horns and experiencing the simplicity of nature. Hanging around the remote trails and peaceful seclusion is undoubtedly a fascinating experience for everyone, who loves nature and camping camps in a location like Yala enables you to realize that dream.

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is extensively focusing on the nature-based wildlife tourism sector as the country is undoubtedly placed in a splendid position in terms of forests, natural habitats and diverse species of wildlife that appeal to travellers. Recently the SLTDA has unveals the first phase of 300 km long walking path in sri Lanka, which is 25 km long. However, there is still much that needs to be done to improve the wildlife tourism offering and make it more sustainable while also developing new opportunities and experiences that will help the country to compete more strongly in the South Asian region.

If you book a camping holiday in yala you are well positioned to see many wildlife at the camp site. You will get the an opportunity to witness a variety of birds like peacocks, crested serpent eagles, buffalo, spotter dear in hordes, wild boars and monitor lizards. Crocodiles, elephants, and leopards are a rare sight. With about 10-15 elephants in zone 1, it is likely that you see at least one of them. While an estimated number of 75 leopards are present in about a 144 sq. km region, the chances of seeing even a sole leopard are rare.