Sri Lanka Adventure Packages

Adventure package to Arankele

Arankele historical site is dating back to 6th century AD. Arankele had been a Buddhist monastery complex with highly important in the past and it is situated in the Kurunegala district 24 km from the city of Kurunegala. Historical evidence suggests that it was inhabited by forest-dwelling monks. The site is comprised of many historical attractions such as large hot water bath, meditating walkway, and an Ayurveda hospital.

There are many types of equipment remain on the site that were used in the hospital and the equipment includes a huge granite herbal bath, a grinder used for herbs. Arankele is not only a historical site but also it is an important biological hot-spot as well as a garden with a large collection of medicinal plants. It is believed that Arahath Maliyadeva (last monk, who attained Arahath in Sri Lanka) had been here and meditating about 800 years ago. Arankele is a calm tranquil place, which can even be used as a place for meditation.

Trekking /Hiking

The mountains of Sri Lanka that are ranging from few meters to 2524 m above the sea level offer hundreds of off the beaten track sites for adventure tourism. Horton plains the highest elevated national park in the island offers excellent opportunities for hikers. The unusual environment of Horton plains consists of many natural habitats such as grassland, forest patches, montane forests, streams, waterfalls etc.

Climbing of Holy Mountain (Adam speak) is starting at night in order to witness the beautiful sceneries at sunrise from the top of the mountains. Adams peak is the third highest mountain in the country and one of the most popular destinations among the pilgrims.

Ella is another popular place on the island with a number of walks including the little Namunukula mountain range, Adams peak and Ella rock. The knuckles mountain range is another important site for exploring nature and heritage.

Knuckles range spread over 155 will all five major forest types in the country. The knuckles mountain range is an important biodiversity hotspot and home for many species of endemic fauna and flora in Sri Lanka.

Cycling / Mountain biking

There are many dozens of interesting trails for biking in low land of Sri Lanka; the trails are running through the beautiful landscaping of Coconut plantations, tea plantation, rubber plantations, and forests.

The hill country of the island provides more challenging tracks for those who look for more of a challenge. The knuckles mountain range offers many very steep tracks, which are more suitable for professional bikers.

Kayaking / Canoeing

Sri Lanka is boasted to have 103 lagoons, swamps, and interconnected canals. All these water resources provide ample opportunities for water rafting, kayaking and canoeing in the country. Many numbers of rivers in the country also provide an important source of transport.

Well, known river Kalu Ganga or Black River, which starts from the central mountains and flows to the west coast of Sri Lanka, where it meets the Indian Ocean. This beautiful river is a great resource for an interesting canoe trip. Fascination variation of fauna and flora along the river with ever-changing landscapes provides one of the most beautiful canoe trips in the country.