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Udawalawe Safari Tours, best place to see elephants in sri lanka

Udawalawe Safari

Sri Lanka Safari is becoming a very popular activity among the foreign travellers of Sri Lanka and the government authorities have taken many steps to promote wildlife tourism on the island. Sri Lanka is a good place to spot many species wild animals such as leopards, bear, crocodile, monkey, jackal…the list goes on. Sri Lanka posses many dozens of wildlife reserves are all of them are suitable for Sri Lanka safari tour, howeve

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Madu Ganga River Safari


64 islands (some of them are inhabited by the human) are included in the Madu River estuary. The extent of Madu River wetland is 915 hectares and harbours multi-varied Bio-diversity Eco-systems. Madu River wetland is fed by seven tributaries which creates the main water body of the wetland. This water mass runs through lands that spread over 2300 hectares, which is a national sanctuary since 2006.

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