What is the Best Sri Lanka Itinerary 8 Days?

Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days is meticulously planned to give education, and leisure to the travellers within a short period of time. The travellers are able to visit the places in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, important places in Sri Lanka’s upcountry, southern Sri Lanka and west coast beaches.

What are the places to visit on a Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days?

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Sri Lanka Itinerary 8 Days

Sri Lanka 8 day tour itinerary is one of the very popular tour itineraries among the foreign travellers because it allows them to explore the most important places in Sri Lanka and also enables them to have a rest and beach hopping towards the end of the tour. This 8 days trip is very relaxing Sri Lanka tour program because the travellers have plenty of time to explore important places in the country.

Sri Lanka 8 day tour is meticulously planned to give education, and leisure to the travellers within a short period of time. The travellers are able to visit the places in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, important places in Sri Lanka’s hill country, southern Sri Lanka and west coast beaches.

As far as my experience is concerned, a tour of this nature that allows the travellers to have cultural and historical experience in the cultural triangle, an opportunity to have a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery in the mountains,  time to see the fascinating wildlife in at Yala national park and a relax in the west coast beach resorts, should least be an 8 days Sri Lanka road trip.

When is the best time for Sri Lanka 8 days tour?

Sri Lanka 8 days trip can be booked throughout the year. There may be few changes to the hotels where you travel based on the time you decide for the trip. Eg. if you plan the trip from May through October it is best to head to east coast for the beach holiday. If you plan the 8 days tour from November to April you should book a beach resort on the South and West coast in order to enjoy a memorable beach holiday.

Sri Lanka Itinerary 8 Days: visiting Galle Face Colombo

In this Sri Lanka 8 day tour, travellers come across all major climate zones of the country (dry zone, wet zone and arid zone), therefore travellers will experience the different landscapes, different vegetations, as well as different climate conditions during the tour, see whether you can ascertain the difference across the different climate conditions. See the vegetation changes as you travel from one climate zone to the other.

Sri Lanka 8 day tour starts in Colombo and heading to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka on the first day of the tour. The travellers, who wish to join this tour should be based in Colombo at the start of the tour. In case a traveller arrives from a faraway destination, it is highly recommended to stay overnight in a hotel in Colombo. Seerendipity tours will organize accommodation for travellers who look for accommodation in Colombo or Negombo on the previous night. Please contact us at admin@seerendipitytours.com.

When and where does the 8 days Sri Lanka tour start?

8 Days Sri Lanka tour is a private tour and organized on clients request. The tour begins at 8.00 AM and on the date requested by the customers. The tour starts either in Colombo, pick-up location and drop-off locations can be changed with a request by the clients. In case of a change to the pick-up location or drop-off location, there can be a supplement charge based on the distance to be covered to reach pick and drop-off location from Colombo.

Is airport transfers included in Sri Lanka Itinerary 8 Days?

Of course, you can! Seerendipity tours are more than happy to help you to organize your airport transfers, however, the airport transfers are not included in the price and will be charged based on the standard rate. Please contact us at admin@seerendipitytours.com for more information.

Day 1 of Sri Lanka 8 day tour -Colombo

The tour begins in Colombo, if you come from the airport or already arrived several days earlier, you will be picked up by our representative from your hotel in Colombo.

Places to visit today are,

  • Gangarama temple
  • Beira Lake
  • Wolvendaal church
  • Pettah
  • Independent Memorial Hall
  • Viharamahadevi Park
  • Townhall

Colombo city tour

The 8 days Sri Lanka tour kick-off with Colombobo sightseeing tour. The travellers will visit important attractions in Colombo such as BMICH, Wolvendaal church, Pettah, Townhall, Gangarama temple etc. The city tour lasts around 5 hours and towards the end of the city tour, the participants have the opportunity for a leisurely walk on the Galle face green and city tour also includes shopping in Colombo with several shops where they can buy Gems, souvenir, cloth, jewellery etc.

The Colombo sightseeing tour also includes several religious sites such as Gangarama temple, Hindu temple in Kompannavidiya. The day’s program winds up with the dinner at the hotel in Colombo.

Day 2 of Sri Lanka 8 day tour –Anuradhapura

On the second day of the 8 days, Sri Lanka tour the travellers leave for Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura is an archaeological zoo, where you can see hundreds of monuments dating back to the 2nd century BC. Anuradhapura lies 210 km away from Colombo. if you have private transport with a driver-guide, the drive from Colombo to Anuradhapura takes around 5 hours.

The drive from Colombo to Anuradhapura

There will be few stops on the way allowing free the muscles, the first stop will be at Kelaniya temple and the second stop will be Kurunegala. Kelaniya Temple is one of the most popular temples in Colombo and has a large collection of ceiling and wall painting done by world-renowned artist Jorge Keit.

Anuradhapura city tour

You have the opportunity to visit Anuradhapura in the afternoon. Anuradhapura is the most historical capital of Sri Lanka and showcases artefacts related to Sri Lankan religions, art and crafts, ancient water management system, constructions, healing methods etc. The city tour at Anuradhapura historical site will last around 3 hours and it will be a hop-in, hop-out private tour. The program on day 2 comes to the end with the transfer to the hotel in Anuradhapura.

Some of the important places in Anuradhapura are

  • Isurumuniya
  • Srimaha Bodhi
  • Ruwanweliseya Dagoba
  • Kuttampokuna
  • Samadhi Buddha Statue
  • Jetawanarama.

Places to stop during the day,

  • Kelaniya temple
  • Kurunegala
  • Isurumuniya temple
  • Srimaha Bodhi
  • Ruwanweliseya Dagoba
  • Kuttampokuna
  • Samadhi Buddha Statue
  • Jetawanarama Dagoba

Day 3 of Sri Lanka 8 day tour- Polonnaruwa

After the leisurely breakfast on day 3, the journey starts at 8 AM and proceed to Mihintale.

Places to stop on today’s program are,

Sri Lanka 8 day tour: Visiting Mihintale

You will drive to Mihintale, which is located near Anuradhapura. The drive from Anuradhapura to Mihintale takes around 10 minutes. Mihintale is one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in the country and considered as the cradle of Sri Lanka’s Buddhism. The history of Mihintale is going back to the 2nd century BC, explore the dagobas, chapter houses, images house and Ayurveda hospitals that served the city dwellers in the past.

Drive to Polonnaruwa from Anuradhapura

After Mihitale you will drive to Polonnaruwa, the second capital of the country after Anuradhapura. The ruins of Polonnaruwa shows the advance building techniques, art and crafts, architecture, urban city planning of ancient civilization of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanak 8 days trip: visitng Polonnaruwa anceint city

A large number of ruins dating back to 11th century is located within the demarcated Polonnaruwa UNESCO world heritage site. Some of the important places in Polonnaruwa are the Cultural Museum, Parakramabahu palace and audience hall, Galvihara, Ruins or Ayurveda hospital, Atadage, Hatadage and other religious monuments. After visiting the monuments in Polonnaruwa leave for Sigiriya for the overnight stay. Dinner and overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 4 of 8 days Sri Lanka trip-Sigiriya and Dambulla

Sigiriya and Dambulla both are very important tourist sites in Sri Lanka and included in most Sri Lanka road trips. The distance to cover from your hotel Sigiriya rock fortress is less than 10 km and it takes only 15 minutes to reach Sigiriya rock fortress from your hotel. Today you need to leave the hotel early morning at around 6.30 AM, You required to start the journey early in order to avoid the oppressive heat generated by the mid-day sun.

Climbing Sigiriya rock

The first highlight of the day is the Sigiriya rock fortress, which is another UNESCO world heritage site in Sri Lanka. This 5th-century well planned, landscaped garden is one of the oldest constructions in the world. You can see the paintings (Sigiriya frescoes) of Sigiriya dating back to the 5th century AD, are still in very good condition. These paintings show some similarities to paintings at Ajantha caves in India.

Climbing Dambulla rock

Dambulla cave temple is Buddhist hermitage near Sigiriya is also declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The temple is comprised of five natural caves and the temple is dating back to 1st century BC. A large number of paintings and Buddha statues shows the advance knowledge of paintings, stone masonry and sculptures of ancient artisans. 

Dinner and overnight stay in Sigiriya.

Day 5 Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days-Kandy

Kandy is the next stop of the 8 days Sri Lanka tour, which is 100 km away from your base in Sigiriya. The day’s program starts after breakfast and you will drive in the direction of southern Sri Lanka.

Visiting Kandy on Sri Lanka 8 days itinerary

Today you will drive from the dry zone of Sri Lanka to a city, which lies about 500 meters above sea-level. The mild weather of Kandy is very agreeable and show a big contrast against the weather in low-elevated areas in the country such as beach resorts, Colombo, cultural triangle.

Importance fo Kandy

Kandy is the cultural centre of Sri Lanka and it was the last seat of Sri Lankan monarchy. Kandy was under the influence of the British crown for many centuries and therefore the British influence is very evident in the city, where you see a large number of Theodor styled buildings dating back to the 18th century.

There are many places to visit in the city such as Peradeniya botanical gardens, Temple of the tooth, cultural show, Matale Aluvihara are some of the noteworthy places.  A city tour in Kandy will give you an idea of the beautiful set up of this world heritage site.

Overnight stay in Kandy.

Day 6 Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days-Nuwara Eliya

Today you are heading to the highest elevated city in the country, namely Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya is the most popular health resort since the British colonial era. The early development of the city is essentially attributed to the British colonial rulers. A number of building in British colonial style shows the evidence of British influence in the city.

This 8 days Sri Lanka tour includes a tea plantation and a tea factory originated during the British rule. You have the opportunity to see the process of production of world-renowned Ceylon Tea.  You are welcome to sample a cup of unblended pure Ceylon tea at the factory. If you are Tea drinkers don’t forget to buy some tea at a very low cost. there are several places to visit during the visit to Nuwara Eliya such as Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya market, Balay bazaar, Seetha Amman temple etc.

Dinner and overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Day 7 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days- Yala safari

7th day of Sri Lanka 8 day tour you will continue the journey toward the southern tip of Sri Lanka, where you have an unforgettable safari tour. Yala national park is the most popular national park in the island and one of the best places to spot leopards in the world, here the chances of spotting is greater than in any other national park in the world.

Today you are going to visit one of the biggest national parks in Sri Lanka. Yala is the destination of the 7th day of this Sri Lanka 8 day tour. In the afternoon you are provided with a jeep for a safari at Yala national park. Yala is one of the best places to explore the rich wildlife of Sri Lanka where you can see leopard, elephant, wild boar, wild buffaloe, monkey, deer, bear, crocodile and many other bird species.

The safari lasts between 2-4 hours and depends on how many animals you see at the initial stage of the safari. Usually, the drivers and rangers try to show as much animal as possible to their customers.

Therefore the duration of safari is largely decided how often you encounter the wild animals during the safari. After the safari it is time to drive to the hotel in Tissamaharama, you will be based in Tissmaharam and it will take around 30 minutes to reach the hotel from Yala.

Dinner and overnight stay in Tissamaharama.

Day 8 of Sri Lanka itinerary 8 days -visiting Colombo

Sri Lanka 8 day tour winds up with the transfer from Yala to Colombo. You will leave after the breakfast and proceed along the southern and west coast beaches, which is one of the most scenic areas of Sri Lanka’s coastal belts. There are several stops on the way to Colombo from Yala and you will be stopping at Galle fortress.

Most probably Galle will be the place for your lunch today. You will encounter another UNESCO world heritage site in Galle, the Galle fortress. The Galle fortress is the most important tourist attraction in southern Sri Lanka and attracts hundreds of thousands of travellers every month. If the time permits you will visit the Martin Wickramasinghe folk museum and maritime museum in the Galle Fortress.

After the fortress, the journey continues on the Galle-Colombo main highway. There will be 2 more stops in this Sri Lanka 8 day tour, before arriving in Colombo, one at Madu river for a river safari and another stop at Mask museum of Ambalangoda.

After Sri Lanka 8 day tour, you have the option to extend your holiday in Sri Lanka or return home. Most tourists choose one of the beach hotels on the west coast as an extension of the holiday and enjoy the pristine beaches of the island. Tour operators such as Seerendipity tours will arrange the beach hotels at your request.