Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka for a luxury and peaceful vacation

Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka for a luxury and peaceful vacation

On the mountains, on the beach, in the archaeological sites, within the rain forests, in the interior of the country besides rivers, streams, or nature sites these luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, capture the important ecological elements of the location in architecture and style often following a tropical – theme interior décor.

This type of accommodation facilities is confined to small properties and they usually have a limited inventory, 3-4 rooms, sometimes large up to 20-25 rooms. These hotels are built to cater to luxury seekers and they are usually luxurious and full of character.

A large number colonial mansions had been converted to luxury boutique hotels, they were occupied by wealthy British platers, governors and high rank British civil servants in the past. These luxurious properties are now converted to hotels with upgraded facilities and amenities. Among boutique hotels are ancestral homes, tea state bungalows, or family-owned sea-side hideaways, which have been transformed to caters to an exclusive clientele.

Most of the boutique hotels have suites and some of the hotels even have rooms and they are equipped with telephone, pipe music, Wi-Fi internet, air-conditioning, minibars, cable TV, Jacuzzi, herbal massage, spa, en suite spa treatment, swimming pool, gym, according to the standard of the hotel. Some boutique hotels are not equipped with sophisticated gadgets and they are meant to offer a calm and quiet atmosphere for relaxation with unparalleled surroundings and atmosphere.

Some of the boutique resorts of Sri Lanka are managed by foreign hotels chains E.g. the Amanwella and Amangalle are two properties managed by Aman group of hotels while Galle Fort, a super-luxury property is under the management of Amaya group. These properties, which are under the foreign managements have taken the clue from neighbouring Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Locally managed boutique hotels such as Saman villas have also embraced the characteristics of foreign managements while creating a unique brand of boutique hotels.  

Making use of exceptionally beautiful locations in the island the mingled inheritance of the local and colonial traditions, the ample selection of local timber, design and styles coupled with Sri Lankan hospitality and friendliness has come out with a unique brand of boutique hotels.

Usually, these small properties are administered by the owner, who will always ready to cater to every whim of the customers. Guests services are provided by local staff and available 24 hours a day. Most hotels offer dining facilities for in-house guests. The boutique hotels are always individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting offering a unique ambience.  

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