Illegal treasure hunting in one of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka

Ingiriya one of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka, located in Ratnapura district, western province come to fore with another episode of treasure hunting. The city is considered being one of the best places for a holiday in Sri Lanka owing to its natural beauty. Ingiriya is one of the major cities between Rathnapura and Panadura with historical values. The city is being visited by thousands of pilgrims during the Adams peak pilgrimage season, that starts in May. Illegal treasure hunting is being carried out in various places on the island. These illegal treasure hunters destroy many artefacts that are centuries old and look for valuables.

Being a prosperous country in the past it is believed that the wealth of kings was hidden in various places especially in historical sites. Treasure hunters are looking for valuables in those places destroying many artefacts with historical value in search of valuables.

The treasure that belongs to prince Weediya Bandara believed to be hidden in Ingiriya. The plot of land, where the treasure is hidden belongs to the Board of Investment. The land is located in the Divisional Secretariat of Ingiriya and the Grama Sewa division of Kakulaliya.

According to the villagers, there had been four explosions in the site from 19th April to 25th April. Villagers have lodged a complaint at the Divisional Secretariat at Ingiriya regarding the explosions. Police are investigating the incident with the participation of Divisional Secretary and Additional Divisional Secretary, Samanthika P Liyanage. Archaeological department and the ministry of national heritage are also informed about the site.