Sri Lanka to host Miss Tourism 2022

Against the backdrop of a massive setback in the tourism industry of Sri Lanka in the first half of 2022, the island nation has taken numerous efforts to woo foreign travelers into the island. The government authorities have launched many promotional campaigns to attract travelers to the country. Those efforts have come to fruition and increased the number of foreign travelers to the island over the last few months. The campaigns have been able to dilute the negative image registered in the mind of foreign travelers created by the economic and political collapse.

Sri Lanka has been chosen to host the grand final pageant of miss tourism 2022. Sri Lanka has been able to get this golden opportunity due to the relentless effort of the officials of the tourism authority. Hosting Miss Tourism 2022 enables the island to get the attention of travelers around the world while improving the image of Sri Lanka as a safe destination to travel to.

According to Sri Lankan tourism officials,” This is one of the most popular global events and it would improve the image of Sri Lanka among travelers around the world. The event will be held from 8th to 21st December. Eighty winners from 80 Countries will vie for the Tourism crown in Colombo”. National Director, ‘Miss Tourism World 2022’ Malith Ranasinghe, and the Coordinating Secretary to State Tourism Ministry and Chief Advisor, Dr. Arosha Fernando said they competed with 15 countries to secure the bid to host this event in Sri Lanka at a time when tourism is struggling to survive. “At the final bidding round Sri Lanka was competing with Croatia and Russia and managed to win,” the duo said. “A lot of hard work went into achieving this success and the government as well as industry stakeholders fully backed us.

The World Miss Tourism Award is one of the important global events. It was hosted 74 times in the past and it is to be held in Sri Lanka for the 75th time. According to the tourism authorities, this is a golden opportunity for the island to promote Sri Lanka as a holiday destination and attracts travelers. *0 contestants from 80 countries will be competing for the crown. they will spend 2 weeks in Sri Lanka from December 8-21. They will be participating in 80 mini pageants and the grand final will be held in Colombo. During this process, they will visit all the important places of tourism in Sri Lanka including Kandy, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Habarana, Ella, Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and Galle giving the much-needed destination value to these areas.

‘These crowned 80 beauties will share photos and comments on their social media while traveling around Sri Lanka in these two weeks which have millions of followers. ‘On their return home, we expect them to pass the message around about how they feel about Sri Lanka as ‘word of mouth is the most effective way of communication. ‘In this critical economic crisis, tourism is one of the best ways to bring dollars to the country.”

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