Ayurveda Holiday in Sri Lanka

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Ayurveda Holiday in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka is not a popular google search term, because Sri Lanka holds a reputation as s destination for sun, sea, and sand but not as a destination for Ayurveda courses like Kerala. But this tropical island also has some secret ingredients and know-how in order to treat many ailments. Are you overworked & stressed out? Need to re-energize your body and mind? Then you can think of taking an Ayurveda course, in Sri Lanka. The all-natural science of health and good living. ” Ayurveda is based on the ancient wisdom of good living. Ayurveda is defined as ‘the science of life’. This is an ancient system of medicine that uses herbs and oils to heal and rejuvenate.

Sri Lanka is popular as a destination for leisure holidays as well as for cultural, historical and natural attractions. Usually, a Sri Lanka road trip offers many places giving experience on the cultural, historical and natural perspective of Sri Lanka, while towards the end of the tour the travellers enjoy the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. But I highly doubt if you are aware of Sri Lanka Ayurveda courses. Because Sri Lanka is still an infant in this arena of health tourism.

Health tourism and Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka

But Sri Lanka tourism has immense potential and capacity to be a leading health tourism destination in the region. Sri Lanka tourist board has initiated several programs to attract foreigners to the island, who look for Ayurveda holiday packages.

You might have heard about Sri Lanka Ayurveda courses through websites, advertisements or friends and you might be enticed to take a Sri Lanka Ayurveda course with panchakarma in order to detox yourself. Maybe that’s the reason why you are on this weblog and look for information about an Ayurveda course, Sri Lanka.

Each year Sri Lanka attracts more than 2 million foreign tourists and some of them are heading to Ayurveda hotels for various types of Ayurveda courses and hoping to find a cure for many ailments. But most tourists look for other Sri Lanka tour itineraries such as Sri Lanka tours and beach holidays.

What is Ayurveda?

First will discuss, what is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine developed in Asia, long before the father of medicine, Hippocrates, was even born. The name Ayurveda is derived from 2 Sanskrit terms ‘Ayuh’ (life) and ‘Veda'(science or knowledge). Once the term Ayurveda is converted into English it means the science of healthy living. The two main objectives of Ayurveda are maintaining a healthy body and mind and work against the diseases.

Ayurveda is based on indigenous Indian medicine, it draws not only on a deep understanding of philosophy but also elements of philosophy, psychology and spirituality. The Ayurveda is so influential that other ancient healing method such as Tibetan, Chinese medicine, and Greek medicine has adopted many of the concepts found in Ayurveda.

Practitioners employ many of the medical herbs and plants native to Sri Lanka, they combine leaves, bark, berries, roots and flowers to create bespoke potions, oils and unguents tailor-made for the individual. Incidentally, in Ayurveda there is a belief that it’s not just people but also plants that can get sick – so only ‘healthy ’ plants are used.

To lead a healthy life one has to follow the Ayurvedic principles. To take care of the sick, the Ayurvedic physician has to get a thorough knowledge so that he could determine whether the invalid is ill mentally or physically or both. Where for each patient, the physician has to diagnose the root of the cause and treat it accordingly. Since when the root of the illness is destroyed, the illness would not rise again.

Almost all presentations used in curing are produced by raw materials found naturally, where no artificial substances are used. These would come from roots, stem, barks, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits & nuts of many a plant. From animals: milk, pearls, musk, shells and from earth iron, gold, silver & copper are used. Ayurvedic drugs do no harm to the organs of the body and do not give rise to any side effects. It has been shown in medical studies that drugs used in Ayurveda act as nutrients.

Ayurveda is a way to a healthy & long life and can complement modern medicine. Ayurveda treats the symptoms of a disease and it helps individuals to strengthen their immune system. According to the fundamentals of Ayurveda the entire human body (mind, body and spirit of a person) should be treated as one unit because the human mind and body are working closely with each other.

History of Ayurveda

The concept of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is going back to the pre-Christian ear. The basic rule or the law is to live among and to take care of oneself with nature. Nature is considered as the mother of all beings, and that all living creatures are dependent on nature for their survival, everything revolves around nature and nature itself brings up, preserves its creations. Ayurveda strictly follows the rules of nature, as it points out: what, when, why, how, much: to eat, work, rest, wash, bathe, which help us to lead a perfectly healthy life. There are two divisions in Ayurveda treatments TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF ONESELF and TO TAKE CARE OF THE SICK.

According to the historical evidence that Prince Vijaya, who was banished from his Indian kingdom, in 6th century BC, sailed to Sri Lanka and became the first king of the island. He was skilled in practice Ayurveda, and so together with his personal physician, introduced it to the island. Over the past thousands of years, Ayurveda incorporated the elements from similar indigenous Sri Lankan treatments to become one of the leading healing methods today.

Tri-dosha of Ayurveda

The main principals of Ayurveda are the theory of the Tri-Dosha or “Three vital forces” Vata (wind), Pita (fire) and Kapha (earth), every human being has a unique combination of these Doshas that help define our nature. Vayu, Pita, and Kapha stand for Wind, Bile, and Phlegm. As per the Ayurveda principals, Vayu transmits the energy within the human body and it functions in the form of muscle contraction, nerve impulses and hormonal activity.

‘Pita’ is not essentially only be the bile but it represents the metabolism and internal heat production and  ‘Kapha’ means mucus, which also described as ‘The Protective Fluid’. According to the modern science, mucus works as an antibody, it contains a liquid that protects the internal lining of the human body by making a protective coat, this concept is in line with the Ayurveda principals.

The healing method of Ayurveda is based on 5 elements Earth, Ether, Fire, Water, and Air. These elements form three doshas namely Vata, Pita, and Kapha. As per Ayurveda, these three doshas are the main ingredients of the human body and it is essential to maintain the good balance three doshas in order to have a healthy life.

14 Days Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka 1230 US$

The duration of Ayurveda holidays varied depending on the treatments stipulated by the doctors. The Ayurveda package can be a 4 days trip of Sri Lanka or a 2 weeks Sri Lanka trip package.

Below description is about a panchakarma Ayurveda course and needs at least 2 weeks of time. But a full Panchakarma Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka can last more than 1 month. But there are some other Ayurveda courses that last only a few days and they are suitable for people who have only limited time for an Ayurveda course. One can even go for a customized Ayurveda course in Sri Lanka targeting to treat a specific ailment. However, the doctor decides the nature of the treatment and duration.

This holiday package with Sri Lanka Ayurveda course is a full board package, which includes all the facilities for Ayurveda course including meals, lodging, doctors consultation, treatments. You have to report to the in-house Ayurveda doctor on the first day of the Ayurveda course for consultation. The doctor will decide on the appropriate treatments for your Ayurveda course. Here virtually you are not required to pay for anything other than the expense of personal nature.

Ayurveda treatments

Usually, on the day of the arrival, there are no treatments or consultation scheduled for the customers and the customers are allowed to relax after the long journey. In fact, it is necessary to have a calm mind and body to absorb the healing effects of Ayurveda treatments.

The day at the Ayurveda hotels starts early morning with prayer. Later in day 2, in-house Ayurveda doctor will have a consultation session with the customer. Rest of the program is largely depending on your health conditions and doctor decides the nature of meals, treatments, meditation, yoga and oral medicine of the Ayurveda course.

The doctor decides on the treatment pattern and duration of the Ayurveda course. The full Ayurveda course may last more than a month. But if the travellers are not able to allocate that much of time for the Ayurveda course doctors are reshaping the Ayurveda course and curtail it to match the available time of the patients by giving the priority for the most relevant treatments. Therefore you might need to report to the resort some other time for the rest of the treatments.

Usually, the most Ayurveda resorts are located in a serene environment allowing the guests to have peace of mind. Then you can get the maximum benefits from traditional Ayurveda therapy in a blissfully peaceful environment. Ayurveda retreats in Sri Lanka offer treatments and solutions for numerous common ailments and diseases as well as for mental stress and tension. Methods of treatments include Flower bath, Sandalwood & honey scrub, full body massage, Herbal steam bath, Panchakarma, meditation, Yoga and many more to follow with 100% organic ayurvedic lunch.

Even though there are difficult and painful treatments in Ayurveda none of them is applied on this 2 weeks Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka, you would feel amazing at the end of the Ayurveda course. A large number of treatment methods are available in Ayurveda but most of these treatments result in no pain on patients, in fact, they have a relaxing effect.

The day at the Ayurveda health resort starts at early morning and followed by Yoga, meals, consultation, meals, treatments, massage, Panchakarma, and meditation. All Ayurveda course Sri Lanka includes plenty of massage on a daily basis.

The food served at the Ayurveda health resort is specially selected food items and prepared to enhance their healthy effect of them. In fact, eating healthy is a part of traditional Ayurveda. Only vegetarian food is recommended are offered during the Ayurveda course. Because reducing toxin is one of the main intentions of each Ayurveda course and same times reduce the piling up toxin again.

Ayurveda Body Massage

Ayurveda body massage is a part of every Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka. This is the application of oil on the body with the help of palms, sometimes even the feet are used in massage. The message form which is known as “Abhyanga massage” is mainly for relaxation of the muscles and it also enhances the blood circulation thereby giving a ton to the muscles. When the Ayurvedic oils are regularly applied to muscles and massaged, it helps the muscles to be strengthened and relieve fatigue. Certain massage forms are used in order to cure diseases related to the nervous system.

Panchakarma in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka with Panchakarma can last between 1 week to more than a month. By considering the nature of the ailments and the result expected from the Ayurveda course, the doctor decides the duration of the treatments. The main intention of the Ayurveda course is to detox, relax, and rejuvenate the body and mind. Same times if you have particular ailments such as digestive problems, physical ailments the doctor will include it in the Ayurveda course without any additional payment.

Panchakarma is another effective form of ayurvedic treatments. Various effects that take place when the human system grows old could e minimized or reversed by applying principles of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing, which had been improved through the practice of the doctors, who had concentrated on the well-being of the living.

Head massage

The head and neck are given a relaxing massage with a special oil, increasing blood supply to the scalp. Relieving tension and encouraging hair growth.

Body Scrub & Body Pack

Cleanliness of your body

Synchronous Massage

Two therapists massage you gently and synchronically with Ayurveda oil chosen to suit your type. This massage mobilizes the body waste products, improves circulation and provides you with deep relaxation.

Herbal bath

Herbs are boiled and the resulting liquid is added to the warm bath. The capillaries and spaces between the tissues are dilated and purified, while the herbs have a healing effect and create a general sense of well being.

Herbal inhalation

A mixture of the herbs is boiled producing steam, for you to inhale. This inhalation loosens mucous deposits in the lung and sinuses. This purifies the respiratory tract.


Mental relaxation has primarily resulted in meditation and Yoga. Every Ayurveda course in Sri Lanka includes several hours of meditation and a Yoga program every week.


Warm oil flows in a thin stream forward and backward over your forehead. This treatment leads to deep mental and spiritual relaxation. Improves powers of concentration and helps alleviate headaches and insomnia.

Sightseeing tours during the Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka

Only a few Sri Lankan Ayurveda resorts are located in the beach areas allowing their customers to enjoy the pristine beaches while experiencing the healthy effect of Ayurveda courses. The customers have opportunities for walking along the ocean when the thing gets a little tough during the Ayurveda course. They can even dip into the ocean and have a look into the coral reefs and exotic fish species.

Even the customers have the freedom to embark on a sightseeing tour. The customers can get in touch with tour operators such as Seerendipity tours and book a seat in a packaged tour or have an individual tour organized.

Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka with Beach hopping

Our featured Ayurveda beach resort is located near the popular Bentota beach and it is right on the beach. You have the option to have a sea bath and sunbath as well as water sports such as diving and snorkelling in the area. Bentota beach is the most popular beach resort on the island, which is located about 50 km away from the city of Colombo. Having a Panchakarma Ayurveda course in a beach resort allows you to pamper yourself with an Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka while giving it a touch of sun, sea, and sand.

The Cost of the Panchakarma Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka is USD 1230 per person
Accommodations are on a double sharing basis. For a single basis, please inquire
Accommodations on an F/B basis (all meals included)

What is included in the Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka
Accommodation including all three meals
Ayurveda treatments
Doctor consultation

Cost does not include:
Tips of personal nature
Optional activity costs

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