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Why is Sri Lanka a holiday hotspot for 2015?

Why is Sri Lanka a holiday hotspot for 2015?

Sri Lanka had been a holiday destination for many centuries; still, Sri Lanka attracts a large number of tourists every year, numbering more than a million. Some tourist kept away themselves from this tropical holiday destination due to disturbances in the political arena. Last 3 decades had been the most disastrous for the tourism industry, which was a direct result of the political unrest in north and east parts of Sri Lanka. Now, after 5 years since the end of the conflict, this is the perfect time to visit the island.

The guardian and travel trends, two of the most reputed magazines in the world have identified Sri Lanka as one of the top holiday destinations to travel in 2015. The list includes many interesting long and short haul holiday destinations that are sure to excite your wanderlust and make you consider them for your next holiday destination.

Following are the 10-holiday destinations listed by travel trends

1.  Brazil 2. Nicaragua 3. Seoul, South Korea 4. Taipei, Taiwan 5. Mykonos, Greece 6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 7. Panama 8. Siem Reap, Cambodia 9. Colombo, Sri Lanka 10. Gold Coast, Australia

Places listed above show an increasing trend for leisure, adventure and mice tourism. Sri Lanka is a holiday destination that offers plenty opportunities in all these sectors. According to the statistics, over 35% of the travellers around the world are searching for new holiday destinations with luxury. The trend is so that travellers are looking for unique experiences during the holidays.

Being a tropical island, Sri Lank is emerging as an eco-holiday and adventure holiday destination in recent time. It offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and nature lovers with its large number of forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and national parks. Sri Lanka’s main draw is still the unspoiled, pristine coastline around the island. New luxury hotels are emerging along the coastal belt especially northern and eastern parts of the country.  The beautiful countryside of the island harbours wetlands, patches of forests, saltpans teaming with a large and diverse number of creatures. Sri Lanka is one of the important ecological hotspots in the world and home to a large number of endemic fauna and flora species.

Sri Lanka is a holiday destination for any type of budget, which is one of the key reasons for its success as a holiday destination. Sri Lanka is also comparatively cheaper than most Asian holiday destinations such as Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Sri Lanka is not only rich in natural resources but also in historically important places. Sri Lanka is the home for 7 world heritage sites with historical importance. Ancient cities such as Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa testify the grandeur of the bygone era of this tiny island.  Sigiriya and its water garden is another noteworthy attraction built in 5th century AD by a Sinhalese king.  It testifies to the remarkable knowledge of hydraulic principles possessed by the ancient engineers.

Sri Lanka is a country with a hot kitchen. Sri Lankan cuisines are as prepared with a lot of spices and chilli, and Sri Lankan’s eat more spicier than the people in Europe and America. Sri Lankans consume more chilli, pepper and many other spices such as cardamom, cumin seeds, cinnamon etc. Not only their dishes spicy but also full of aroma arousing your taste buds. Sri Lanka offers you a wide range of choices for seafood. Apart from the vividness, they are fresh and tasty and it definitely gives you the new experience with seafood.  Sri Lanka is a home for thousands of varieties of tropical fruits.

Some of them are seasonal while others are available around the years. Sri Lanka offers you many varieties of unpopular tropical fruits such as durian, passion fruits, jackfruit, red banana, mangosteen etc. Fruits are always good for health and they are freely available around the country. One of the most popular tea brands, perhaps the most popular tea brand in the world “CEYLON TEA” is produced here. Mountains in the higher elevated areas in the country are covered by tea bushes and look like the ground is covered by a green blanket. If you feel weary and wish to taste a cup of un-blended freshly brewed Ceylon tea, head on to a tea factory and you will get it free of charge. So don’t forget to drop into a restaurant and have a wholesome spicy meal when you visit the island next time.

Lack of crowd is another reason for Sri Lanka’s popularity as a holiday destination with many places to visit and experience quietness and peace. The warm hospitality of the people of Sri Lanka makes you feel more like a family member than a tourist.

If you look for a memorable holiday in 2015, make sure Sri Lanka is on your list. Keep us informed if you need professionalism and expertise to organize your next Sri Lank holiday.

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