The Long Beach Resort Koggala For Comfort and A Tranquil Beach Stay

Long beach resort Koggala for the comfort and a tranquil beach stay

Many beach hotels in Sri Lanka claim to be beachfront properties or have stunning ocean view-but for travellers who are not familiar with having to access a busy road, walk across the public property or climb over rocks to reach the beach, we’ve found the perfect seaside resort for you, the Koggala beach resort.

Location of Koggala beach resort

The long beach resort- one of southern Sri Lanka’s finest star properties set amidst the most pristine and tranquil beaches. As the name suggests “The long beach resort” is blessed with more than 500 meters of sun-drenched beach, rock-less and serene, perfect for an ultimate beach gateway. No other hotel in the area boasts of a long beach with turquoise water for swimming.

Today Koggala has become a popular one day trip place in Sri Lanka from Colombo and all other places on the west coast. It has never being so easy to reach Koggala from Colombo due to the newly opened southern expressway. It had been about 4 hours trip to Koggala from Colombo in the past, however thanks to southern expressway it has been curtailed to little more than 1 hour.

Perhaps the best thing about Koggala in southern Sri Lanka is that it is yet to be fully discovered and explored. Koggala thus offers stunningly beautiful scenery, charming peace devoid of the usual tourist drove. While you bask in the sun watch the waves dance with the soft golden sands to the music of the soft breeze.

Why Koggala beach resort stand out from the crowd

120 rooms of 134 superior rooms of Long beach resort are located facing the Indian Ocean while the rest of the rooms have a garden view. If you look for a beach kissed room, there will be a supplement and which push the rate of sea-view rooms a little bit high.  

Most beachfront rooms are just stepping away from the white-sand beach so you can enjoy a quick dip without having to bump into anyone on your way. The long beach resort offers plenty of reasons to stay indoors. On days that you prefer staying away from the sun, you can still enjoy the beachfront from the privacy of your plush bed. Every single room features a stunning view of the Ocean and is artfully designed for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Long beach resort exceeds your expectations in offering you an array of facilities your stay from a comfortable one to a tr to transform your stay from a comfortable to a truly perfect holiday experience. The main restaurant-‘Azure’, displays the epitome of luxury dining.  Set atop the second floor of the resort’s main building, your dining experience comes complete with a 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean swathed in starry skies, setting the scene for an ideal romance.

Iris, the resort’s distinguished fine-dining a-la-carte restaurant, affords you the best options of either dining in air-conditioned comfort or alfresco under the stars in the gentle ocean breeze.

The resort’s star class chefs turn out a delectable banquet to satiate the fussiest palate. Diners are spoilt for choice and can opt to enjoy either a vast buffet or the restaurant’s a-la-carte menu.

Apart from beach-loving travellers and sun worshippers, the virgin beaches of Koggala are also frequent by a different type of guest, marine turtles. The island’s coast, including Koggala, is the nesting ground for five species of marine turtles-the green turtles, the leatherback, the hawksbill, the loggerhead and Olive ridley. On the fringes of Koggala town is a small turtle hatchery that promotes responsible tourism and conservation. The hatchery buys turtle eggs off fishermen to discourage poaching and consumption of eggs. The facility takes care of the hatchlings until they are ready to be released back into the Ocean a good deed that luck visitors can themselves do.

Places to visit around Koggala beach resort

For a small destination, Koggala offers a surprisingly wide range of things to see and do. The sea showcases, spice gardens, rain forest, bird watching, stilt fishermen, historic temples, and traditional lace-making craft. For travellers at the long beach resort, you can stroll along its seafront on endless golden sand, take a boat ride in the mangrove-fringed Koggala lagoon or watch fishermen on stilt waiting for their prey in the sunset.

For the discerning traveller, Koggala’s folk’s museum is a must-visit destination, inspired by and built upon the ideology of Martin Wickremasinghe, one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned novelists and poets of the twentieth century. The museum, the house in which the author was born has been restored together with the ecosystem that surrounds it aimed at transforming Koggala, the most preferred place in Wickramasinghe’s work, the more tangible reality for those who have read this writing and those who as looking for a firsthand experience in the heart of the writer’s stories.