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Impact of Corona in Sri Lanka tourism industry

So far there have been 106 corona patients (as of 03/28/20) discovered in Sri Lanka. Most of the patients are from abroad and arrived on the island over the last 4 weeks. The first corona patient, a Chinese tourist who was on holiday was fully cured and return to her home country after useful treatments.

In the meantime, the number of patients recovered from coronavirus is increased to 7 while 90 patients are admitted to the hospitals due to coronavirus and undergoing treatments. The entire country is lockdown with police curfew and curfew is lifted in regular intervals for people to gather essential items.

No foreigners are allowed to enter the island through the airports and ports. However foreign national travelling on the island is free to leave the island and Sri Lanka tourist board will help all the foreign national to vacate the island.

Coronavirus, which started to spread far and side in China has now been able to claim many hundreds of lives across many countries around the world. coronavirus has become the biggest threat to the world in 2020, up to now. The virus originated in Wuhan China has been reported in more 190 countries so far.    

All activities across the world are badly hampered by a coronavirus and some of the major world events such as Olympic at the verge of cancellation due to the fast-spreading coronavirus. Recently Saudi Arabia decided to cancel issuing visas to pilgrims heading to Mecca, as a measure to curb spreading deadly coronavirus.

Tourism is one of the most hit industries due to the coronavirus as most travellers started to postpone their travel plans. The fast-spreading coronavirus steadily growing outside of China, which is a very alarming message to the world. According to the WHO, it has been a daunting task to decide on the behaviour of coronavirus and its impact on the world. So far its impact on world tourism industry exceeds many million dollars.

Currently, there is no vaccine to treat coronavirus, and the tests to make a vaccine have not been very accurate so far. However, a successful vaccine predicted to be in place by April 2020. As the WHO declared a global health emergency due to the fast-spreading coronavirus, more and more tourist started to restrict their movements beyond their homes.

Corona cases in Sri Lanka

So far there have been 106 corona patient (as of 03/28/20) discovered in Sri Lanka. Most of the patients are from abroad and arrived on the island over the last 3 weeks. The first corona patient, a Chinese tourist who was on holiday was fully cured and return to her home country after useful treatments.

First Corona patient in Sri Lanka

The first Corona patient of Sri Lanka was a Chinese lady. A Chine tourist who had been touring on the island was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of the corona. She was quarantined at the hospital of Angoda (a special unit to treat patients with epidemiological diseases) and later dispatched as she was fully recovered. Since then no corona patient reported on the island.

Sri Lanka attracts a large number of Chinese travellers every year. A large number of Chinese travellers arrive on the island on a daily basis. Due to the decreased Chinese arrival, many Sri Lankan tour operators find it difficult to continue with their businesses. However, the number of foreign travellers from elsewhere show only a slight drop.

Government take stringent measure to curb spreading Corona

The authorities have been prepared all stringent measures to identify potential Corona patients at the airport and the harbour. Same times many hospitals have been prepared to treat patients diagnosed with corona. Despite the stringent measures to control the Corona patients, the number of Corona cases have been increased by 106 as of 03/28/20. Therefore the government of Sri Lanka has tightened the measures to curb the spread of the virus on the island.

Since the travellers coming from abroad is the main reason for the increasing number of corona cases the government first stopped all the flights from several countries such as Iran, Italy, China, Korea. However, later the government has decided to stop all foreign arrival.

Government has declared public holidays starting from Monday (16/03/20) to Thursday (19/03/20). According to the information, it could be further extended if necessary. Health authorities opine that the number of corona patients originated within the country is negligible and most patients are from foreign countries.

Health authorities have instructed the public to take below measure to curb Corona infections.

  • Wash hands properly and frequently using soap
  • Avoid public gatherings
  • Use masks
  • Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes as much as possible
  • If you arrived from a foreign country recently restrict your travel

Quarantine centres

The government has set up many quarantine centres on the island in order to accommodate the passengers coming from foreign countries such as Korea, Italy. These quarantine centres were started on 03/15/20. therefore the all the passengers came from those countries until 03/15/20 we not quarantined. According to the information those passengers arrived on the island from 03/01/20 to 03/15/20 also could carry the virus. The government has instructed such passengers to self-quarantine for 14 days and report to the hospital if they have corona symptoms.


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