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Sri Lankan culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and this blogpost reflects many important aspects of Sri Lankan culture.

The Dutch Reformed Church Colombo,The Dutch Reformed Church Galle

The Dutch Reformed Church Galle

Galle Fort, which dates back to 1505 is one of the best places to witness Sri Lankan colonial splendour. However, the Fort was expanded to the present magnitude size by the Dutch colonial rules in 16s. This historical gem is a hot tourist site on south coast Sri Lankan and many travellers head on to Galle in order to see this UNESCO world heritage site.

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Gatabaru Devala

Visit Gatabaru Devala:best way to break a curse

The God of Gatabaru has the power to punish people and incur an ill fate on someone if he or she had committed a wrongdoing. Most people, who are visiting the Gatabaru Devala had been subjected to the wickedness of someone and he or she has no way to find justice in a formal way, therefore, they resort to God Rajjubandara and ask for justice.

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Sri Lankan culture

Sri Lanka The Place To Meet Most Generous People In The World

There had been many such incidents in the past, providing relief to foreign travellers during difficult situations. Tsunami and COVID pandemic had been the most disastrous calamities that we faced during the recent past. Local people had gone through a difficult time during both occasions. So is the foreign tourists, who were staying on the island at that time. But fortunately, none of the foreigners was neglected during the difficult period by the local people. The foreign tourists were taken care of by the local made sure they are safe as long as they are in Sri Lanka.

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