Mt.Lavinia beach hotel, The Colonial splendour by the Sea

Mouth Lavinia is a popular city located just south of Colombo. It is just a matter of 30 minutes drives from Colombo to reach this beautiful city. Mount Lavinia is a bit of crowded city and it is resided mostly by affluent people.

For most local travellers Mt.Lavinia is a place for a day trip from Colombo and most places on the west coast. Mount Lavinia offers many interesting places to visit such as beaches, Colombo Zoo, temple, churches and Hindu Kovil.

Mount Lavinia also attracts a large number of foreign travellers due to its pristine beaches. Mount Lavinia hotel is another reason for the popularity of this charming city among foreign travellers. Many leading tour operators around the world offer Sri Lanka beach tours based on Mount Lavinia hotel.

A large number of traveller, who like to be spared from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, head on to Mount Lavinia hotels. Which gives you the peace of mind and keeps you away from the chaotic cities.

Mount Lavinia has a very colourful colonial history and had played an important role during the British Colonial era. Mount Lavina hotel is a reminiscence British colonial era of Sri Lanka. This beautiful mansion is one of the most popular bungalows on the island, built for wealthy British administrators lived in Sri Lanka.

A large number of Bungalows such as mount Lavinia hotel, Adisham bungalow, Amangalla, Grand hotels are dotted along the coastal belt as well as in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, where British planters and administrators frequented. Most of these massive affluent bungalows are converted to luxurious hotels today.

Another important feature of Mount Lavinia is its pristine beaches, which attracts a large number of local people every day. Mount Lavinia is undoubtedly the best beach in Colombo, which is very wide and clean. However, sea bath can be dangerous here due to the rough sea.

The Mount Lavinia Hotel is one of the oldest and most beautiful colonial hotels on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Despite a large number of five-star hotels in Colombo, the hotel has still managed to attract a large number of foreign holidaymakers due to its picturesque location by the sea. It is also one of the most popular destinations for wedding celebrations in the country.

This colonial hotel retains the old world charm and elegance of the colonial era, combined with the most modern facilities. Today the hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Colombo with 275 luxurious rooms. There are four restaurants to cater to the in-house guests of Mount Lavinia hotel. A swimming pool, shopping arcade, business centre and sports facilities are also available in the hotel.

The beginning of the hotel is legendary and is steeped in romance. The year was 1805, Sri Lanka was under British crown and George 3 was the king. Sir Thomas Maitland, who was a soldier, Member of Parliament, Privy Councilor and member of the Board of Control of the East India Company arrived in Sri Lanka, as the appointed Governor of the British king.

The governor, then 46 years of age, is said to have fallen in love with Lovina Aponsuwa, a girl of mixed Portuguese and Sinhala descent, who was said to be unsuitable for the governor. That was the start of the tragic story of Lovina, and her life supposedly ended with a suicide. The origin of the name of the hotel said to be the name of the girl, who fell in love with the governor.