Is This The Oldest Documented Waterfall In The World?

Is this the oldest documented waterfall in the world?

Ravana cave believed to be one of the places where Sita was accommodated and nearby Ravana waterfall had been a bathing place for Seetha. Ravana waterfall is located just a stones-throw away from ‘Ashok Vatika’, which had been the pleasure garden of Ravana. The waterfall is named after Ravana as it is located within his kingdom, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. The magnitude size of the waterfalls takes every visitor by surprise.

Exploring Sri Lanka’s hill country

Almost every visitor from Indian that touches the soil of Sri Lanka has Sri Lanka’s hill country in their trip package. The mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya is the gateway to Ramayana tour packages and every Hindu traveller take refuge in Sri Lankan mountain for few days, in order to pay homage to the queen Sita. The mountains of Sri Lanka are full of Ramayana reminiscence such as Sita temple, Ashoka Vatika, Ravana cave, Ravana waterfall.

Ramayana trip places

The Ramayana tourist sites that sprinkled in the mountains can be natural tourist places or man-made tourist attractions. E.g. Sita temple is a popular temple built by Hindu devotees and Ravana waterfall is a popular natural attraction.   

Sri Lanka is a country with great potential for tourism, in fact, this tiny island already receives nearly a 2 million foreign tourist every year. With 1300 km of pristine beaches Sri Lanka is one of the most popular places for beach holidays. Is it only the beaches that Sri Lanka offer to travellers? No, Sri Lanka offers a lot more than that.

Hinduism and Buddhism

The Ramayan trip places in the mountains of Sri Lanka attract a large number of Hindu pilgrims from various parts of the world and most of these Hindu travellers are from India. On the other hand, Sri Lanka being a Buddhist country for more than 2000 years, harbours many important places for Buddhists in the world. The tooth relic temple, Sri Maha bodhi are 2 world-renowned Buddhist sites and are 2 important places for Buddhist pilgrims in Sri Lanka.

Important places for tourist in Sri Lanka

Perhaps Sri Lanka was a popular leisure holiday destination in the past, but Sri Lanka’s leisure sector is branching out many other areas such as wildlife holidays, adventure tours, honeymoon tours, health tourism with Ayurveda etc. The most travellers now asking for beach holiday mixed with other experiences, such as Sri Lanka beach holiday with wildlife tour, Sri Lanka beach holiday with Ayurveda course.

History and culture are other popular areas that many travellers scratch once they arrived on the island. With many thousand-years old documented history, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to explore one of the most successful cultures in the past.

The history of Sri Lanka

The root of Sinhalese culture goes back to the pre-Christian era, but evidence suggests that Sri Lanka was inhabited far earlier than that. According to the latest discoveries at the Pahiyangala cave, the stone age man lived on the island about 40,000 years back had used arrows for killing fast-moving animals such as to monitor lizards and squirrels. These facts even had changed world history and took the historian by surprise. According to these findings’ Sri Lanka was the first country that used arrows outside of Africa.  

Sri Lanka history adjourned with other countries as well E.g. India. According to the Valmiki, who wrote the popular epic story Ramayana, it was mighty king of Lanka, named as Ravana that abducted Sita (the wife of Rama). This charming queen was held captive amidst the beautiful mountain in Sri Lanka’s hill country.

Ravan waterfall

Sri Lank’s hill country hosts a large number of waterfalls and most of them are popular tourist places and packed into Sri Lanka trips such as 5 days tour. Ravana waterfall is one of the popular waterfalls on the island, which is not only beautiful but also it has a very interesting historical background, being connected to Ramayana.

Ravana waterfall and its environs play a big role in Ramayana story.  According to the epic story, the nearby city of Badulla had been the ruling capital of Ravana. The mountain resort of Badulla has a surreal surrounding, which is packed by mountains peaks, valleys, waterfalls and isolated patches of forests. This rugged terrains also home to many hundred caves and some of them had been used by Ravana to hide Seetha.  

Ravana waterfall is located just a stone’s throw away from ‘Ashok Vatika’ which had been the pleasure garden of Ravana. The waterfall is named after Ravana as it is located within his kingdom, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. The magnitude size of the waterfalls takes every visitor by surprise. The Ravana waterfalls are located 4 km from the popular health resort of Ella. According to the legend Seetha was accommodated in natural caves in the areas and Sita had been using Ravana waterfalls for bathing.

Characteristics of Ravan waterfall

The waterfall one of the highest waterfalls on the island and it measured to be 25 meters from the top to bottom. The waterfalls cascade from a concave rock outcrop that has the oval-shape. The waterfalls swell more than 10 times from its normal size during the rainy season and it takes the shape of areca flower with withering petals. The waterfalls are belonging to the Ravana wildlife sanctuary.

Ashok Vatika, Ravan falls, Seetha all are closely connected to Ramayana and therefore highly important to Hinduism. Many Hindu travellers from Indian visit Seetha temple, which is highly sacred to them. Same times visiting Ravana waterfalls as well as Ashok Vatika, Divurumpola temple, Streepula caves, and haggala are also in the bucket list of the Hindu devotees.