Colombo fashion week

colombo-fashion-weekThe city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is highlighted in the tourism arena as a place to visit, when the Colombo Fashion Week kick-off every year. In 2015 it was launched under the theme of “Celebrate Sri Lanka.” Colombo is one of the most exciting cosmopolitan cities in the region with rich cultural and historical heritage. According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of the tourists, who visit the island spend time in the city-Colombo suggesting that Colombo is a must visit the city in the country. Colombo is more than yet another metropolis and it is worth enduring the hordes of people if you not like to miss the treasures of the city.

The Colombo Fashion week will showcase some of the leading tourist attractions in the city. This vibrant city is full unique experiences and fine dining is another must-do activity for its visitor. Colombo Fashion week will highlight several selected fine dining spots that allow you feast in style. They will introduce some fine dining specialities with the professional twist.

This sprawling mass of fun, fashion, food and high living definitely should be in your itinerary, especially if you happened to be in Colombo from 11th to 14th March, when this glorious event electrifies the downtown, Colombo.

“The standing scooter” a new mode of transport will be a highlight of the Colombo fashion week hosted by Hilton Colombo. It definitely catches the market in the future as it provides a safe and cheap alternative for the public transport, which could be a nightmare sometimes. The facility is available from the host hotel.

The event will be mirrored in the popular TV channel “fashion TV” under the theme “Celebrate Colombo”. The event will be witnessed by hundreds of millions of Europeans through the fashion TV. At the backdrop of the growth of Sri Lanka tourism due to a large number of arrivals from China and India, still, the growth of traditional markets such as UK, Germany, and France are stagnated for the last several years. Colombo Fashion show would be a great opportunity to enlighten these traditional markets, through the Fashion TV.

SLTB is the mastermind behind the Colombo fashion week and the event would be a boost for the tourism industry. The next year Colombo fashion week planned to be held in China. The influx of Chinese travellers contributed immensely to the island’s tourism industry during the last several years. Further increase of Chinese travellers expected in 2015 and experts forecast the number would oust traditional UK market as the main contributor to the islands in-bound tourism. The overall outlook for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry looks positive for the year 2015. With a large number of arrival from China and India, the stakeholders are very optimistic about the future growth of the industry.

The Colombo fashion show is also a great opportunity for Sri Lankan designers to promote their products in the local and international markets as well as building their profiles. The involvement of CWF (Commonwealth Fashion Council) that based in London is helping to globalize the event.